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A Broken mind, a rhythm less rhyme, yo look at the time.
My mind is ticking with forgiveness so I’ll show you the pride that livid inside the body that I used to call mine.
Now it's weathered, bitter and it's gonna take some time
To bring it back the feeling of a smile the now so can't you be kind, kiss me on the lips  and take a little walk though my mind.
Robert C Ellis Sep 2018
Lithe, pharmaceutical muscles regulating microfiber hairs
Draw from the primitive neglect and sin
A clarinet changes the chemistry of champagne
Inside Humanity again

A stock infection of planets and galaxies
and their debris
Small enough to be e coli
and atomic dreams
Beading with the warmth of breath, persisting,
Naming dragons and archers in the infinity,
The cocktails brew people at the seams
Their sentences clapping the breeze
Into a day, or a season,
or her hand leading
caitlyn g Nov 2018
there will come a day
when you have beaten that dog
so many times
that it will refuse to come back to you

and when you ask
as if you are unaware of what you have done
and i tell you the reason

you will lash out

you will never understand

as it has been
and always will be
Janelise Aug 2017
i cant sleep.
my mind drifts back
to the night on the beach.
i remember how each breath
was in rhythm with the sea.
the taste of ocean air on warm lips, sweet.  
joy, happiness, and depth.
crashing waves, and you,
Opening me.
Shofi Ahmed May 2017
A song like King David sang and everyone heard
It’s the sweet song sang in every mother tongue;
A perfumed speech is heard sweeter than nectar
wreaths round each patch of earth as part of a tongue
in all different variations, directions it’s singing!
Mathematically comped that rhythmically span
fashion in both or you choose science or arts.
It’s a lyric sang with finest curvy swaying dance
feel the quivers deep down into the atomic level
still the various motions in various directions turn on,  
nowhere near that look drawing a pause!
David Crow Jan 18
You play a groove
inside my heart,
Time kept so nicely
yet we're apart,
You've never met me
but I know you,
I'll remember your name
whatever you do,
The cars and the stars
will keep moving
to the rhythm we play,
From close observations
it seems that
we don't have much to say,
It's nothing that bothers me,
Memory   still    follows me,
It serves me, yes.. really,
So play - play - play!
Seanathon Mar 2017
I feel so tired
I can barely breathe
My chest is concave
Like the narrow dell
Soaking up the rain
And pulling in the leaves

And though I’m not hollow
I am not whole
And though I’m weary
It is not my soul
Which cries aloud
Unto the the trees

Except for your sound
The sound that is
Of when you sing
And walk beneath
This canvas of leaves
Free as your feet

But the soles of my shoes
And the lids of my eyes
Are now heavy
As my head it lulls
And wants to roll
Back to the ground

So my pillow now
Is underneath
The hooded wood
And as the world
Slowly closes round
It’s you I see

Within the leaves
Beneath the trees
Looking up. Looking down. At you. At me.
Andrew Apr 2018
She may be our metronome mother
But when was rhythm first discovered?
Did ancient nomads hear it in the sounds of walking?
Did they like how it sounded over them talking?
Did they view the melody
As a felony?
And start to sway their hips
To the ***** of whips?
Maybe that wasn't good enough
Maybe we needed more stuff
So we started crossing swords
To create more violent chords
That interested us more

Violence has a catchy hook
That can't be found in a book
But started with a ***** look
Until our brain begins to cook
And we learn to love the beat
As the harmony depletes
We take concert seats
At a darkness feast

There's an iambic pentameter
In the middle eastern theater
That sounds all too familiar
The troubling treble
Of mothers screaming
While superpowers meddle
And innocence is leaving
The reaper is reaping
To a situation heating
Empathy fleeting
Fascist seating
Rhythm beating

Our soundproof homes
Create acoustic cones
That our cries can't escape
Taking the container's shape
Filling our mind
Until we're blind
And only see political teams
Instead of childhood dreams

We fall into a rhythm
Based on deadly decisions
With lethal precision
Like surgical incisions
That don't make us healthy
But support the wealthy
Who whistle a different tune
That will **** us all soon
And as the world crumbles
Their bellies still rumble
Creating a disruptive bass
Their music we must face
With an impossible grace
Or else we'll be replaced

I hear instruments of percussion
Causing concussions
Deflecting discussions
Making us harmfully dance
So we'll have a fair chance
Which seems wrong at first glance
But it's actually a pragmatic trance
Provided by Mister Rhythm
Who carries misery with him
B Elizabeth G Oct 2018
You breathed tenderness
Into my bones
With pumpkin spice kisses
And waves of sunshine,
Leaking through locked fingertips.
And for moments, gone too soon,
We were one hue;
Red and orange in deep tones
Making music
With the rhythm of every inhale
and ex.
A symphonic masterpiece.
Maaz Feb 23
What do we say
unto those who doubt us?
To those who tell us
what we have shall fray.
To those who believe
our sky will turn grey,
our moods shall no longer be ***,
our lives no longer tethered,
like a boat at bay.
Unto those people
What do we say?

the people's thoughts have
been led astray,
they no longer understand what's at play,
they fail to see that after night comes day,
that we are here, together, here to stay,
that soon our darkness will be pierced by the sun's ray.
They don't understand.
So unto those people
what do we say?

Do we sit in silence
as they rip us apart?
As they tear the strings from our hearts?
As we bleed & cry
and blood & tears become one.
Until finally we declare they have won.

No, we don't.
We let their words come at us
like stones at an impregnable wall,
what we have is a castle that shall not fall,
What they don't understand is this is a war we have already won,
for long ago,
we became one.
Not of how we came to be but rather how we're made to stay
Ms Noma Oct 2018
Veil your windows to the world
Stretch your arms and take a whirl
Feel your heart beat as a drum
Each soul can dance when music comes

Heads will bop in affirmation
Songs may bring us all salvation
Shoulders bopping to and fro
Feet are tapping fast and slow

Swish and swoosh of swirling skirts
The drums and tambourines are flirts
Enticing us to join the floor
And shake our bones right to their core

We dance and dance till morning’s here
Embrace tomorrow without fear
Soak the spirit of the songs
This is where our hearts belong.
Pete King Dec 2018
I've always feared the little things,
Because they're what stole my heart.
At first they'd sprout it's tender wings;
Then tear them and off, and me; apart.

So, I learned to hide my fragile self,
Behind walls that no-one could breach.
My broken parts on the top of a shelf,
In a box, that no soul could reach.

But then, you reached a lone hand out;
Butterflies broke through my ribs.
Ten-thousand words that I longed to shout,
Rooted themselves on my lips.

The little things will always scare me,
That much may always stay true.
But you,
You crazy,
You utterly absurd
You punch-something beautiful ******.
There's no better feeling than being terrified by you.
One I'm hoping to develop. Part of my #PoemADayToKeepTheDoctorAwayButOnlyUntilJanuaryExcessivelyLongHashtagChallenge
Soul Scribe Apr 2018
My volume dial turned left to 14,
My AC dial turned up because I can't breathe,
The rain dropping down hitting glass and then smearing clean
By my wipers who shoot the water off scene.
Continually firing no need for hiring for the wipers wipe for my drive entirely,
My daughter in the back seat trying to see blinded by the water forming a shining sea
Reflecting from the headlights on the cars in front,
Detecting slick roads ahead the car trys to save itself,
Explaining, "don't worry daughter is just hydroplaning
Because it's raining the rain picked up the tires from the road okay?"
I'm scared but I hide the feeling the itch on the back of my neck it's gaining momentum as we slide faster what the heck all these security functions on the car so I can see through the rain, but it won't save me.

The car stopped but the wipers still firing.
My daughter crying in the back screaming "daddy please don't go just yet I have something to say!
I got a boyfriend today his name's Bret,
I thought it was neat that your names were the same,
But unlike his I'll remember yours for all my days,
Goodbye, Dad."
A short poem capturing the last moments of a daughter and her father. While he tries to protect his daughter from the fear of the upcoming crash, the daughter is keeping quite about the new boy as to protect the father from the fear of losing his little girl. They both kept quite in order to protect. But in the end they were both separated forever.
Ken Pepiton Dec 2018
"…ours is not to reason why." that is the only fragment
of the light

call the philosopher for a meme:
Ah, we need an axiom,
some hope for humanity,
Christmas isn't working as well as it did,
Chanuka and Kwansa are distant also rans,

Where is hope if the wise have all been infected with…

"The fact that an opinion has been widely
held is no evidence whatsoever that it is not utterly absurd."

that's the meme sir,
but nothing clicked.
Bertrand Russell
Ah, more, eh,
a semi colon not a point of completion.

That's the secret in all symbols to sibyls, my boy,
know what you meant
when you imagined them meaning

"The fact that an opinion has been widely
held is no evidence whatsoever
that it is not utterly absurd
; indeed in view of the silliness of the majority of mankind, a widely spread belief is more likely to be foolish than sensible.”
― Bertrand Russell, Marriage and Morals

From <>

In the world you shall have tribulation
but be of good cheer,
it makes everything better.

Merry Christmas, may the messages you trust be true.
An idea for a Hallmark card.
Shofi Ahmed Jun 2018
If I am gone  
vanish like pieces
into the atom.

It ain’t complain
lets drawback
spur in rhythm.
Stephen E Yocum Aug 2018
A steady cadence  
pulsing in a heart beat
like rhythm, voices
and strummed instruments
all in harmonized concert,
An orchestral multitude,
of frogs and crickets,
never tiring or ceasing,

How many must there be,
to render such a cacophony?
Sustained and loud enough
to keep a city folk awake.

Nature's Music of the night,
should you but choose to listen.
How do they do that, all night
with absolutely no intermission?

A crescendo finale triggered
only by the coming dawn's
first light, and the boastful
crowing calls of our cocky
persistent red rooster chicken.

Where these musicians go in
daylight is anybody's guess.
To sleep I suspect, deserved
resting up for yet another
night of endless music.
Another value added feature
of living out in the country. Night
voices lulling me to sleep outside
my open window/screen.
Cné May 2017
My life is full of poetry
in lyrical design
Expressions in a rhythm
that ascend and then decline.

One moment I am full of joy,
then sorrow breaks my heart.
My soul is touched by music
and the thrill that it imparts.

I love the rain, embrace the sun
and smile at winter snow.
I crave the full moon's silver light
and dance beneath the glow.

I savor sweet aromas
taking pleasure in the breeze
And love the gentle rustle,
as it passes through the trees.

Yes, poetic is the gift of life,
inspiring me to rhyme.
I'd write a million odes to it,
but I just don't have the time!
Happy Saturday
Jack L Martin Aug 2018
I eat my rice with birds and mice
I treat my nice with turds and lice
I drink my wine with pigs and swine
I write my words with prose and rhyme
I swing my club with strength and pride
I take my steps with prance and stride

I show you all now what's inside
These words I trust; I will abide.
Updated 9/11/18
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