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Ashley Chapman Nov 2018
Rolling a Pall Mall in the courtyard,
of Ye Olde Swiss Cottage Tavern,
in the last of November's sun:

      Lovely sunlight,
      You are,
      Filling me warmly with joy.

Thinking of our desires,
from summer and autumn months,
up to this bright November morning,
we have happily danced,
e'en in the shadows.

Above me two brick turrets,
as I dreamily smoke,
nonchalantly satate: 'Underground'.
High-raised logos winking at our play,
struck through with horizontal blue,
in a circle of enamel white.
'Old Fool,' the towers hiss,
directed at my mortal sensibilities,
'winter has come!'

But nothing buries us
as our sun still comfortingly kindles
a friendly star
which when all is dark,
glows inside,
guiding the shipwreck of my sunken years
- the debts and all those unpaid thrills!

Dreaming and Loving,
as children out,
lost in an abundant *****,
each holding off for as long as we dare,
lovers unmasked,
naked before suffocating paternity,
and cold winter's bite!
where to we hardly know,
to avoid its cruel embrace.
Smiling Queen Aug 2019

Jab karte ** itni mohabbat hamse,
To phir tum chipate hi kyu **?
Jab tum mere bin ek pal bhi na reh pate **,
To phir mujhse dur jate hi kyu **?
Jab tumhara dil mujhe pana chahta hai,
To tum use satate hi kyu **?
Jab najare churani hi hai tumhe mujhse,
To phir mere samne aate hi kyu **?
Tum kehte the na ki mai tumhari nahi ** sakti,
Jab mai tumhari ** hi nhi sakti,
To phir mujhe tum itna yad aate hi kyu **?

~your smiling queen :)
If you love me so much,
Why the hell do you hide from me?
If you can't live without me,
Why the hell do you want to leave me?

— The End —