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Purcy Flaherty Feb 2018
'Twas all so beautiful a sight,
A long summers night; The sacred stars were burning bright about our mother moon.

The wind filled the sails above the waves that sped us through the sailors tales and brought us to a deep lagoon.

We cast our nets out far and wide, then watched them sink below the tide, which rattled out a tune for me and you.

We hauled aboard the silver fish, to fill our bellies and our fists, then set off home like seagulls chirping tunes.

The wooden boat now tied about the key,
its tattered sail and rusty cleat,
tugs and tugs the rope upon the swell and gently whispers come to sea!
come to sea!
come to sea!
A little well used boat ried about a key
Secret-Author Mar 2016
I cannot move
I cannot be
Sailing alone
On this sea
Towards who knows
Or who can say
Oh so lonely
Like every day
Qweyku Sep 2016
Character is an island
Where men fear to sail

It's waters too deep a reflection

© Qwey-ku
Moon Nectar Apr 2017
For now there is only ocean
And skies
The possessing blue expanse of it all
One beautiful unending sameness
Contently captivated.
Tomorrow sitting on the horizon
Swallowed by the sunset
Yesterday a world away
For now there is only stars
And this body entirely
Dipping and weaving her way
Through darkness unguided
Marla Dec 2018
Cast about on a stormy sea,
The deck was barren,
Our mood deceased.
Many a day, high tides wisped by-
Arresting my feeble mind from time.
Until one day, an epiphany.
"Blue dream," I called out,
"Take me away to that special place
Where up is down
And I float into space;
Drown my sorrows in a haste."

She manifested in my quarters
Later that night,
And with a soft whimper
Summoned my delight.
"Here you are, forsaken one,"
She hauntedly sung to me,
"My love will give you power,
The smoke will set you free."

Many a moment has passed
Since my encounter with blue dream,
But still my dreams call out
Hoping it's her I shall see
When I cross the threshold
Of those pearly gates.
Marla Apr 5
My mind is a sinking ship
The world's set ablaze.
Holes punched throughout the hull;
Passengers drowned in a daze.

And her contents-
Well, they got claimed as
"Lost at Sea",
I guess no salvage crew
Ever saw what I could be.

Now I'm sitting far below
This thick sheet of blue.
The sun's light only shines once
Everyday, quarter to noon.

The quiet helps me think
As darkness swells within.
The ghosts roaming
These flushed halls
Are learning how to swim.

Now they've started a mutiny
To the captain's delight.
These spirits will all be free
Long before midnight.

The sun break's through the day after,
No wreckage to be found.
Everyone has floated up
To give life another round.
We’re in the same boat
No idea where we’re sailing
But there is no location  
For we are the destination
SøułSurvivør Dec 2015

shivering stars with horn
moon trumpeting like
mystic swan sailing
the scintillating
scintillating the
sailing swan mystic
like trumpeting moon
horn with stars shivering

(C) 12/11/2015
Dedicated to Jeffard Stier... I so much appreciate your support of my poetry! Happy Thanksgiving!
Morgan Mercury Nov 2017
I'm sailing away
on my own ship.

I don't need any crew
I know exactly what I'm doing

I'll be gone by morning light
to sail across the ocean.

If you want to say goodbye,
don't bother.

Instead just come sail away with me,
and we'll have the stars all to ourselves

I'll take you to all the places you've forever wanted to see.
Far and wide, there is no limit for you and me.
sherlock177A Sep 2018
battered and battered with no kind
to grind the wooden maiden,
set in the waves of Poseidon;
shattered and shattered for no rind
left behind by rai-den who caves in
to get in and raid-in’.

clattered and clattered each weatherin’
unkind thunderous raven,
with avarice preyed to dine in
and have a rice  or some mice,
for no Bast left to my aghast.

tattered and tattered my witherin'
mind, so in the captain’s haven
I shivered and laid in,
prayed and gave in at last.
Andrew Rueter Jul 2018
My boat
Your moat
Crossing the line
Into your mind
Only to find
Something unkind

It's a squid
Versus a kid
Crashing waves
Lasting days
In a glassy haze

I'm free flailing
Sea snailing
My wailing
Off the railing
Of the ship I'm sailing

I see an oasis of land
I yearn for the sand
To clutch in my hand
To finally feel grand
Instead of sea sick
And flea bit
In deep ****
Drowning me
Crowning me
The king of nowhere
While I scream no fair
To ears with no care
That we are no pair
farthest star Jan 14
Traversing the constellations that unite our worlds
         of light and dark,
I seek refuge in the ephemeral soul that is you.
Although our time together is fleeting
such as any and every star that reaches my observation,
         I still adore the intertwining of divinity
with that of mundane creatures, like myself.
         the salient life that emerges from this phantasmagoria
is priceless in every respect because it comes from you,
who inspires me to dance amongst the nebulous gala
         perhaps we will collide
and we will swirl into the abyss of everlasting night
or collapse and rebirth a new universe.

Nonetheless, we will meet one day
my muse, my treasure island,

my farthest star.
King Panda Nov 2017
I see a ****** of crows
parting the sky with
a ******* V

it hawks and blecks
down as if to say
good afternoon
to the child wheeling
across federal
on her
pink bicycle—

a travel
that rots and witches
the sweet, grey air
sailing into clouds
of pounding tide—


and divorced
across the
pearl of
missing you
JB Claywell Mar 29
There was egg salad in the fridge,
half a container of that store bought,
neon-green guacamole that nobody else
likes but me,
tortilla chips too.

So, we sat together and ate
this hodgepodge lunch,
the dog and I.

She never once complained
that there were no crackers
or a few pieces of soft, white
or even dark, crusty
pumpernickel bread.

We thought about whatever
it was that we thought about
while we chewed thoughtfully.

I looked up the word: tincture
in the dictionary that I keep in my
right off the kitchen.

A friend of mine had used the word
in correspondence, and I was rather
embarrassed that I’d not known what
it meant.

I found that embarrassment wanes
when one is scraping the last few globs
of guacamole out of the container with
one’s finger and is saddened because
the accompanying tortilla chips have
been reduced to crumbs.

The dog wasn’t embarrassed of me.
She was busy cleaning the remnants
of egg salad from the inside of the
old butter dished I’d packed it away

I’d already packed what had been enough
for a decent sandwich away in my guts
using tortilla-chip spoons,
doing my best not to ***** more
silverware than I had to.

The hour was almost up;
I had to be back at the office
in about 15 minutes.

the dog and I,
took this small measure of time
as an opportunity to listen to a
couple of songs…

one by Iron Maiden.
the other by John Coltrane.

While the discs spun,
the dog wiped any excess
egg salad or tortilla chip crumbs
from her muzzle
the living room carpet,
by sliding around
on her face.

It was funny to watch.

I’ll have to be sure and not
tell Angela about it.

Soon enough,
it’s once more around the yard
dear doggie,
a Marlboro for me,
another few hours at the office,
little friend,
and I’ll sail back home
to thee.

© P&Z Publications 2019
* yes, I wrote a poem for my dog.
Secret-Author Apr 21
Like every day,
Oh, so lonely.
Or who can say
Towards who knows?
On this sea.
Sailing alone.
I cannot be.
I cannot move.
Tammy M Darby Aug 2018
The yearning gentleman journeyed near and far
Hoping to acquire his long-sought heart's desire
Pictures carefully painted from a copy of a euphoric time
A multitude of young memories drawn from an aging mind

From storybooks he conjured up the delicate princess and the pea
Next came the white-eyed fairy beauty sailing deep lavender seas
Red headed was the other with eyes of fire
Nought satisfied his slowing blood
And hearts desire

Life with a light kiss
Sprinkled upon him a touch of madness and sublime
Flung before him mountains with invisible peaks to climb

Sympathetic were the gods in their mercy
In forever withholding the knowledge
Alas there were no princesses to rescue
And no more fire breathing dragons

All Rights Reserved @ Tammy M. Darby Aug. 8, 2018
Oh how happy one man can be
to be stuck in the ocean with nothing more to see
But the sky and the water creating a view
bring memories of sailing and being with you
and a future of brightness with nothing untold
to take all these good feelings and cast them aside
forgetting that water is what keeps us alive
and brings us this feeling that life is so good
Vicki Kralapp Aug 2013
We are but ships
on the turquoise sea
we float along,
to the heartbeat of the waves.

We have been sailing,
on this forlorn course
for much too long,
going our own separate ways.

But now is the time
to change our sails
and make our courses unite,
to join forces and enjoy our lives together.

Do you have the strength to reset your sails
on the course that two can sail?
Can you set your anchor close to mine
and forgo the rest of the world?

Your sails have turned
so that our paths have crossed.
You have set your anchor by my side
and you've made me your best mate.

Like these ships on the sea,
the wind has brought us to a safe cove,
where both of us can live our lives
to the heartbeat of our waves.
All poems are copy written and sole property of Vicki Kralapp.
Dan Filcek Apr 2015
racing, rowing, sailing
continuously running
continuous rowing  
attracting junior, senior, master  
celebrated periodically
each three staged
starting, racing, ending  
Hosted annually
attracting large parties,
tangential to sailing  
dry-land discontinued
rowing Summer
sailing Summer
This year for Poetry Month, I decided to post a "found poem" every day. If writing a poem is like painting, a "found poem" is like sculpting. - source -
Whit Howland Oct 5
               more a gentle breeze

       not caps
            as water rises to meet the hull

sun shines
             silver skyline
                       city by the bay

              scene set
                another glorious day

Whit Howland © 2019
Word Illustration. Inspired by Winslow Homer
M Solav Jul 14
We live on the ripples of a beating heart
Sailing wide across a great black sea
Each pulses like falling raindrops
As we drift on the surface of destiny

We know the struggles and the storms to come
Foundations the turmoils of passing winds
Are scattering on our way towards the sun
Were raised by none but the breathe of our will

We become landscapes the further we are drawn
Cold mountains, dense forests, oceans and such,
On our carved existence all promise to be found
As we roam from mood to mood, from thought to thought

We understand at last what the touch reconciles
When we start to realize what we had always known
That the world was always ours, and it dawns on our mind
That the rainfall had stopped while we’d landed home
Written in June 2019 - for an exhibition in Peking.
ogdiddynash Jul 2018
(thanx all for the great suggestions)

women who wink

drive men to drink

together, glasses clink

tattoos follow in ink

and that ain’t the only thing


the tiller tied & forgot,

the slip knot jinxed

the sailboat nearly sinks


he cries aloud “you minx!”

I’m all done in,

you’ve got me sminked,^

you winking whilst me sailing on the oceans brink


she smirked and laughed that slinky mink,

“clearly you are confused - I’m a lynx,

count to cinq, don’t overthink,

join me overboard into the ****,

I’ll finish you off in the the kitchen sink

where drowning possibilities are next to nothink

promise, we’ll be quite in sync”
^Smink/To smink/Sminking/Sminked...pretty much any context you want.

When you smoke (strictly ****) and drink (alcoholic beverage of you choice) at the same time. Together these two factors get you wicked f’d up and create a great sminked out atmosphere.
DivineDao Mar 2016
Contemporary lips are sealed by lies
Blown inwardly as intricated truths;
Which still not stand begotten fireflies,
Beaucoup air beauties, sailing routes.

Doomed, to float free, above arrayed few days,
Attractive messengers and marks compelled
Dear to the dreamy crusts of human plays.
United hands chase captivating sparks,

Much more for fun, than any other due,
Dominions fall and rise by passing stars;
Unraveling the hearts in deepest blue.
Diamonds' magik is glowin' for the wise.

Myself is no other than you, my friend.
Thyself is woe, evolved thru time, sent.
English sonnet or the Shakespearean sonnet.
ryn Jan 2015
          ethereal vessel
     had just set sail...

in it...
sent deep into a    

          lover's frenzy.

          a frenzy
so intense,
a frenzy    
never going    

a frenzy
that is us,              
sailing into...

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