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Morgan Mercury Apr 2014
We were once kids.
We were once wild.
We were once soldiers.
In the dead of winter, you greeted death.
You fell from my grip and into the darkness,
and now a hundred years have rotted away and I have never felt so alone.
I ran from the winter because war was to attached to it.
I close my eyes and I see you there on the front line.
Young and drained, you were just a body rotting away.
Full of life so you hung on with everything you had.
It was such an awful sound.
Only if I had taken your place.
If only you would have run the other way.
Just how unfair is our luck.

Someday I'll teach myself to learn and live alone.
I'll teach myself that death was not the enemy.
But the winter storm rages on and I'm still having trouble breathing.
Don't be alarmed.
I march on.
Like the soldier I once was.
Don't be alarmed.
I've seen many winter storms
and I have miraculously survived them all.

Can't you see that I don't want to move on?
Don't bring tomorrow because I can't take another.
My eyes are too fogged to see the light.
My minds too cluttered to think right.
I've tasted my own tears
and faced all my fears.
So here I am.
Laying on the floor.
So here we are.
Together once more.
Steve Rogers & Bucky Barnes
Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Ashleigh Black Aug 2014
The sadness is beginning to set in
like the grapevines that grow up the side of an old brick house
gnarled and tangled in such a unfixable mess
just like the inner workings of the soul of mine
that once felt love and beauty and strength
growing in bouquets of flowers from my chest
unfortunately those flowers rotted and decayed
yet never really left, just like the proof that's shown
from the overcrowded webs of vines that still grow
up the side of that old brick house.
Kara Jean May 2016
Deranged and rearrange
Obsessed and repressed
You skim the surface,
Proudly believing you know the inbetween
*** is a flame,
Still tamed
Perfect doll patiently coaxing
It's a hoax,
Attention you spent
A rotted scarred, heart
Depiction of the girl who giggles and says yes
She died when she was thirteen
Along with her virginity
Simone Zona Oct 2017
They carry the body out at 5.37 p.m on a Sunday.

Cloaked under shadows of cloth, in the blackness of

We lay dead-empty as we watched.

They hovered with bleached masks and lay hands, cold,
On the still colder flesh, They pressed flesh on flesh,
Imagined life in hallowed cheeks,
They tried to bring more out of 63 kg of
Flesh and bone, spoke to break the seal of death  
With remembrance

The body rotted below the cloth
The body grew stiffer, colder
And nothing more
Inspired by writings of Hughes
Dotted, spotted, he's found
on the run. Not from himself,
but the lack of others.
Rotted through, inside and out;
a walking price to pay.
Smothered in scars,
wandered too far;
now he's completely
All feedback is welcome and appreciated!!
MJL Feb 20
Bark worn
Root rotted
Limbs sagged
Once a dream home
Once a beacon
Once a symbol
Of strength
Of potential
Of freedom
To climb out of an earthly condition
Now home to snakes
For greed
For fire
To burn for the few
American tinder
Patriotism sold.
Justin Apr 2014
I was born so warm and gentle,
Into this place so cruel,
I thought that I could change the world,
The world thought me a fool.

I wandered like so many do,
The path a young man takes.
A thousand apples left to bite,
Amid a sea of snakes.

They spoke to me with words like honey,
Fattened me with lies.
We were all just born to sin they said,
We were all just bred to die.

The path I walked had made me weary,
So amongst the snakes I laid,
And amongst the snakes my morals rotted,
In the prison that we made.

I tried so hard to free myself,
Against the shackles cast,
But when the serpents poisoned me,
They set me free at last.

I've grown up so cold and empty,
With mistakes that I must own.
Once my heart was soft and gentle
Now my heart is bone.
Feel free to comment on anything that you think could be better. I'm here for feedback.
Kara Jean Jul 2016
Her long symbolic hair caressing her body
Her torn jeans representing her dignity
Sentimental to the teen rotted inside a lifetime ago
Tears making her smile
Her pink apple suit case was confiding
Hiding in a storm, where rocks were thrown
Bruises and scars across her knees
Killing the young girl
No longer innocent eyed
She's a a straggler
Structure tried
She runs away searching
Fresh start is an opportunity topped off with profanity
Odds pushing her down
A constant, as the sun raises its eyebrows
Her cards she never questioned there quality
As he touched her fingers
She has one chance
Contemplative perseverance
Old write fixed up a bit
the wind that howls in the deepest night
is a comforting sound
the dog that moans in the earliest light
is a soulmate found
I abhor the thought of wistful bliss
of nervous laughter unprovoked
I slip into my warm abyss
this sea of pain on which I choke
I wade in pools of sought despair
while punks seek out their mothers
I dance on floors of rotted wood
and sing to ghosts of lovers
I find it my salvation
to document this pain
to analyze the demons
and revel in the rain
perhaps one day I'll leave this place
and walk into the Sun
to share the light of happiness
content my deed is done
whole new crop of oldies I discovered. (revised) I will mix old and new.
I sometimes wonder if you'd invite me to your wedding.
And if not why?
Would it be to spare my ghostly heart the pain?
Or to spare your rotted one the guilt?

If you did, I wonder if your blessed bride would see my fake smile  covering up the snarls of my jealous rage.
Or if to her, I would simply be as insignificant as you make me feel...
Kevin Aug 2018
An empty boat glides through a tide-less sea
Echos of thunderous silence reminisces the rowdy sailors once on board
Without fear they sailed across the dark waters
Without the knowledge of forthcoming doom they kept the spirits high
Navigation impaired by the wrath of silence, their abominable gaiety and preposterous hopes were muted for eternity
Life drained, flesh rotted, bones crumbled to dust, and the boat was filled with peaceful death
Though without an inhabitant it still continues to drift towards a predesitned chaos
Its calm trail behind disrupted by an impatient tranquility
Its still path ahead disallows all animations with an unfluent time
Yet it moves forward
The windows shatters
The walls caved in
The floor boards burned
The food rotted
The water dried
The furniture vanished
All that was left was a door stuck in it's jamb
And me
The door and I left standing
I made it easier for the door and kicked it in
Now it's just me
Pyrrha Jul 2018
Another glass shatters against the cold stone wall.
Everything you asked for layed in my palm,
I was yours for the taking.
Yet still I could never be enough to soothe your pains.

I kissed your scars,
I replaced your broken heart with my bleeding art,
And still you look at me with those eyes.
Those damnable eyes.

I can't count or name all the poisons that you contain
Inside that body of yours abused by your shame
Go ahead and continue to corrode the person that you once were
So much for that steady dream

Look at you changing reality into a myriad of illusive lies,
Drowning in all the liquid confidence leaking from the confines of your distracted mind.
Where did all your senses go?
To hell with what you think of me.

Goodbye for all its worth,
I'm just fine on my own.
I'll leave you here to drown alone,
I refuse to let you bite the hand that feeds.

These bandages on my ego conceal so little,
I can't walk out the door without the embarrassment of fearing what the public thinks of me.
And it's all because of you.

So to hell with this leash you've put me on,
You had me wrapped around your finger,
With your words, your love, and your brain
Now they've rotted and I watch as they go down the drain.

In your arms I felt so sane I knew there'd come a day
When the price of that sanity was revealed.
I once believed that if keeping you meant losing myself
I would be lost in your love forevermore, it no longer means that anymore.

If keeping myself means losing you,
Then I will not lose myself today.
For today I no longer live for you,
Today I live for me.
Mohamed Nasir Apr 2018
Here neatly side by side these rotted steels
Cancerous rust peeled off paints lay idle
Progress put halt these **** grown wheels
The sad pale ghosts of once was tireless angels

In unknown graveyard of ambulances
There's silence. But whistling birds in a tree
Not like sirens blared heard far distances
Cut through traffic like ships divide the sea

Wings on fire ferrying perilous load
Sick and dying dire need to hospital
Mother's in labour mishap on the road
Saviour of lives young, old and critical

Where mankind employs, mankind destroys
Hollowed vans left to whims like broken toys.
I came across a field of discarded ambulances. Sad to see them left in the mercy of the sun and the rain. As if their previous efforts had gone in vain.
kivel Nov 2018
Like a mangled
lying on the ground,
what we had between us
and we jumped back in fear
of what we've become.
I'm sorry.
Olive Jun 2018
She is dead.
It’s fate’s fault.
But only sixteen.
That’s too young
To leave us.

He found it.
Her dead body,
Under the dock.
She’d been missing
For 45 minutes.

She was dead
Before anyone knew.
He never forgot
Finding her there,
Already far gone.

The ambulance came,
But too late.
No hope left
That she might
Still be okay.

It tore him.
Tore him apart.
You could see
The hurt inside
His circled eyes.

It started small
Just a sore,
On his cheek.
But it grew.
And it spread.

From one came
Another and another
Painful sores on
His deformed face,
Eating him away.

Then he left,
To find help.
Because it hurt
Far too much.
Even inside him..

He was gone
A long time.
We were hoping
He found whatever
Help he needed.

We finally heard.
A letter came.
But from him?
We didn’t know.
We couldn’t tell.

Scrawled in marker,
Were two words.
Our hearts stopped.
There it said
Only: “HELP

He needs help?
Or found it?
We didn’t know.
Then we saw
Something more chilling.

A photograph slipped
From the envelope.
It was him.
But was it?
Didn’t look right.

His face, gone.
Rotted by sores.
Eaten all  away.
Hollow. Empty. Gone.
Then we knew.

In silent shame
Our eyes closed.
Because we knew
We should have
Helped him first.

We were the
Help he needed
Before he needed
Anything at all.
“We didn’t know.”

A bad excuse
Because we knew.
We always knew.

You always know.
The story of my best friend's brother and a dream I had about him several months after she died.
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