Snigdha Banerjee Jul 2015


MISSILE MAN OF INDIA SIR APJ ABDUL KALAM PASSES AWAY ON 27-07-15 While devilering a speech in Shillong !  Sir will always stay in our hearts !


Since time immemorial, in every land,
Saints and teachers, enlightened,
Have shown the way by lighting the lamp
Of knowledge and wisdom, true and fair,
To faltering mankind, mired in ignorance;
In situations painful and conflicting,
Unable to choose between right and wrong.
In the hoary tradition of true teachers
Of all religions the world has seen,
A luminous star, Dr.Radhakrishnan,  
Rose on the glorious Indian horizon,
Guided the world with knowledge, ancient and modern,
In the light of the Vedas and Upanishads
As well as the wise doctrines of other religions.
Great Plato's ideal of a philosopher king,
Was realized when he was elevated
To our nation's  highest position as President,
An inspiring teacher, par excellence,
Unfailing light to future generations.
     *     **  Narasimhamurthy. M.G.
*Dr.S.Radhakrishnan's birthday  (5  September ) is celebrated as TEACHERS' DAY.

Dr.S.Radhakrishnan, (b 1888), great philosopher and educationist is known for his profound and ext nsive knowledge  of philosophy, eastern and western, was elevated to the position of the President of India
niamh Aug 2015

Where they poured cement
in an attempt to turn the world grey,
the seed finds a crack
from which it bursts forth,
petals unfurling
in glorious revelation,
rushing towards the sun
in exaltation,
breaking borders
and denying monotony,
standing tall,
a velvet fist
raised in victorious salute.

Dada Olowo Eyo Oct 2013

And to those that have died,
To keep our children free,
Our loyalty, around you, is tied,
Always, to water, this freedom tree.

For all those who feel the pain
Of a tireless job, again and again

I salute you

For all single mothers all alone
Working and aching to the bone

I salute you

For all the soldiers away from family
Risking their life against a common enemy

I salute you

For all the nurses doing the hours godsend
Doing the night shift that never seems to end

I salute you

For the people reading this and relate
Knowing life can sometimes be a desperate state

I salute you

For all of you who find life can be a test
When you are out there and doing your best

I salute you

copyright Chris Smith 2011
Dag J Apr 2013

there's nothing quite like
        a spaced out bard with a lute
there's just that quiet hike
        in space-time-mass we salute

    we find our spaces
    we spend our times
    we blend with the masses
    and hope that it rhymes

instapoem - blank mind inspiration
open mind get set ready go!
write the first thing that comes to mind ...
a kind of meditation
Duncan Morrison May 2011

I write
these feelings of pride

Here we salute you
to your endeavors,
to your dreams,
to your friendship,
that will be here
long after the war is over,
long after the dead are buried
long after you've,


To Jake Wiles and all of my friends that fought or are now fighting for my right to kickass
Audrey Nov 2014

In search of the yet unknown they roam,
Young faces carrying old burdens
They have seen too much.

Man the trenches, takes up arms, pick the nation
Onto your shoulders, for that is what
Soldiers do.
They have seen too much, far beyond tears
His eyes blank, her hands trembling with repressed
Memories of somewhere far away.
He didn't mean to kill, though he meant
To do his duty.
She didn't mean to see the bodies, though she meant
To help her brothers.
No man left behind.
The blood felt sticky as it seeped through his uniform,
Carrying a fallen comrade,
Trying not to think of anything but the steps back to

When I played Taps it was cold. November 1, because
The veterans all had work on Tuesday the 11th.
My heart and my salute to America's servicemen and women
Poured through my trumpet with as much
Solemnity and remembrance and love as I could muster.  
24 notes that reminded me of my great-grandfather's flag,
The picture of my father in his dress whites,
Rows and rows and rows of white crosses at Arlington.
I cried, and I wasn't even ashamed of it.

To all who have served our country
To all who have sacrificed of their minds and bodies
To all who have lost lives and limbs and peace of mind to
Protect us
I salute you.

Posted 11:00, November 11, 2014.
Please take time to remember our veterans today.
phocks Sep 2013

Fraught with ginger headlights blowing
Down the wind that keeps you knowing
About the lost temptation longed for
From the highland town on the foreshore,
We see a dark presence engulf
What was once a mere meeting post
Of ornaments and statues speaking out
To all that hear them scream and shout.

Tiring from the overtime unpaid
The pretty ladies fade away
Dreading the fifth movement of the piece,
Though waiting as though ill at ease
Along the back decks of the seventh sage
Never longing or showing their grace
The forever lost again find a place.

dominic rocky Mar 2012

the pains
in my chest
from the
cigarettes and the
assure me of one thing
for certain
i am dying
as are you
and the fish
and the cows
and the trees
so shall we toast
to our knowledge
our ignorance
and our death
for tomorrow
may never come

Chris T Sep 2014

I've discovered a new wonder,
one that from now on should become
part of a daily routine that's yet to be
prepared and laid out.
I've discovered the music the keyboard
plays while my Ritalin brain (all are one)
bullets through space and the
imaginary library up there with the floor
shelves. That's where I'll take the ambien
and loose control of what is happening
and slow slow slow
into the stopping stop stop
the train stops.
A whole scene to add every morning
These things are magnificent
and who cares losing a friend or two
over random fits of rage when
when you get to add this
to the morning afternoon night routine.
I Am A God. The only lesson this has taught me
and 3666 words an hour is too good a devilish thing
to pass by. I will continue and spiral.
Then the sleepy haze and the tripping morning

Mitchell Duran Dec 2011

In the frame time with mimes
Circling around in rhyme
Where the whispers are shouted
And the misery is publicized
In colorful banners all emphasized
Take thy front foot to the left
And they back foot gone to theft
All here on the bitter mans salute
All here on the fitter mans salute
All here on the winning mans salute

And in sticking finicky horse flies
War torn and wishing they were never born
Telling tales that now are screened as myths
Where love is prophesized in the shape of gifts
No man may enter and no woman may squeal
We are all habits in finely packed eight dollar meals
Shipped off and clipped off
Like coupons were are richly scuffed
So here lie the bitter mans salute
So here lie the fitter mans salute
So here lie the winning mans salute

With the bid that went through by the government official
Stating that all tax will be in the form of red wax
Each child must pray to someone else so to obey
Kidnapped minds that grind their kinds as thin as lines
Non-sensical quotes that drift in the minds like long lost boats
Skimming the surface of a service of true freedom
Reaching millions with a smile with crossed fingers as long as miles
And here lie the bitter mans salute
And here lie the fitter mans salute
And here lie the winning mans salute

Our timing in the black market square
Makes all who enter shiver and dare
Know not who you hate only who you love
Take a start toward the finishing line above
Inside all of this lies no secret and no lie
Your heart will be broken but do not cry
Bright in the day but dark all around me now
The farmers in the field work with no plow
She's memorized by pity pain capturing her life
Sharpening the murder weapon a heart shaped knife
Make your way down and
See the bitter mans salute
See the fitter mans salute
See the winning mans salute

Tahirih Boodhoo Nov 2015

My hand brought up to salute forcefully

Even though I was about to willingly

Two seconds more

Would have been enough

Instead you blow your whistle!

And I'm charged with disobedience

When all it was,



10:51pm Mon,23,November, 2015
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