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Andrew Penman Dec 2010
I live with a restless mind
denying me sleep of any kind
making its way through the day
lifting me up, slamming me down

I live with a restless mind
euphoric episodes of nonsense
making it harder to face the day
searching, grasping for illusive light

I live with a restless mind
darkness is my dreaded companion
travelling through the moody seams
in the pit of despair too low to care

I live with a restless mind
frightened of the manic excesses
dreading the penalty for my sin
knowing it will be paid

I live with a restless mind
losing sense of being alive
better to curl up and die
thinking why, why

I live with a restless mind
meandering stream of tears
salty waters rushing unchecked
down wet cheeks without a break

I live with a restless mind
denying me sleep of any kind
stripping away my soul
tearing at my sanity

I live with a restless mind
sadistic in its pursuit
of unbalanced bliss
masochism I learn to live with!
I live with bi-polar and this is a summary of a day within my life!
Äŧül Feb 2016
She stayed no more the one for whom I stayed restless,
She stayed no more the one for whom I stayed restless.
Now who shall be my awaited - I am now loveless,
In whose anticipation now - for whom shall I stay restless?
She stayed no more the one for whom I stayed restless,
She stayed no more the one for whom I stayed restless.

Hey Kay Sera Sera,
What had to happen it happened not for my bad,
What happened it was written in my destiny bad.
That false reliance was broken for good,
False reliance it was so broken for good.
Now who shall be my awaited - I am now loveless,
She stayed no more the one for whom I was restless.
She stayed no more...

A garden is not made barren by breakage of a bud,
A bud being broken makes not the garden barren.
The garden has many more flowers so very varied,
Now who shall be my awaited - I am now loveless,
She stayed no more the one for whom I was restless.
She stayed no more...

Failed love - wasted romance is not my entire life,
My life is not just unsuccessful love and romance.
If I wake up with a positive mind and smiling face,
I will get a thousand more and I need not wait for her.
Whom shall I wait for now on and for whom shall I be restless?

Now who shall be my awaited - I am now loveless,
She stayed no more the one for whom I was restless.
She stayed no more...
Inspired by a Hindi song.

My HP Poem #1038
©Atul Kaushal
Henry Koskoff Nov 2017
restless am i, restless am i
deprived so
jailed by the width of my eyes
restless i am

here it is, it is here
where i lay
above the barren white sheet

am i sweating? am i sweating?
but still my flesh runs cold
on the springs of my spine
am i restless?

down to rest, restless here
the twitch of my thigh
the quake of my breast
i am restless
Mike Hauser Nov 2013
The Restless Wanderer
Goes from town to town
Running from his past mistakes
The guilt that brings him down

One day he's bound to reach the end
The end of all he is
And when it finally does arrive
Will there be nothing left but this

The guilt he's held onto for years
Is all that he has saved
Kept it closely by his side
Giving a glimpse but not away

It burns him hot to the touch
So why does he bring it up so much
He's learned to lean upon its strength
The guilt is what makes him so weak

The Restless Wanderer

The Restless Wanderer

No purpose does he pose

The Restless Wanderer

The Restless Wanderer

The guilt is all he knows
Written in response to my poem...
Which is a great poem itself...
Thanks Thomas...

The guilt is all he knows, my friend, for feeling guilt is safe.

It means when the day is done, he doesn't have to face...

the truth about his problems. Or the reasons for his fate...

Yes loving guilt is safer,
than facing his mistakes.

                      Thomas Gagliardi
Aditi Aug 2014
Dark Circles beneath her eyes
The fire in those eyes
now replaced by sadness
of knowing too much
Of trying too hard
the more she saw,
the less she knew
the more she tried,
the less things worked

She kept *restlessly brooding

why the world is so raNdom
and what if the littlest thing that she did
made it fall apart?
(Restless brooding)
A girl of 17
never felt safe in her own skin
She comes in all the shades of self-loathing

(Restless brooding)
Living a life of mediocrity
Good, but never the best
not worth the change in your pocket.

(Restless brooding)
Centre of the group,
her smile was just that contagious
Chased by many, understood by none
Always loved mystery,
maybe that's why she became one

(Restless brooding)
Red is the color of rust that calms her
Jagged cut across her thighs
She comes with a self-destruct button and hence pushes away the very thing she likes
she wants to decrease the casualities

(Restless brooding)
Sleep won't come easily to her
so she writes and reads
that's pretty much her life
by the window she cries
for the characters whose brokeness resembles her life
but if you ask her why
she'll evade vaguely

(Restless brooding)
She increases the volume of her headphones
to mute the voices in her head
voices which try to drag her to the past
a past she'll never get rid of

(Restless brooding)
with every second that passes by
she pushes the world a little more far away
but she always smiles
so that must mean she's okay, right?

Dark circle beaneath her eyes
because *she spends her night
talking to the stars
and conspiring with the moon
against the demons she herself has created
trying to find the key
to the lock she has chained around herself

And one day she will
one day she will realise
*her light can't be contained
and those dim eyes will shine again
One day she will not be afraid of being herself
even if she does not know who she is yet
Next time you ask someone how they're and find them smiling do try to catch  a glimpse of what's going on inside. smile can be deceptive. Thanks. Have a good day. Love you. Thanks for reading
I hand to you
All of you
Each of you
Restless thing of mine

It's black from fire
From old blood
From scars
Restless thing of mine

It's red from passion
From new blood
From love
Restless thing of mine

It's cold from loneliness
From healing
From hate
Restless thing of mine

It's warm from caring
From pain
From kindness
Restless thing of mine

It's whole from friendship
From happiness
From dreams
Restless thing of mine

It is broken
From all those things
This restless thing of mine
This broken thing of mine

But I knew
That no matter
No one would want
Restless thing of mine
Another old poem. I actually like it, too. Way to go past self!
Brynn Louise Apr 2014
So restless.
I can feel my muscles
Aching for movement.
My mind racing-
Looking for something.
Anything to focus on.

I want to run,
But I've nowhere to go.
I want to work,
But nothing needs doing.

I'm so restless,
But I've nowhere to turn.
I want to talk,
But nobody will listen.
I feel trapped inside myself.

Maybe if I go away
I can finally breathe again.
Maybe if I go away
I'll relax again.
Maybe not.

I'm so restless.
That I think,
It's making me tired.
I'm restless, in my dreams I long for you,
I'm careless with the things I own because of you,
I'm restless because you don't love me like I love you,
I'm restless because my love just ain't coming through.
Now my work has been done and I set you free.
And in the naked light, I see a brighter day,
And at the end of the road, I will sit and smile and say:
**You don't need me no more.
emily webb Apr 2010
Felt so sticky
I got up in the middle of the night
With swollen eyes and swollen resentment
To hum restless music
And change my sheets

I imagine the scene
Where I'll stand, stubbing out
An old cigarette on grey gravel
With the toes of my shoes
And finally dig my nails into
That sweet and thoughtful persona of yours
That lets me eat your mistakes
And the restless music buzzes through the gravel
Outside the hookah bar we go to
To pretend like we're sitting still
We stand in silence for the song to end
But restless music never seems to end

Weeks later, I'll sit up nights
And tell myself I was nothing but sweet to you
Sprawl out nights
And stick to my sheets
And absorb restless music
And nothing ever seems to end
Keith W Fletcher Dec 2015
Restless rainyday feelings
Alone in my room
Peering out of the window
At the gathering grey gloom
Left in the darkness
With nothing to do
I open up my memories
To think about you
Like the raindrops that gather
On a clear window pane
The drops run together
Like the thoughts in my brain

And I'm floating along
On a foggy grey day
Peacefully dreaming of sunnier days
When we walked and we talked
Without ever even thinking  about time
Restless rainyday feelings
Alone and  wasting my time
At the depths of my remourse
On a steep uphill climb
As I'm climbing so hard
Just to get to the top
My thoughts........they just scatter
Like the falling raindrops

As they all run together
Like the lines on the pane
Running together much like
The thoughts in my brain

And I'm floating along
On a foggy grey day
Peacefully dreaming of sunnier days
When we walked and we talked
Without ever even thinking about time

Restless rainyday feelings
Alone as  I'm thinking of you
I find that it's so hard
To know just what to do
When left with an emptiness
That goes so amazingly deep
To the depths of my heart
My soul and my deepest desire
Those thoughts that inspire

These restless rainyday feelings
All alone  -- much too soon
So I'm just  floating  along
Through the gathering grey gloom
All alone....alone in my room !!
Vilene Joubert Jan 2013
I've been awake all night
Can't seem to fall asleep
This time, without any methamphetamine

It feels weird - out of the ordinary
Especially after sleeping two full days - in recovery

My gf said my pupils look big
I guess she's doubting my intake too
But not to blame her - I probably would have too

I have so much going through my head
So grateful for many things and friends
My gf and my family above all rest
Except my son, ofcourse - he's forever my No1 and More!

I have a troubled mind
Don't think it entails me this time though..
Its my inner being
That cares so much for the weak...

I know I help where I possibly can
Lucky for me - I have a very understanding and supportive group
But all the worlds troubles,
Are causing me sleepless nights it seems

Food, we can supply for those in need
Stationary for the poor, is no problem either..
But what about the precious jewels - that end up suicidle?

I had training in this field
Got a certificate to prove it too!
But what use is it - if I don't really know what to do??

She's a very dear friend of mine
Very close to my heart
Unconditional friendship love
I see the hurt in her eyes!!

Maybe if I stay awake a little bit longer
Think about the situation a little bit more thorough..
Maybe the answers will find my restless soul!

If only God could write it on my cupboard door!!

I am really tired
And need my beauty sleep
My son will need all of me very soon..

But yet - I think..

Maybe if I stay awake a little bit longer
Think about the situation a little bit more thorough..
Maybe the answers will find my restless soul!

Still hopefully staring at my cupboard door..

I always find a way to help those in need..
Its second nature and easy for me..
But the ones who need my help the most..
Seem to catch me at my weakest -
I'm no good with cancer or disease nor **** addicts neither?! :'(

But I won't give up on either
I refuse to let them go
I know I will find the strength somewhere
And let them know - They will never be alone!
Even if my words and actions fail them - my mind or heart never strays...


Maybe if I stay awake a little bit longer
Think about the situation a little bit more through..
Maybe the answers will find my restless soul!
Circa 1994 Sep 2014
And I get so restless
I just can't stress this,
Boredom bathed in the waters of monotony.
I dare you,
Call my ******* bluff.
Imperfect Desire Mar 2015
Am I the only one that has their demons feasting upon their souls?
They say it is easy to tie a noose around your mind,
To overcome the urges and temptations of ending your life with a suicide
They don't know the true pain and torment that is going on in my head
An epic battle that leaves me with restless nights in bed
"End your life already" they say, as they prey on me during my weakest hours
Sometimes I give into the voices, carrying the sharp blade to my wrist
Crying as I struggle to mutter three powerful words that keeps me going
Choking on my sobs, my lungs deflate with a desire to say that God loves me
I try to convince myself that God is trying to test my faith
And to just wait, wait and wait
Then my Demons will eventually go AWAY.....

~Imperfect Desire **
September Roses May 2018
Once we were on fire
Young    rebeliouse   free
We stormed the castles and took to the skies we flew we dreamed
We were ablaze our light setting raging screaming fire to the world around us
When our thoughts could not sit in silence any longer
When the kids were engulfed by a wave of fury of the injustice done by this world before we were even here
We screamed and demanded
But now it rains
Now the cold heavy water blankets the restless
The fire has been drenched in worry and stress
The brutal downpour has distracted all with false life or death
The blaze once 100 feet high now nothing but a charred soul

And all the ones put out by the rain
to tired to fight again,
pray on the generation next
That their fire is enough to best the storm
Selena Naomi Feb 2013
Restless mind
Restless body
Restless soul
Eyes crying a river
Every night
A lullaby to sleep it seems
A nightly routine
Feeling of loneliness
Feeling of doubt
Feeling of sadness
The need to just shout
A numb mind
A face dried with tears
Only one solution
Make the hurt my heart feels
Go away
A slice for my mind
A slice for my body
A slice for my soul
A life full of lies
A life full of disappointment
Never one to give in
But one to feel the consequence of considering
One slice for lies
One slice for disappointment
Why do I do this to myself?
Cause myself so much pain?
I wish I could end it all
The hurt
The doubt
The pain
I should take one for the team right?
Let's see...
Maybe they'd all be better off without me...
PS Jan 2015
Quick and still
Restless heart
Unsteady pace

Unable to decide
Which rhythm to follow
Which beat to pick

Back and forth
Restless mind
Swirling thoughts

Unable to tell
Which direction to guide
Between dream and reality

So shh...
Sooth the restless heart
Remind it that there is love
All around us

Quieten the restless mind
Take the dreams and
Turn them to reality
Birdy Thyne Nov 2012
Anticipating the anticipation,
Anticipating the living-life-on-the-edge days.
The ones you hear about
Or you think you've heard about.

You, you've fallen into monotony,
An inescapable feeling of restless contentment.

Some call it depression,
You call it boredom.
They're one in the same,
Except boredom has a much less negative connotation;
And a much shorter life-span.

Mostly, it depends on your age;
The children are bored,
The adults are depressed.

Filling days with self-innovated anxiety,
The kind that didn't always exist,
Or you don't think it always existed.

A drive to be taken by storm
Something to shake you out of this trance you have been stifled by.

Like a visitor from afar,
You continue to sit in that hotel room,
Anticipating the anticipation of travel.

While you glance
Between the alarm clock,
The room service menu,
The T.V. Guide.

Anticipating the anticipation of living.
Elemenohp Feb 2016
Crumpled sheets
from an empty night
of restless comforts.

Contently lying, confined
yet camouflaged, in the ripples
lay every word unsaid,
through years of
  restless comforts...

Sleeping in positions
comfortable or not,
still gets us rest.

As to define a good nights sleep;
     I couldn't tell you.
    I've slept soundly on floors, and in cars,
   But these nights I toss and turn
  Leaving nothing in wake
But these
Crumpled sheets
from an empty night
of restless comforts.
AJ James Jul 2016
Restless leg syndrome
A hindrance on my being
Retching foam dribbles out
the side of my mouth
South it goes, down
to the ground.

Wound tight with salvia my
self-hatred flows in unity with it
The acidity of the bite bursts to flames
as the earth hits it

Worth every penny, I chuckle as
I chuck a bottle of pills into the
billfold of my coat.

"Won't this hurt?"
That's the point.
Right, back to the top

Restless leg syndrome
Catching on?
My mind can't contain one thought at a time
I spin on a dime, fine dining is the drug of
the millennial nines.
Hi! I'm super high today.

Just kidding, I'll never smoke ****
see me judging you in the corner?
I'm a straight laced, even paced
large tempered feminist *****.
Pitch me your best rich boy pitch
to get a date and maybe I won't chuck
your ***** into a ditch.

Hitch a ride down the road
Follow it now, down it goes!
Drop out quick!
Here comes the gun
run from it fast, till you reach the sun

Worship me or hate me, I don't really care.
Stare at me until you see who you wish
I actually was

t'was a sad story I read
when I found out you would be dead
by nine o'clock this evening

Did I tell you I plotted this reaping?
I peep in on your life from time to time
Crime is the center of my kind
Find me in the dark deep corners of
your mind, I'm always there
Seeing and watching but never debauching.

Have I mentioned I suffer from
restless leg syndrome?
It really is a hindrance on my being.

"Won't this hurt?", you ask
That's the point.
Right, back to the top
SøułSurvivør Sep 2015


blue grey clouds
of crushed



embers of
delicate peach
ignite flames
of fuchsia

the orb of
sun burns colors
away to ashes

blown into floes
of white


tiny bird
settles restless
on the



the weathered stones
cries then whispers

the children
who lie within our ribs
to break free
and sing


wears her

sings to
her babes


(C) 9/13/2015
beautiful day rises up
out of the ashes
of a flaming


To a special friend...
... thank you!
Asphyxiophilia Jul 2013
It's 3 am and you're restless again. Your thoughts wander briskly through the fields of memories of him and you find yourself picking each one and holding it delicately in your palm. The lights from the streetlamps outside your window peek through the blinds and illuminate synthetic stars onto your ceiling which you count like each kiss he ever placed on your cheek. Your legs are wrapped up in your sheets like the way they used to tangle around his ankles every evening. You roll onto your side and attempt to close your eyes once more, calling out to a peaceful slumber that has been evading you for weeks when suddenly, you hear a whistle in the distance. You open your eyes again to see the stars growing into spotlights that threaten to swallow you like black holes, but without the mystery. You immediately grab your wrists out of fear that you unconsciously took a blade to them but you are greeted by scars that have been forming for approximately three years (and eleven months). Your heart threatens to pound its fist through your chest as you slowly turn to see what the source of the light is. Just as your shoulders align with your mattress, a man steps from what appears to be a train engine and greets you with a nod of his head.
"Good evening, sleeping beauty," he begins sweetly, "I have come to extend an invitation to the night train."
You bring your hands to your eyes and attempt to wipe the hallucination away from your vision but when you open them again, you see the man gazing intently.
"It is my understanding that this is your first meeting with the night train," he states as he waits for you to supply an answer.
You nod your head.
"Well, my dear, the night train is here to offer a sweet elixir to cure this sleepless evening. You see, the night train's purpose is to supply the recipient ("that's you," he says behind his hand) exactly twenty minutes of time spent anywhere of their choosing. And then, once the time is up, the recipient must board the train once more, and will be met with approximately eight hours of uninterrupted slumber." He pauses as an assurance that you are following along, so you nod your head slightly. "However, the catch, you see, is that if the recipient does not board the train at the end of the twenty minutes, they will find themselves trapped in a restless oblivion with the promise of never again finding the comfort of sleep." A slight smile tugs at his lips as he tilts his head out of sympathy. "This may not seem to be much of a threat considering you are currently wrapped up tightly in your bed, but I assure you it will be tempting to remain within the place of your choosing, despite the whistle of the night train."
Unsure of what else to do, you nod your head once more.
"Alas, now we must be on our way, because the countdown begins in exactly three minutes! So I urge you to think quickly of where you would like to be taken!"
As though the train has suddenly run into your chest, the meaning of the opportunity that has been placed in front of you knocks the wind out of you. Before the conductor even finished his sentence, you knew exactly where you wanted to go, so you swing your legs to the side of the bed and push yourself upright.
"I would like to be taken to July 13th at precisely 2:32 in the morning," you say quickly as you flatten your restless hair to your head and straighten the t-shirt you are wearing.
"Very well, very well. Now board the train, my dear. And we'll be off to the morning of July 13th, but I urge you not to forget your time limit of twenty minutes!" He places his hand on your back and ushers you into the train, guiding you to a red velvet seat lined with golden stitching. Once you are comfortable, he disappears into the cabin and blows the whistle before pulling out of the station that is your bedroom.
With no warning at all, you feel a tightening in the pit of your stomach and before you even have time to clench, you are sitting on a rooftop overlooking a vibrant city.
"I just don't know anymore. It's like- It's like everything I once knew has been flipped upside-down and I'm just expected to be okay with it. But I'm not."
You blink a few times in an effort to adjust to the sudden deja-vu that causes your head to swim in the memory of an evening you have constantly waded in.
He is sitting with one leg tucked beneath him and the other dangling over the edge, as though even his limbs can't decide whether they want to take the fatal plunge or not. His hair was always absent of color, the kind of black that made you question the material of the universe because even the night sky couldn't compare to the degree of darkness; but it seemed to be doing just that as it laid haphazardly across his pale forehead. His bony fingers are clutching a nearly empty bottle of gin which he brings to his lips between sentences. He continues speaking as though you didn't just appear out of thin air beside him.
"My mum doesn't even pretend to understand anymore. I've heard her mention boarding school at least three times this week, despite my constant refusal to even speak of it. She knows the walls in the apartment are paper thin, so I know she brings it up because she knows I can hear it. But I don't want to hear it."
You notice the vacant look in his eyes as he stares into the horizon, like a hotel room that has been emptied of every belonging, including the light bulbs. He uses his free hand to adjust the collar of his leather jacket before taking another swig of the gin.
"I just can't stay there anymore, and she knows that. Deep down, she knows I can't stay there now that he's gone. I just can't."
His voice is as hollow as his chest as he uses his tongue to wet his lips before turning his head slightly to look at you.
"I wish you could come with me, I really do. It would be quite the adventure, the kind that we used to dream of having. But I can only afford one ticket out of town."
He places the bottle on the ledge, dangerously close to the edge, before resting his sweaty palm on your exposed thigh. His eyes travel from your legs to your forehead, and he leans forward to place a kiss on it, but he misses and falls into your lips. Just like before, your hands land on either side of his face, catching him before he falls completely, and you suddenly find yourself exploring the warm cavern of his vulnerability. His tongue swirls around your own and you taste the bite of the alcohol on his breath but this is the moment you have always craved so you soak up every bit of it. He pulls away just as your heart starts to tremble, and he wipes his mouth with his sleeve before picking the bottle up again and stealing a drink.
"I wish you could come with me," he says again, his eyes now focused on the street below. "But I fear I can only afford one ticket out of town."
Just then, you hear a whistle, but the timing isn't right. This is the moment you would have died to change, and now you've been given a second opportunity, but you can feel it slipping away.
You lean towards him, softly placing your hand on his arm.
"Come with me. We can go anywhere in the world that you please, and I promise it'll be better than here or there if we're together. Because I can't go where you're going, because I can't pay that price, but I want to go away with you, I do."
You search his empty expression, hoping to grab some string of familiarity that you can use to pull him back to reality, but his eyes are locked on the parallel lines beneath.
The whistle grows louder, this time stinging your eardrums, and you know that your time is running short, but you can't let him go.
"You don't have to go back to your apartment, you don't have to go back to your mum. We can runaway tonight, together. You and me, just the way it was always meant to be."
Your voice is shaking and desperate, getting louder with each word that you speak as the whistle blows from behind you, threatening to leave.
Just then, a hand falls upon your shoulder, and for a second you allow yourself to glance over, and it is in that second that the body before you tips over the rooftop's edge. Your heart falls like a weight in your stomach, just like on the evening this event first occurred, anchoring you to the cement and preventing you from going after him. The conductor who now stands behind you grabs your torso and pulls you backwards as you scream his name into the night sky. You kick against his hold as he drags you back onto the train and into the velvet seat again.
This time, you were unable to hear his body land on the pavement.
This time, you weren't able to look down and see his hands lying ten feet away from the rest of his body.
This time, you didn't get to perch on the edge and contemplate for hours joining him.
This time, you couldn't blame yourself for being speechless, for letting him be the star of his shining moment, because you attempted to be his Juliet.
You didn't realize you were still screaming until the conductor grabbed your shoulders with his hands and shook you quickly.
"Quiet my dear, I fear it is time to go. And I was unwilling to allow you to remain any longer, but I fear you will only be receiving six hours of peaceful slumber."
You look at him sternly, unsure how he can continue to speak of this ****** night train and its guidelines after you just watched the love of your life commit suicide for the second time.
You take a deep breath before speaking, "I don't understand the point of this, why bring me here if I couldn't change anything? Why allow me to relive this if it didn't make a difference?"
He smiles sympathetically before beginning, "oh but it did. You see, for three and a half years you have been tossing and turning, wondering what you would have done differently and if you would have been able to change it. But you see, the past isn't something that can be changed. It can only be relived again and again within the minds of those who continue to contain it, and the pain of the past and the memories that come along with it will feel just as real as the day they happened if you continue to dwell on them. Eventually you will see that tonight made a significant difference, because you were finally able to recreate the scenario that you always dreamed."
Your mind is running at a faster speed than the train as it makes its way back to your bedroom, and you can't seem to comprehend what the conductor is saying.
"So you're telling me that the whole reason behind this was to show me that he was going to die whether or not I tried to convince him otherwise?"
He places a gentle hand on your shaking shoulder and replies, "the reason behind this was to allow you to finally put the past behind you and grant yourself the pleasure of peaceful slumber. Because you see, my dear, there is no such thing as the night train. It is merely a figment of your imagination. Deep inside you, you realize that nothing you said could have changed that night, but you needed to dream another possibility in order to believe it. Now believe it."
"But I-" you begin to speak but in the blink of an eye, you're suddenly sitting on the side of your bed, your shoulders no longer shaking. You blink again, trying to make sense of everything. You bring your hands to your face and feel your cheeks, reassuring yourself that you still exist. You look around once more, noticing the stars upon your ceiling twinkling as though they are winking at you like the conductor of a mysterious night train. But you realize that you are in your bedroom, in your t-shirt, as though you never moved beyond that point. And you find that you're unsure whether it was all a dream, or whether you really did go for a ride on a night train, but you decide to lie back down and attempt to sleep anyways.
And six hours later, you find yourself awaking from a very peaceful slumber.
Carsyn Smith Mar 2014
Take my hand and follow me deep
to the desires that cower in the hidden garden

there's no point in laying around
if all we see is darkness

I've left sleep behind
rolling in the dirt roads of my past

follow me, Restless,
and we’ll live to see Halley ten fold

dance with me under the falling leaves
and around the blooming daffodils

shattered cobble stone paths
carpeted in soft moss

breathe in the smell of summer rain
as we walk under crystal chandeliers

rust covered chain link fences
laced with green ivy

let's parade around in ball gowns
never to flinch when the twigs reach for our skirts

and they will reach with pitiless hands because
peace comes with a price, Restless

skin softer than rose petals are scarred from
cuts deeper than the Stone's Sword

bright eyes are as clear
as the tears that fall from them

do not be afraid, Restless,
for every nightmare has a dawn

I’ll be waiting with open arms
on the other side of the Gauntlet

come walk with me then, and only then,
we’ll never cry again.
Amanda Aug 2018
Restless in spirit, no calm to be found
Fighting against the normal, trapped and bound
Mind screaming to be free
Need to be me, only me

So you traverse the mountain pass
Wading through heavy snowfall mass
Do you feel the chill?
Of a lake frozen still.

Then walking through desert, liquid dry
Where hot winds whip up sand in your eye
Can you see journeys end?
Is it around the roads next bend?

Looking with lighthouse gaze
Across a restless sea, dipped in silver haze
Can you see the distant land?
Is this what you planned?

Can you see the grass, so green?
Is it really greener than you’ve seen?
Or are the perfect strands plastic and hollow?
Is this the dream you wanted to follow?

Suddenly the heart knows what the mind must
And tears cleanse away the dust
Heart is the home
It can’t be lived in alone
Anthony Mayfield Jul 2018
I’m listlessly restless
It’s not fair
The show
And the crow
Took the crowd
In a shroud
Now I stare

All of these strawberry people
I don’t care
Can’t savor
The name
Of blue pain
Don’t you dare

The hatred I feel in the yield
You can’t bear
But I can
And I stand
Upon broken glass
Bristled clear sharp grass
Barefoot skin to tear

I’m listlessly restless
So ugly it’s yet precious
How quaint
How base
Such fate
Worthy of anyone who cares
Call themselves a good person

Listlessly restless
King of the fail
Such sweet painful woe
Begone, the loved one
Onward, set sail
Depression is like a boomerang. No matter how far away it's thrown, at some point it will all come back.
ok okay Jul 2018
The lull of a restless night relieves my senses
It's monotone silence maintains my breath
The cold night breeze enters through an open window
It whispers soft tunes and attempts to put me to sleep
The humming of an exhausted laptop helps me decompress
It distracts me from overthinking and blocks out my stress
As the night goes on it starts to rain
It comforts my senses and cleanses my pain
This time-worn house cracks and creaks
It talks of troubled times and how it came to be
This place I call home proves i’m never alone
And it's always there to support me
3rd poem. Enjoy :)
chandini Jan 2016
A restless thought
A restless beat
Wonders what's life
Ponders what's love..
Amelia Jo Anne Nov 2013
marrow is restless
decaying in it's own boredom
swaddled in the uncertain
shells of rigid lifestyles,
determined to hold this meat
husk up, resolute in assuming
its role as the foundation
for a great church (to be laid
down, no words uttered, as her
****** made plain to be the alter,
her pain in providing the fruitful
womb her apparent penitence
for the sin of not being born bearing,
proudly, a ***** to punish with).

marrow is restless
with cells that divide & die off
to continue the straight & narrow
path to marriage, to God, to
righteousness, to be citizens upheld
by morality, that multiply & die off.

marrow is restless
of endless toil
with profits withheld
until returned from whence it came;
ashes to ashes.
restless of the only goal:
to carry itself
from the gates of a mother's legs
into the gates of the Father's arms.

Marrow is restless
One purpose One use One end.
a son's cannibalism, a spirit's contempt, a father's genocide.
only living to please another.
dedicated to he that works in mysterious ways
I keep waiting for you to miraculously ease this pain
September Roses Jul 2018
As the sun slowly sets
The precursor to the week
With deadlines,
                            ­               Oh so bleak
The calm before the storm
  Too restless to enjoy
For everybody knows
     It's sunday's melancholy ploy

    Responsibilities loom overhead
     Our heart as heavy as the air
      The world has now gone silent
              We sit in subtle fear
Tulip Chowdhury Oct 2014
Oh my soul,
so restless today
like the fluttering wings of the dove
before it soars to the sky,
like the rustle of leaves
before the gusty wind,
like the calm of the sea
before the gale comes
like the stillness of the cloudy sky,
before summer storm breaks,
like the hush of winter snow
before spring enters with songs,
like the deepest breath
announcing the end.

Oh my soul
be restless as you please,
patiently I wait
for all that your restless will bring.
brooke Aug 2014
I'm at work on my day
off, drinking Toddy and
watching the spokes on
the city commuter bikes
glint in the windows
it's so weird to want
to be everywhere and
then nowhere, because
everywhere and nowhere
require the right kind of people
so when my mom asks if I want
to see a movie, if I want to go to
the gorge, if I want to go thrift shopping
I tell her that I am restless, that in 1909
subatomic particles were fired at a
solid object and passed through
that humans could possibly
vibrate fast enough to
travel through time
but might end
up liquifying
but that the
atoms in my
bones are
firing so
fast they
appear to
be not

but that doesn't make a ton of sense
so I tell her I am a little restless.
a little restless.
(c) Brooke Otto 2014
Sarah Pitman Aug 2014
See, my hands do this thing
when I'm nervous
They tend to play,
to pinch and wiggle,
to rub my clothing together.
I bounce pencils,
I click pens.
And, please,
don't even get me started on
Now, these are all bad habits,
carried out, unnoticed, by
restless hands.
But my favorite bad habit
is running my fingers through your hair
or maybe down your arm
or holding your hands.
But they aren't bad habits,
not then.
In those few moments,
my hands are doing
what I want them to.
Lindsey Graham Nov 2013
My heart grows restless for him
missing his caress
and false saccharine words
singing his song was a melancholy old tune
I had known oh so well
Kisses I had felt
still pressed to my lips
Hands had held me
still comfort me in their ghosts
Nothing left to deny
Warm brown eyes
never to look at me again
Blond hair
never for my touch again
restless I feel,
missing him and his old hurt
stuck in my dreams of him
and his smile
I'm restless,
Addiction doesn't go away somehow
Ann M Johnson Sep 2014
I think I have Restless Mind Syndrome.
I have not had it diagnosed but it should be, I might need to suggest to my doctors to add it to the medical books.
I think on second thought if I made that suggestion, I might get a strange look.
I wonder if the doctor would think I was a hypochondriac.
The condition gets worse when I hit the pillow and try to sleep, and sometimes troubles me to the point were I become an Insomniac.
I think and think and think and my thoughts seem to swim;  so much so that it is hard to keep track of were my thoughts end or begin.
If I was a drinker I might reach for some gin.
In cases like this it seems like my train of thought seemed to have derailed long ago.
The symptoms of my condition seem to be getting worse each year, one example is that when I try to write something down such as a phone number the numbers get messed up between my mind and the paper; It would appear that I have dyslexia because some numbers get reversed.
I get so frustrated to the point of tears at times, and fear that I am on the verge of losing my mind.
I think of all the things left to do, or think of things I should have done better, and I wonder what is the matter with me, when I think to much I fear insanity; I wish that I had a more normal mind.
I hope someone can find the cure for my Restless Mind soon before I run out of time.
This poem was inspired by a poem By SoulSurvivor called RLS-20w
I thought of this after I made a comment on that poem, when I said that I think I have Restless Mind Syndrome.
Brad Lambert Apr 2014
Grass does grow green in Spring.
Snowmelt's been done, drawn out.
Aye, how you all feign complacency.
(I kiss men at dusk in the street light.)
I've been restless all night, goin' on about them
rimed hearts and their timely, metered whispers in ears:

O' they say he's got a stellar mind
but that his bones carry weights unkind
and unknown to the modern man's heart.

O' they say we'll never know just how
hard he fell; he loved you then and now
he spends his days aching from rapt thoughts.

O' they say he's bound to collapse in
but what do they know of whisperin'
and weights of wanting– So heavy still!

You hold them pages to the flames, what delusions!
Hearts be weighted with bells and ringing.
You've wrapped thoughts 'round index and thumb, such confusion–
Heavy-weighted with iron shavings.

You never go far for anything.
You're wont to be needin' some more swell.
You see the water run from the well.

And everyone here is moving a bit too slow.
And I'm getting a bit too restless.
And every day passes without something to show–
And I am feeling rather restless.

I was just a'pacin' through them woods.
I'm prone to be wantin' some more swell.
I have drank the water from the well.

No, I was just a'snappin' down on some smoked skin.
And everyone since drives me straight moot.
No, I was just ponderin' that moment– Some sin!
Yea, every day since I've felt clumsy.

They'd call it a whoopsy-daisy slip
into loose and hazy days and nights.
Whip-lashing from nails; scratches down backs.

There ain't no more whistlin' nay howlin' in this place.
Hush now, until the well runs bone-dry.
There ain't no wratch who's been wretch'd out like you– Some chase!
Hush'd and still, this well's gone and ran dry.
tranquil Nov 2013
once upon a stolen time
skies swore love to the earth
in a sight where all flew past
the splendor of a sailing romance

a passion so pristine

ever gentle as morning dew
which surrenders to the first rays
of a yawning sun toddling into
the laziest hour of day's fabric

when hope glittered as stars

and as formless light of souls relieved to be
strewn into the lap of merciful
enchantress content with her creation
whose world shone inspired on its own

an era where people breathed felicity

where foamy seas bent into a restless
swell of dreamy clouds
and smiling rainbows melted into perfume
drops of silver rain

when a grand pearl was born

the child of deepest seas
a gleaming myth so pure and unreal
born in nethers of the grand ocean
a spheric orb of life itself

whom the heavens embraced

as a savior of those lost within
the fading embers of abstraction
frolicking amidst solemn tranquil stars
shiny bright on the celestial parapet

the mortals named her moon

and furnished their barren lives with
colorless spread of her golden hair
traced along the milky laugh of joy
kissing tender skins of lovers asleep

but pinched upon by shores of neglect

lay the boiling heart of a forgotten god
leaning into the envious whispers of venomous deceit
sprung out of flaming ego of the great sun
overpowered by hate for his adversary

and the grand ocean who birthed her

so he raged upon like a nebulous explosion
drying up colossal seas and rivulets alike
while mortals bore the brunt of a deity
beneath all fiery blunders of infernal damnation

they all gazed in horror

to what became of once cerulean infinite ocean
now a volatile geyser of bloodied soup
a serene cradle of life incinerated by jealousy
amidst the dying cries of mercy

laid upon the ears of great mother

who rushed to her frightened children like
an avalanche of uplifting spells
as solace from the obliviating torrents of heat
above a crumbling earth

veiled in her merciful majesty

she called upon a parliament of beasts and men
starry denizens of the shivery black sky
ghostly natives of burning forests
restless roses of ashen hearts

as so were they all summoned

"for all ye did defile
with strength i lend to thee
reduce to shadow dust
spread thy cruelty
dispel a coat of fire
upon my hallowed sea
betray the rule of stars
but so mercilessly

for 'gainst the eye of war
ye sinned with hateful fright
and shall be doomed to hell
till life's last surmise
but if there be some more
ye need to speak awhile
speak aloud thee must
for this be thy time"

and so the mighty sun bared his heart

"for if i had a choice
sin i shall again
to breathe a demon's soul
engrossed with deathly pain

as when i saw her first
the light of purest love
allure of million songs
beaming anthems of

poetry set in sight
in fountains of her sleep
amid the faintest wish
of day we two shall meet

i ran and ran across
the length of starlit skies
in search of moon again
her burnished sheeny smile

only to learn the sea
would mask her in the day
in frigid soundless depths
until i fade away

spiralled across the space
i burnt to nothingness
a billion years in wait
perished to longingness

for choice was what i had
i chose to hate the world
one that does have no heart
one that does know no love

for if i had a choice
sin i shall again
just as the ocean sinned
and bring my soul this pain"

seeking out for the shattered cascades of his mind

the great mother did reach to the floundering soul
of a sun craving for one more sight of his beloved
all so distant as a tale of treasures lost
to the perpetual labyrinth of time

"of what shall thus be named
the blush of myriad glows
beneath the noble day
before the nights of pure

let there be a spell
where sun may see the moon
chisel his heart through clouds
scroll upon his tune

a time where them two shall
be one as dew and morn
ripple across as love
through dusky silhouettes long"

sweet scents of eager hope resurfaced

followed by the serene lush of a green symphony once more
while the sun bent down to touch the topaz glint of water
his beloved emerged riding upon whistling winds from east
once more piercing the restless swell of dreamy clouds

and just as day sank below a border of horizon
two lovers soared into the dreamy sight of each other
for hues of their daring glances tinge every twilight
again with a dream to have their love fulfilled

every day until the end of time.

— The End —