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Brent Oct 2017
Limutin na ang mundo
Forget the world
And its intricacies
Your abusive father
Your good-for-nothing frenemies
Let go of the earth
Reach for the uncertainties

Nang magkasama tayo
I'll be here holding your hand
Reading your fears
In the lines of your palm
While feeling your taken risks
In the spirals of your fingertips

Sunod sa bawat galaw
Let me take the lead
Follow my steps
As we waltz off
From our consciousness
to the chains of the world

Hindi na maliligaw
We'll never be lost
When all miseries will be unknown
Or at least, we'll be lost
In all that is ours

Mundo'y magiging ikaw
*You will be my world
And I hope I'll be yours too
A poem based from the lyrncs of "Mundo" by IV Of Spades. They're a great indie OPM band, if you're not familiar. Check them out!
jerelii Jan 2014
Exotic & dangerous

Life is shorter than what we know or think
so i must enjoy my life freely
do the extreme things before i die

Had to do  things that i want
and dreams that i want to fulfill
even from my last breathe

Because i want to
Because im curious of every single thing
Even from the way you breathe or ****
Then i want to spread this
and lend me a hand

Then come with me!
And make this world worth living!
then we can jump to tallest building like hell

This things that i wanted really so bad

To fly somewhere
were everyone can't recognize me

To play in the rain
and be a kid once again

To travel around the world
were i can find myself
and perhaps discover something knew
that i haven't been before

Go picnic and eat some snacks with friends
were i could laugh on top of  my lungs

Go partyin' late at night
were i can control and make some noise
like a dj bass

Go to a concert
to a great rock band

Go shopping to the mall
and be a fashion clique

Produce a music
were birds could come and go with you

Represent to your country
and be a world champion human beatbox

Write stories
and be an author
of my own journey

Cause YOLO
you only live once
in your life
and there




                 A        D       V           E       N        T        
© 2014 January
J Dec 2018
Love is a hell of a drink.
One sip and it makes
you brave enough to
think you can win
against the world.
It also makes you
paranoid and panic
out of your wits as
you stare into the
eyes of obliteration.
But that’s what love does;
it musters courage and
summons the monsters,
then mixes it into a terrifying
concoction called risk.

I know you’re scared.
I am scared shitless, too.
What do you say we
get drunk together?
What do you say we
get drunk together?
Marla Jun 2019
You can't have a beautiful life
Without getting a few scars.
patty m Jun 2014
Move the cobwebs ever softly

peer inside the poor girl's head

see the wheels turning ever

see the heartache see the dread.

Step into the parlor fancy

see the teacups and the cake

no matter she's not calm but antsy

fragile, with supposed strength fake

See her vision and desire

see her patience start to shred

bathed in fleas she's ever stirring

never sleeps but yearns for bed

years of torture years of caring

when she sits she's sadly staring

her patience wants to scream and shout

is this what life is all about?

where's the love that lights the stars

kisses sweet as chocolate bars

where is one who'll treasure her

lift spirit with their warmth and care.

delve inside the secret place

see the worry on her face

truth is cringing in the dark

while lies bare teeth like hungry sharks

see the constant urge for ***
avoid the brew and  wicked hex

anger feral in her brain
calmly sits and grows insane

lightning strikes the wishing well

the frontal lobe goes to hell
gray matter quickly scatters

as she sits and simply blathers  

cortex, reflex and sensory receptor
ate the knowledge that kept there

her mind is now a ticking bomb
sensory message sent pon to pon

medulla oblongata sticks, adheres
the brain on empty disappears

pupils go from bright to dim
reflexes stall and life looks grim

imagination kicks to high
she's floating in a pure blue sky
no horrors of the daily grind
she likes her body without a mind

yet fate steps in with evil grin
spouting poetry by the line

some sublime or sometimes crass
it knocks the girl  on her ***
soon stimuli kites, and neurons light
and the brain begins to reunite

no giving in without a fight
thus reality must ensue
as the grim and sin rush in
what's a girl to do?

Now you've seen it all
I hope you're not appalled

though it may seem senseless and ratty
so works the brain however inane
of our overworked addled Patty
Shofi Ahmed Jun 2017
If you make the
greatest discovery
will you give away
her top secret?
Is nature at risk?
September Roses Nov 2018
What harm could it do?
To play around one's breathe
To grip something tightly
An innocent gesture

Passion so involved
It's just a spur of emotions
A moment of breathlessness
What's wrong with cutting off some air?
People are poisonous anyways
***** and sick
You're just polishing
Taking them somewhere brighter for a moment

Can you feel their veins
Can you feel their pulse
Hear them cough,
Is it really that bad?
Tighter and tighter till the knot is tied
Feel air struggle in their throat

Something might sizzle inside you
Now dont be alarmed
The adrenalin of life flowing under your palms can be overwhelming.
It's only normal
To feel excitement
At their strained

Isnt it almost like a melody
The raspy struggles?
Notice the resistence of the gasping
Clench your fingers
Weigh them down
Feel the life leave their lips
And the pressure leave their lungs
Let them choke
Almost satire, but not really? But satire? But not?
Mara W Kayh Nov 2016
A hollow takes root in my heart,

I watch helpless
as this cavern empties
its once warm elixir,
now cool as coal
on a bed of dying embers.

trepidation surges
upending my
quiet comfort
while voices whisper in an upswell

"this safety on the razor's edge
is an illusion
and must be returned
to the debt ridden sea!"

slowly the mist settles,
revealing the great divide.

I hold my breath
and  go under
Posted this poem without much editing last night. Rewrote it throughout the day, here and there when I had the chance. It kept on asking to be rewritten. Here is what I think is the final version. I originally had written "lost at sea" under notes. I think it still applies.
Jo Dec 2019
Knowing the inner core has its place, I am awake thinking
that life has its moments of grace.

Leaving what is too painful to describe behind, to enter into
a door to what I cannot replace.

Risking it all, to love despite the conventional rules. I see me
as a small part in what becomes a tool.

To free the weary captive and observe the time. Living without
hesitation in the contentment, I find.
To read more of my writings go to:
Marla May 2019
To linger in the stillness
Of Time's infinite wake
Is to stifle a lifetime
For loss' sake.
Take grasp of Your being,
Brief as it may seem,
For the rest is darkness,
And the silence:
mae Oct 2018
I don’t know if being pregnant
Was on my mind
Or the fear of being left behind
Unable to rewind,
Back to the time
In which I was able to make good decisions
To think with great precision
To look beyond  a short sighted vision.

Taking a risk,
Over someone who doesn’t care for you
Lack of resolve to take care of you
A person who doesn’t care for Love
And I simply paying the price
For disobeying the king above
Because I did wrong instead of doing right

His final straw has been cut,
And unfortunately I am out of luck
Yes I am what you call, f**ed
William Eberlein Aug 2014
I walk on a razors edge.
Every step cutting new lines of red upon my feet.

Paying no mind to the taste of metal in my eyes.
Doing all that I can to pick myself up.

Knowing that if my toes do not callous soon,
I will become two halves of a whole.

And this chance I so desperately chase,
may as well be lost for good.
Justin G Diaz Sep 2018
i cannot put into words what you have done for me but i will try
i was lost in the numbness of nothingness
the silence around it all was getting way too loud
and i hadn’t felt the excitement of another for way too long

you’ve been around for a while
in the back of my mind as a matter of fact.

it may have taken a while to get you to notice me
but i was willing to take the time, because you felt different
and as far as ‘felt’
it’s too early to tell but you make me feel
and it’s not just a spurt of feel, its a feel thats real

i almost gave up in all honesty
i didn’t want to put myself out there again
to then just be torn limb from limb, again
but you felt, right

you’re quiet… to others
but to me you’re you
and i can’t get enough of you

your voice is distinct-
your voice is yours, it levels me and i could listen to it all day
your eyes are deep-
your eyes are specific, they look at me not through me
your walk is confident-
your walk is purposeful, you don’t wander
your presence is home, its way too early but at the same time idc
your essence is irrational, idk why you’re here at this time
but i can’t second guess it cause nothing has ever felt so right

i look at you and i am in wonderment
your beauty is indescribable
and your being makes your beauty seem intolerable

you make me want to become a better me
you make me reevaluate my purpose
you make me pay attention

i cannot put into words what you have done for me but i will try
i was lost in the numbness of nothingness
the silence around it all was getting way too loud
and i hadn’t felt the excitement of another for way too long

idk why God has placed you in my life
but i hope that you are here to stay
no one has affected me the way you do
i have been so afraid of it all
to stay put
to move
to be happy
to love
to give myself up
but you make me anxious to do all of those things
you make me want to be happy
you make me want to try
you make me want to take risks
you make me want to move
but most importantly-
you make me want to
Justin G. Diaz ®
jerelii Aug 2018
the mind that is floating in the air
waiting for the bell to ring inside
only alarmed when danger is there
creating worry and confusion
as the words begin to be lost
everything is malfunctioned
including the state of the body
can’t eat, can’t move, can’t sleep,
& can’t think well;
just being frozen
by the sudden scenario
off nothing
in the senses.
the trigger that makes you so ill
it will never ever get away from you
unless something is ticking in
that will make you at ease
and come back
to what life should really mean.
i  am inspired to write this
because of the book that i read
and it made me think about life
and death
that we should never ever waste
our time not doing what we love.

August 2,2018
I thought the end of the paragraph was the end of our adventure
That the pen went dry and our kind words died with it
The problem was I still had so much I wanted to say
So much I wanted to write down, but I didn’t have the strength
I miss your penmanship, you’re vivacious, elegant words
How they gracefully fell upon paper and my heart
For what it’s worth, I’m sorry I wrote too much.. or too little
I know you feel the same, too, I picked up on your subtlety
Though you stopped writing and the chapter ended suddenly
My words contain no fury or hostility towards you
Lonely nights when my pen graced the page
Brought memories of when my hands caressed your rosy cheeks
I’d be a liar if I said my tears didn’t smudge my words
For my heart aches for your tough and longs for your voice
Then one day I stumbled upon a new page
A familiar calligraphy lay fresh on the paper  
In an instant I had hope, our adventure was not over
A new chapter has begun and the story was just starting

Dead Rose One Feb 2015
8:00 am plenty of time to get

it's how people meet

no worries here,
tinder-ed tendered thundered
by 9:00
I'll be fine,
possibilities multiple, soul flayed,
body at risk, hookup sweet,
no problem,
will line up a few,
on the hour,
star power,
no heart, but
candy is dandy
when you need a date
on Valentine night
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