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CK Baker Feb 2017
There’s a silverback haze
on the shallow face
of the Rockwell Ridge
folded brow
puzzled chin
and dark hollow eyes
keeping watch
over the lilies
and crane flies
and will of the wisp

Rust brown ravens
and fisher kings
in the reeds off north bend
(chased by the terraced streams!)
youth blades engrain
on the favoured
and historic
Banka Memorial

and pumpkin skies
are clipped
by a call from
the resident loon
the sounds of Buddha Bar
piercing the silence
and shaping the afternoon chord

It’s a time to make way (stream side)
seems the anuran are courting
Yenson Sep 2018
I saw Agnes outside Harrods
Looking tres chic, le chic
I say darling, what's happening, sweetie
where's your Wainpatrik from the sticks
our erudite writer who thinks aspic is pate

I gave that hick the 'go find your level'
Agnes replied with a smile
You know how it is with him and his drivel
that coarse, crude, pretentious oik without a shovel
He tries to be intelligent but his head is full of gravel
bathes once a fortnight and has a todger like a weasel

You can't beat good breeding, she continues
those reconstituted barrow-boys
with  B-Tech English thinking they are now genuine
Lacks confidence, style, self assurance, wet as the Rhine
******* in the boudoir, sloppy kisser, todger like a string
Bully and a coward trolling on his stolen PC, has no spine

Hey, lets **** down round my pad, she purred
You may be out of shape at the moment
But who's cooler, more charismatic and interesting than vous
Do you know you're the best I have ever had and I mean it too
You're head and shoulders above Wainputrid and that's so true
The twerp is so envious of you, he and his barrow mates stew
Tales of your exploits and size just leaves them aghast and askew

Hahaha...haha..she laughs as she linked arms, a glint in her eyes!
Paul Mackenzie Nov 2013

Our love cannot be compared,
To that of mortal existence,
Our passion shall never remit,
For it's heavenly in its brilliance.


Our love is a oneness of being,
With romantic benevolence herewith,
Our blood of mysterious union,
Pumps furiously among loving bliss.


Our love lies deep inside,
Resident in each others heart,
Exploding the flames of desire,
An inferno to banish the dark.


Our love will never be challenged,
Never forgotten, nor passed,
Our bonding of timeless beauty,
As infinite in the joy it has cast.

there once was a gulyas-blonde assident
who posed as a white house full resident
his deplorable style
proved him an imbecile
disgruntling quite a few global presidents
gulyas - a rich meat stew highly seasoned with paprika
goulash, Hungarian goulash
melinoe immortal Jul 2018
Sunken eyes, broken thoughts,
air with difficulty enters the lungs.
Dry mouth, lacrimation of no purpose,
the pillow full of nails  she is resting upon.

The body, a ship stricken by a wave war.
Slow disintegration,
remains are battling the seven seas of sorrow.

Like a painting  uncovered,
black sheets cover the rays of the sun
from the soul.

Resident of a lucid dream,
mumbling to the wind that blows
regrets down to the river
between Hypnos and the Underworld,
to carry a message to the hearts
with locked doors.

A message of no words
but incoherent perceptions,
lost unknown connections
and strangled hopes.
James Floss Sep 2018
I’m thinking
Thinking so much
I’m thunk.

Resident Trump?
Justice Kavanaugh?
Ending common law?

To protect or destruct?
To serve or to swerve?

Department of interior
Declaring mining superior
Thinks he, Zinke

What is the cost
Of Betsy DeVos
School house lost

Eight years denied
Nyet: destroyed
Great again?

I wish I were drinking
Instead of thinking;
Show me America sober again
Dondaycee Aug 2018
I want to give love like I’m leading the Queen,
I want to feel hugs; photosynthesis, aura green,
I have to hideaway to three K’s,
Kyi is a kid that shuffles when he discovers key,
He is me; youth be re- I’ll let; tea… (*sip),

I’m so I’m so gene; us,
I only show frustration when we as a species let perceptions get in between us,
As if what we expressed daily was heterogeneous,
No need for mean mugs,
Mugshots when fetus,
Jesus is needless if we see our reflection as phoenix,
I’m not saying his teachings were meaningless but they mean less if it is hindering your freeness,
That type of convenience is something we need less,

My intentions are not to provoke but invoke our potential,
I’m not Pro in anything although I’m in everything,
I voke to our attention what I believe is essential,
Call it an expression of the ego, because it’s preferential,
If defined by actions, the ego is detrimental,
If defined by conscious; choice, that’s voluntary over involuntary,
Enjoy, we would; the state of being aware of thoughts that were brought by patterns that are the most influential,

I don’t want to be a resident in a place with a president,
Take offense, you may,
If I can’t speak a wave; transmute the word thought into the word say,
I give away my name because my expression’s never hesitant,
If that was the case, I wouldn’t be relevant,
Arrogance; my ego will second this,

To live and die in the A, because that A word is two cops before,
A kid claiming **** life at core,
Interpretation; fearless to explore,
But a perception created a door,
Honoring the fathers of four, his body hit the floor,
Questions arising; were the intentions backed by this illusion of war?
Discrimination? Advanced payments? The separation between the rich and poor?
Or, was this an obligation to bigotry, a resistance to change because the fear brings about the unknown?
“What if they evened the score?”
The question I’m asking is who’s suffering more,
Those that ascend because of freedom, or those who are reacting because they closed a door?

Tore, I am, because I can not condition this heart,
I can not serve all if all are torn apart,
We sung together as one, divided we fall,
The Beetles said come; coincided free fall,

United default, America was pre thought,
The idea would’ve worked if we brought, our understanding to one before we fought,
Liberty; she walked,
The people; we watched,
Identity; we lost,
A “VICTORY”; we thought,
History distort because his story, we taught,
Now distraught; resorting to love, because it’s the only thing that remained in gene as default…
Kmary Jul 2018
I used to hold onto your words
that love wasn’t always on time

That maybe love
was more like a stubborn flower,
that needed many seasons to bloom

But somewhere along the lines
I realized that our hourglass was titled

That our relationship was built
on a temporary foundation;
lined with excuses
and oh so many

And for the longest time
I began to put question marks behind
all your hellos and goodbyes?

Thinking back, I wish I listened
to all the good advice and intuition
I stuffed at the back of my closest
waiting for a later date…..

When I would realize
that you would only ever
see me as a visitor

And since you left,
I was forced to build in your absence-
a place where I learned to properly
treat the new resident
                 I now call my home.
Em Aug 2018
I am no hotel
for you to waltz in,
leaving your footprints
on the insides of my heart
for your temporary stay.

My door mistook
a permanent resident
for a momentary guest.

My heart mistook what
you felt for me as love.

My mistake.

But don’t confuse it sweetheart,
I’m no hotel.

I am a home.

Spring upon the rose
live on the flow.
Be wrapped in the fragrance
touch it not.
Let it be without a form
even in the invisible dark
shows up the moon.
And believe it or not
that all perfect sweet spot
planet paradise could be the next stop.
Like the flower thins out into the fragrance
ah, these finest wings know no bound.

The butterfly paradise slips out is on the fly
wafts into the enduring scent of a paint so bold.
Lo, on its picturesque wings it has all the eyeballs
where does it reach out to no one knows.
It's on the other side of the pool
only the Queen Fathima knows that groovy grove!

No one tolerates any pause is deadly on this route
here death is unknown but none is destined to gain a foot!
It’s a Mount Sinai scenario no eyeball
can withstand the dazzling beauty enduring long.
Yet it’s immaculately spotless every soul shines out
that shuffles on these secret alleyways of God!

Pans out to the horizontal spread
and dips into the depth.
Hewed beauty Fathima is the far cry
water nymph amidst the mesmerised burnt-flock.
The resident handsome swan in heaven
on the constantly flowing riverfront  
keeping it on its toe!
Bob B Nov 2018
Let's say a foreign government
Butcher's a U.S. resident
In Istanbul, Turkey, while
You're the U.S. president.

What's more important to you
Is making more money down the line
By maintaining business ties
That NOT even ****** can undermine.

If greed is your primary motive,
You'll justify your point of view
By asking yourself the following question:
What would the current president do?

Let's say certain autocrats
Make dissenters disappear.
You're entranced by how the despots
Maintain their power that you hold dear.

If power is your primary motive,
You'll justify your point of view
By asking yourself the following question:
What would the current president do?

If people desperate for asylum
Come to your border seeking relief,
And you want to show the heartlessness
Of a xenophobic commander in chief,

Then show them that your heartlessness
Can justify your point of view
By asking yourself the following question:
What would the current president do?

If you want to stop an investigation
That possibly looks bad for you,
You can obstruct justice by asking,
What would the current president do?

If you think your unscrupulousness
Allows you to break every taboo,
You've learned a lot from asking yourself,
What would the current president do?

-by Bob B (11-21-18)
Johnny Noiπ Nov 2018
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Johnny Noiπ Mar 6
The legislators of Dagon of Ethenol,
BC are there. Heroes. Should be in
this way, it is an exercise; But the
lesson of this hero and the grave sage
of the mosque are where the music
program should be safe and the
foundation of the foundation should
be Ash's story ... It is called a hero
because he has a local perspective
[            ] and he still has: The limited
and narrow part of his life; [            ]
people claiming to help him as a resident
in his country, such as "Robert Parker
and the founder of Herculaneum
when he was still in the college
of booking as an exception." [       ];
When the final whistle was localized
at different levels. The headquarters
at the center is the city of the Valentine
State, 490 BC, the hero of the marathon
who worshiped God, dug and guessed
that the Greeks did not dare [             ]
to all these processes, referring [        ],
to Apollo worship and repentance.
Johnny Noiπ Oct 2018
It is early in the morning
There is a great source of
industry.    Big and small
Then 1.1: This is a cause
to shoot.


They are.    This is the rule.
Combining chat rooms,
listening to music, white
And every kind of music
If we want to help you save
the US green vitamins of
the ***** stars,   another
word you do not understand;
the owner of the bread toys,
a series sleeping at home.
You can be a very good start.

Either the resident of the body
1, knows nothing of one of the
vitamins and for it the most
important for people to do all
things; Security and peace.
click to share with dogs and
dogs. Free people, in fact, Macau.

The role of Havensville
To fall there, which
God forbids, but now he
says what's sunk?
and on the ground, but
now he is 1: 1 at United
States and other bodies;
The black vitamin A.
::    Only the stars.   ::

Most exchange rates.
In fact, all of this.

Where to buy joy?      You
know, without it Everyone
here is on vitamins;
humans, right. I'm learning

Huntersville looks great.
Set to hit the big sacrifice.
This is the best. others
Air κυάλιτυ, quality players.
The color of the skin is
Power like a vitamin 500
of stars and clothes. Thank
you, you heard the boss
from the book of Leviticus
and from the other Delta

In fact, all of us.

Huntersville added vitamins.
under its ξυριστικτιον the
book of life;  no δόγμα there
is a square χούσεν 1: 1
Martinique service I.

hands and fingers, William
The situation of Eruendae.
ανδ $1,000 muscle stomach
and girls, only in this case
abroad; kids φρομ United States;
Price Λίστα and a sharp wound.
White and vitamins and
remember the story's
noise? And the front left.


to 1
move the conversation
But the conference 100
Remember all κολορς
our health but it is not a
consumption challenge;
may Museum be in the blood.
If you send a question
It is thought that the town derives its name from the Rev. Humphrey Hunter, a minister at Steele Creek and Unity Presbyterian Churches and a local Revolutionary War hero. Others debate that it is either named for Robert B. Hunter, a local cotton farmer, or the generous and kind grade-school teacher Elizabeth Hunter and her husband, Travis Hunter, the town's first Crossing Guard. Elizabeth and Travis are also known as the parents of the first baby boy born in Huntersville, Cason Shaffer Hunter.

The Carolina Renaissance Festival is a Renaissance fair held annually on Saturdays and Sundays in October and November. The festival is located just north of Charlotte, North Carolina between the towns of Huntersville, North Carolina and Concord, North Carolina near the intersection of 73 and Poplar Tent Road.

Set in the fictional village of "Fairhaven," it is one of the largest Renaissance festivals in the country. The festival brings in an average of 195,000 visitors during its fall season and had 210,000 for the 2016 season.
Third Eye Candy Jul 2018
This Love Song seemed like a safe place to unpack my ****.
But a safe place is where Lyrics go to die.
And this is Not a Song.

and it starts like this. all the time.


i fella sleep in a widdle boat and told a seagull that i was having a dream
about talking to seagulls and he was astonished to have the pleasure of meeting a boat
that had the good sense to plug the hole with a poet…. because they never wake up
and they do so with extreme prejudice. that simply screams Resident.
In Fact!

He’d never even seen a boat. So there’s THAT. I offered Seagull “ The Cool -Side of The Pillow. “
So I could sit upright for a moment and jot this down. He was like “ What’s a pillow? “
And I had no idea what it was that brushed against my legs
but It was There. then It was Gone. when i stopped using the metaphor.

I was treading a fathom
of pixie dust and transgender proto-gods, all cuddling in a huddle of metaphysics
as adorable as a radioactive abrupt



Ah yes… someone was cooking bacon… and bacon is sleep’s kryptonite. so the dream was a wrap.
and i had a bird’s nest woven from the silk of my discarded cocoon. codename: Chrysalis.
and my mouth was dry. a stubborn dry that follows a deluge of phantasmagoria  
on a Futon that is a God to cat hair. My Futon is Oblique and Omnipotent.

Uber Mecca for Cat Hair. I fell asleep on that.
preservationman Aug 2018
America needs an inspired President
Remember you are only in the White House as a Temporary Resident
You must use diplomacy when talking to World Leaders
As a President, there can’t be any cheaters
Your tweets must be sweet
It shouldn’t be agony and defeat
Also as a President, your tweets should be morally nice
If you want, I could give you advice
Your administration should not act as if they are your personal tag team
Your temper shouldn’t be so mean
But to make your point sometimes you must be lean
You should never down immigrants nor separate families at your will
It is now a bad situation because of your signing that immigration bill
You must be accountable for your own actions
You can’t blame another past President for actions that were your start
Where you begin establishes into finish
But you blame the media for not making you distinguished
However, tip for tap, you call the Media Fake News because they are telling the truth and you know there is truth, but you fail to believe
But that doesn’t give the American people relief
As the President, you are the Commander in Chief and Ambassador to the Outer world within the United States
Your decisions must connections that relate
But your negative tongue puts America in danger and it is called Fate
The reason you don’t understand politics because you were never in politics nor were you a Senator in Senate
You rely on your own accord
But you must trust in being guided by our Lord
Now your so called “America Great”
It doesn’t have an American People Appreciation
It comes up with hesitate and no real indication
President Trump, you are not God
You are not the King on this Heavenly Earth
You were only Earthly born
Your decree is not a let be
There is a time limit and not a wait and see
Investigation must continue to make sure Justice is done
But don’t think you are number one
As the President, you must change your ways
It’s not what I want, but what the America people say.
Johnny Noiπ Oct 2018
You can do आईटी yourself Age: Something
Association for Asia, 1 item for food
And people are looking for one
change has reduced technology
Employment तो do it फॉर yourself Age:
Some Works in Asia in Christians,
In a meal, Food like this. Maybe I
wrote Soldiers to get out of the little
girl and boy; and 1 change is very new
Drunken Technologies Technologies

Listening to water, short लाइट is
The same in the time as you अरे;
Have a sea इमेज, Look, like
mechanical पॉइंट्स, and the thief
ओवर; Many other people are full

You have separated, your own Z:
1 db of some Christian resident
Price Red Park Pigeon and Durable
|| Happy food storage 1 I want
Go? They first change the road
Red, new capabilities are more;
Jack Agua! Agua! Carol, Carol!
It was a lamp wings * all your
गैस It appears that Image = destination
to open the मार्क्स Mousiner And
Sarah Craig and since,
credit Like the industry, we love you
completely;    You do it yourself:
Some Christians, I'm eating food
is a good one Home for an unknown
Family IPad or good food and listening
This turns you to a unique way;
Technical Employment Water,
Yes yes
They were those चूसें तो     |be
shown as a picture This happens
When it is a lost Operation of our
number machines are all thieves
And half a glow full of discipline

You have set your age, your age:
Some Christians, 1 Snake Paris
The game Red Red has heard you
I'm glad to know the community
They want to go = Red: there are
In many and different ways, Jack, Jack.

Listening to drinking
water, Carol, Corso was
small. The lamp is two
wings. Mary is in Grand
Select Matrix, Travel.
Number of Marcus
Mousse and all Do not
do your dad before i love
you Very much Water
cervical, Less time is
a picture you can do a
practice look like Michik
Signals and thieves only
end up on top of that other
people just have one
direction is complete

Apart from you, you have it

Set उप your Own Z: Some
Christians; 1 db of residential
food प्राइस Pigeon is ड्राई and
durable || Happy food storage
First of आल रोड More work;
जack, Jack

Carroll, Carroll,  of course
This little print * was all
of यू what is grass? Is
हप्पेनिंग a trip, floor tray
फ्रीमॉसोरी Open and all
सिरप Since, credit industry
Is it complete?

You can do this for yourself
Age: Some Christians, what
I बात Home for an unknown
Unknown Member family
Or listen to good food and
Your रिवॉर्ड Road on the road

Water, Carol, Carroll! सिस्को's short
codes are those two कोड्स were our
मशीन thieves and हाफ full shine,
you have set your age: Some Christians,
are you happy विथ salt? Community
Different मेथड्स and jacks, jacks
Water was a कर्रिएर for drinking Small
two विंग्स the current matrix, travel
मार्क्स and the open number of sir do
नॉट do my dad
Johnny Noiπ Nov 2018
NIH Q: Tablet White House, White House
Mahdyidin Kapila, Hashanto Hikanto Ridge -
Pamlatti Nehrisa and Stomatola - Dead: Black
Fulmon. Tip: You want to go my way, Qi, Chi,
but she could not. These are one of the songs,
and performed well as recommendations with
the Europeans on the list, and I do not believe
a government like India, Saudi Arabia, United
States, Best Lady Bren Luna, the president
of Europe a group of historians and think
Astrologionia, the astronomers of Italy, which
was the name of the place, this is the origin of
its name from the name of the same place that
John's story from the history is the history of the
country, in the region of Africa, as a Roman
understands little about China, and a resident
said that he is from Mexico. Thomas said: "For
some reason better the first person dies, the
animated mode. The author's name, which is
the natural calamities, but this is not in fact
the destruction of Satan in the world, like free
Internet, Robert; su, light, light from the
disposition and wash the walls and moved
to Andwich which is white, so they made
a mistake in God's garden, enjoying the new
Indian tuxedo assembly and elves, rosemary
and glory to the Google, a place that has been
introduced in the car and, if you love me.
I do not know why.
Oliver Philip Dec 2018
Manly Ferry’s
Manly Ferry’s
A comfortable form of public transportation
Now been running for a hundred years or more
Linking Sydney with a place of relaxation
You would love the town of Manly that’s f’ sure

For I have every reason to be here on vacation
Every reason in the world it never is a bore
Reasons transcending forms of Meditation
Resident in the most Sacred Space of you’re
Yes and on my way I am without trepidation
Sydney bound 8amfor another part of my tour.
Written by Philip
December 26th 2018.
A part of my travel journal waiting for the 8 Am Ferry to Sydney.
Johnny Noiπ Jan 16
No, I do not know presenting the world during the year,
but it is very important to you. English,        English, United States, United Kingdom. (2) Gold 2: Yellow: P (2) Blog (2)
Blog Pop 10, 10, 20 Volona - Yellow "Ross Systems
1 Darwin Driver and Freedom to go Home"                                      Dave & Sharla teaches teachers,                                        Holly, Sekong, & Noohan
is cooked in two picnic photos of the coca cicada.
(2) 1000 Great Brothers in Manhattan (3)
Cosby Young Dunlop v. 3) Rosa M, Alle-llu |\||
C As the first step,        you're eating against
the Trauma,                             Thomas, legal,                           and legal entry against information
on Labor and Gaia Jehaei about the program,
and I do not know,                                                           and Siad Khong Peat,
Tung Khong -Ta Ta (200) 200 200 200 200 300,
300 300 300 300 2) Read male flower (2) width    (2) 10 pepper, 10, 20 gold tea - Genizebi VeriKo:                                            This language is " (3) (2.),
Push, Tigray, Garm, CIMIS and Small International
(3), do not know this name,          but I do not know,
but I do not know                     (2) Blog 2 (2) Blog 2 (2)
Blog Pop 10 10, 2 (2) 0 Darbar - Yellow                              igenium Rosso 2
                            ".. Velajoche, Distinguished Professor
Dave Shore, Workshop Director,                      and the Support of the people
in the mule series                                         "The development of the church
of the four mysteries is a meta beta of the Bay
of the Basilica of the Basilica.",
The leaflets (2)                                                              ­                Next to the
      Janerali watchman outside Samoi,
Basil, then Hose Arosa - Commitment (2 )
                  To develop the Tomić version of development equipment,
Ishi (3) cool,                        Keba needs to go, no / ru /
Lola Rose IARI, higeveti
I, resident Jimmy Alibell
as the highest pool,                        e-mail automation
project automation project project call;
money is on the network television - television
No, I really don't want to know
how to keep you alive. English, English, United States, United Kingdom. (2) Gold 2: Yellow: P (2) Wollona - Yellow Ross Systems 1 Shark, Holi, Sekong Nohan's Blog **** & Coca-***-cola Photos (2);
                  1000 Great Brothers of Manhattan (3)
Diagonally,                                          Young Dunlop vs. 3) Rose M, All new.
If you are a lawyer, you can take care of this 300 300 300 300 2) Male flower (2) width (2) 10 peppers, 10, 20 gold teas -
Genizebi language                                      VeriKo is a language "(3) (2.),
push, Tigrera, Hot, CIIIIs and Small International (3), I do not know (2) blog2 (2) blog2 (2) 2 blogpop 10 10, 2 (2) 0 d Darbar -                 yellow engineer, Rosno 2 ".. Valagoche,                               Professor Emeritus Dave Brandy,
workshop director and mule.                     Developing
"supporting people" is a beta version
of the Basilica's son,
      Betiliki Bazi Linda. "Flyer (2)
                     for Janori guard dog outside Samoa,  Basil then Hodge Arros - Commitment (2) High Advent I resident,
Jimmy Alibi                        &                    
Elle, in front of Gujarat.                               Pool, pool.
Automated e-mail.                                             Project automation, project.
Project                                                         ­ "Money. Money. A television.
                                   A television. News. "(2) with 10, 10, 20
Popper's gold ties.                                   E gene izebi VERONICA (3) (2))
Negeri.                       Guide side Goodbye (200) 200 200 200
200 300 300 300 300 300 2),               flower (2) grade (2) with popper 10,
10, 20 gold tie.                                Ego                        ni­zebi VERONIKO
is a language of animal husbandry,
animal and etc.,                                            where parents (3) (2)) survive|

— The End —