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J Valle Nov 2015
Eve shared it and
Condemned human kind.

Newton felt it and
Changed the world's mind.

Snow White tasted it and
Proved love at first sight.

Turing used it and
Left the world behind.

That is how
I realized
It was me, who
Gave you the power
To change
Or ruin
My life.
Savanna Jun 2013
I think there are some things
Of which a child should not be warned

Why place in them a mortal fear
That they need not yet learn

I remember the summer vacations
Spent at the ocean's side

Where I danced, splashed and dove
Never once thinking that it was cold

Now I return to the beach
And long for the good old fun

But I am held back
By the fear of believing it's too cold

I yearn to start over
To learn again in time

To live without fear
Of the small things that ruin me now

I want to run barefoot through the grass
But I can't let myself do so

I know too much
Of the dangers that may hide

These fears I have are often of situations
That probably won't happen

Yet I can't bring myself past
What I've been told that I now know

So don't ruin the kids
Let their wonder take control

Keep the world magical
Keep the fears at bay
Just Me Oct 2015
I find myself taking breaths but not breathing

Gasping even for the slightest chance of a comforting breathing pattern.

This anxiety has me on my knees. Like a thief it's stolen my breath and my strength

The dizziness sprinkles hovering over me slow and faint...

I'm lost, but not lost...

I'm here, but the room spins, and I fear I may faint

The more people I see and hear the more dizzy I get

Eyes find me...

They watch me pretend to be fine

I'm pale and clammy

I want to disappear

Tears want to fall but I'm able to keep them in for a while

When they finally fall I say that I'm fine

I only need to sit down and get home, I say I am tired

This will pass, it always does

Another day ruined, because I have to go home...

My families face blanketed with disappointment...

Another trip failed

I feel their eyes and thoughts of shame and frustration

In my mind I hear the wishes

This kills me more than the burden of anxiety alone

I feel as if I never should have left home

I want to be part of my family, but when I'm in my room...

I feel they are much more happy and things are as they should be

These thoughts bring me tears even now

I'm so **** tired of letting them down

I spiral into darkness and depression, with an anxieties jacket

And I feel them question me, as if I wasn't cursed and this was just me being mean

I sink down inside me and pretend I don't know what they think

Once in a while I'll hear I'm a control freak

Once in a while I hear I am ******

I get blamed out loud for all of my *******

Since I'm definitely flawed I know there's truth to it


This, is what's heart breaking to me

And me, knowing I'm broken, it sends me deeper into my room...

I'll take my **** meds in an attempt to **** what feels like hate

But on this journey I'm still alone, even when they say they understand

I've seen way to many eyes rolls to think that they know my torture

And they will never understand my real guilt...

They will never believe that even with my emotions fighting inside my heart and soul, my real torment is that I ruin thier day

And I'm afraid that it makes me so much less...

To them.......

I feel some times I shouldn't even exist

My selfish heart won't let me leave...

I love them, so much I can't imagine giving in

I love them so much I feel shame and selfishness....
Feeling low lately. But I'm alive . tomorrow I'll be fine. Thanx for coming along for the ride. You Can also search me on FB under Life's Poetry . thanx for your time
Michael Briefs Aug 2017
The black ruin exploded
On that cold night,
A drenching rain hid a peril,
With lighting strikes
A thunderous white,
We drove in that hour late,
Lost and wandering.
The dark road
Stretched like a tight rope,
With twisted, wooded boughs
Cloaked around.  
We searched the thick shadows
And kept hope,
But chaos is all we found.
…Praying for safe passage,
Clutching the wheel in fear,  
Clinging to the way forward,
But the way was still unclear…
The elements flashed a
Dagger of jagged disaster --  
We veered violently,
With vertiginous swerve and
Sheer horror revealed
A visage, eviscerated –
Eyes of deep pitch
And bone, hollow.  
Broke and black marrow, portends
No tomorrow;
Shattering glass,
Splintering wood,
Shredding tires,
Spilling blood.
Both of us cast into crushing trauma.
…I faded into a murk of the mind,
Of Stygian sentience,
Slipping beyond, resigned…

Emerging back from a
Wild twilight,
Where I lingered,
Drifting in a diffuse dusk
Of a subconscious
With a flood
Of shock sensations!
I awoke to a world of
Twisted metal
And wicked pain,
…“This is really happening?!”
Flashed across my mind,
As I struggled to free myself from
The maw of debris.
I could not tell the time or location
Of place or friend, but there came
Flashing lights and helpful
Souls, rushing to attend.
In and out
Of temporal existence,
My eyes dreary --
Heart beat shallow,
Impressions of
People and rooms
Were bleary.
Numb in my safety,
Skating on the surface of an
Induced calm, I thought,
“I am in their care.  I can only let go and
Let someone else steer.”  
But I waver to explore
The depths of the well
In which I fell;
I can’t yet grasp what transpired,
And I recoil from the traps --
I resist,
I deny,
I withdraw,
I collapse.  

The wet, dark, twisted
Walls rise,
Reaching high
And ringed around.
The sheltering shock
Subsides, and in this
Well of pain I drown…
It was only after many hours,
From the moment of
The difficult work
Finally began.
To try to come to terms with
The meaning of this hard fact,
To wash the fear from my heart
And the blood from my hands.
With bracing clarity
I realized
How close to death
I had wandered.
All that my life stood for
And meant was crystallized,
And yet
There was so much weakness
And Fear I had not
…and the tears rained down,
Drenching my face…
I reeled in despair, clutching
In anguish at the reality,
My mind was white
With grief.
My short life had conceived no honor, no art,
No lasting vitality!
A legacy of wisdom and
Love was imperiled,
Nearly stolen by that
Phantasmal and cloaked thief.  

Reaching out through the tears,
Calling on my savior for help,
I cried out for a way through
The shadow, clinging to
A hope.
Through the blur
Of hot sadness came
A human face, with eyes
Sending love, healing, empathy, and care…
Her voice and presence was
As an angel from above.
Her tender heart
Struck like a thunderbolt
Of compassion.  
I was instantly drawn out
From the deathly well,
And the darkness was
I was saved from Hell.  
This Motherly embrace
Came and whispered soft
Words of consolation,
As she held my soul aloft.  
I felt my hope
Returning, I saw my
Life revived.
This dawn,
I was thankful that
From black ruin
I survived.
This is auto-biographical.
It's not that I want to fail. . .
just that, if I am going to anyway
why not do it spectacularly?

At least there's gossip. . .
that counts for some,
-thing, doesn't it?

Doesn't it?
Em MacKenzie Mar 13
My light eyes only see the dark
immune to clear blue skies,
indifferent to a bright spark,
and the bloodshot lines in the white
reveal my own confessing script,
the things I couldn’t say that I write,
I couldn’t walk away so I tripped.

You’ve broken me into small parts
reflections of which I no longer resemble,
I’ve looked for replacements in cars, boats and go carts,
but there’s no use to try and reassemble.
If you have my mind, my heart and soul,
tell me what does that leave over for me?
You know I showed you my scars but hid my mole,
but I still don’t know exactly what you see.
Because it starts where it will end
and finishes with infinity,
the primary colours were made to blend
but I’m lacking all creativity.

Your blank stare is elusive as the wind,
sometimes I question if it’s even there
but then I think I catch sight of a grin.
And while I’m drowning in your eyes,
trying to catch the ocean in a glass,
I’ve underestimated the size
and forgot the impact of the last.

I’ve been plagued with a sickness
one that’s lacking any small remedy,
poetic justice sees complete bliss
always inevitably evolve into tragedy.
My eyes are shrivelled, lacking tears
something had to overflow the canal,
still the boat floats and it steers
avoiding reasoning and all rationale.
Because it starts where it will end
and finishes with infinity,
and I’m too beat to pretend,
that I wouldn’t ’t rather be lost at sea.

Life, life has always been too long
but it seems forever with you is too short.
While I reflect on the choices I made that were  wrong,
I’m told it’s now too late to abort.
Life, life has always been too long
but I only started living when I found you.
Because it starts where it will end
and finishes with infinity,
you’re word was broken, it could never bend,
but it seems I’m the only one that’s still fighting.

Because it starts where it will end
and finishes with infinity,
there’s nothing in this world we can’t mend,
but I think it’s time that I stop investing.
InsertPenName Oct 2018
Missing you is like that pain that is as disheartening as it a symbol of living
As long as we bleed, we live
Missing you is like poison in the air we can't stop breathing
Missing you is like listening to addictive melody putting us to grave
The sane's music is on repeat trying to block out the memory that is your voice
Missing you is like gazing at the moon: always in sight but never within reach
Missing you is that cliche in the story we fall prey to
Now we pray that you, maybe miss us a little too...
Now we're missing you, while we drink voices to fill our head with
Missing you is like that music ringing, bringing about...
Delicious Ruin to this mind
Even though our ears bleed from the sound—
Missing you is like that music that is never loud enough..
Hindered by progress, or the idea of progress:
evolution-in-waiting bellows me to hide,
tattering becomes ruination.

Animism creeps,
not-yet hands pushing at dim velvet.
Peeping one-eyed through the past
where had borne such potent promise
immutability lain intact
flumped into snowy thickness
and thrown hard against Georgian glass.

Here comes the stealth of unillumination
thankfully blanketing
they were tied at the hips
and neck,
then wrapped as old mirrors.

That door went nowhere
it always does
those Victorians, forever meddling,
will folly themselves into any trouble.

You haven’t changed one bit!
I say to myself,
showing you their brand new niceness
***** as copper pans.
Go on, spit in my fire
the hiss is the thing that’s real.
L B Jun 2018
Later at the same address
A storm of words reaches flood stage
A couch is bobbing in the currents
towards its mangled ruin-nexus
of matchsticks in cyclonic flow
among the renegade
from the limbs like tinsel

chair heaved through her door
Like the river
I am not above my rage
at this stage
of more than enough....
Clever daughter's got my goat
Turns my words on dimes
Lays into me
her score of blame
Each blow to drop me further

presses all my buttons at one time
despite the flashing
Warning! Warning!

“Fine! Fine!”

She blows-out through the afternoon
right past me
in a torrent of curses
A stubborn perfect storm
of words
has taken out parental dam
and blown out toward the Bay of Freedom
to the sorrows of her day

The river may crack its whip
But its got nothing on her

nothing is left standing
in her way
English Jam Apr 2018
This desolate road seems forever long
And my worn feet will carry me through the ruin
All alone, but if you had heard my song
You might just understand why I’m doing
Maybe I’m the strongest person of us all
Maybe you’re used to me being alone
But that doesn’t mean that when I take a fall
I can survive, live on my own

Noticing someone else’s suffering is hard
Wrapped up in your troubles, with an aching heart
But if you open your eyes, you’ll see a man apart
If you can call me a man, I guess

Walking round with an unchanged expression
Ducking and keeping away from the deed
You might think it’s all to get attention
And you’re right, but that’s what I need
I knew a group of people whom my heart held dear
I loved them, and I love them still
But they weren’t there for me in my time of fear
Now I’m not gonna bend my will

How many days of quiet can I keep?
How hard will the blade into my mind seep?
How long can I hide away and weep?
Before you realise I’m not at best

So it’s time to say fare thee well
Don’t know where I’m strolling in my daze to
Just gonna follow my path down the well
See if it’s someplace new
So I’ve thought it through and through again
No pleading will make me change my head
Maybe, before, if I had a friend
But now, it’s too late to hear what I’ve said

The love I have for you will always burn
But my back’s to you, and I’ll always turn
If you haven’t figured it out, you’ll never learn
I want a hug, but I’m drowning in my sleepiness
Francie Lynch Jul 2018
Birthed by altruism or selfishness,
Motivated by personal gain
Or the forfeiting of a nation;
It's the betrayal of friends,
Country, cause and trust.
Benedict Arnold,
The traitor has many personas.

Traitors are hated by those they prefer. (Tacitus)

I forgive those who ****** and steal,
but a traitor, never.

A nation cannot survive treason from within...
He rots the soul of a nation...
No wise man ever thought a traitor should be trusted.

Softness to traitors will destroy us all. (Robespierre)

An open enemy, however criminal, is no traitor. (Spooner)

To have a traitor as an ally is to have an enemy in waiting. (Carey)

It is the just decree of heaven that a traitor never sees
his danger till his ruin is at hand.

There are but two parties now... traitors and patriots. (U.S. Grant)

If I had one bullet and I was faced by both enemy and traitor,
I would let the traitor have it.

There is a special place in hell reserved for traitors. (J. Trudeau)

Every man must be for the U.S. or against it.
There can be no neutrals... only patriots or traitors.
(S. Douglas)

Et tu, POTUS. (F. Lynch)
2020 Campaign Slogan: "Make Rusmerica Great"
Jade Jan 2
From the moment
the tale of her ruin
made itself known,
mankind has
coveted proof
of her existence.

Many a curious hand
has stalked across
the glossy veins of maps
and the cracked vertebrae of books
enclosing information
most pivotal to
her secret whereabouts
and the tragic evanescence
that initiated her exile.

Many a
have perished among
the gnashing jaws of the sea
in their pursuit of
the glory
her exploitation
would surely bring.  

In response to such
the reality
of losing oneself
in the midst of
searching for what
has already been lost--
the belief in magic,
in the seemingly
was outlawed
within the
human psyche;

they say she is merely
a madman's legend,
a myth concocted by Plato
so as to warn against
the perils of greed.

But never did they consider
that perhaps she did not
want to be found to begin with,
that her seclusion
has always been a necessity
so as not to repeat
the monstrosities of the past--
so she should not resurface
to satiate their earthly desires
only so she can be drowned anew.

Don't be a stranger--check out my blog!


(P.S. Use a computer to ensure an optimal reading experience)
avalon Mar 2018
i am sitting and pressing green paint in misshapen swollen dots on my nail beds and thinking what if i **** this up? i am notoriously bad at fingernail painting and i ruin it and i am also afraid i will ruin myself by loving you.

yes, yes i hear you like a train. my head is all railroads and oceans, but i hear you puffing and whistling he does not love you, he would not love you, he loves her. long hair hazel eye i am not her i cannot be that girl i do not want to be his girl

but i want him to want me
Deep Sangani Oct 2018
"Your body is ruined" he says,
"because it has been touched by another man's hands"
before his.
Ask him how many woman's bodies have
his hands ruined,
what is wrong,
in his mind,
with a man's hands that only know
how to ruin a woman's body,
rather than
love it.
Thorns and petals make a woman

pisces May 24
You took away my God given right as a woman of words

I dedicate my soul to filling the empty spaces of a page with the thoughts I am too ashamed to admit aloud

I lay awake when the sun begins to rise
I sing them to my guitar
My gentle voice can soften the cruel words I whisper to myself

I took your laugh and turned it into a symphony when I pressed my pen to the paper

When you pressed your hand against my thigh

When you entered me and I felt you instantly disappear

"The sad little, sensitive, unappreciative, Pisces, Jesus man"

You stole hours of sleep from underneath my pillow when I lay awake
repeating conversations over and over in my mind
what I could have done to dismiss you so terribly

You ruined the moon when you kissed me underneath it and told me it was ours

Now the night sky doesn't shine like it used to. The moon doesn't sing to me as I fall asleep anymore

She reminds me that she's beginning to disappear
and I am still awake thinking about you

You took away my God given right as a woman of words

I exist to write about how I feel

Now I feel nothing at all
zebra Jul 2018
there are women who love demons
you can see it in their eyes
like a sick hunger
silence in a straight jacket
smiling limbs on a pyre
starring entranced
whiskey blind
as if marveling
at a howling blood-spattered dingo in a crater
seduced to wander off half-naked into a bush of thorns
******* barbed hooks for heroine kisses
women on fire who believe in nothing
except their atavistic compulsions

they are a burning land
beauty in ruin
ready for the slender whip
and black-toothed kisses
who giggle and then plunge into an abyss

i hold her like a jaw holds teeth
A W Bullen Mar 2017
Cold stoles the coast in geisha voiles
of pawned Atlantic mourning, where

The plangent skirl of larids
carry through the vast exquisite
plains of February emptiness.

Aloft on coronal ruin, she flew
in free form falling, between the spheres
she grew in brightness, and by her stroke,
the moping shale, appeared , as if transformed.

She blessed the face of stained glass saints
hung loud on hallowed walls, From a
palisade of glinting brinks, she
hauled deserted chapels into
parishes of lambent wake
their majesties , reborn.
Godawan Mar 19
A dagger pierces the heart
When a cheater comes to talk
If meeting goes ahead
Saturn's invitation comes to afraid
Some Monsters become catalysts
And destruction comes in installments
The catalysts separate up
And time starts eating up
Marks of destruction leaves on generations
Better escape even now from cheater
Price may be paid whatsoever
May be there is a lamp of hope at the end
Or will meet with a comfort end.
Raziel May 21
If you are to ruin me,
Do me a favor and do it poetically,
So that I may live on in the stars,
And dance inside the moon,

If you are to ruin me,
Give me a chance to live,
Let me paint my colors across the sky,
Let me join my friends among the constellations,

If you are to ruin me,
I want to keep at least one piece,
So that it may grow and bloom,
Into something worth remembering,

If you are to ruin me,
Just give me the chance to surrender,
Surrender to adventures and experiences without you,
Surrender to sunrises and sunsets without you,

If you are to ruin me,
Do not take away my ability to create,
Do not damage me beyond repair,
Do not take away the colors inside of me,

If you are to ruin me,
Just let me fall,
So that maybe my landing,
Will be worth writing,

Because if you are to ruin me,
I want them all to know how it happened,
I want them to know the tragedy in how we met,
I want them to know the mystery in the connection,

Because if you are to ruin me,
I want them to know that there were flames,
That there were explosions and sparks,
That we burned loud and powerful,

Because if you are to ruin me,
I want them to know that I died at the touch of your healing hands,
That I died a writers death among the stories of your eyes,
That I died a painters demise between those wild cherry lips,

Because if you ruin me,
I want them to know that you are still so perfect,
That you have a galaxy trapped in your heart,
And that you have storms and hurricanes in your soul,

If you are the one to ruin me,
I want you to know that it’s okay,
You are a beautiful universe of endless possibilities,
You are an untamable storm of breathtaking spires of emotion,

If you are the one to ruin me,
Know that I’m okay with it,
Because at least I caught a glimpse,
Of something worth writing about.
Anastasia Mar 2018
You’re all alone,
Sometimes getting messages,
Sometimes not
To go on Tinder dates
And so sometimes you go.

Some go real ****,
I mean it’s Tinder, dah.
But latest one goes kinda well,
And so you go with it,
You wanna settle down.

The only thing
He’s a proper *******
You read on Instagram about.
So you pretend to be a fuckgirl,
No feelings sticking out.

The exes really sense it,
You’re with another guy.
Especially, a full moon
Does something real strange,
They start to really feel that.

The exes either come in packs,
Or they don’t come at all.
They see you’re sort of happy,
So it becomes their master plan -
To ******* ruin it all.

They text, they call,
They start remembering
The nicest **** you’ve done.
They try to reach that special spot,
They’ve reached then shattered many times.

But once for all, this time for 'real'
You have decided: "I'm ******* quitting it",
"This time feelings will be nowhere near it".
So you just keep on seeing the *******
You've met on Tinder.
zebra Aug 2017
i am much younger than i am
my hair is dark and thick
instead of pruned bald
i am lean and meek
feeling hollow
as if weightless

we are at an airport
with no memory of getting there
i had left my hotel room urgently
in a jacket that is not mine
i can't find my Swedish wife
whom i miss like a panicked child
and my Asian wife whom i've never never met before
and know all to well
is angry
and could care less if i got lost forever

i am going home to my parents house
i remember that they are dead
but we had just spoken
there will be soup and Hors d'oeuvre's
they wait for me
on my way
the streets and boulevards are unfamiliar
yet old hat
and no matter how long i walk
i can never find their house
it's located somewhere in Brooklyn
on Haze street in San Francisco
bright is the sun

i have a business
and retain no idea of what i do
i left my cloths somewhere
and i don't know why
in a locality i cant remember
for a reason that doesn't exist

a beautiful woman smiles offers me ***
she is friends with a girlfriend whom i'm committed too
but do not know and never met
i want to cheat with her
but guilty kisses will ruin everything
so i turn away
murdering desire
in an already anchor-less miasma

i remember a past
my life a continuum
of disjointed vagaries
tears well up

i fear myself a figment
a bodiless revenant
stranded in a fog
sparkles and smoke
incandescence and shrouds
a dis-junctured soul
that clutches memories
like braids of dust
living in the eye of nothing
a labyrinth of shades
lighted by the sun of cognizance
a wretched phantom
transparent husk
living a dark fiction
my grave a womb

i am the dead living
Irish Ditty.. One fine day, middle of the night, two dead men got up to fight. Back to back they faced each other, drew their swords and shot each other.
Sebastian Macias Dec 2016
As the water hit my back
The sun hit her face
It had been a long night,
The dawn was quiet
We showered together
After our passionate morning
And she washed my hair
And I drank my beer
We were undistracted
I wanted to say I love you too
But I could not ruin the moment
King May 2018
Would you run?
Or would you fight?
For freedom?
For country?
Or legacy?


Where would you run?
or who would you fight?
When battles are waged,
with a swap from left to right.
Who's going to have,
the privilege to be free?
When civilizations are smashed,
sunk and taken by the sea.
What nation,
can survive?
Would there be victors,
from either side?

Who's going to welcome you home?
And make a movie, about your valor and bravery?
Which books are going to speak of you?
When there's no one left to remember history.

This is the finale.
An ending without screams.
For there shall be no more future,
a ruin to all dreams.
Everything shall perish
in a blink of an eye.
When you see the iron reaper
descending from the sky.

The end of the world.
What a sight to see.
I'm cracking a cold one.
When we dance to world war three.
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