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Cné Feb 15
Much has been said
against me
I will not be spiteful
or allow hatred,
the beast of darkness
that resides
in the black jungles
of arrogance
and ignorance,
to infect me;
for that is no reason
to give way to anger.
So I refuse to let anger
**** my heart;
for anger
is the scorpion’s poison
of peace
and love, it’s sunlight.
I choose light
contentment and happiness,
as poetry’s not a contest
of winners or losers;
it is the essence
of a poet’s soul.
Peace, love
and harmony
reigns over
anger, hate
and contention
PS Rowland May 2014
Scheming at the brink,
for what purpose, you may think?
To stir unsettling doubt,
in an effort to raise one’s clout?
Evil resides in spinning webs,
something one does when their self-worth ebbs.
Destroying others’ lives,
with all your hateful lies.
Look within yourself—there’s so much work to do.
Until you fix all that, do not gossip on others’ spew.
© All Rights Reserved P.S. Rowland
I see a clover in my heart,
  two trefoil shamrocks do adorn my breast,
          these spider's webs on my elbows, -covered,
                    with moving foot never do I rest.

Upon me soul and in my mind,
           resides a brotherhood to wit I'm joined,
                        from home of Prometheus a story born,
                                  seed of Gomer passes through my ****.

I have a clover in my heart,
   a turning foot makes this world mine.
      The Caucasus seem so far from me,
              with six-thousand years in brotherhood; time.
To see the history of the world read The Antiquities of Nations by Paul Pezron. ***** from Aryas meaning, "most high, heavenly, stature, class." Celtae from Keltos meaning, "raised, elevated, above..." *****.
em Oct 2015
When my heart hung in the stars
I'm convinced
my better parts got lost
on the dark side of the moon.

the doctors say I'm dreaming
but I could swear to you
that the man on the moon is crying
asteroids and wilted flower petals.

we revolve around the same sun but
our revolutions although
intertwined, are chasing
different horizons longing for unfamiliar faces.

the stars are in my eyes
but it will take years of staring into
broken mirrors before I find the planet
that my smile resides on.
I don't really know about this one. I wanted to try something a little more abstract. Please please please leave feedback, I want to do everything I can to mature as a writer.
Rob Atkinson Dec 2012
It’s strange to think we fear the darkness
when we are younger,
A form of innocence that we harnessed
I’d much rather prefer.
Now that sounds crazy but hear me out
it’s something that you’ll see,
When innocence is gone you’ll come about
to find it hides in me.
That same darkness resides in you
I dread it’s greater than,
The darkness wrapped around your room
that you feared at age ten.
It’s something that grew inside your mind
and clung to your rib cage,
With every breath you come to find
the wars inside you wage.
It hides in every crevice and corner
bound to your bone marrow,
It tears apart your soul and worse
sometimes it even shows.
So I’d prefer those simpler days
with light came faith and trust,
The flick of a switch can’t keep at bay
the darkness inside all of us.
Jackie G Jul 22
My heart is full
So much resides there
Memories wish to stop it from beating
Scraps & unforgiveness have tried to choke it out
My heart once ached from betrayal
To stone i thought it would turn
But through all of that
I cant seem to get rid of LOVE
LOVE still lives here
Reassuring me in life I can go on!!!!
As for me & my heart we're gonna be just fine!
To all the broken hearted, I can relate but i also realized that everything will be ok. Things happen and then purpose follows behind! You got this
harlon rivers Jun 2017
There are traces of you in the rainbow
Wisps of your watercolor palette,
paint the mystical sky
The Song Sparrows’ warble reminds me of
your melodic whistle in the summer breeze
and, the resolute silence your grounded
soulful solitude implied.

There are traces of you in the rivers,
where water falls cascade from higher skies  
Where the soul of ancients climb up with sacred salmon
swimming within the inherent blood of my soul
Where ocean waves find peace
as they reach some untamed distant shoreline
I hear the sound of your voice roar
in the passing thunderstorm
Your love light shines like a moonlit troubadour.

There are traces of you in the garden;
many heirloom roses expose your fragile side
Among the abundant blossoms,
it’s effortless to imagine you here
Your peaceful spirit adorns this lovely space
where unconditional love resides.

There are traces of you in the moonlit night
Glimpses of your shining heart
are found in the infinite stars
Your aura is like the harvest moon’s angelic halo
A beacon of compassion for the indifference felt
by the imperfect and never enough

There are traces of you
in the early morning’s dew drops,
in the amazing grace of the setting sun
Your thoughtful pondering
evolved from life’s vast journey
An air of ardent calmness,
quieting the fear and emotional fray.

There are traces of you in an old song
You fought for the light of truth with love,
with the fidelity of an iron fistful of mercy
in a velvet glove ... The kind of muse
that left me proud to be your son.

There are traces of your heart and soul
as your treasured memories grow afar
There are traces of your loving spirit in my smile
Your devotion always walked with me the extra mile.
An ancient spiritual essence lives in every breath I take

The merciful surrender of an unfinished journey,
left traces of your verve in the depths of my soul
Those traces of love’s grasp make this life worth living
Infinitely, eternally, spiritually whole.

There are traces of you in this mirror
I see your vivid reflection in my eyes
Your every breath will always be cherished

Your life’s traces remain in my marrow,
in the soul
of the teardrops in these eyes...

*traces of ... Harlon Rivers
Lakota note: Coyote was going past the source of the river ...
he sat next to me...

June 12th, 2012

Memories of My Father's Traces...
A tribute to my father ...

His influence inspires me to constantly strive
to be  me a better human today...

"The mighty water falls...landscapes this rivers great divide
Cascading walls of water soar and plunge...
From a silhouettes high and wide"

...an except from The River's Muse

alternative note:
first time a publishing posted here (for me) in many attempts
since 6/13, hopefully not the new normal, but a bump in the long road ― still no notices in over a week ― seasons change,
no matter which way the wind blows
ryn Jul 2014
Heavy and laboured the air permeates within
Coursing through the maze of tunnels.
Undeterred of where stone ends and rock would begin
Survival that drives to fill its channels.

Slow rumble that ignites the need to beat
Awaken functions both lacklustre and listless
The engine behind these dread ridden feet
Drag its load through mundane tasks emotionless.

At the core there resides the truest of stones
A jewel of sheer rarity that inspires wonder
Breathes life selflessly into dead broken bones
It throbs and ebbs with silent subtle power.

Claimed it and perched it deep on a pedestal
Protected it like it's the one and only source
It's what that keeps us sane and tolerable
It's what that pulls us through our course.

Whenever I think of if this gem would last
This monolith of a heart that I prop up *****
Stands steadfast hopeful of the light it'd cast
We have learnt so much of it to know that it is perfect.

*You are perfect...
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