nish 4d
his eyes are warm, a hazel brown
upon his head the devil’s crown
hell's fire reveals his true intention
it's why the lord refused his ascension
his lust it flickers, a candle in the storm
mine burns for him, undying, unnerving
he doesn't love me
he never will
but oh he's a man when he grips my thigh
he spreads me open and makes me sigh
asserting dominance he whispers sin
i cry for god but my voice runs thin
he's had his dirty way with me
I'm tainted, ruined, marked and done
he's finished with me, had his fun
sometimes in my wildest dreams
I yearn for him and that wicked gleam.
© M.H

this is an anti-poem, it’s written based off another poem I recently read but completely the opposite.
                         a mystic
            side of
Everytime I see a crescent moon, it reminded me of my mother when she was young smiling at me. And with the mystery of her carrying my little sister inside her.
The wall came first
then ivy grew.
Him wrought from stone,
her suckling dew
between the crevices and cracks
of broken brick and tattered slats.
All separated were their lives,
yet intertwined to hypnotize
all but a masons’ knowing eyes—
a wall of green, the best disguise.

A hundred years could pass and see
that verdant slab so beautifully.
Yet time ticks on;
reveals what’s true—
when he does crumble,
she will too.
Above the clouds, across the sky
An angel watches down on I
Her caring heart and spoken words
Do fall upon my eyes, not heard
A voice in ether, glide like smoke
Electric tongue, advice she spoke
Take care my love she said in mute
Her heart reveals her inner beau-ty
And r and u and e
A love she showers upon me
No bottom is found in her well of love
It falls down on me like a small white dove
A kindness found in no love sonnet
No bard could write down to paper upon it
Words would fail, her faith is beyond
Any description by men and lexicon
Look down on me my angel, my guide
And I will never fail to be by your side.
Their relevance has been abducted
excuses stealing dogma’s heart
by the master of this domain
knowing victory is now assured
power given comes with a price
the soul is laid on dark altars
still the theories are put forth
to explain the disconnect

the world is flipped to discern
why good is evil in the mind
asking hearts to then follow
the will-o-wisp of Lucifer
tempting lights for the lost
any harbor in the storm
as the leaders avow the bait
turning from their holy paths

the rugged wood is consumed
no longer standing on the hill
when the pyre demands its fuel
to sustain Satan’s plan
the past reveals the same themes
slavery and civil rights
both supported with the chant
‘complicit sacred rules us all’

now a leader has come forth
supporting hints of the righteousness
while rejecting on the whole
holiest Testaments no longer held
they are nailed to the walls
stored in shrines by sycophants
asking for the crumbs of power
to be tossed from gilded heights

relevance has now vanished
dogma twisted once again
previously found after straying
sacrificed to an Overlord
small victories are assured
with compromise firmly grasped
kneel before a deity
born of Satan instead of God.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180722.
The poem “Complicit Sacred” was inspired an article in The Washington Post.  “Judgment Days” examined a small Alabama’s town’s evangelical congregation reckoning with God, President Trump and the meaning of morality.   The short version of the article is that congregation firmly supports the forty-fifth leader of the United states.  How do they face the revelations that defy the Ten Commandments?  One of the interviewees stated “Satan is the master magician”.  My poem examines one side of this statement.
A lie is fake
The truth is real
A lie will mask
What truth reveals

A lie is dirty
The truth is clean
The lie lays in shadow
The truth beams

You are the liar
I am the truth
The lie is easy
The truth cuts through

You can't face mine
I don't want yours
One cut too far
But what do I lose?

Not much lost
Nothing gained
No more lies
No more pain

You are fake
I am real
You can't mask
What I reveal

— The End —