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Songs That Are The Story Of My Life

Emotional Movies

"I'm alive!  
Even though a part of me has died!  
Take this heart and bring it back to life.  
I fall into your arms open wide,
the *Hurt and the Healer


"Don't look at me
if you're looking for perfection
Don't look at me,
I will only let you down.
I'll do my best
to point you in the right directon,
But don't look at me
No, no, no,
Don't look at me,
Look at him."
~Stacie Orrico


"I've been housing all this doubt
And insecurity,
And I've been locked inside that house
All the while you hold the key,
And I've been *dying to get out,

And that might be the death of me,
And even though
There's no way of knowing
Where to go
I promise I'm going because
Oh, I gotta get out of here
I'm stuck inside this rutt that I fell into by mistake
Oh, gotta get out of here
And I'm begging you,
Begging you,
Begging you to be my escape."
~Relient K


I need you!
Oh oh I need you!
Please heeeeelp,
Give me your help!
I need you!
Oh oh I neeeeed you!
I need your heeeeeeelpp!"

Cleaning My Room

"I'm letting go
Of the life I planned for me
And my dreams,
Losing control
Of my destiny
Feels like I'm falling and that's what it's like to believe,
So I'm letting go!"
~Francesca Battistelli


"Won't you tell me it's not over?
Can we work it out?
Can we talk about
Getting through the hard
Getting through these trying times
I need an answer, tonight:
Tell me everything is alright
Tell me everything's just fine
Tell me the words that I need in my life,
Tell me everything is alright
Tell me everything's just fine
Tell me the words that I need to survive."
~Capital Kings


"Well, You could take a cup and fill it up
And just keep on filling till
It all comes spilling down the sides
That's what You do in my life
...Never mind moderation,
You exceed my expectations:
I have never loved You more
'Cause You have never loved me less
Than the day before, or the day before
I have never loved You more."
~Nichole Nordeman

Air Conditioning

Your love makes me sing!"
~Brenton Brown


"Cause if you never leave home, never let go
You’ll never make it to the great unknown till you
Keep your eeeeyyeees
Open, my love
So tell me you’re strong, tell me you see
I need to hear it, can you promise me to
Keep your eeeyyeees,
Keep your eyes open."

Spicy Food

"Where were you when our hearts were bleeding
Where were you? It all crashed down
Never thought that you'd deceive me
Where are you now?
How long can you stand the pain?
How long will you hide your face?
How long will you be afraid?
Are you afraid?
How long will you play this game?
Will you fight or will you walk away?
How long will you let it burn?
Let it burn?
Let it burn."


"Where is the hope?
Where is the peace
That will make this life complete?
For every man, woman, boy, and girl
Looking for heaven in the real world."
~Steven Curtis Chapman

Too Many People In Here

"Get off my back
And into my game
Get out of my way
And out of my brain
Get outta my face
Or give it you best shot
I think it's time you better face the fact,
Get off my back."
~Bryan Adams

Younger Kids' (My Little Brother's) Criticism

"Get on, get on
Get away from me
If you're trying to bring me down,
Trying to bring me down
I say, get on, get on
Get away from me
If you're trying to bring me down,
Trying to bring me down!"
~Third Day


"You can feel it in your soul,
That beat drops and you find yourself just wanting more.
Music, music
You're at its mercy, soon as your feet touch the floor.
And the rhythm is moving you,
As the wisdom's fine tunin' you.
Ain't nothing better than a real hot track
With those lyrics that bring us back."
~Beckah Shae
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Sheila M King Jul 2017
You know I could never not love you
Though it may not always seem that way
A lot of it has to do with the hurtful things we say
  We do not always agree, many times our heads will ****
Because we are so much alike, our relationship gets in a rutt.
   I know I am right but you think that you are too.
Someone has to be wrong, usually that someone is you...
I have my opinion and my opinion I will voice.
I always tell you like it is, rather or not you listen is your choice
   You know I could never not love you - though I may not love the things you do--
Like piercing your tongue,  like getting a tattoo
   I know it is your body- a body now fully grown.
Your going to do the things you want and do them on your own.
Even if my heart breaks or I cry to myself inside,
Or if I just walk away; mainly because of my pride...
I DO respect who you are, the person you have become
I only hope you remember my words, not all but maybe some.
   Honesty, always got from me, maybe not the words you wanted to hear.
If you asked me a question, my answers I gave back to you were always sincere.
   I know we've had many issues and together this caused us to fight
Each needed to have the last word
Each needed to prove we were right
  Both of us are too much alike
Both act differently,  yet we are the same
We share the blood that runs through our veins, our love and our last name.
We've share many things throughout the years...
Hopes and dreams among the things- our wour wants, needs and fears.
  We've had so many good times and those times out way the bad
We've had a bond that was just between us; a daughter and her dad
  I hope some family values were somehow in steeled in you-
The love, trust and togetherness,  be sure GOD is in there too
  Honesty,  loyalty, understanding
Patience,  kindness,  not demanding
Sometimes you take, sometimes you give...
Find true happiness- you'll find how to live
   I'll always be here for you,  when your happy when your sad
If you just need to talk, you can always call your dad
  I miss my baby girl.. more now that your miles away
I miss just seeing you and hugging you everyday
Even though your not close to home, your close in our hearts
We are always thinking of you......
You'll always be my little girl and I need for you to know
I could NEVER EVER not love you.  
                                                                 By Sheila King
What my husband wants to say to our daughter
JAM Feb 2016

Johnny's and Suzy's: Clearheaded,
                                   enough to re-member throwse

Two roads divergent in a desert, and I—
I took the one most pondered by,
And that has made no din-fearence.
-- Robert Frost, Frogman

It's a regret-fully re-membered-trance.
And yet it teaches one that there is

Dare, or dare not.
There is no try.
-- Yoda, Frogman

"Sticking fteathers up your rutt does not get you a kick'n!"
-- Tyler Durden, Greedy Scorpion

[ . . I hear.
I see.
I dare.
I learn . .

Johnny's: Now, Dare

The Letter-Ing: audio, video, audeo, disco
twenty-ninth or last
in a series of poems made of quotes
one part to a whole joke
its sum has yet to be totaled
may be more than its parts
subject to change
MariaLoves Apr 2014
i'm tired of this town
bored and down
the big city's over there
why can't we live there?
i'm sick of the bus
same people
same rutt
sameness *****
Twanika Jett Oct 2015
In your eyes i see life
One that I want for myself
Your internal light shines bright
While my soul screams for help
I wish to share a life of pure love and happiness
Yet I give off confusion and crabbiness
I pray for the day this rutt will be over
Or at least the pace of pain could move a bit slower
My smile will soon be pasted across my face
Even wider on the day my face is covered with lace
I pray that the time I stretch out my hand
For an intimate ceremony in a far away land
My mind will be right
And my heart would be still
Because you still stop it
An involuntary ****
I may not see clear
But i know this is right
I'm trying to fight my fear
And live for tonight
There are things in the world that are out of my hands
But we can achieve our
objectives/goals/or plans
It's gonna be you and I till the end
I just need to figure out how to begin
To start with a new and improved me
To show off the person I should be
No more sad, somber, and excusable me
It's time for real business
It's time to be the best I can be
lowkeymorns Nov 2018

I sit here in indulgence
Consuming every and anything
I smoke and drink,
With no care of the outcome.
I let impulse lead me.
My Only care is if I will burn in the flames Of the fires I set.
So Let my demise be time and let each second pass by, or better yet fly.
I'm not so weak as to take the short cut.
Ill still push through each Rutt with no **** to give.
I can take a pill and let go for a bit, then when the mood flips,
That hit gets followed by a sip,
I will say all is done, it was fun,
Lay in my solitude of who I have become, and find peace in knowing Im forever numb.


I see the world
I see all the people lost in the ****.
Consumed by the day to day facade.
Working day to day for a number on a screen.
Just so they can get a bigger screen,
hoping it will reflect the size of that number.
I see The word media
Its thunder,
with no real choice left for a real dreamer to wonder
Let the past be a trace of are hast
A quickend pase of "that's good enough mind state"
We all relate but do nothing
Market peace and love like it still means something,
But watch reality tv as if it's truth of what we will be,
We slowly form a belief
That what we see is really reality


I wait for my time to stop or for the clock to drop
Going day to day with little joy saying I'm ok
I'm not.
I'm in and out like water drops from a spout.
Find breaks in a day dream,
but reality would rather keep the light out.
So lock me in my house and let the days go bye,
I'll stay locked inside like I do on the outside.
Not literally but I'm a prisoner of my mind.
I'd move the face on the clock,
If it meant I could move times stride,
weeks, months, years from summer to snow.
Ill sit and listen as the clock ticks grow,
Ill grow old and help my body grow too.
So give me a pill, a drink, a dare, or stare I don't care I'll do any thing I have too,
I welcome letting go.
In this place and time iv realized all I have been doing is just waiting,
Waiting to die
Infamous one Oct 2018
My mind wired differently not taking bull
Make me out to be weird not like the rest
Seen as crazy, they don't understand
Seen some **** that's hard to forget
In the scary world safer in my bubble
Rejected and disrespected for too long
One day you'll get caught up for the wrong
Hurting others, using people, no way to go
Don't feel right, somethings off
Writing takes away the pain
Helps get out of the rutt

— The End —