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Aynjul Oct 2016
Your kisses made life easier to solve.

I am so glad you were mine
I lost you again
I am so glad we stopped time
more then a friend
I am ruining your life by staying around
I know that I should leave town
This song I sing has a great sound
"Does "I love you" change a thing?"
"Does "I love you" change a thing?"
but lets be real.
Your kisses shouldn't be wasted
Don't put your heart at rest,
Don't waste your love on me,
Because whoever loves you better,
Forever, deserves the best;

Life is a puzzle
your kisses;
were the greatest pieces of mine.
I will never be complete again.

but someone will
Let her grow
Umi Mar 2018
One scarlet tear, makes it clear which drops from her cheek to the ground which burns away as acid, toxic, became lifeless in an instant
Emotions of any kind, are to ruin ones mind, ones soul from something more beautiful, clean and without any malicious intent,
Ruining what's best in us, corrupting inner peace with disturbance,
Free from bonds or feelings one would live alike the the moon; Elusive, with a cycle which turns and decides to recycles once again,
But what would be a life, free from the trouble of emotions, heartache
pain and agaony, happiness and glee with experiencess worth more than a soul could ask for, wish to be repeated, forming what is YOU,
Would it be a curse ? A blessing ? Would it be wise to purify onesself,
All these questions remain unanswered, as the world spirals it's transient, lifely joyful axis around our golden shining star, the sun,
Purity comes sinfree, cut from temptations of every meaningful term,
Then it would mean to give up anything, everything in solace, simply to remain free from an act or even a thought of unrighteousness,
Empathy would be lost in a purgatory of pure furies which knows no heart, or mercy for this matter, a life spend alone is an answer to this,
Oh servant, will you burn away like the flower in the heat of summer by achieving this purity you strive for just to call yourself better ?
After all, the joy of emotions is for all to experience
After all the love of light is for all to bear

~ Umi
Lizzy Apr 2016
I know I should be sorry
I know I should feel bad
Because here I am doing the thing
I said I'd never do again.

I said I wouldn't hurt myself
But that's been ******* all along.
The only thing that kept me clean
Was knowing that if I splipped
I'd be hurting more than just me.

But now I'm sitting here
Like I have so many times
Tearing at my skin
For a glimpse
Of sweet relief.

In the grand scheme of things
A few small scrapes
Doesn't make a difference.
It's nothing dangerous
And it's not hurting anyone
It's just a way for me to silence
The monsters in me.

I don't care anymore
About taking care of me
I'll do what I want
Even if it kills me.
I'll do what I want
Even if it means
ruining nine months
Of a fleeting fantasy
Lewis Hyden Nov 2018
Where do you see yourself in a year?

Still living here -
A tactile skyline atop pillars of smoke
Heavy with guilt
And the craftsmanship of a generation of men
To whom Earth is a rock, immortal
Untouched by the bouts of the smog which ascend
To hold up their forges?

Where that which is green must also be man-made
And an old plant-***
On an old window-sill
Is the closest to what was here before? Is it a facsimile?
Where your throat hurts,
Chemicals an ersatz flowing stream
Of purest water -
And why is rainfall the freshest you can drink?

You haven’t always been here.
Where were you before? Was it green
Or blue, or any other colour
Besides this abiding grey? Perhaps
There were rainbows and colours
And sunlight, unfiltered by smog
Or dust. Warm, purposeful.
Her fragility charmed you.

Because our Earth is not immortal. A wanderer
In space, motherly, who are we to defile her?
A species of smoke and tar turning her soft hues sour
Colours unknown to nature
Like a drop of arsenic in a stream flowing through rocks?
Do you see yourself living
In a fortress, tumultuous to its steel bones
Each day burrowing deeper into her body,
Claiming her for its own, and ruining her at the same time?

So you think about your opportunity.
This life which fills her air, pulsing and vibrant,
To restore the purity we are missing -

Because Human and Nature are as one,
Invention is necessary but we are losing our time,
Virescent leaves brushing in the wind,
Our friends are loving, laughing, living
And we realise now that we are able to do so much better.

Or does none of that matter, somehow?
We make money to spend on plastic.
We are born, we work, we breathe, we die,
But we are still yet to run out of time

So where do you see yourself in a year?
This is a spoken word poem I wrote for the short film, 'Human Nature', produced by Ethan Church. It was a semi-finalist in the Gottlieb Native Garden Green Earth Film Festival in Los Angeles and was also shown in the Arica Nativa Film Festival in Spain. The poem was read by the fantastic Gabriela Vivas, whose talents turned a semi-decent poem into a fabulous display of passion and integrity.
The film is available for free on YouTube for anybody who is interested.

© Lewis Hyden, 2018
Lizzy Dec 2014
You held my bones together
Kept me all intact.
But now I'm coming unhinged.
My fingers are losing feeling,
Detached from who I am.

My dry tongue,
And teeth falling lose.
Can only make a slapping sound,
No cry for help.

My skin is so lonely
My hips go untouched.
I shiver so quick
I look frost bitten.
But really I'm just cold,
Without a warming touch.

I'm sorry I'm weak,
And can't keep my pace.
But it's all moving so fast
And I'm trying so hard
Not to fall behind.

I'm pushing my legs
As far as they will go.
And I know my slow knees,
Are holding you back.

I can't give you life,
But god, i can try.
To make you feel as deeply,
As fully as me.
I can't promise you much
Because I'm an unpredictable mess.

But I can promise
I'll give you all that I have.
Sacrificing my sanity
To keep yours intact.

My prayers have become
Begging cries.
Begging to god
To keep us alive.

Repenting the sins
I've scared myself for.
I came so close
To recovering my soul.

But you might as well be ******,
Or some other drug.
I itch for you
Return to my veins.
But with every drug
Comes a crash.

A weightless,
Glowing feeling,
When you get the first taste.
But really it's just poison,
Ruining your veins.
I like this
Andres Martinez Jul 2018
Let's talk about the things we normally wouldnt
And let's act upon those thoughts that we probably shouldn't
If I had it my way..well actually I couldn't
I'd rather not
I'm afraid things might not work
And  the thought of possibly ruining another good thing
I guess it might be worth it
But are the signs there or do I just misinterpret
maybe a silver toungued devil but never a serpent
feel free to run around the grass
it's been well kept
Remember that feeling because when you get back to your side it might feel dead
just want to show you the finer things nothing big
nothing fancy
no designer mink
just a simple talk
A laugh
Not even a drink
Drunk words speak sober thoughts
might spill things well that I rather not.
silas May 2016
i fell in love with a boy with dark blonde hair and the most beautiful blue green eyes ive ever seen in my life

his smile is so bright that i swear he is a star
he is the sun in my galaxy

his laugh is as warm homemade chicken noodle soup;
so comforting, so nice you could cry

maybe it's a stretch to say that i'm in love
with the way he cheers up the people around him,
taking their hands and leading them into a world
where you can feel safe and finally be yourself
instead of wearing fake masks of happiness in order to protect those around you
from the hurricane you house inside

but even years of depression later,
a simple five minutes with him makes me feel immeasurable happiness

what's his secret?

if only jealousy didn't get the best of me

i wonder why i lie in bed,
daydreaming about a boy i wish i could have
but may never have

i wonder why i can never collect the courage
to just grab his hands
or hold his face and kiss him softly

i wonder why i'm so afraid of ruining our friendship and telling him how i really feel
when i so deeply just want to be his love

i wonder what he would say
if i asked him to stay in my life forever?
17th of may, 2016

he's very pretty and i kind of maybe like him

sorry for not posting in a while :(
Umi Apr 2018
Raging on for the forgetfulness of others, whom have ruined a deed which was to be noble, now erased and never to be fulfilled again,
Know my hatred, I wispered, alike a young child whilst getting lost in a mist, clouding my sight, my thoughts and my hopes to be ever good
For, if I can't be good because of others ruining my precious deeds,
I shall bring darkness myself, so evil, devilish shadows take over,
Unable to protect my heart, once filled with love from the heavens
Unable to open my eyes again which were trapped in misery,
I was killed, then forgotten since a long past,
Worried about what would be then, I laughed, because there was no way I could escape now, the pleasure of the unknown overcame me,
If the sins I had birthed at least could be forgiven, for all that has been done, my heart would sublimate, then finally rest for good,
But my dreams end, here where your brilliant smile begins to rot,
I am but trapped, within layers upon layers of darkness

~ Umi
zebra Aug 2017
where's the van twila quist
throwing voices around
like whistling stray dogs

the voice and the vision
a crystal *****
with mud in the mouth
the ***** don't lie
a yammering van twila quist
who's voice springs from a blood cream corridor
with electric lips and rainbow flesh

a lost beast dazzled in endless wander ****
in search of a scarlet women
surrounded only
by aspiring virgins
sworn to be true
by desolations caress
in black ash weddings
with white frilly dresses
weeping for delicate cruelties
they will never know

his father a falling star
his soul
an undulating cobalt shrine
to her
who he can not find

a catalog of discrepancies
a noxious experiment
with a wandering eye
**** ******
embattled between reason and passion

is that look your giving me
short hand psychic humiliation
for my vile indiscretions i'm trembling to visit upon you
i'm wearing my face like window dressing
hiding the obscenity of my true will behind a curled lip
eyes down cast
hoping to use you like a vacant room
to smear the walls and floors
with your flesh like ******* glitter

too bad
i'm outnumbered by good people
there are sky-fulls of them
agitated with moral concerns
ruining my life with logic

those scoundrels
got pedigree
folded ears and moving lips
all monkey see and monkey do

who are they
van twila quist
Ankit J Chheda Jul 2016
Things aren't going in my favour..

It's like the universe conspires against me

May be I don't deserve her,
May be I am not good enough

What happened? Where did I go wrong?

There is a wall between me and my abilities

I let them down... I let myself down. I don't know what to do


Why can't I just do this, this one thing?

I don't feel like going out.. I don't want them to see my weakness

I don't want to be happy, because this important thing has become the centre of my universe, and my inability to do this is ruining my self worth

Can I ever be happy?

Can I take this load off my mind, these shackles that make it hard to breathe?

The weight of the world and its responsibilities is slowly killing me

I'll fix it, I'll try and fix it.. Its been three weeks, I know I am late, but I will fix it, even though there are a hundred others things I can get done

I know I can do this, I have done it before.. and yet, there is a lurking fog in my mind that is not letting me think clearly

I wish I could just give everything up

I don't want to be with them, I don't want to be the worthless ******* in the room, in any room. I don't deserve them anyways

I happened to land the job my chance, I don't know if I am good enough for it

Would she ever notice me? .. why would she ever love someone like me?

I think I don't love myself. I don't know how

The night is good.. no people. No one to deal with, no one to remind me of how incompetent I am at life. Escaping

Let me take a nap, I think it'll help sort my thoughts out

... I'll do it later. I'm not in the mood right now, not feeling it

I am scared. I am lonely

I wonder how much easier everyone's life would be, if I just died, or never existed..
From anxiety, depression and self inflicted mental scars. No one should feel like this, no one should have to live feeling like a burden on themselves and others. If you feel like this, please seek help. The world is a wonderful place to be in, and people are very accepting. Love yourself, be kind, and remember, things ALWAYS get better.
Maddie Lane Aug 2018
"He wears a mask and his face grows to fit it"
"Shooting an Elephant"
George Orwell

I wanted to name this poem after you
but I call you no name but your own
there is nothing to disguise you under
you are always there
you were never here

You were easy to erase

There were no pictures that needed deleting
sure, I kept the letter
but it's not even remotely romantic
save the memories from the night it was written

Be that as it may
I still miss you like crazy
and I know I have no right
you were nothing to me

You made sure of that.

But in the dark of the night I still remember you
your embrace
your laugh
the feeling of you pulling me close.
Something I had never thought you'd do.

This life is a lonely one
which I think we both know.
I cherished the moments with you,
the ones where I felt less alone.
The times I could crawl out of my head,
enjoy the moments.
Laugh without hesitation

But this is a poem to say goodbye.
To let you know;
I'd build a shrine to you
just to blow it up
but I can't do that
because this is New York and space is limited

I often wonder if I should reach out,
imagine a world where you reach out to me
but I stop my brain each time
because this is goodbye.

There's no sense in ruining a thing
that's already been ruined,
something that was once so great
so perfect, even.
All things considered.

I'll think of you singing along to those old songs
under the false blue of the twinkle lights
And no, I didn't love you
but I might've come close
yv Jul 2018
I guess I got too used to
how you used to use me
that I didn't notice
when you stopped needing me

I guess I was ******
for thinking that you loved me
but all you did was take advantage of me

I guess I'll just keep guessing
on what I did wrong
or where it went wrong

And I guess all I can say
is that ******* for ruining me
'cause I really did love you
The doctor told me
because I feel better
I'm eating more and
gaining weight.
So what?
For the first time in my life
I feel good about who I am,
I'm not ruining it by
worrying about gaining
a few extra pounds.
If you can't get past
my belt size,
I don't want to be your
Love me as I am,
or stop talking to me.
I will not apologize for
being happy.
The Charm - Maps & Atlases
Kewayne Wadley Oct 2018
When you hold me.
Hold me like you'll never let go.
Of all the uncertainty in the universe.
I ask that this isn't one of those things.
To melt into your warmth.
If nothing else is certain you've made a difference
in my life.
With a hug so tender.
I've never been so sure of anything.
Your skin pressed against mine.
Our eyes closed tight.
I dare not open them.
Ruining a perfect moment.
When you are in my arms theres no such thing as distance.
Time seems to walk around us.
Without so much as a single word,
Nowhere in particular to be.
These moments like stars, shooting before our eyes.
Accumulating in the pool of our eyes.
Unable to describe the feeling.
You in my arms.
On of the many things I love about you
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