There once was a man from Nantucket,
Whose origins were complicated                          
so people wrote
an idiom
Some say the Hero came first,
others say the Poet.

I perused again the olden verse,
sure enough; the poet.

A hero and a poet are
always, 'side-by-side.'

How else might we know it,
-without the forlorn scribe?
The name Iolaus means, "scribe." He was the companion of Hercules. FOR WHAT GOOD IS MYTH WITHOUT STORY?
Greedy glutton wolfed his mutton

then he ate a whale

he waded in the deep blue sea

buoyed up by a gale

Up he flew and before he knew

he landed on the moon

to his disgust it was only crust

that broke his silver spoon

Greedy glutton ate his button

his shirt flapped like a sail

he blew around the sweet blue moon

then met a hungry whale

It drank him up in one big sup

I saw it on the telly

his arms and toes and chunky nose

then his big fat belly
Inconvenient and intolerable,
Impractical, illogical-
There’s nothing more insufferable,
Unnaturally an’tomical-

It’s silly and It’s sappy, and it simply shall be banned,
I was never any fan of any act deemed big or grand-
It’s nonsensical and naughty, and I hope you understand,
That there’s nothing I find worse than that of walking hand in hand
Vexren4000 Jul 4
Rhyme and reason,
Something we glorify,
Put upon a pedestal,
So we may never touch it,
With our filthy human hands.

Frank and fun and full of finesse
In my writing, there shows no progress
For what ain’t broke cannot be fixed
The poems always end in twist
I read the words I once put down
Each crafted word and chosen noun
The words I feel somehow moonlit
In reality; it all is shit.
Thanks to my Check Plus Kind of Teachers
Quietly justifying
The existence of the other
The lines of his jaw
The turn of her hair
But not in hand
For its beneath the surface
Of the conscious mind
That the search began
And there it will end
There it will end
Just beneath the surface things. Next to the shadow, just to the right.
Diana Jul 4
I have shared a lot with you
the inside workings of my mind

the darkest corners
in which I hide

and where I find
my few little shreds of pride

these things that others were denied
I just never felt so inclined

until you arrived
and opened up my eyes
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