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Eryri Mar 22
Some seize on death,
Just as they seized on a siblings' toy,
They want it for themselves.
No one else should possess it;
It must be about them
And the validating sympathy that it elicits.
But, ultimately, which is sadder?
The death itself?
The looting of grief?
In the digital l-and
We l-ive in
Mistakenly automatic
One pointing at a chest of tools
Eyes on i
No soul can tell a part a weakling metal

Robots robbing robbers rich
T-error terrifying t-errorists
Artist gods and goddesses
Sharing platform to unleashed gifts

Mint hue bubbles squeak
Fizzy dizzy violet haze
World head to toes spins
Any day it spins coins in change

A quiet girl is sinister
Siren of mystery or future
Robot is your mirror
Peach chin with teeth filter
No innocence and glitter litter
Guilty until proven the latter

A quiet girl a terrorist
Error mouths terror twist
Terrorist from the orient
They hide in between every end
Disguises they cover in
Racist as problem solving

Smile girl watch
A fake smile and eyes
Skin of steel so is her
Heart made alloy
How it blazes to the touch when heated
Oh it bites fingertips as it's cold
Hair resting on the curve of her spine
A woman's hair only breaks if it tries to grow

What she said
Tell me if you can tell us a part
Warning tears borne from her crooked eyes
Robot and soul
Terrorists from t-errorists
No soul knows either
Tattoos or memory shall identify you
© Teri Darlene Basallote Yeo
Logan Robertson Aug 2018
My Little Black Bear
Down by the singing river
Dancing with fate
Little ducks take to the rapids
Away from your dinner table
Off to the banks
You stand your grounds
Tall as you are wide
Your initials in the terrain
Cursive is the eye tooth that reigns
I see you
Posing with the lilies,
Elves and dwarfs
As the western sky looks down
Casting whispers
Is your closet filled
With both helping
The meek and sustenance
Under the skirts of nature
You're having an ****
Robbing all the salmon
And berries
Then slumbering under a tree
Tummy full
Those ******* eyes of yours
Catching shut-eye,
a couch potato, a game of the week
Your wide open mouth
Catching a bee,
A refreshment
That long smile on your face
Backpacking a dream
Mama and her cubs having your back
In some ways
My little black bear ...
hear, here
I see you, in me

Logan Robertson

I once had a women friend.
Big Virge Sep 2014
Choose ... WISELY ... in
The Company ... you keep ... !!!
cos' ... some ... will leave you

... " Facing Heat ! " ...

and may ... Even ...
put you to ... sleep ... !!!

"Trust me" ... believe ...
Everyone ... you meet ...
may not be ... "Sweet" ...
and may treat you ...
like ... " Butchers Meat !!! "

"Strip You" ... BARE ... !!! ...

Right to ... The Bone ... !!!!!

NAKED ... Yes ...
Without ... Your clothes ... !!!

******* shows ...
how ... that one goes ...
to buy that drug ...
Some ... Become ...
what we call ... " Thugs " ... !!!

People now ...
are ... Proper ... Cold ... !!!

Some will now ...
come in ... Your Home ...
and be so ... BOLD ...
to ... Steal ... from you ...
and do ... the things ...
They ... Should NOT do ... !!!

Here's a ... Story ...
that ... " Sadly " ... YES ...
is NOT ... " Untrue " ...

A guy I know ...
" Needed " .... workmen ...
in ... " HIS HOME " ... !!!

A ... Muslim chap ...
who ... YES ... is ... black ...

Chose ... some guys ...
who ... he had known ...
since they were ... lads ... !!!

He told them straight ... !!!!!

"Please don't smoke
inside the house
or stuff like that !!!"

They said ... "Okay" ...
but when my man ...
then left the place ...

Here's how things ...
then ... went astray ... !!!!!

When he ... came back ...
They ... Weren't Working ... !!!
or ... Robbing ... him ... ?!?

These fools were ...
..... " Actually " .....

.... " SMOKING CRACK " .... !!!!!!!!!!!

"Company" ... you keep ...
may be ... That Weak ... !!?!!

and may just ... Lie ... !?!
Rob You ... or ... CHEAT ... !!!!!

I've seen ... Some Cliques ...
who walk ... The Streets ...

Filled with ... "sneaks" ...
and ... Gangs of Thieves ...

Things ... They Do ...
Now ... Prove to me ...
That ... Company You Keep ...
can make your ... future ... ? ...
Somewhat ..... " Bleak " ......

My Destiny ...
Involves ... " NO SHEEP " ...
and has ... " NO NEED " ...
for ... " Fourty Thieves " ...

"Presidents" ...
or ... "Ministers" ...
Company ... they keep ...
are ... "Sinister" ... !!!!!!!!

They move with crews ...
with ... "Guns" ... in view ...

Now ... does that move ...
seem ... " Shrewd " ... to you ... ?

"Join the pigs then, Be a fool,
like gangsters, they pull,
Shady Moves !!!"

which simply ... Proves ...
Groups like ... These ...
Have Got ... " Issues " ...
and may not be ... ?!?
So Good ... for you ... !!!

I've said before ...
Walking ... " Alone " ...
is ... TOUGH ... for sure ...

So ... PICK ... Wisely ...
I do .... " Implore " .... !!!!!

Company ... you keep ...
may watch you ... BLEED ...
and that's something ...
Most Folks ... "Don't Need" ... !!!!!!

Friend are ... Those ...
who'll ... Stand By You ...
when ... "Bad Times" ... roll ... !!!

When ... I've had mine ...

I've heard ... Some Lines ...
that ... WEREN'T ... Refined ... !!!!!
and ... Proved ... there is ...

A .... REAL ... Fine Line ... !!!

Between ... " True Friends "... !!!

and those ... whose words ...
may ... CHOKE ... friendships ... !!!!!!
through words ... they quote ...

"Friends" ... like ... "These" ...
You ... DO NOT ... NEED ...

.... " BLOODSUCKERS " ....

who ... choose to ... Feed ...
off ... " Stronger Breeds " ... !!!!!

Their ... " Company " ...
Lacks .... " Energies " ....
Giving ... " Positivity " ...

..... " Ignorance ' .....

is what ... They ... PLEAD ... !!!

Well .... THAT ....
Just like ... " Their Company " ...
are things ... I've Learnt ...
to now .... " Dismiss !!! " ....

Have you ... Got ... ?
The Point ... of this ... ?!?

Friendships ... " Come " ...
............. and ...............
Friendships ...... " Go " .......

But ... " True Friendships " ...
come from ... Those ...
who'll be there ... when ...
The ... " Good Times " ... roll ...

But .... Also ... when ...

You're on ...

" Your Own " ... !!!!!

That's why ... Now ...

I walk ... ALONE ... !!!

NO ... Bad Vibes ...
and ... NO ...

"Tough Guys" ... !!!

Unless they're ... Ones ...
who'll ... Stand and Fight ...

" Day or Night " ...
Right By ... " My Side " ... !!!!!!

Just like .... I ....
would do ... for them ... !!!

My ... " True Friends " ...
are ... " Fearless Men " ... !!!!!
who don't ... " Pretend " ... !!!!!

We ... " Study " ... Yes ...
and ... " Comprehend " ...

and ... aren't ...
"Afraid" ... To Face ...

... " Problems " ... !!!!!

You ... May ... see us ...
on ... " News at Ten " ...

because we've ... dealt ...
with those ... Who ... ?

........ " SMELL " ... !!!!!!

and made ...
**** Sure ...

We ... CRAC/ked ...

... " Their Shell " ... !!!!!

Crews like ... THAT ...
Should ........

" Quell Themselves " ... !!!!!

Before they ... weep ...
or ... worse still ... BLEED ... !!!!!

So .....

" Heed My Words " ....

Read ... Carefully ... !!!!!!

Choose Wisely ... in ...

" The Company ...
.... You Keep !!! " ...
Indeed, a subject worth, writing about !
Qweyku Jun 2015
There is a woman I oft meet
On my journey here to home

Hey Lady!
I feign to shout.
My complexion's dark
But not my Soul.
So when you fright
On my approach
There is no need
To cross the road.

I'll feel that for a millennia,
My kin

You so rudely
Robbing me,
Of the
To politely
Commune with you...
“good morning”

Then again,
You could be applying,
Learned street smarts?
Changing lanes,
Avoiding crossing paths.

Pretending not to see me,
Hiding under your
Skull candy.

What sweet music
are you channeling?
Tunes contrary to Art?
Catchy wicked things
Said twice?
High definition

Shall we dance from a distance
Again tomorrow?

Yes of course!
For I believe,
You too have been deceived.

Hey! Ms. Concept,
The beauty found in this deep Brown,
Predetermines fact that
I'm called

**© Qwey.ku
I wonder...
what does this say about you & me?

The dictionary's definition of Black:

lacking hue and brightness;
absorbing light without reflecting any of the rays composing it.
characterized by absence of light; enveloped in darkness
soiled or stained with dirt
gloomy; pessimistic; dismal
deliberately; harmful; inexcusable
boding ill; sullen or hostile; threatening

pertaining or belonging to any of the various populations characterized by dark skin pigmentation, specifically the dark-skinned peoples of Africa, Oceania, and Australia.
African American.
Nassif Younes May 2016
Look at them
All dressed the same
Drinking drinks that you and I
Would never dare to drink
Saying things and using words that you and I
Would never care to say
We are repulsed
And it’s all their fault.

Look at them
Living in houses they didn’t pay for
Buying the things they did pay for
With our money
Buying their awful clothes
With your money
Buying their dumb drinks
With my money
With MY ******* money
We are skint
And it’s all their fault.

Look at them
Pretending to be your mate
When they want something
Robbing you blind
When they want something more
Harassing you and I who have things figured out
Harassing those who don’t
Harassing those who have
Absolutely nothing at all
Look at them
Poised to jump at the next person
Whose only mistake
Was trying to get by
We are scared to death
And it’s all their fault.

Look at them
Huddled together like vermin
Laughing and high-fiving each other
Because they know most of their victims
Will vote them back in
And blame someone else instead –

Well, yes
That’s who I was talking about
Or were you thinking
About someone else?
patty m Aug 2017
Heckling and constant flux
no credibility, to my name
yet consequence can't dampen my flame
Letting loose lightening bolts, I jolt the arrogance
off their faces; traces of **** this ***** can slam down Poetry's
I show my deadpan with pride nothing to hide when there's
booing and jeering, searing looks
and the hook when they pull me from
center stage, because of the war I wage
Rot, Rust, Rats, Cats,
insidious nonsense spouted
through rain stained rooms
the gloom thick with smoke
and dope, and *****
what do I have to lose
I am
what I am
paying homage to tenement towers
the castles of hustle
buy, sell, ****, ****
smoke, dope, dig yourself
a grave.  Where are the brave,
not gangbangers beating down doors
or kids shooting kids like flipping lids
off of trash bins, their sins piling up
wazzup with that ?
While dealers are selling coke and crack
i hear booing and jeering
see the sneering looks hard and cold
while I'm sold down the river,
a sometimes sage,
hooked, overlooked and yanked
off stage.  Don't friggen listen
to some homie ******
on values and hope
while robbing you blind,
the witnesses, are missing and no one can find
the holes they bury their heads in
or those out of their minds. 
Shadow rats, grim reapers of youth
it doesn't take a slueth  to see
injustice, suffering, pain, and who gains
by decree, not you or me?
Why quiet my voice with white noice
strip my clout, pout, and spew
rhetorical views
It's old news, it happens every day, can't get
rid of it like liter, or by flittering your thumbs
or pounding on drums.  Get a job!
This is no sob sister, mister!
Spouting what went on back when,
we're here and now and the power
we emaninate creates new history
crawl out from under your misery
you need more than to procreate
any dog can whelp pups,
but kids need more than a mother
or some other mouth to feed
laying round, wanting to breed
more and more welfare babies.
Crawl out from your hole
extol the mighty foe and fight
for what's right, and right the wrong
not with rap and song but with
action and the Satisfaction of a good days work
money in your pocket and a family fed
get in the black and out of the bed
No need to feed habits, habits are for nuns
no need to be broken, no token hits,
cause nothing comes free but brings
only addiction.  I know I know I'm *******'
and you're tired of listening to me. 
But I am and I am what I am
and I'm not a quitter, or loser, but I am
bitter with frustration over such as YOU
Nassif Younes Mar 2016
We hear your voice so dumb,
We see your face so numb,
We feel the aura seize its place - so very, very dumb.
You’re the last to see or hear
And often never do,
There’s only one that matters here
And of course, that one is you.
And even the herd can’t bear to hear
That narcissistic moo,
You won’t know who you are
But this song is all for you.
And who the hell do you think you are?
Or do you even think at all?
When you went too far
With a pimped out car
Did you even think at all?
When you talk with crumpled hands,
When you clothe in rip-off brands,
When you mumble dull demands
And follow screen commands
Of what it means to be a man –
Do you even think at all?
When you’re banging like a broken drum
And sticking up your thumb,
Do you even think at all?
Because you’re looking kind of dumb

And you say it’s all for fun,
You do it all for fun –
Robbing houses, shooting guns,
You do it all for fun –
There’s **** and ***
And kicking ***,
There’s groping ***
And hauling ***,
There’s “let’s get ******” and recognise the pun!
You rap for guns and bling
You rock for getting laid,
You’re stocking phrases set to sing
For ******* and for babes;
You get it all the time -
Or so you tell us all the time -
With that slack-jawed, open hole
And droopy doggy eyes,
You tell us “any hole’s a goal”
As your tongue ***** to the side;
You dribble like the rain drops,
You dribble and it never stops,
It never stops,
It never stops;
Our eyes have rolled,
It’s getting old
And the hole that your vocabulary holds
Will load again with what it had before
It’s awfully sore,
And such a bore –
“History’s just a bunch of stuff that’s happened all before” –
And did we say it’s such a bore?
That pull-string doll you sadly have become;
You can tell us that you’re merry
But you look so very dumb,

And we think you’re finally done,
When out again you come
With one that’s even more extremely dumb, so very dumb.
We’re struggling to believe
The stupid **** you say,
But still you’re talking without cease
With nothing much to say.
And you say it, like,
You know, well, like,
You know, like, what I mean?
So we nod and say “ah-hum”,
And then when you are done,
We try our best to clean
Our heads of words so ******* dumb.
You precede a racist comment
With an “I’m not racist, but…”
And it seems you’re quite content
With your swagger and your strut;
Saying ‘lol’ instead of laughing,
Looking out for ladies flashing
In your suit, so silky smashing,
Dressed to ****
And set to fill
Your tank with fish, there’s plenty in the sea,
And we know you’re always keen
Between your wobbly fights against
Those people that you meet
To practice ‘self defence’
On strangers standing in the street;
There’s a “come on buddy, what you got?”
And “what’s he got that I don’t got?”
To keep your girl at home;
You grilled her, checked her phone and fought
But when you left her on her own?
I guess she found there’s more to find
In minds a bit less dumb.
You can kick the odd behind
And call the beggars ****
But even they would fail to find,
Amongst the bums,
Someone so miraculously dumb.
With a brain of dripping jelly
Little larger than a berry
You were bound to go so young,
I read your small obituary
And your death was oh so very, very dumb,
Da-death by dumb, dumb, dumb,
Da-dumb, so very dumb,
So very dumb, dumb, dumb.
Lori Mack Sep 2018

We were all awakened by a bright sunshine light,
Made of all colors,
Which beamed across the night.
The light brought happiness and peace among those who would fight.
It gazed upon our world.
Oh, it was a beautiful sight!
We all forgot about our fears.
Our children’s faces were happy and bright.
No longer were people confused,
Over what was wrong or right.
There was peace among our land.
No starvation, no enemies, no wars,
Everyone had homes and jobs.
Opportunity opened all doors.
We were all friends.
The land no longer roars.
No guns, no violence
And no robbing of stores.
And as that beautiful light shined,
We prayed that someday -
Our children would have this HOPE in mind.
Lori Lee Mack
Copyright 1990.
This was a dream I had. I woke up and wrote it and never changed a word.
Kush Mar 30
The kids run amok
Setting fire and flame.
Trying to fix the world to which they lay claim,
Yet burn to ground all the good that remains.

Ignorance is the very thing that they oppose,
Yet ignorantly they justify the way that it is shown.
Pulling close the blackout curtains,
No light dare reach their shallow minds,
Filled with dreams of A freedom,
Yet robbing it blind.

All the things defended,
Yet they remain so easily offended.
When words don't come out as clear as intended
They twist it and turn till it is all but mended,
Then fight valiantly for its defeat
Looking not at any of the good,
But only at bad tweets.

Following the crowd,
A mob that only looks down at their feet.
March for it all and fill the streets,
Never looking at the facts,
Because it does not fit the narrative that they preach.

These kids run amok.
Aaliyah Houvener Aug 2018
i don't think i ever honestly loved you David, but I absolutely loved the idea of you and I together, I pray that you get the help you deserve, you are a great kid but you let your situation define you. you have been through a lot but you let your life reflect that.  you shouldn't be robbing people or fighting people. you should be finishing school. you are smart and you could be something big but you are chasing the life you grew up in. you were taken away from your parents for a reason and you should be running away from that type of life
I wish at the time I had told you how I felt
But I guess my guilt is stronger than I meant
You made my heart melt my love
But I couldn’t keep it safe
Like a bird taking flight it flew through empty space
And no matter how fast I ran I could never catch your wings
So now I train every day through the sun and the rain to catch up to the things I lost when you left
The only theft was me robbing myself of you by letting you go and repelling you slowly
I didn’t mean to push you away I just want you to stay but it gets easier by the day getting over you
Maybe it wasn’t mean to be but honestly I would gladly blindly follow you for eternity
Something about you tugs at my soul and I can’t seem to feel whole without you
I know it will never be you and me but I’ll chase the wind daily until just maybe I can catch a glimpse of your soaring wings above me
ymmiJ Mar 20
Oh, it's not a prison
not in that sense of the word

It traps you just the same
but with a worse kind of hurt

Yes, the bars are there
harder and colder than any steel

They keep you closed in
robbing you of any appeal, hope or zeal

From earth to sky no light can come in
I told you a different kind of prison

The guards you ask?
Why of course they are on duty

Ensuring you stay strapped
watching like your some kind of *****

Always staring down
with their dark hollow faces

Make **** well and sure
you stay in their filthy places

I wonder on their masters
those curious heathenish *******

Swollen gluttonous wrong
they ensure the poison venomous and strong

Always sipping champagne  
from the people's stolen glasses

It's every man for himself
for these  soulless *****

They lock the doors and try to
seal out that blasted light!

Then feed you their poison
for their sick twisted delight

They almost won
but in a fool's haste

They forget the backdoor
The one leading to saving grace
** Hum, another one about the prsion of the mind and who loves to manipulate the weak ones the most.
Yenson Jan 5
“It's very difficult not to come across as a supremacist when there are so many black inferiorists around.”
― David Bullard

Look!..he's a leech, he's a parasite
That black man is draining the Taxpayers
He comes from a rich family, they say they are titled
Look at him, educated and refined, arrogant as black ****
Go get him, the ******* parasite cheating the working classes

Why not tell the ******* truth
That a white family of thieves broke into the flat of a black man
Something that they had done once already and caught but let off
Because they were neighbours and pitied, police were not involved
They did it again and were called thieving working class scums

Up comes hail and thunder and war
Their Militant leftist friends say it Anti-monarchy Revolution
Say's victim is a parasite and a leech, robbing the working classes
Go get him, his life destroy, cast him asunder, hound him to hell
Down with the rich, this is war, people's power, this is democracy


They can't bear to see a black man do well
They can't bear a respectable, decent, confident black man
To then stand up and call them out to their faces was the ultimate
They are supreme and all else must fall before them or put down
A black that is not a Black Inferiorist must be discredited at all cost

If the situation was reversed
And a black thief steals from an equivalent white with same status
(   He comes from a rich family, they say they are titled )
Would the reactions be the same
(Say's victim is a parasite and a leech, robbing the working classes )
Honesty says NO, you know it and we all know it

(Supremacy has taught him that all people of color are threats irrespective of their behavior. Capitalism has taught him that, at all costs, his property can and must be protected. Patriarchy has taught him that his masculinity has to be proved by the willingness to conquer fear through aggression)

But the black man becomes a leech, a parasite a threat
For standing up to white criminals and daring to call them out
Devious political  chicanery is unleashed and our Supremacists
All rally up, totting falsehood and misinformation to cover truths
Why don't see any Class war action in Kensington and Chelsea

What really bothers some of you is simple - and you corrupt others
Blacks must always be inferior and if they are not, you fight secretly and covertly!
Because only you have the God given right to live decently
Only you have the right to air your opinion or disagreement
Only you have the right to call it as you think you see it.

And you'll fight tooth and nail and with everything else to keep
it that way!
“Whiteness mitigates crime, whereas blackness defines the criminal.”
― Michelle Alexander, The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness
Yenson Aug 2018
We shall wipe you OUT
We will ERASE you
We are the children's of Cain and that is what we do

I come from the lands of  the Baobab tree and Cocoa Tree
Steep in the tradition of revering life and nature all free
By my wits and honest endeavours toiled and earned my fee
Never harmed nor injured never stole even a penny wee
Paid my dues and gave when I could always busy as a bee

Now YOU the children's of Cain spake and declared
We shall wipe you OUT
 We will erase YOU

I come from a land that knows parched earth and hunger
Where great rivers flow yet clean water comes in little beaker
Proud animals run free and only the rodents are for hunter
Trees are fertile with fruits aplenty and vegetables are litter
In gleeful kin and merry we share harvest with each other

Now you the children's of Cain spake and declared
We shall wipe you OUT
We will erase YOU

What is my crime pray tell me when in honest endeavour
I gave and shared my wages and food to an errant neighbour
Who repaid my kindness by robbing mine with cruel vigour
And whilst I remorsed such vileness with fervent pained ardor
They riposted, a trip back to your jungle is what we will conjure

Now YOU the children's of Cain spake and declared
We shall wipe you OUT                               
We will erase YOU

Children's of Cain know nothing but death and destruction
You came to ours and plundered all you could with ruction
You stole, fornicated, ruined and destroyed with glib seduction
Modern times has merely refined your vainglorious disposition
Distinguished misrulers, liars and evil masters of misappropations

We shall wipe you OUT
We will erase YOU       
Children's of Cain OTHERS know all YOU do is ****
Like your FATHER killed his BROTHER
Like your FATHER killed his guiltless BROTHER
Mae Jan 7
A mask with a face that no one knew
But you
I let you see me
Be with me
Naked and scared I lie awake now
Your selfish words still robbing me
And now you say that I am guilty
But I shared with you my reality
Everything I knew about myself at that time
But after time
You began slipping
Falling into the cracks of your own mask
So I gotta ask
Was it the pressure of your own fears that broke you?
Because I was nothing but kind to you
There for you
When the rest of the world refused to be
And now that we
are nothing but strangers
*were nothing but strangers
Somehow your walls
= my mask?
Your fears
for my innocence?
I should no longer have to suffer
From your hesitance
Being cheated is the worst ain't it? It truly is so invasive and it robs you of everything you gave to that person. In my was everything.
ThoughT May 3
I hereby invite every oz. Of pain I've been evading for years even before the recreations, to come forth, and hit me like a truck.  I understand you may need to switch between reverse and drive a few times, but I am ready.  I need my light again, for there's darkness in every direction I've been heading.  Forever unsteady.  At this point in my life i'd be happy to spend it sitting on the dock of the bay strumming the days away with the ghost of Otis Redding.  I feel like ive been riding a bike, the chain aint on but I'm still pedaling.  Show me a mystery and you will find another kid meddling.  But I dont wanna hang around while the dust settles in.  I want to watch the sun rise and set again.  I want to float beyond the skin I've been living in.  Soul been starving to go to a place I dont know exists.  I'm grateful for my life, but it's getting harder to shake this.  Been stuck in a cocoon phase unable to complete the change because the structure's too thick.  Mind still races while keeping body tethered with bricks.  But I will embrace it with the waves of sound and silence.  There is a way to make it through, and I'm hoping I will find it.  I will slowly stand up, again after hitting the ground.  Maybe enlist the aid of Chris Jericho to help me break these walls down.  I have lost many times but have not yet been fully defeated.  I want to disappear, but a holistic retreat may be what's needed.  Exorcise the traumas we mistakenly call demons.  I'll die before I settle being a cheap cog in the machine.  I just want to wake up again to see the reality of my dreams.  Instead we're haunted by alarm clocks often robbing us of sleep, and memories of truly beautiful scenes...that just happened.  Main character forgot his purpose along with the plot of the movie..why's the audience clappin'?
Looking at the heart wrenching image,
Moved my whole being to tears,
Laying lifeless, bloodied,
Entry wood to her temple;

The husband craddling her head,
Tearfully looking down,
At the love of his life,
Never again to cheer his home;

She left the home that morning,
To oversee elections,
To serve her fatherland,
To contribute her own quota;

But all she got,
Was a bullet to her head,
The robbing of her life,
Abrupt end to an unfolding story;

Two children have lost their mother,
Parents have lost their daughter,
Sibblings have lost their kin,
And a husband his confidant;

Would she like many others,
Be a little statistic,
Some unfortunate incident,
Lost to unending callousness?
A woman was killed while working as an electoral officer in one of Nigeria's bloodthirsty states in 2019 elections. She has left two children and a husband. What's next? SAD.
tinhearts Jan 5
“Weren’t our hearts on fire when he spoke to us along the road and when he explained the scriptures for us?”
Luke 24:32

Isn’t this true of today. There these men were, eye witness of the ongoings in Jerusalem but with the noice of different voices and distractions going on about what happened they were confused and in despair. It’s like a woman who lost the diamond from her engagement ring while walking the darkened streets of the city.
Unnoticed by her that it was missing, yet, a weary humble soul found it laying amongst the debris and filth and saw it was of great value. Picked it up and cherished it as his heart burned in knowing he had found the truth.
Today the truth is lost, laying along a side road somewhere unnoticed and not missed because of the noice factor that clouds the minds and convinces the soul into believing whatever she hears and soaks it in as good food for thought. Coming from that tree of the KNOWLEDGE of good and evil.
It suffices Because it doesn’t cause any disturbances. Nothing alarming enough to make a change within their minds actions to SEE they are blind guides leading the blind and they will all fall in a pit.
When the truth in all its humility is heard it causes disturbance within the innermost being. It’s supposed to so that you know the other is false. The truth burns like a fire to consume anything of the false order and turn the soul to her true Light of Life the Living Jesus, sleeping in the manger because the inn is full of imposters.
   The Pharisees stick their nose up in the air because it will change everything they believe in and upset their lifestyles.
I’m telling you the truth. Didn’t Jesus insist on that constantly! For those who have ears to hear listen!
He knew they were lost yet not knowing and wallowing in their sects of unbelief and misguided preachers robbing the lambs food and leaving them hungry.

I’ve noticed by the Spirit the ones who believe what I say and the ones who leave in disgust.
Jesus said,”And you, do you wish to leave also!” Precious Peter said,”Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words to eternal Life and have come to know, that you are the Holy One of God.”
How did he know? The truth rises within and burns away the false. The darkness can not comprehend the Light and it DISAPPEARS.
Just like Jesus disappeared after the Light of His words penetrated the souls of the two men on the road to Emmaus. Once He broke the Bread of Truth and Life they could SEE. Amen
Jordan Hudson Mar 20
Luxury on my wrist, not a counterfeit
It don't fit slidin' down my arm I got this
I just did but this watch is too lit, ay, ay
Gold gleaming you all dreaming
While it seeming you know it, ay, ay
This time piece at least can tell time
Fists and rhyming with ease payed dimes
Committing crimes, robbing banks, swimming lakes
Money I make it ain't fake, I'm awake
Ay, ay
TC in the garage or the lot
My car the one I bought
No licence a while back got caught
Temptation I fought to drive what I got
Ay, ay
Rapping every day I can say
That today I will make my way
Edge of the map, doing laps
Google maps, taking naps
Sleeping in class
Constantly off task
At least I'm not last
Don't you even ask
Judgments made don't affect
Me at all like a card deck
Banned from a mall I respect
But I did nothing wrong what the heck
Ay, ay
Car meets, friends on the streets
J's on my feet no joke at all
Bank account will fall I need
A wall to end this money I saw
That girl want me but I don't see
Her with me so she can live lonely
And she told me I can be by her side
And I just said back go away, goodbye
Flexing like a typical modern rapper
Now you silent
and cold like a corpse
You've vanished into the dark
like a thief in the night
Breaking each
and every promise
Robbing me
of my sleep at night
This neck-lift procedure has me oozing something awful! I dare not
rob a bank today after my qualified neck-lifter told me that robbing
banks in all 50 states (not counting Guam) is by law very unlawful.
Assley Dec 2018
Inside of me, I

Feel condemned to loneliness.

Feel disowned by hope.

Feel abandoned by my thoughts.

Feel betrayed by all love.

Feel the empty void.

Feel nothing.

This void inside me came in waves washing anything good there was of me before. Its persuasive current stealing my faith, its irresistible undertow robbing me of my talent, 'an ocean' if that swallowing all of my joy. In fact, this feeling can't even be compared to an ocean. If I were to do so I'd be compared to an ocean that's depth seems to reach into a different universe a different dimension. An ocean that's

Vaster than the Atlantic.

Ampler than the Indian.

More open than the Pacific.

Wider than the Arctic.

More colossal than the Southern.

'An ocean' if not that then it's just a cold, never ending, forever unknown, right here at the

Base of my spine.

Back of my head.

Bottom of my stomach.

Below my knees.

Behind my ribcage.

A cold, never ending, forever unknown lays inside me, and can only be filled by the feeling of filling that 'ocean'.
clearly i was being a dramatic lil ** when i wrote this but eh
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