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em Oct 2015
When my heart hung in the stars
I'm convinced
my better parts got lost
on the dark side of the moon.

the doctors say I'm dreaming
but I could swear to you
that the man on the moon is crying
asteroids and wilted flower petals.

we revolve around the same sun but
our revolutions although
intertwined, are chasing
different horizons longing for unfamiliar faces.

the stars are in my eyes
but it will take years of staring into
broken mirrors before I find the planet
that my smile resides on.
I don't really know about this one. I wanted to try something a little more abstract. Please please please leave feedback, I want to do everything I can to mature as a writer.
Rob Atkinson Dec 2012
It’s strange to think we fear the darkness
when we are younger,
A form of innocence that we harnessed
I’d much rather prefer.
Now that sounds crazy but hear me out
it’s something that you’ll see,
When innocence is gone you’ll come about
to find it hides in me.
That same darkness resides in you
I dread it’s greater than,
The darkness wrapped around your room
that you feared at age ten.
It’s something that grew inside your mind
and clung to your rib cage,
With every breath you come to find
the wars inside you wage.
It hides in every crevice and corner
bound to your bone marrow,
It tears apart your soul and worse
sometimes it even shows.
So I’d prefer those simpler days
with light came faith and trust,
The flick of a switch can’t keep at bay
the darkness inside all of us.
Jackie G Jul 22
My heart is full
So much resides there
Memories wish to stop it from beating
Scraps & unforgiveness have tried to choke it out
My heart once ached from betrayal
To stone i thought it would turn
But through all of that
I cant seem to get rid of LOVE
LOVE still lives here
Reassuring me in life I can go on!!!!
As for me & my heart we're gonna be just fine!
To all the broken hearted, I can relate but i also realized that everything will be ok. Things happen and then purpose follows behind! You got this
Nat Lipstadt Jul 17

you think you are done with it.
but the notion potion returns with your stolen free will
taunting and tearing, sealing and then dissolving
the seals

no retirement in this world from where human means pliable
and pliable means capable of being twisted; nay, retwisted...

last we left you weeping on the concrete sidewalk of
Third Avenue, the police, giving you a move on command,
as Jean Valjean earworms one into the incapacity of movement  because of the audacity to request to bring him home

such is the sorrow of the lost child; it comes with irregularity
yet, never failing to return, the child lost, the residual, resides
within like a violin adagio reaching the punishing silence
after a crescendo that  pretense promised momentary relief

we struggle to keep any and all keepsakes,
polished and fed; rust and time, no polish in the five & time dime
that does a good enough job,
but you buy it anyway

well aware that fate will inevitably rob you, it’s so purposed

twist you, retest you and re-will you, to never forget until
you have no need for forgetting but the peace of
constant remembering when all on that day
molecules and nucleotides
collide in the atmosphere,
dog licking, cat weeping purrs, meaning hallelujah home

the endless sadness of the lost lad-ness, dimly grow the recollections of the first word, the first delight, the confidence complete
that your babe is non pareil; the violin sweeps you along and the genteel tide still too string strong to resist

the woman comes into the room;
the reddened eyes no hide
the weeping outside and in the centerpiece of a soul;
why she asks, not surprised for she’s seen it
too many damn poem-times:
my Adam, I answer;
suffices and wisely
leaves me to
compose and decompose simultaneously
weeping weeping forever weeping even when not

furious eddies rock smashing,
curious they splash me with taunts
"you want for naught!"

but naught is the only possess
that owing it makes one impoverished

perhaps he will email me, ewail me,
does he know I am at the
Wailing Wall, Jerusalem,
insert parchment prayers for his safety

oh my Absalom, oh my Adam, my favorite first born,
come sit next to me on the sidewalk so close to where you live,
comfort me as in the days of your youth,
now that we are both
so very much older

sleep well all you lads and children,
never mind these unstoppable tearings,
never mind the heaviness,
for it has passed
as the tears shed
enlighten my embodiment

7/16/18 prone and alone
for my kinship
Pages Jan 13
I wish the wind is my wing
To carry me to your doorsteps
I wish the ocean floats me ashore
To your longing heart of my dreams

You wish to step on my door
with nothing but love filled heart...
Longing and love is all you have
but not a brave heart..
Oceans may drift you back...
Wind may bring you down...
But make me your Queen, and bring me a crown...

If crown is what you seek
More than my humble/loving heart
I won’t hold it against you
Since you told me from the start
So I will put you on a pedestal
And crown you as my only Queen
You will be the one on the throne
Who resides above else all woman

I will gladden; I will queem...
You will be a king when I will be the queen...
You will take decisions that I will follow...
Me and your vermeil cheek, and life will be mellow.. .
Together, we will rule throughout the world..
I got you and you will get my back...
We will change this place into dream land...

I can’t wait to throb you away
And make you my Queen wife
And call you my better half;
And live together, forever a beautiful life
Collaboration with Jobira and Pages
I remember the long nights that I'd think about her and I'd write,
With her sleeping right there by my side,
I remember how within my mind
I was so confident that this woman would be my wife,
Though, with her departure, I can't even lie,
I began to regress as all I did was cry and cry,
With my heart that felt like it was punctured by a sharpened knife,
I held out hope through the lonely nights,
Hoping that this wasn't really our final good-bye,
Until that is she told me the words "I'm pregnant by another guy"
As those words are the reason why I no longer have a purpose in life,
With those words being the reason why I'm outside of her window and outside with a knife,
With the intent not to make her cry nor to take her life,
No!–as my only intent with this knife
Is to slice and take my heart outside of where it usually resides,
And to place it in front of her where I'll die in her arms on this Valentine's Day night
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