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Naya Feb 17
In solitude, is where I long to be.
Away from muffled voices and gossip stained lips
I’d rather go crazy,
driven by my own irrational thoughts than be forced to put a smile on my powdered disguised face.

I want to be countless of miles away,
far, far away.
Free to be me is where I truly long to be.

You may leave me,
For thee drains me of the little energy I wake to.

So come and go as you please.
Then eventually leave me,
and let me freely be.
sad eyes see sad eyes you see
she said to me
we shared a tear
our moment shed
we sloughed away
each to our own despair
Liz Alvarez Aug 11
I had to learn eventually
Someone else makes you smile
Someone else occupies your mind
Someone else holds you up
I have to realize what we had was literally nothing
Compared to her now
I hope that smile is permenant till your last days here
Wrinkly, old, wise and jubilant
Warm in your bed
Nothing but best wishes truly

-from the girl you called your wonderwall to maybe your unicorn to now no one
Au revoir
Ill doubt he will ever see this, let alone know im on here since he is too, but I sure do hope but good luck and thank you for giving me your precioys time. With someone and alone, I always thought of you. Will always, till my next lifetime.
With these unknowns
These powder bones
Slip across't each other
Just to miss their mark.

Ready for the coming seasons
In no particular order
The sun comes up at different times of day.

The moon really is my best friend anyway
Because you're the one who watches over my dreams every day.

Apparently the thoughtfulness that I escribe
Unto these phantom pages coule magnificence readyness.
But they're kind of just random mots that somehow convey the way I feel at the time.
It doesn't even have to make sense.
But it always does in the end.

Au revoir
Blade Maiden Sep 2018

I want
my heart on a platter
so I can see the ins and outs
Want the act to matter
See it mirrored, my mouth, it shouts

Feels like
standing in front of the mic
singing of losing track of time
remembering this certain chime

Means I
don't really know how to defy
feeling lost in the rubble
of uncertainties and trouble

I hide
behind buckets full of the tide
I filled when the ocean didn't look
all I could see I took

I keep
time in a place safe and deep
live inside a moonlit jar
an ocean filled reservoir
read my own memoir
and said au revoir
bulletcookie Nov 2018
a silent skirt of moonlight
draped upon a meadow
reveals a running brook blue fox
lapping at its waters

its qui vive ears drink evening's voice
as shadows hide and seek
this stream it welcomes all and one
into its ***** deep

out of twilight's purple threads
issues canopy of stars
as constellation mythic spreads
slyboots parts with au revoir

M Solav Jul 14
Mon âme,

C’est à toi que je m’adresse,
Toi mon âme, qui me tiens toujours en laisse,
Qui se plaît à me voir danser
D’un œil drôlement fatigué.

Tu m'auras trainé jusqu’ici
Pour ensuite me laisser faire;
Tu espérais de moi produit finit
Sans fournir matière première.

Parmi les cent pays de l'esprit,
Toi seul reconnait les frontières;
C'est toi-même qui les délimite
D'un air pourtant si fier.

Pourquoi donc à présent ces soupirs
Qui déterrent de vieux refrains?
Je n’attendais de toi rien de pire
Que de ne renoncer à ton propre bien.

Comme ce corps laissé à l’abandon,
Négligé durant tant d’années...
Si jamais il se dérobe de ses dons,
Est-ce par absence de ta volonté?

M'entends-tu, hélas, prêtes-tu oreille?
Es-tu de retour d’une quelque vacance?
Car sans toi rien n'est plus tout à fait pareil:
Et le monde se dénude ennuyé de tout son sens.

Ne me laisses pas m'isoler à relire ces mots écris
Sans qu’ensuite ta présence ne se ressente.
Laisse-toi croire en ces mensonges de l’esprit
Si pour te revoir tu exiges que l’on te mente.

Debout maintenant, debout mon seul maître!
Que résonne la sagesse que toi-seul nous confère.
Malgré les chaînes auxquelles tu nous auras fait naître,
Je suis moi esprit à jamais - ton seul et véritable frère.
Écrit en Décembre, 2018.
AUZ May 4
Quelque chose est cassé, peut être c'est mon cœur
Je suis la celle qui tu as tué avec ceux yeux bleus
Tes cheveux beaux
Comme le soleil, parmi les étoiles
Tu es le celui qui m'eblouit
I find myself falling deeper, in regret, broken
Take my soul, oh reaper, I'm done hoping
Je vais te donnerai à une autre
C'est le fin de notre
Love Story, I'll give up
On making you happy
On being the one who left you surprises in incognito
The ones that made you happy
I'll give up on being that stranger in pink and noire
Maybe you'll be sad or maybe you'll forget
Mais t'es toujours le celui je appelle mon premier et mon dernier amour

Au revoir, 'cause Ive given up
But look at how far I've come.
Maddie M Jul 2018
The planes in the sky look dwarf size, compare to the large skies.
Swallowing the blue atheist clouds
all spotless
as the ocean sparkles, flirting with the blazing sun, flirting with sailing ships as they smoothly take their leave.
Hypnotizing the captains onto their long journey on this massive 70% part of water they are on.
they are seen somewhere along the lines of the horizon
in the Atlantic ocean leaving with the sun at 7:52 PM  with 17 seconds.
The black haired beauty is seen, with a beige round hat wearing a long black dress, fleeing into the black hole sun.

­Les avions dans le ciel ressemblent à la taille des nains, comparés aux grands cieux.
Avaler les nuages ​​athées bleus
tout impeccable
alors que l'océan scintille, flirtant avec le soleil flamboyant, flirtant avec des voiliers alors qu'ils partent tranquillement.
Hypnotiser les capitaines sur leur long voyage sur cette énorme partie de soixante dix pour cent d'eau qu'ils sont.
ils sont vus quelque part le long des lignes de l'horizon
dans l'océan Atlantique laissant au soleil à 19h52 avec 17 secondes.
On voit la beauté aux cheveux noirs, avec un chapeau rond beige portant une longue robe noire, fuyant dans le soleil du trou noir.
JaxSpade Sep 2018
Falling off the edge of the earth
              Caught by the universe
Swallowed by the mackerel sky
                     The universe cried
                      For an astronaut

  Au revoir!
Ager chills
I tugged the pulley bone

A wish
           A dive
           In a new alive
Far away from home

Floating in the devilment

                  And high

Avoiding the frog-stranglers
                         And sediment

   I sighed a why
Should I ever try

A return to the life of
Rochanhlua Jan 3
Said I'm a nice guy.
Said your the only I openly talk to this past few day.
Said I've made you happy .
But you left me.
I've asked you a favour
But in return "I'M SORRY"
You let my heart aquiver
With that instant bids of good-bye
Can't immune the pain
I beared just for a sec.
Flashes of that time
You and I spent
I've found it mystical.
"au revoir pour de bon"
Sarah Mann Dec 2018
J’ai mal à la tête en pensant au fait
Que ma vie sera peut-être perdue sous mes yeux
Que tout cet effort et cet amour se terminent
C’est peut-être pour le mieux.
Ne rien laisser de côté.
Il commence à pleuvoir
Attendez... je la vois clairement encore une fois.
Peut-être pas un au revoir, mais un début
Nouveauté sous forme de réalisation.

My head hurts thinking about the fact
That maybe my life will waste away before my eyes
That all this effort and love will end in demise
Perhaps it’s all for the best.
To leave nothing behind.
To say a final goodbye.
It begins to rain. 
Wait…. I can see clearly again.
Maybe this isn’t goodbye, but a start.
Novelty in the form of a realization.
Been teaching myself French for a while, here is my attempt at poetry in another language. (It's probably terrible). Found the original hidden amongst my many other ideas.
Realizations are heavy, but freeing.
December 8, 2018.

— The End —