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Traveler Apr 6
I had already received
My allotted amount
Yet once again this crazy life
Has me down for the count
Trying to explain
Is the hardest thing
If it weren't for being poetic
I could never break free
Words are the only thing saving me!
Traveler Tim

Thanks Sally for reposting this, I never did figure out who put all those negative thumbs downs under everybody’s comments or why they did it, even hello poetry can be a mystery.
Ainnoot Apr 19
I am an addict
in need of saving.
You're my heroine
Alyssa Underwood Aug 2018
We're forced, each man, to walk a trialed path—
resisted trek, uphill through blinding daze
that shrouds with crucible's perplexing haze
till fog-white skies yield quick to black clouds' wrath.
Affliction brims a thorny pack to bear
whilst dewy darkness drenches in the night,
but where is calming lamp to lend us sight?
And who will come to give us saving care?
Here through veil is heard a whisper certain,
then o'er the mountain creeps the dawning day
and with clear eyes we see the brume give way
as God retracts His theatre's curtain,
unsheathing velvet waves whose morning sheen
beyond grey mist splays vast and wondrous green.

"I will exalt You, LORD,
    for You lifted me out of the depths
    and did not let my enemies gloat over me.
LORD my God, I called to You for help,
    and You healed me.
You, LORD, brought me up from the realm of the dead;
    You spared me from going down to the pit.
Sing the praises of the LORD, you His faithful people;
    praise His holy name.
For His anger lasts only a moment,
    but His favor lasts a lifetime;
weeping may stay for the night,
    but rejoicing comes in the morning.
When I felt secure, I said,
    'I will never be shaken.'
LORD, when You favored me,
    You made my royal mountain stand firm;
but when You hid Your face,
    I was dismayed.
To You, LORD, I called;
    to the Lord I cried for mercy:
'What is gained if I am silenced,
    if I go down to the pit?
Will the dust praise You?
    Will it proclaim Your faithfulness?
Hear, LORD, and be merciful to me;
    LORD, be my help.'
You turned my wailing into dancing;
    You removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy,
that my heart may sing Your praises and not be silent.
    LORD my God, I will praise You forever."

~ Psalm 30
Solo forever solo
my dreams eternal
my endless isolation
has made merry this way

In this vast ocean
star to star I do drift
giving dreams from my blood
giving driftwood a hope of land

Never to claim happiness
for so many are unhappy
and there will be no justice
till only tears of joy are shed

My saving soul
how I try not to cry
for all I want to do is heal
as I'm one that never dies

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Alyssa Underwood Nov 2015
come if you're thirsty, come if you're stained
come if you're weary, come if you're pained
come to the water, the bread and the blood
come to Christ's soul-saving covenant flood
there's no one too *****, no one too poor
no one too broken whose faith He'll ignore
come if you hear Jesus calling your name
come to be free of all guilt and all shame
come if you're willing to cast out old strife
come lay your burden and take up new life

"'Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.'"  
~ Matthew 11:28-30

"Jesus answered, 'Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.'"  
~ John 4:13-14

"Then Jesus declared, 'I am the bread of life. He who comes to Me will never go hungry, and he who believes in Me will never be thirsty.'"  
~ John 6:35

"On the last and greatest day of the Feast, Jesus stood and said in a loud voice, 'If anyone is thirsty, let him come to Me and drink. Whoever believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him.'"
~ John 7:37-38

"'I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in Me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from Me you can do nothing.'"  
~ John 15:5

Iris Naustdal Dec 2018
I’m not quite sure why I’m doing this to myself.
I know it’s wrong.
I know I will ruin my relationships.
I know I could die.
But for some reason, I can’t bring myself to care.
To care enough to change.
To care enough to turn this evil cycle around.

I guess it has gotten to the point where I’m beyond saving.
I don’t know what to do anymore.
People always tell me to follow my heart, but my heart was broken into a million pieces.
And I don’t know which one to follow.
Nadia Apr 29
They put babies in cages,
Sell them to the highest bidders,
Build fences on stolen land.
Is it still a legal agreement if it's in a
Language they couldn't understand?

No permanent harm, they say
Of our earth, crowned in plastic,
Shackled and smothered as well.
When ***** money pays the bills
Can we believe the lies they sell?

The rich get richer,
The planet gets sicker
And the poor struggle to survive.
All these distractions and unfair transactions,
it's a wonder anyone's alive.

If a planet is dying and noone is watching
Does it even make a sound?
If leaders are lying and non complying,
Do treasonous acts abound?
If enough people collaborate and participate
Can we still turn things around?

NCL April 2019
J R Cramer Nov 2018
We are the fingers of fog
That grasp the hilltop and
Pull the fog eyes up to see
If the sleeping valley below
Needs a blanket.

We are the mist that clings to her stream
Long after other mists have
Retreated to safety.
The mist that forsakes herself,

We are the October late-day light
That deepens the blue
And livens the green
And crowns Crimson
Your fleeting, quick-fading queen.
To distract you from thoughts
Of the cold colorlessness to come.

We are the grainy gray shadows at dusk
That camouflage the vulnerable
And vex the predator
So that the small
May scurry homeward.

We are the soft illusion
Of a bright twinkling cloud glimpse
Of the shy Milky Way
That pulls down the astral children’s shade
And hides the rage of the stars,
Indulging snug earthbound mortals
To dream their snug earthbound dreams
Under the proctor of Venus and Mars.

We are the saving grace
Between you and reality,
The light hand
Upon your shoulder
That keeps you from
Going over the edge.
SamanthaX Jun 11

Stella Ella
That girl is
super Bella
Ella Stella
Your getting
That girl is
gonna grow up
to be a
super nova

Ella Ella ola
My girl you
gotta try
You gotta
get sober
Your so Bella
My girl
you better learn
You gotta
do what I
tell ya

Bella Bella Stella
That girl is so
Mi Bella Ella
Now that girl
is worried
She told me
Jesus won’t save us

Oh mi Bella Ella
Now my babies gone
She’s hiding behind
those three
mischievous stars

Mi oh my Bella Ella
So fine so stellar
I tried to help her
However this time
my baby your too
far gone
Grace Jan 10
I went on a walk today
I took a different route than I usually take
Snaked through parts of my past i usually avoid
For the sorrow or the nostalgia they bring me
Past the elementary school I went to in the 4th grade
Where i made friends with bullies and wore sparkly shoes
Past the house i nannied in for probably a week before i disappeared back into the bottle
And, by accident, really, past the house i later had my first one night stand
But it wasn’t there
It had been demolished and in its place lay a field of snow with a sign announcing a new building project
I was struck with a surprising delight
The idea that part of my past was literally bulldozed felt miraculous
It occurred to me for seemingly the first time
That things really do change
Things leave and new things take their place
As sedentary as my life has become
It’s hard to believe that anything takes on a new form
Across the street from the empty lot is Liberty Park
A park i’ve avoided like the plague for the past few years
I can hardly stand to look at it
But after seeing the remnants of my drunken hookup destroyed
I felt compelled to step onto the park’s outskirts
A flashback of walking with my ****** to get smokes came
And i stood as i watched myself slink along the grass with him
I saw the way she couldn’t breathe and couldn’t think
And i hugged her and she stepped inside of my body
And we walked
Then sprinted up the path
Saying goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye
Sabila Siddiqui Apr 2018
I was your fuel
You were my drain
I was your blessing
You were my lesson
I was your cure
You were my disease
I was saving you
You were killing me

- I was calming your soul, you were stirring mine
You asked me for a poem, and I'll be honest, you kind of put me on the spot. There's so much about you that comes to mind that it's hard to narrow down into a single thought. But from the morning to the evening you've been nothing but kind to me. This time since last May has been everything, and more, than I could ever dream it would be. The places we've been and the messages we send are things in this life I could never forget. Your encouraging words, even during times when you know I'm hurt, are more than anyone with a past like mine could ever deserve. Your very presence is my redemption. Like a second chance given to a soul that's been imprisoned. You're my angel and my saving grace. In my heart, your name will forever have a place.
a poem
Zachary G Nov 2018
Pushing and pulling of
A black hole reaching
For the comfort of warmth
Dragging Down the
Women he reaches for
Crying maggots as he reaches
For the scythe of life, Of death
His skull bites down
Her smile runs down
I reach out to save them both
Yet, I can only save one
So I save none
Attempts to save a friend
Our planet begs for mercy
There's fear of it going boom
The end of all humanity
Sorry for the doom and gloom.

Let's not ignore the warnings
It is written in the stars
This planet it is crumbling
From pollution and our cars.

We have to stop and wonder
Doesn't have to be that way
No need to make those blunders
We still can save the day.

Don't wish to sound alarming
But the facts are clear to see
Humans keep on harming
With increasing hostility.

They say that times are changing
In some ways for the best
Then the balance could be hanging
If we completely ignore the rest.

So never forget our mother earth
And the struggles she's  going through
Lets notice her for all her worth
There are things that we can do.
Rather a topical subject of late.
Dlusionl13 Jun 2018
You are a powerful wizard
While I am a mere mage
Spellbound by your eyes
I am trapped in your cage

I am being held captive
In the beauty of your mystical mind
Lost in the spells of your charm
My spirit I am unable to find

Cursed I am by your magic
Wandering in the depths of the
Maybe yours maybe mine
Whose it is I cannot determine

Entangled is my fate
In the strings of your destiny
You are the healer of my thoughts
Saving me from my agony

Bewitched is my heart
Breaking by the spells you cast
Caged in the colours you hide
I am being punished by my past

Enchanted by you I am
The one reviled by all
But I see through your masks
You are drowning in your pain's rainfall

Enticed are our souls by each other
I hope this is not an another treachery
Because love for me
Was always a wicked sorcery
Egeria Litha Aug 2018
I want you to be entirely distracted by my surface
the sunlight above me

I want you

I want you content with my forecast of calm waves
each encounter

Follow my subtle guidelines

Behaving as a good mother I"ll command you out of the ocean
if you swim too far from shore

Or if you dare plunge your head under me


Remain floating on my surface layer this is where the
honey moon stage lasts

Do not stare into the eyes of a hurricane
storms in me churning off the coast of "you had no clue"
will leave you washed up on Island Nowhere

Absolutely no swimming after sunset

I don't care if you hear the waves sigh all night

In this situation I am God knowing whats best for you
saving you from drowning in my cycle
SamanthaX Jun 11

I wrote my
own artist
Blending the
four primal
colours of war

I’m rewriting
the treaties
Remixes of
My remedies
for life keep
giving me

Call me Aphrodite chain smoking
The Lone Orchid of frost bitten

I’m the only
one in
one of
a kind
A one hit
wonder that
echos forever
with time

Gods and
I am the

This weak
ecosystem has
made me
vicious again
I wanna see
people get
a bit more

Remove their
See the truth
in the ways
of survival

This is next
level chest
and I’m always
six steps
When I’m behind
that’s when I
attack at
my best

My bullet proof
**** rate
I’ll take you
out by the neck

Call me up
Say what?

I’ll always be
that crazy
saying whatever
it is I want

My telephone
never stops
And I’m never
picking it up
Later I might
hit you
back up

Right now
I’m busy
Sheer May 3
Is there a chance for us to undo the past?
To correct our mistakes
To retract all the wrong doings
To take back everything

Is there someone, somehow, who can help me heal the pain?
Would there be anyone out there willing to take me in?
Who can be by side and mend me?
A living soul, who'll be there to catch me.

I'm scared. Yes, I am scared.
No, I am not. I'm terrified.
I'm extremely, terribly, gravely, terrified.
And it's terrifying that, I feel terrified.

I am nervous.
I am frightened.
I am horrified.
No, I am petrified.

But you know what the scariest thing of 'em all?
The most petrifying, horrifying thing?
Is that I am shaky and rattled—
But my body feels like sassy and comfy.

I'm getting used of doing unsuitable things
Feeling cozy and warm—
Relax and composed
It feels like having my second skin—

Oh, I know. I know —
I think — just a thought
That maybe, just maybe...
I need saving — help me.
© 2018 Sheer
All Rights Reserved.
SamanthaX Jun 11

Statistics of
The precise
revision of

The strange
fabrication of
how polluted

Is a simple
to every souls

Can you count
every written
Books on who's
Individually written
by hands influence
by their brand
named wallets

The waste in produce
in mass production
Selling us ideas of
Spending  less
on life lessons
Not saving up

Who's dime
pays for time?
Is it time
deciding time?
Or do dimes define
the meaning of time?
Who's time has it become?
What is time?
Time is? Time was?
Time never really
was ours

Watch the kids play
king of high risk
Compete to
defeat in the
depths of debt

Our inherited regrets
forget to check
on emotional scores
you can't get
a credit for
Give praise to high
interest rates
instead of banking
on your faith
Safely you deposit
selfish values
That lock you in
lucrative hate

Bankrup these
divided ideas
Start to believe
in the people
Let’s invest in
each other

Who's next in line?
Last in the back?
Who's at the till?
How do you pay
your grocery
Do you stress?
Do you pay for change?
Presidents and
Prime ministers
face paper electives
bills that select
how countries develop

Look for the Queen
working in virtual
Trying to be a girl
seen in a magazine
Selling the tales
of fictional fascism
Stacked on the
ranks of fast

Blessed be
the ******
with their new 
Micheal Kors
Losing themselves
in concrete stores
Designers that dictates
your direction
Consuming ourselves
we go off to
Is there a refund
in the
death of a daughter?

Who lies?
Who plots?
Who puts capitol
value on gifts
from God?
Luz Hanaii Jul 2018
In pain and suffering, we feel the lash of correction
At times we don't understand why?
We see others laugh and carry on.
Yet we only see outwardly, what they wish us to see,
but they too have gone,
or will eventually go through the refining fires.
None of us can escape the molding hands.

The more we go through the easier one
-can relate to other's suffering and pain.
Pain educates the spirit if open to change,
conserves us humble and compassionate.

It is such a gift to be able to express your deepest feelings.
This is a special world of poetry with many dear hearts,
it's an oasis that keeps us sane.  To be part of those who have
loving hearts unspoiled by the harshness of the world and those
who dwell in it,  it's truly a blessing from above.

For those of us who are constantly challenged in many ways,
I send you my sincere prayers and love.
May you always be at peace, no matter the storms.
That no illness, person, situation or abuse
-can ever separate us from His loving and saving grace.
Beth Bayliss Jun 5
by 14, the boy had realised that
home is not a sanctuary
that nothing comes for free
and that some fathers don't know how to love

by 16, he had decided that
even if answers couldn't be found
at the bottom of a bottle
he was **** well going to look there anyway

at 18, he was free;
his life was his own.
now he just had to work out what that meant.

and at 21 he realised that
his life was a little girl
with freckles on her face and stars in her eyes
who picked him flowers to make him smile
and made the chaos of his life a little busier.

she saved that prince
from the dragons
from the fire
and perhaps
from himself.
for b.c. - it will get better with time.
Alyssa Underwood Nov 2015
Promises made by mortal man
Are rarely met by mortal hand
For though they strive to win your heart
Such passions land far from their start

They'll paint, so clear, a future bliss
And draw you in with blinding kiss
But just when you have bought the dream
Man finds pursuits more worthy to deem

Ambition, sport and other girls
Whose flattering words and smiles like pearls
Will tempt a fellow to leave his nest
And lie upon another's breast

'Tis pain so sharp you think you'll die
And tears aren't found enough to cry
A torture rack would be better friend
With all its tearing limb to limb

To have your innards disemboweled
Or face the fiercest lion's growl
Would be kinder punishment than this
From one who knew your ****** kiss

And yet within this darkest night
A hint of moonbeam's softest light
Might rise upon such blistered soul
And shine into its gaping hole

For romance still may spark a flame
And whisper to your heart by name
To woo you in your bleakest hour
With promises of healing power

Promises unlike the others you've known
Whose good intentions were quickly thrown
Away by the frailty of human flesh
When sin's entanglements did enmesh

No, this One's words are wholly sure
His heart and mind and will are pure
His faithfulness cannot be shaken
Nor His covenant love ever be taken

He chose you before He made the sun
And said to the Father, "I want that one!"
He searched you out through all your years
Through all your joys and pains and fears

And now He waits for you to grasp
That deepest pleasure lies in His clasp
That His own kiss brings highest delight
That His face is eye's sweetest sight

It's He alone Who can fill you up
And saturate your empty cup
When life has left you hollow and dry
And numb to further wish to try

When memories lie tarnished with stains
And not one worthy dream remains
He reaches in with perfect hope
That pulls you up like saving rope

And as He wipes tears from your eyes
He says to you: I am the Prize!
Take hold of Me and drink My love
Come sit with Me in realms above

For I have blessings prepared for you
That you've never imagined, but oh it's true
I long to give you all of Me
To draw you close and let you see

That in your pain you know Me best
That heart's rejection finds its rest
In this sweet fellowship of intimacy
Where you are made to look like Me

I'll give you love like you've not known
Enough to see your will o'erthrown
Enough to pour it out upon
That very one who did you wrong

For that one, too, knows thirst of soul
And needs My love to fill the hole
Which, though he's tried hard to ignore,
Pleads, "More and more and more and more!"

But if he never should respond
Still, that pure love will seal the bond
That ties you to My own heartbeat
For then you'll see My love complete

For though the world resists Me still
I love them fiercely and always will
I've known rejection like no other
From bride and kindred and friend and brother

And when you love through hate and scorn
A jewel within your heart is born
For then you glimpse My own heart's breaking
And learn My secrets of rarest taking

To rejoice in the face of bitter spite
Requires sure death but will invite
Your soul to dance in gardens of bliss
Where you will know My Lover's kiss

So come and dance with Me, make haste
There's no spare moment left to waste
Abundant life waits through this door
With thrills and pleasures evermore!
SamanthaX Jun 11

I sit by my bedroom window
Praying the Rosary  

Counting how long
it takes to inhale
different brands
of cigarettes

For 144 days
I have waited for you

Tracking every minute
is what I have left  

I don’t write these
sad poems because
you broke my heart
I write them because
you made me whole again

I remember telling Jesus
as he was about to
lay down his cross

“ you chose this
  this does not have
  to be your fate”

But he had made
his decision long ago

He never said
the words in my presence
But I know he died to save me

The only reason
a hero
is victorious
is because
they choose
to loose

As I continue to look out
my bedroom widow
Remembering a day
I felt more free
even the sun remains cold

That’s all there
really was
of me
That’s all that’s
really left
of me
A faded memory
of a passing moment
when nothing really mattered
Locked away in my bedroom
when everything seemed possible
in a impossible moment

If I could have it my way
the world wouldn’t
be much better
of a place anyways

I tried so hard
to save everyone’s
but I struggle
daily trying to
save my own

And now
I don’t even have
Jesus around
to save me

So I am leaving
the graveyard
where I love to linger

Top of my class
On the honour roll
I graduated
I received my

This is my last life
With my death
I’m going to
cause natural
SamanthaX Jun 11

I wish you
could see how
I didn’t even
try to look
on the day
of your

In the snow
Under the lap post
With you my ghost
Barefoot in my
With fallen
I dance alone
with my mistakes

With them I
melt away
Me and my
Without you we

It’s you
It’s always been
From the moment
I met you
Was the moment
I became alive
First time I
got high
Now I’m committing
trying to remember
that look in your eyes

Since the beginning
of time
Guess you lost the
memories of when
God created
you and I
That forest gone
grey when I thought
I lost you

God was in
a jealous rage
when I chose you
He only made me
so you wouldn’t be
so lonely too
He never knew
I would refuse
to live without you

The world saw
first anger
when he saw how
I made love to you

So put all the
blame on me
The wrath of
made me so
Blame all the
lost and pain
on me
Nothing gets off
like a sinner
like me
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