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Ki fir meri yaad aa rahi hogi
Fir wo deepak bujha rahi hogi2    *2

Ki fir mere facebook pe aa kar wo *3
Khud ko baynarr bana rahi hogi *2    *2

Ki fir meri yaad aa rhi hogi
Fir wo deepak bujha rahi hogi.....

Apne bete ka chum kr matha *3
Mujhko teeka laga rahi hogi *2     * 2
Fir meri yaad aa rahi hogi
Fir wo deepak bujha rahi hogi.....

Fir ussi ne usse chuwa hoga  3
Fir ussi se nibha rahi hogi *2
Fir meri yaad aa rhi hogi
Fir wo deepak bujha rahi hogi.....

**** chaadar sa ***** gya hoga *3
Ruh silwat hata rahi hogi
Fir meri yaad aa rahi hogi
Fir wo deepak bujha rahi hogi...

Fir se ek raat kat gyi hogi 3
Fir se ek raat aa rhi hogi
Fir meri yaad aa rahi hogi
Fir wo deepak bujha rahi hogi...... *2
Copyright© Shashank K Dwivedi
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Smiling Queen Aug 2019
Vo ek mahine phle se birthday ki excitement is saal thodi kam thi
Birthday ke din bhi birthday bali feeling thodi kam thi.
Ab mai shayad childish se thodi matured ** gayi thi.
Har saal ki tarah is saal mom dad se kisi mehenge se gift ki zid nhi ki thi.
Unke dil se diye aashirwaad ki khushi hi bahut thi.
Ab mai shayad childish se thodi matured ** gayi thi.
Bachpana jane mai vaqt thoda jyada lag gya.
Jimmedariya samjhne mai vaqt thoda jyada lag gya.
16 saal ki ** gayi thi, thodi badi ** gayi thi.
Ab mai childish se thodi matured ** gayi thi.
Ghar ki problems samjhne lagi thi.
Ab thoda hi sahi magar sahi aur galat mai pehchan ne lagi thi.
Ab mai childish se thodi matured ** gayi thi.
Jo phle papa ke paise dosto ke sath udaya karti thi.
Aaj papa ke sapne pura karna chahti hu.
Ab mai childish se thodi matured hoti ja rhi hu.
Ab mai childish se thodi matured hona chahti hu......

~your smiling queen :)
My 16th birthday!!
Rhianecdote Nov 2015
"Loads of guys talk to Rhi"
On a day such statements and possible insinuations don't **** me off
they actually entertain me.

What do people think of me?
What do they really see?
Used to be a source of teenage paranoia
Now I'm more intrigued

It's 6 am,
After party at Mag's house!
Everyone's sleepy
Sun's coming up
Smokers coming in and out from the balcony
Sliding doors
Dawn chorus
Sat in the darkest corner
On a wicker chair
Tryin to go unseen
Feelin I look a state
Makeup has started to fade
No longer hiding me
No one in this room
Would know though
About that insecurity
Had me Avoidin mirrors
When out since the age of 15
That's a long time to not be
able to face yourself

But now this young guys facing me
I've sparked an interest you see
Half cut Johny who I shared the car journey
Back with has been spreading the word
That I do carpentry
And he's intrigued
So he's crouched down beside me
Eyes wide open,
Probing me, testing my knowledge
Rollin off his story of going off the rails
And joining the army
But how carpentry gives him some peace
I smile, I listen, I speak
Shake his hand
As he introduces himself as Steve
Asks if he's steppin on anyone's toes
Cause he believes the Dj
That's followed us back
For the after party
Is my boyfriend
Cause we were talkin
And he was stood next to me
I laugh at how fast
Assumptions are made
In the dark
It's kinda funny
He feels awkward now
Says it's nice to meet me
Sigh of relief

Why do loads of guys talk to Rhi?
The banter most probably

Hear Dj taking the Micky
(Turns out to be his name ironically)
As he walks back in
Tryin to set up his sound system
Steve says get some Scart leads
We're cracking up
I say something off the cuff, witty
He Spuds me
I'm a "bro" after all right

What do you do?
I dance
But you was stood behind me all night!
Ha! No, just for a bit,
I was watching what you was doin

He starts telling me about beats per minute
I ask him bout the Djing
How I'm interested in doin it
We Banter about how he'd teach me
How I'd be his prodigy
I think he means it

Says we got him in trouble with the club
For changing up his set
Cause we were goin in
We were feelin it
Asks me to guess where he's from
I say You look mixed race
But I bet your Cypriot

Says he's Half Turk, half Greek
That's why things didn't work out
between Mummy and Daddy

Chuckles softly

He's a Barber during the week
Cut Rita Oras hair the other day
Shows me the tweet
He's likable, pretty sweet
Says he's glad I'm there
Cause he doesn't know anyone here
And he'd have no one to talk to
A shy dj
Looks like Drake
Kind of a giveaway
His Nose is running
I say
what have you been sniffing
Grinning teeth
Smiles and shakes his head
How can you say that
To Someone you've just met?!
You're cheeky!

Asks if I smoke or do drugs
When I reply no
He jokingly asks to marry me
I say where's the ring?
He gets out his keys
Puts it on my finger we laugh
Who knew getting a wife
would be that easy?

Calm down sunshine!
my games more stealthy

But I reiterate
"loads of guys talk to Rhi"

What do they mean?
I'm a guys girl
Always have always will be
If this night has confirmed anything
It's that
Certain females just don't warm to me
Give them a compliment
They're ******* me
Make a joke
They're ******* me
Dance by one
Accidentally knock her phone
Out her hand she sits down immediately
Face of thunder
I Say sorry,
Skulk off awkwardly
Beat myself up about it momentarily
Then get annoyed and think **** it
Head back to where I'm meant to be
Just the dance floor and me
Where I get smiles and laughs and looks
I can't quite decipher
"White gyal skanker!"
Mutter out apologies as I stand on
Some guys toes
Tells me no worries I'm a dancer

Hell I'm a flirt too!
I speak to guys cause
it's what I know how to do
It's easy conversation
It's fun
But I know that when this nights over
it's all said and done
No need to mention
I have no true intention
Of speaking to or seeing these people again
Maybe I should
Maybe that's how I'll make connections
But for now I'm tired but it's a good tired
I feel at peace
There's something wonderfully dreamy
About the after party
People slowly waking up from the make believe of the night
As they're fighting off sleep
DJ Micky making his way out the door
Shoutin back
Make sure you message me!

I won't

For now It's time to head home
I take my leave
As I exit
Wave bye to Steve

Thinkin Why is it guys talk to me?

For the same reasons anyone would really
I listen
I guess maybe I put them at ease

Just a little something I finished off from man shaped musings on my last night out. It was sparked off by a comment,possibly even a compliment that kept being thrown around by the older bunch of old skool ravers I had been hangin out with who didn't know me very well. The first people I've ever partied with during a time where I was probably learning a few things about myself
Rhianecdote Apr 2015
OG Rhi Rhi
Up in this party
Gettin wavey off JD
Sippin on Bacardi

Sportin sunnies inside
The Matrix
No look in
Neo na see!
So sick
Keanu Reeves
Got nuttin on me!
Wrote this last night whilst semi waved. Just a bit of fun, finding yourself at a house party, having a good time, sportin some random guys shades in the dark, feelin the buzz thinkin you've got more (over)flow than Biggie when he gets in the bath!

  You must be having a bubble bath! (Laugh)

Intoxication for the Nation!

More Bars than ***** Wonka!
Shrivastva MK Feb 2017
Bikhar se gye ye Pal mere khushi ke
Unke chale Jane ke baad,
Nikal gye en aankho se aansoo
Unki yaad aane ke baad,
Aaj nazane kyon khamosh Hai ye dil mera
Unka sath chhut Jane ke baad,
Pal Pal kuchh tutne ki aawaj sunai de rhi mujhe
Sab kuchh tut Jane ke baad,
Hansu to Kaise Hansu jab meri Hansi hi chali gyi
mujhse Ruth Jane ke baad,
Ye ek ek Pal ek saal ki Tarah Kat rahi Hai
Jabse chhut gya unka sath,
Ai Hwa zara unse kah Dena ki mere kabra par ek phul chadha Dena
Mere saans tutne ke baad,
Mere sans tutne ke baad....
Shrivastva MK Mar 2018
Udd jayegi ek din chiraiya chhodhkar babul ka ghar,
Basane ek naya aashiyana sabhi ke aankho ko bhar,

Vidai ka hota hai ye kaisi bela,
Kyu hamesha jana padta chhod us kali ko hi akela,

Beegh jati hai mata-pita ki palkein vidai ke pal,
Jab aata us baag me chahchahane wali chidiya ki judai ke pal,

Bahut si yaadein  chhoti aankho me sajaye hue,
Ro rhi hai maa pari ko gale lagaye hue,

Papa ki pyari gudiya aaj sazkar sasural chali,
Tham ke hath humsafar ka ek nye dwar chali,

Jahan  pali badi wo pyari gudiya chali hai aaj us ghar ko chhod,
Karke suna ek aangan ko pita ki aankhon ko bhar,

Na jaane kyu beti ko janam se hi paraya btaya ,
Aakhir kisne ye  riwaz banaya ,

Nikalkar apne **** se ek pita apni jaan ,
Bahut bada dil hai ek pita ka jo kar dete hain kanyadaan ,

Waqt ka kaisa hai ye dastoor 
Na jaane kyu ek beti ko jaana hota hai dur ,

Chali hai aaj papa ki gudiya ,
Chhodhkar apne aangan ki nindiya, 

Yaadon ki jhadi dil mein basakar chali hai maa ki jaan ,
Chhod ke sabkuch apna Banane ek nayi pehchaan,

Babul ki laadli kab ** gayi badi,
Aayi hai dil ko chhune wali ghadi,

Jis  ghar me pali,us ghar ko alwida kaise kahegi,
Maa baba behan bhai bin wo gudiya kaise rahegi,

Vidhata ne ye kaisa niyam hai banaya,
Chhod ghar babul ka,ek naye ghar ko basaya,

Dekh tyad ek bitiya ki us khuda ki bhi *** aankhen bhar,
Udd jayegi ek din chirraiya chhodkar babul ka ghar,
Babul ka ghar.........

Composed by
Sonia Paruthi & Shrivastva MK
For Sonia Paruthi creations visit
Shrivastva MK Jun 2017
Najane kyon rutha rutha hai ye pal,
Chhin ke meri khushi deke dard bhra gum,
Ai khuda ye tera kaisa insaaf hai,
Lauta de tu mujhe meri zindagi nahi lagta unke bina mera man,
Najane kyon rutha rutha hai ye pal,

Hal-e-dil ab sunau kissse,
Apni khoi khushi ko lau kaise,
Ai khuda ab ye khubsurat Duniya bhi badi ajeeb lag rhi hai,
"Mai unse bahut pyaar karta hu" ye sandesh pahuchau kisse,

Ye jhuthi muskan to ek bahana hai dard chhupane ka,
Wo bhi roh rahe honge soch haal diwane ka,
Ai chand kyun ** gya tu badalon me ojhal,
Najane kyon rutha rutha hai ye pal...
Shrivastva MK Jun 2017
Kitni azeeb hai ye Duniya kitne ajeeb log,
Koi kisi ko dara rha, kuchh sahme sahme se log,
Bada muskil hai esko samjhna,
Yaha palbhal me baldate hai log,

Humne bhi socha tha Ki jawane ko badalenge hum,
Ek nayi soch ke sath ek hokar chalenge hum,
Par ye dekh kar dil tut gya Jab ek hi dali ke chaar phoolon ne kaha,
Nahi hum khilenge,aur nahi ek dusre se milenge hum,

Roh deti hai kalam bhi likhkar dard jawane ka,
Kuda-Kachra nadiyon me kya haal bna diya Bharat ke khazane ka,
Roti ke liye tadapte sadak par log,
Aur yahan pariyojna chalai ja rhi desh ko smart banane ka,

Gareeb ko roti kapda aur makan chahiye,
Kisano ko es desh me apni ek pahchan chahiye,
Sabhi ko samjhe ek barabar,
Aisa deshbhakt insaan chahiye,
Aisa deshbhakt insaan chahiye....
So ashamed to watch and write the real figure of Indian village and their peaples here lots of problems and leaders come at the term of election after electing they havent come till day...
Aapke saath bitiya har pal hai khubsurat,
Aapka masoom sa chehra hai khuda ki murat.

Bahut yaad aa rhi hai aapki,
Talaash rahi aapko nazre meri.

Wo aapka muskurana jab kehte hum awaaz aa rahi,
Har lamha itna khubsurat hai in palkon mein yaadein sanjo rakhi.

Aapse shuru hota hai hamara har ek kadam,
Beintehaa mohaabat hai aapse saath rahenge har janam.

Bs ek dua hai us uparwale se,
Aap humesha salamat rahe.

Mohabbat hi nahi zindagi bhi ** meri,
Ye dadhakne aapko pukar rahi.

Khuda se maangi huyi ** mannat,
Aapke saath har pal hai jannat.

Meri duniya ** aap,
Har takleef lete ** bhaap.

Bin kahe sab samjh jaate,
In aankhon ko kaise padh lete?

Dil se jude jazbaat hain gehre,
Aapke aane se khil uthte chehre.

Meri taqdeer, meri jaan ** aap,
Ek geet ka khubsurat alaap.

Wohi pyar ka mandir ** aap, mera jaha,
Jise humne dil se humesha chaha.

Mahadev jaisa ** humsafar,
Chale jo saath har dagar.

Humesha se chaha tha humne,
Us talaash ko poora kar diya aapne.

Paavan pavitra rooh se jude hain is qadar hum,
Jaise saanso se dadhakta hai dil har dum.

Is dadhakte dil ki awaaz ** tum,
Aapse poore hote hain hum.

Pyaasi nigahon ka ** Qaraar,
Saji mehfilon ki bahaar.

Milne ki fariyaad mein dil ka intezaar,
Meri zindagi ka pehla aur aakhiri pyaar.

Shiddat se chahta hai ye dil aapko,
Saare jaha ki khushiyan aapke kadmo mein **.

Mehfooz rakhna mere humsafar ko mere khuda,
Is sacchi mohabbat ka karu sir jhuka kar mai har pal sajda.

Pavitra rishta hai hamara,
Is dil se juda hai dil tumhara.
Tanuj Bhati Dec 2015
[] Ldkiyo pr ** rha  h atiyachaar
[ ]
] Hum dekh rhe hoke laachaar
[ ]
[] Ldkiya kr rhi desh k hr insaan se ek hi pukaar
[ ]
] Jago or in aatiyachaariyo ka kr do vinaas
[ ]
[] Kya dalega is gungi bhri srkaar ka achaar
[ ]
] Din pr din bad raha is desh me bhirstachaar
[ ]
[] Ab wo din aagya jb sbko uthana h hathiyaar
[ ]
] Or krna h sbko milkr in jalimo ka satiyanass
[ ]
[] Ksm khate h  fir na hoga damini jsa kisi k sath
[ ]
] Fir hr ldki niklegi ghar se hokr bilkul aajaad
[ ]
[]  ldkiyo pr ** rhe h atiyachaar
[ ]
] Dekh rhe h hum hoke laachaar
Thomas clark Jan 2016
You liked my words
My little poem
All the way from England
To your long island home

My friend across the water
Who reached across the sea
To like a poem I wrote
So thank you from me

I will keep this short
I just wanted to say
Thank you from England
To my friend in the u s a
Ankit Dubey May 2019
Aaja ab paas mere kahin der na ** jaaye,
Abhi pyar karne ki lagan hai kahin jindagi beet na jaaye,
Tu bhi kahin ehsaas to karta hi hoga ,
Chup chuo k meri chahat pe guroor to karta hoga,
Beet jaane k baad agar mere tu lautkar aaya,
To yaad rajhna kahin kho dene ka sadma tujhme na ubar aaye,
Nahi chahta mai k tere dil me gam e bahar aaye,
Aaja ab paas mere kahin der na ** jaaye....
Silsila rok de ab mujhse nafrat jatane ka,
Shabab gahra hoga mere dil se tere dil ko milane ka,
Khamosh hokar yun intjaar karna nahi acha,
Ab to bole do kahin chahne vala tera hamesha k liye khamosh na ** jaaye,
Din beet na jaayr kaali raat thahar hi na jaaye,
Betaabi badhti ja rhi hai yujhe paane ki,
Ab rok de intjaar k lamhon ko kahin bahut der na ** jaaye,
Aaja mere paas ab kahin der na ** jaaye.
Kitty Oct 2018
Kesi h y jindagi jha SB h bhi or koi b nhii ....
Ek ladki thii uljhii si...umeed.Lke Dil. m.dosti ki.....Pyaar dosti n mili na jaane wo logo m kisko dundhtii thiii.      Apne Dil m bhre emotions k dher ko lke  duniya bhtktii thiiii....Kya dundh rhi thi wo kch nya ya kch khoya huaa...

Dosti ki talash m pyaar k saare Nishan ko hta diyaa.....

Kya chahti thi wo....
Wo aajtk n samjh paayi kii.....Buri wo h ya bure log ya kch Orr

Jindgi bhr  usne jisko b apna Mana usne use kbhi n Mana
Shydd ....PTA nii

Kyo hua esaaa. ...Kisi k pass jawab n shyd uske pass b nhii....

.Ek ldki thii uljhii si thodi masum thodi natkhat si man m  Tha Sagar sa selaab logo ko boond b nhi milti thiii...
Mana khd thi wo insaan PR na jaane ki badlaav s drti thiii..
Roshni si chmk thi chahte na jaane ku Andhero s Tha pyaar
Thomas clark Jan 2016
My eyes are growing heavy
Tiredness clouds my sight
My brain is getting fuzzy
I,m far to tired to write

So to dear rhi and elsa
And the friends I,m yet to meet
I give in to my writers block
I finally admit defeat

So goodnight and god bless
To everyone and all
Keep watching this space
Cos the writings on the wall

Good night my friends
Palon me julsa rhi thi jismo ko, beraham thi wo hwaye or dopahr bhi wo sikhar thi
Dekh ke mere nnge paanw tune bhi jute utare the, ab teri bekdri se nhi lgta, k tujhe itni meri fikar thi
Kuch ajnabi si halchal..
Kuredd rhi hamare Dil ko pal pal!!
Najaane kya bayaan krna chahti h..
Shayad aane waali koi aandhi h, Jo Hume barbaad krna chahti h!!
Najjane kya Sandesh lekar aai...
Shayad nhi samjh paa rhe hum iski gehraai!!
Kuch andherapan sa chaa rha h...
Jo Hume shayad pal pal maar rha hai!!
Kuch to ajeeb baat hai...
Shayad aane waali ek kaali Raat h!!
Shayad koi apna hi hai iske piche..
Jo dhakel rha Hume sabse niche!!
Shayad qismat mein hai yahi Likha ...
Ki Hain hum uski life ka ek maamuli sa sikka!!
Jo shayad koi keemat nhi rakhta h...
Lekin vo shayad nhi jaanta ki ye sikka Uske liye Jaan Dene ki Bhi himaat rakhta h!!!!!
                                    - manvee chauhan

— The End —