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King Tutankhamun Aug 2018
Yeah it's one shot one ****

Plottin' against my enemies will soon to be killed
Bullets feedin' ya last meal
Dope rhymes sedatin' like pharmacy pills
Since hataz got no chill heads I'll drill  now you leakin' out like oil spills
Or a radiator angelic caters none could create a
Flows nasty as mine poppin' a multiplicity of shells I'm one of a kind
Thoughts intertwined  
****** into a demons intervention contenders in suspension from the soul lynching
Caught in the realms of heaven and hell & you can smell
The ashes burning fermentin'
time runnin' slower than molasses
My murders be classic enemies dramatic causin' static
Shoot more than Bird combined with Magic
Workin' my Johnson on the tracks tonsils sittin' as a hip hop consul underground magul  
**** longer than Repunzels hair follicles
Cookin' up sigils into a *** of gold no rainbow snortin' sir nose
D'void of Funk rattlin' the earth from the bass in my trunk blazin' skunks
Abraxas I'm embracin' one of my goetias when facin' ain't no replacin'
Fools givin' chase
and to tastes of demonic faces
My flows replenish like **** laces
Blunts turn into ashes dump it out on the masses
Epidemic mase deaden your pace hazardous like toxic waste
Adversaries don't wanna face
Off like Nicolas to Travolta livin' in an ultra violent culture
Cleatin' into ya flesh I be the stalkin' Vulture mulchin' ya
'til ya
  A dissembled particle blank photo in the article from curvin' emcees with my surgical
lyrical sickle stare into ya eyes as the blood trickles
Down ya body you easily brickled rhymes artificial
My soul sour as a pickle no tickles
Could move me or influence thee my legacy
Lay cinematography like A. Hitchcock in the 50s huh
Ya soon to be a death reel for thrills
All I need is one shot one **** forreal!!!!
Ijla Jun 2018
I saw him in my dreams last night
Just me and him
All alone on a cliff
Isolated from the world
I could hear the birds singing
Rustling of leaves in the wind
But all that mattered was him
Standing right infront of me
It was the peak of sunrise
Horizon lit up with warm colours
The golden rays of sunlight
Piercing through his charcoal black hair
Making it glow
Like repunzels when she sang the song
But he wasn't singing a song
Just standing there in full glory
I slowly reached my hand
To caress his cheek, to feel his touch
And it was like time slowed down
Regardless of me being desperate
I could only move in slow motion
As if I was under water
I just wanted to feel him one last time
I kept whispering to myself
But then he turned his back to me
And started to walk away
Not a word spoken
But I knew it was a good bye
Suddenly he stopped
Only to give a small gesture
As if telling me it's okay
To just let go
So I stood there
Watching him fade away
Cause I realized that
I didn't even deserve to have him in my dreams.
Let alone in reality
No matter how I craved for him
Why does destiny lead to two people meeting and falling in love when it surely knows that they can't be together!
King Tutankhamun Oct 2018
Check it once the mic touches my hand
Begins damage from the clan got ****
Man I gotta stay throwed showing elbows
Pokin' off the 44's of the caddy vogues I suppose
Ya know how the game goes hoes chose
Leave em on their toes expose ya know
I be a ***** jedi deaden ya third eye
So why try takin' all the lies I'm tied improvise
Through a thousand eyes I'm seeing haters
In a distance mad at my money stance
And I don't dance in the ring of fire burning desires ?
Naw never too clever but I'll endeavor
Over my enemies see me brain flowin'
Like the wind it's breezy sippin' syrup with the Hennessy
Aggressive as Bundy can't none swang like me
On the three see the tires rolling and chirping
Spark up a blunt again to take on the sins of men
And women my provisions is gunning
With out ammunition switching position
So I can hit it right on the track the man in black  
Set to attack villian and all that
We hate loose chit chat
Forgive the lost and the wicked stickin' chickens
In the kitchen now my palms itching
Money wishing still ******* off haters foes
To hoes and bros quick to unleash the four four
Mad cuz they flows ain't ******* feelin' like Shakur
Me against the world with all eyes on me
Can ya feel me? Wreckin' shop mayne it don't stop
Creme of the crop sittin' at the
Like a mob boss since others is lost they get tossed
Welcome to the land of milk and honey
Ain't nothing funny but I dug a Patty
That was phatti punnani gave me energy
Mayne and I'm a keep it going raw skills showing
Hurricane mental just blowing
Stronger the grip the more I make em crip-
-ples open ya temples feel no sentimental
To enemies chilling below six feet ya go
And it ain't for show stuck at the gates
Of hells fate release the demons
From my pate
Got more doggs than Nate that's quick to regulate
Guns bust now you in a crate for God's sakes
Stake snakes who know they fake as I rake
And take money's in bundle used to be humble
Now I charge money longer than the hairs
Of Repunzels

— The End —