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Sanjali Jan 2018

Sitting alone at the seashore
I await your return,
To see the flags on the horizon
Beyond the setting sun.

Waiting alone at the seashore
I shiver from the breeze.
The waves shatter my wisdom
and I stay all eternity.

Trembling alone at the seashore
I overlook my despair.
Numb fingers mark liberation
From this hard coarse sand.

Forgetting myself at the seashore
I look for a cause
To abide by this meditation
When the origin is lost.
fraudelle Sep 1
If you don't want me to be with
You can still walk beside me...
I can sing you a song
That will end with nothing...

I just want to say

I won't stop on reaching you
Even sands won't allow me...

I can wait during fall... Spring even winter.

All I want is to be remembered...

In this coming summer.
Joanna Jul 23
The waves crash on a rocky seashore, 
incredible how the rocks stand, a little 
more worn. 

Smoothed by the friction of movement, 
refined in the washing, they stand. 

And, I wonder if that's not the same as

recreated and arranged when it seems
like it's all sinking sand.
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Aaron Combs Aug 2017
There's an ocean, an ocean of fire in the sky,
flowing down,
for the moon stretches down to us.

Upon our red rooftop, let's enjoy
the slow breeze,  while the moonlight
unites the oceans in the sky,
and covers the Brazilian seashore;

   For it heals the soul of the woods.

All the old sycamore trees, the owls, the hawks, and snakes,
all these things run for existence.

So hold on, onto my words,
Like your wedding ring, let me hold you close.
  For in the quiet night,
I can feel your heart beat, your emotions that run like water.
Let me hear the river and rhythm of your desires,   and your ambitions that lie

awake in you.  

Let this, let this moment separate what you fear,
as I listen to the drums of your heart.


hold my hand, then let my voice unlock creation,
Echoing and speaking the languages of your dreams and desires,
for how I do love you.  
Now see the moonlight's rule over the stars,
speaking pictures of grace into the quiet night.

In such a way the power of the moonlight stands like a king,
thus I will listen and unlock the waves of your dreams.
As a response for the moon eclipses, I have revamped this, enjoy!
You've found me in my den,
Too bad I can't harm my guests,
Come meet me at the seashore,
I'll show you the lion you didn't see.
It's about a person who wants to show their badass self but can't because of the circumstances around them. Here you refers to another person who thinks less of you. It's about awakening a lion in ourselves
When your mind is racing like a horse,
You bet on it to go faster,
To places where no man has ever gone before,
Maybe to the prairies and more, and
When there is nothing much left to explore,
You stop to think about it some more, and
You realize just talking to her on the seashore,
You don't need nothing more than her loving encore,
As her charm alone is enough to re-explore
We were two little children
with the sun on our skin,
playing naked in the water,
innocent of sin.

Acting out our stories,
our games were all in fun,
playing naked in the water
by the seashore in the sun.

We played at being heroes,
villains, crooks and thieves,
Peter Pan and Tinkerbell,
pirates on the seas!

Suddenly I'm longing
to find you once again,
to see if you remember.
Do you remember when?

Our eyes danced together,
how imaginations flew!
I've never been so happy
as when I played with you.

We were two little children
with the sun on our skin,
playing naked in the water,
innocent of sin.
For Sue.
Copyright 2011 by Michael S. Simpson. All rights reserved.
Farrell Nov 2018
a spring morning is the ripening fruit of summer
easterly winds blow from the seashore
carried with song
the birds await
the exhale of summer
Sabila Siddiqui Apr 2018
She wrote his name on the seashore, along with what she never told. Taking a step back, she let the turbulent waves crash upon the shoreline and wipe away it all away. She let the words be taken back by the retrieving waves, letting them be lost in the sea. Inhaling the cold air that made every cell of her shiver she hoped one day the words will be whispered by the breeze from the sea.
William D Hearns Feb 2016
For you

We'll look uu
At the (night) sky
And We'll find two Stars
Shining Side by side,
You and I
is how they should be,
(You and me)
-Will be-
Just as the
sea and the shore by the sea,
Have been, are now, and continue to be.
So will we
Be together
Forever and ever.
And our stars will Shimmer
And Float, in their sea,
An ocean that's black,
An ocean up high,
An ocean just like
Our ocean so wide,
Where our seas and our sea shores,
Kiss and repeat, like
a sky full of fish, like
Our ocean of stars.
And so on a beautiful night like
Look at the horizon,
And if one day,
Our stars shining brightly
are so far away
We can't even make out a
(Twinkling ray)
Or see over
our sea to our shore by the sea,
Where they kiss and they meet,
Know this:
Over the ocean,
And out into space,
Our Sea shore and sea,
Meet and embrace,
And Our stars still
So close,
They collide,
Just Like our seashore,
just like our sea,
And what It will be
Is what It will be
But I like It better,
When It's just you and me.
Monika Layke Dec 2018
Shades of the ocean
Fell crumbling into the waves
Rocking my seashore
Esmena Valdés May 2017
What you know about the silence
that wounded the abyss
in the distance?
What you know about me?
You do not have soul
nor your art spirit
it's air dance dead
so confuse with specters
that already existed
like butterfly flight.
The feast
that you have harvested
in your mind
is worthless,
your knowledge is gross
and your love
a cold stone.

Imagine the world without you.

You do not have soul
nor your art spirit
it's air dance dead
so confused
with echoes
on the summit of nowhere
like dreams
at first sight.
Are not we just dust and water?

What you know about the silence
that wounded the abyss in the distance?
Something's blossomed
in my luck
you left me
without sigh
and fled to the seashore.

What do you know about me if you've never seen me more?
ATILA Dec 2018
Nostalgia and memories
Hope and reveries
Love and peace
Tears and craving-for-remedies
All bonded together like quarks.

The undying dream of mine
To be flawlessly contented
Is overflowing from my spines
Ah I want contentment to be mine!

I find my happiness in nature
In the serenity of seashore
In the scenic stature
In the golden green of pasture
In the classic scent of roses
The nature with its appealing scenery
Tickles a sense to smile at the thrill
A vibe of peace; nature contentment
Really becomes a fulfilling feast to end my lament
All hail to Lord who creates this nature remedy
And makes my soul breathe sturdy!
@ Home Beach Village Resort, Pantai Cahaya Bulan, Kelantan, Malaysia.
[181228 - 181229]
Anamika megan Jun 23
The sun sets and darkness restores,
Sitting by sea shore its beauty I adore.
For the starry sky and cosmos' gold dust,
Pure and ardent love of ocean I behold.
With red wine and nebula birthing stars,
Here I sit to solace the sorrow of dying shooting stars.
selflessly selfish selfies or selfishly selfless selfies or sally selling salty-fishy shell-fish shellies shellfishly by the seashore?
Joanna 3d
Standing on the beach, searching for the beauty one can find
there. I am left holding on to the smell of the salt air.

Looking to the day's end and the beginning of a moonlit night,

I am aware of the quiet filling my spirit with delight.

Waves wash on the seashore; thunder shakes the earth, and
therein there is a promise of rebirth.

As I am drawn to live in the moment in a life spent making

based no longer on the past, but on the only love that I know
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Cruel words
They sting  like  violent  storms of the sea
Crush  inwards towards the seashore.
Erase  a thousand  bad thoughts
Words spoken
Hearts broken
Over. and over again.
An  earthly father  
Doesn't know  how to forgive
But bruises  his own blood and souls. He tread.
There is only one who can deliver us from our pain.
Let us pour out  our hearts to our true Maker instead.
She sells to me
The symphony of seas of
Off shoreline
Timeshares near volcanoes
Sally old Betty
Once sold seashells
Drowned years before
What sold me had me
@ hello poetry:
The other shore
A flight
Amphitheater life
Seashells on the
Shirley Antonio Sep 2018
Pull the trigger.

**** me.

So that I can no longer paint my emotions with lies.
Sometimes you just can't describe moments you only feel it

I was waiting for my prince but he never came.
So I went looking for him.

It's as strange as people go from lovers to strangers.
Do not bring love today,
I want your shame.

My hobby  now is to see depressed girls with pink wigs.

I need you to hurry up when you're going to make decisions.
Because I need you now.
Here on this terrace near the sea.
Looks like I'm lying on the seashore.

I wanted to be like God.
Have access to a door to the infinite of an unreal place.

To be honest, we all create an unreal world a surreal fantasy when we are rejected.

And so when the pain begins to flow, we look for ways to define love.

Do you think I'm a stupid girl?

Pull the trigger.

It ends my agony of not being able to love.

Pull out the rug.

Drop me into reality.

Sometimes people make us think we're on the test.

No one can see anyone's heart.
But we all have a concept of what the other feels.
No one can see the heart beating.
But everyone thinks we're alive.

Pull the trigger.

And I end up feeling like I'm repeating the same mistakes.
I do not want to have unreal feelings.
Get the feeling of being looking for nothing.

Pull the trigger

**** what's already dead
Amrita Jan 23
I would like to sit on a seashore
Watch the roaring waves
And play with them
I would like to watch the chirping birds
Listen their song
And sing with them
I would like to sit in a library with thousands of books around
Not knowing where to start
I would like to hold a paint brush
And fill beautiful colours in my life
I would like to be in the lap of my mom
And forget all tension
But above all
I would like to sit by your side
Without speaking a word
Just feeling and enjoying your presence
Eloisa Jun 8
Wrapped by just her flesh and skin with nothing on, half-awake on her silky fabric bedsheet
She watched him walk slowly towards the door in his torn jeans and tight shirt
With a quiet gaze and a tender smile, he gently waved goodbye
In and out of her vision, his retreating figure shimmered
She must have trembled because he stopped
He smiled, walked back and passionately whispered while caressing her curves
“Please forgive me!
Please forgive...
my hands for always wanting to touch you
my lips that are burning to kiss you
my arms that are dying to embrace you!”
Her guardian angels clapped in awe as he asked again for gentle kisses
Then they swam together in furious waves, merging into the vast glimmering ocean
They were beautiful whales dancing in their own song
Then they found calmness as they reached close to the seashore
As they began to drown themselves again in melodies of the ripple waves
She forgot and suddenly realized
Waking up in a middle of a poem, she was fooled by her own metaphor
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