TheseRoots Feb 2016
We are the seeds of our own evil
We can choose to feed the seed until it keeps growing
Or we can choose not to feed into the evil
Because once that seed is planted
It will take more effort to rid of the evil,
Than it was to plant.
you may think this is not true
but it is and if you disbelieve
well now start to think again
it started like this:
I was walking downtown and was bored
I entered a bar and yelled to the bartender
"Get me a sheerly temple"
It wasn't alcohol but I liked them
I got my drink and sat down on a
circle bench and when I did a man about
6'2" blonde beach hair and a smile on his face
"Hi.I saw you walk in.Can't shoot whiskey?"He asked.
"I can I wanted something more normal.."I reply back.How did he have the rights to ask me that.How rude!
"I'm sorry your expression looks disturbed."He says.
"Sorry Mister I just don't know how you have rights to ask me if I can shoot whiskey.That Beach hair is somewhat personal,what if I couldn't cause if I did i'd die?"I say.He stares at my hair."Hot pink and green?Beautiful combination."He says."Okay thank you?"I say."No i'm being truthful."He says."Okay well maybe I like you."I say."Well I like you."He says."My name's Tiffany,call me Tiff."I say."Jacob,call me Jake."He says.

We talk for hours then he kisses me.
    Then he decides I'm dumping this girl
And that's how I got dumped for the first time.
If you want to know how he dumped me message me personally....
JSK Mar 2015
I didn't mean it like that
I didn't mean to make it sound like a personal attack
I didn't mean to fill your head with thoughts that shouldn't exist
I didn't mean for you to think like me
I didn't mean for you to be afraid
I didn't mean to hurt you
I didn't mean to cause doubts
Because doubts eat at your insides
They gnaw your vital organs
And to live,
You have to get rid of the doubts
And that would mean
Getting rid of me
And I certainly did not mean that.
Natalie Neo Nov 2014
You said to get rid of my feelings.
I tried. But
how do I get rid of something

It's hiding from me, or rather
I am hiding it
from me, because it feels

I will
I will
I will
Try to get rid of it.

But for now,
I will just pretend.
Sand Sep 2013
In just seven steps, you can find out:

• How to make the best scrambled eggs
        [pepper ‘n love]
• How to improve Scrabble scores
        [suffixes are our friends]
• How to buy a house
        [budget before sealing the deal]
• How to think like Leonardo Da Vinci
        [infectious curiosity and commitment]

But despite the obscene amount of time,
I spend scouring and scrolling,
I can’t seem to stumble upon,
The part of the Internet,
That has the instructions,
To keep your heart happy,
While keeping my mind sane.

Perhaps the sadness and insanity,
Will be a welcome change,
Allowing us to rediscover each other,
In the most honest light.
Eleanor Rigby Jun 2015
I look at her.
I look at myself.

She is one to love
And I'm one to rid of.

Stephen Rutledge May 2017
An unjust hunger,

Your heart,
What peril it brings,

Oh the kindest of souls,
Settled upon thy cleansed plate,

Deemed delectable,
Yet such nourishment grown to hate,

Of hearts rich taste,
How thy rid tongue ridded,

Our weary bone and flesh lay,
Bitter, aching,
We decay.
Hate, destruction, despite my pity
the hate will overcome
horrible, nasty, I'll never get this past me
horror terror, I wish you the worst
alone I will hide at home i will reside
dislike the resentment
move past the wrong
solemnly in silence,
the place I belong..
Teka Lenahan Aug 2015
Rid my mind of all the time and memories shared,
Rid my soul of the vestiges of your being,
Rid me of the beautiful fingerprint you left on my heart...
Kairee Franzen Jan 2013
It’s when traces of you show in me
That I’m disgusted with the person within.
Conquering heredity is the most difficult task
I’ve ever assigned to myself.

Bleed out of my tears
And let a new fortune tingle my fingertips.
Sjr1000 Aug 2015
Denial of others
is an easy thing,
Label them
responsible for
If they are gone,
We'll all
be okay.

We hear the same tune,
Everywhere we go,
Among our friends,
Small office spaces,
Family members,
the black sheep,
Don't you know.

Corporate meetings
in board room splendor,
Fingers are pointed
at those,
Identifying those who disturb our peace,
Interrupt our greed.

Blame becomes epidemic,
Get rid of them,
We'll all be okay.

Pulpits of every denomination
scream at
those who would be so,
Just get rid of them
We'll all be okay.

Changing times
enemies become allies,
The doomsday clock
moves up a notch,
Get rid of them
then we'll all be

Well,  it's just
you and me,
As Dylan said
"I won't be the last to leave."

Get rid of them,
I'll be okay,
We both say,
I look at you,
You look at me.

Alone at last,
No one else to blame,
I'm looking in the mirror,
I'm pointing at
Get rid of him,
Then we'll all
The final poem in this trio. When will we ever learn?
Huda Aug 2015
Getting rid of reminders, my own thoughts and yours, memories and you.
I keep a tight grip on my eyes and try to rip them off for I see you on painted walls, different shapes of clouds, music and daydreams.
I burry my face in a pillow: "no, that's not your smell. I'm going crazy. I'm losing it"
my tongue burns when I accidentally call someone by your name
my ripcage holds nothing hostage anymore.
I bet this is worse than..
I'm not going to, no.
No, no my sun will hide the clouds
and my coffee will hide the scent
I refuse to bury my face or harm myself
my ripcage can hold songs, blood and smoke.
I will learn to unfeel this
even though you'd be so good to me, you'd unintentionally be very, very dangerous.
Warda Kashif Feb 2013
Drop the weight from your shoulders and relax your body
Take a deep breath in then exhale slowly.
Let your mind wander freely
Then smile carelessly.
Swing your legs softly
And rub your temples lightly
Whisper to your friend queitly
To share thoughts secretly.
Laugh very sweetly.
Live happily.
Live simply.
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