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Lizzy Apr 2016
Falling in love
Feels quite literally
Like a fall.

Like you're stable
And balanced,
Then the ground
You're standing on
Is ripped right out
From under your feet.

Traveling at a terrifying speed
Directly to solid ground,
You begin to ask yourself
"Who will catch me?".

If you're lucky,
You'll land in someones arms
And walk with them
Knowing that if the ground disappears again,
Your fall will be broken
By their embrace.

And if you're not lucky,
Well I'm happy to report
That your fall doesn't end
With a splat
And a ****** mess,
Even though you may wish
It did.

No, for those of us
Who don't land in someone's arms....
Well, we don't land at all.
Gravity keeps pulling
But you never touch
The ground.
We keep falling,
Racing through space
To what should be,
What we hope will be
Our demise.

I keep falling,
Fully aware that the person
Who could break my fall
Is not waiting for me
To come plummeting into their arms.
Who knows where they are.

It may take you a while
But when you realize
That no one is going to catch you,
You might as well relax
And enjoy the eternal
Ward Curtis Apr 2017
Aim, shoot, wind
Aim, shoot, wind

Don’t think, deliberate, contemplate
Aim, shoot, wind

Record, Report, Inform
Aim, shoot, wind

Conspirator? Collaborator? Messenger!
Aim, shoot, wind

Uncover, Reveal, Expose
Aim, shoot, wind

Who are you to judge?
You once silent ******
My pictures upset your silent thoughts
Disturbed your peaceful ignorance

Oh if only you could unsee the seen
And the Messenger be ******!
Return to self-imposed oblivion
Don’t look, don’t see, don’t know

Aim, shoot, wind
Aim, shoot, wind
Ken Pepiton Oct 2018
The imaginers of now were children once,

each day they each imagined tomorrow.

Their daddies had just won the war
happy days were really here again, this time.
Now, we see what we see, it's not what we saw.

And this is better than I imagined.
My first oral book report was on 1984, in 1962.

Percentages and stats, the odds,
out of 8 billion…

I carry my weight, saltwise,
I'm light, too. Immaterial in fact.
I watched the internet take form
before my very eyes,
magi technic never seen since Darius the Mede.

Good job, geeks.
Reared on radio waves your
grandfathers never heard,

your signal receptors from mito-mom,
oh, what a plan. The promised ones.

Many sons.
hmmm 60 cycle white noise in the field,
the field of fields,
Future Farmers of America and stuff

Powers we imagined,
a color TV we could watch
in the backseat for days on Route 66,

a restaurant just for kids

Toys 'r' Us oh, wow,
those came and went

and our Grand kids
are imagining tomorrow,
doin' fine with less of what we thought was cool,

taking for granted all I
accepted as granted, in the "It is Finished"
Golden Parachute
Package deal,
Grace and Peace
that multiplies.
I can't sleep
Brie Pizzi Dec 2017
To the people who think education majors have it easy,

Nothing, and I truly mean nothing, gets under my skin more than people who have the same mindset as you.
People like you think that my 3.8 GPA isn’t as worthy as someone else’s in a different major.
People like you think education majors can’t possibly be as stressful as other majors.
People like you think that my 40-page unit plan doesn’t even begin to compare to your 40-page report.
People like you think that teaching is easy.

it's *******.

I’m not going to sit here and go into detail about all of the difficult assignments I’ve had over the past four years as a middle school math major because frankly you’re just not worth my time. Also, because that would mean that I have something to prove to you, and I don’t. You can’t begin to judge a major until you have sat in on their classes, done their assignments, took their tests, etc. So, for you to judge my major based solely on the fact that I’m teaching children makes you arrogant and ignorant.

Imagine the excitement you feel when you get an A on an exam you spent days studying for. Now imagine that same excitement being stripped away from you in a second because someone tells you that your major is easy and that that’s the reason you got such a good grade.
Imagine working your **** off to earn Dean’s List every semester you’ve been at school, for someone to turn around and tell you that the only reason you’ve achieved that is because of your easy major.

It’s hurtful.

I chose to become a teacher because I want to take part in shaping children’s minds. I want to take part in making students grow up enjoying math. I want to take part in making learning fun.  
I don’t think that is something I’ll ever regret, no matter how many times you try to bring me down.
Please just focus on your own major. Focus on your own difficult assignments, your own difficult tests, and your own difficult projects, that way you can truly strive for success.

And I’ll still be here, an education major, cheering you on.

A future teacher.
acm Sep 2018
you know how they always say things, like:
what goes around comes around
karma, *****!
/good things come to those who wait/ ?

well, unfortunately
i'm here to report
that sometimes,
you just get colon cancer instead.
Fired it, desired it,
Put you in your place
Riot, don’t fight it,
A punch to the face
Movement, you blew it,
Your mind in outer space
Write it, defy it,
Rattled in cage
Flaunt it, report it,
On the front page
Deny it, provide it,
With minimum wage
Correct it, deflect it,
An outpour of rage
Plan it, contain it,
My life’s rearranged
Confront it, restore it,
The best way to gage
Mask it, enhance it,
Act out on stage
Collect it, pretend it,
Coming of age
Own it, disown it,
Become disengaged
Force it, explore it,
In need of some change.
Mend it, ignore it,
That’s not how I was raised
N Sep 2018
Is it **** if you don't put up a fight or scream?
But you wanted to say stop.
But you drank...
and you never said no...

"It was your choice", they say so heartlessly.
It was not.
"You never tried to get away", they declare.
Six men will easily overpower one girl.

Is it **** if you obeyed?
You wanted so badly to run but your body didn't move throughout it all,
so stiff you remembered.
"Why didn't you scream then?" Is what they'll say.

I wanted so badly to push them all off me and run away,
to disconnect from my body,
to make the several videos disappear.

I was encouraged so badly to report it,
"It will give you closure",
"People will think you are so strong",
so I did.

But instead of praise I got criticism and disrespect.
I wanted so badly to come out with this ****,
I was told I would be safe,
I was not.

But I reported it, it's my fault they would victim blame.
They would say since they're so successful,
she just wanted attention and money.

They let it slide because after all,
those boys are so young and talented,
why would we want to ruin their lives?
Yet mine is already ruined.
James Newman Sep 14
it's getting really hard to keep caring
everyday I keeping pushing on for no reason
maybe its hope that guiding me along
but most days hope seems like a pipe dream
 keeping up appearances for everyone Else's sake
 that's what a good child does
 most days I live in a dream
 a dream of something I try to be
 something people can be proud of
 I always fail at what I try
 and everyone is so nice
 pretending not to notice
 don't know how much more of this
 I'm willing to walk through
 but I guess time will tell
Tell me what you think
Lazhar Bouazzi Jul 2017
I took a walk in La Goulette yesterday,
From the “Bridge of the Casino” to the port.
The things I beheld on my shiny way
So simple they were, here is a report:
Sea snakes under a blue bridge did frolic
As hardware stores displayed paint in their windows.
The water snakes performed some dance symbolic
And the paint braved the dark rust from a distance.
At a green grocer’s cart a lady in jeans
Sought peas, artichokes, & broccoflower;
Two lovers, each tried to explain,
As a cat miaoed, what love was to the other.
And I, hastening to my liquid address,
Shooting a side look at a man in a dress,
Was hoping the glazing port in the White Sea*
Would wash the bleeding wound in my memory.

© LazharBouazzi, Nov.16, 2016, revised Nov. 17, 2016, elongated July 8, 2017
* The Arabic name for the Mediterranean is the "White Middle Sea."
Big Virge Jul 2016
Well Well Well.....      
What Can You Smell ... ???    
ME ... I Smell A Crock of LIES ... !!!    
From TOP LEVEL Policing Guys ......    
I Also Smell ... INCOMPETENCE ... !!!!!!!!!    
That's Why I Wrote A Poem ...    
And Entitled It ... " Who's Next ? "...    
So People ...    
Where's Your Common Sense ... ?!?    
Someone Needs Some Recompense ...    
Right Now It's A Family ...    
Whose Son Has Died ...    
" IN A TRAGEDY !!! "....    
Their Son Was LIVING ...    
.... " HAPPILY "....    
Before He Met ...    
.... CALAMITY .... !!!!!!!!!    
This AIN'T A Doris Day Movie ... !!!    
This Is Cos' He Was BULLIED ... !!!    
By Those CLEVER ... Met' Police ... !!!    
NOT Like Kids With Stupid Tricks ...      
But From THIS ...    
REAL Gun Bullets ... !!!!!    
This Is Something TRULY SICK ... !!!!!!!!!    
These Are Things They DO Commit ... !!!    
To EVERYONE of Colour NOT just Brazilian Kids ...    
Ahhhhhhhhh Let's Just Get The Facts CORRECT ... !!!    
He Was ... " Asian "... ?!?    
NO ... " African "... ?!?    
Who Cares He Was An Immigrant ... !!!!!    
These Are Words of IGNORANCE ... !!!!!    
IGNORANCE Is Like NONSENSE ... !!!!!!    
Try Using THIS ... INTELLIGENCE ... !!!!!  
BETTER Still Use ... " Common Sense "...    
Who Is It That BENEFITS ... ???    
From A Life of Street Gunfights ...      
NOT Black Folk TRUST ME ... That's Right ... !!!      
How About ...    
TRUE English Types ...    
Those Who Are WHITER Than White ... !!!    
And HATE To See Non-Whites In Sight ..... ?!?    
That's A Plight These Racists Like ... !!!    
And Then ENFORCE With ALL Their Might ... !!!!    
To Put Us Down In English Towns ... !!!    
That's Why So Many Young Blacks FROWN ... !!!    
UNLIKE Most Poets I'm NO CLOWN ... !!!    
Because My Words Buy Souls Like Pounds ... !!!      
Who Was BOUGHT This Time Around ... ?!?      
To KEEP The Truth INSIDE Their Mouth ... ?!?    
This Is REALLY SICKENING ... !!!!!    
Even Those Who Are ... " LEGIT "...    
May Get Hit For Where  They Sit ... !?!    
NOT With Belts But With BULLETS ... !!!    
Or With Axes Think On That...    
Racists ...    
NEVER Die Like THAT ... ?!?    
Watched ALL NIGHT From Council Flats ...    
By Police ... What's Up With That ... ?!?    
They Take Life With Too Much Stealth ... !!!!!    
While They Just RELIEVE Themselves ... !?!  
Those Are Words That Are HEARTFELT ... !!!    
Check The Report Your Heart Will Melt..........    
if You've Got Some DECENCY ... !!!    
UNLIKE YES These MET' Police ... !!!!!!    
Who Think It's Right To Simply Be ...      
ABOVE The Law While People GRIEVE ... !!!    
This Poem Comes From MY ANGER... !!!!!    
But These Days Does It Matter... ???    
What We Say or What We Do ...    
Because Our Youth Are Being Schooled ...    
NOT The Truth ... !!!!!    
Trust Me I Am Staying Cool ...    
Your Proof Is How I Air My Views ...    
WITHOUT Resorting To Abuse ...    
Incitement's Something For A FOOL ... !!!      
This Is NOT Something I Do ... !!!    
So Just Before They Try THAT ONE ... !!!    
Hatred Is ...........................  
Something I ............................................................. SHUN....................    
I Write These Things For EVERYONE ... !!!      
Don't Just Trust Technology ...  
Or These KILLING Met' Police ... !!!    
QUESTION What They Say To You ...    
Make Them Give You CONCRETE PROOF ... !!!!!    
Sift Through LIES To Find THE TRUTH ...    
DON'T Buy Into Lies They SELL ... !!!    
Calm Yourself ................................  
Take In .... " GOOD SMELLS ".... !!!    
And REMEMBER This Poem Called ......    
.......... " WELL WELL WELL  ".......
Recent American Policing issues, made me think of this poem, which I wrote when yet another version of events arose, some considerable time after the initial stories surrounding how the police messed up the Jean Charles De Menezes (RIP) ... alleged terrorist shooting at Stockwell Tube Station in London, came out .... So, when criticising US Police, just remember the UK's, " Special Relationship " ... with American Policies, and how it does what it does to it's citizens ....
Terry O'Leary Mar 2016
The typewriters tap,
with a rat-a-tat-tat,
like a fourth estate rap
to provide us the pap
(that serves as a snack with a rat-a-tat-tat)
in a newspaper scrap
crammed with meaningless crap
from the editor's yap
(spewing flimflamy flak, booming rat-a-tat-tat)
after gashing a gap
in the daily recap
with a snip in a snap-
sounding thundery clap
crackng rat-a-tat-tat and a rat-a-tat-tat.

And the talking heads speak
with a rat-a-tat-tat,
of the news of the week,
tweaking tongue in the cheek
(with a click and a clack like a rat-a-tat-tat),
thus ignoring critique
'cause they're mild and too meek
in the midst of the reek
to report of the wrack (except rat-a-tat-tat)
whilst the pundits (oblique
when protecting the chic
of the upper class clique
at the top of the peak)
chatter rat-a-tat-tat and a rat-a-tat-tat.

The NRA ghouls
plug a rat-a-tat-tat
while their blood money tools
fill the Hill’s vestibules
(where deceit behind drapes drips a rat-a-tat-tat),
spreading folly that fuels
frenzied hands of young fools
bringing guns into schools
(at the drop of a hat there's a rat-a-tat-tat
splashing blood in warm pools)
for now anarchy rules
(which the hype ridicules
'til the temperature cools)
hailing rat-a-tat-tat and a rat-a-tat-tat.

Lawless cops, cutting loose
with a rat-a-tat-tat
spraying bullets profuse
without any excuse
(just a split second splat with a rat-a-tat-tat),
splay a rattled recluse
like a Thanksgiving goose
gushing cranberry juice
from six slugs in the back (with a rat-a-tat-tat).
To redress such abuse,
bend the branch of a spruce
with a neck in a noose
while Death's drums beat diffuse’
rolling rat-a-tat-tat and a rat-a-tat-tat.

War brings freedom to all
with a rat-a-tat-tat
(well, excluding the thrall
with fear, facing the wall
[ often smacked with a bat, throbbing rat-a-tat-tat ],
until feeling the call
to creep out of the kraal
biting back with a gall
[ with a *** for a tat and a rat-a-tat-tat ],
or to mangle and maul
if still able to crawl
and be part of the brawl
in a freak free-for-all,
midst a rat-a-tat-tat and a rat-a-tat-tat).

Holy warmongers praise,
with a rat-a-tat-tat,
any soldier that slays
and all rockets that raze
(the drones zoom with a vroom and a rat-a-tat-tat)
leaving smoky arrays
of gray ghosts in the haze
cloaking mute cabarets
(hushed, the hip and the hop, by the rat-a-tat-tat)
while ol’ Cerberus bays
with mankind in his gaze,
so society prays  
as it rots and decays
(Satan's trumpets of doom blare a rat-a-tat-tat)
until one of these days
in a flash through the maze
mighty mushrooms will blaze
with invisible  rays,
fin’lly braising the craze
of the rat-a-tat-tat,
   and the
Empire Sep 23
Trigger warning: Self harm, cutting

I... I can’t take this
I can’t decipher this agony
I don’t understand....
But I can’t quite feel it all
But I want it
It’s mine.
The sorrow belongs to me
And if I can’t feel it in my heart
Release it through my tears




I could... feel it... on my wrist
Release it through my veins...
I can control it there...

I’ll fight it
‘Cause I’m supposed to
Cause I don’t want another failure to report
But ****...
It’s so ******* tempting
Dark n Beautiful Oct 2018
Her eyes were wide open: she spoke with confident
The sun shines brightly from the west
That came directly from the boardwalk:

I tried not to stare directly at her lower parts
But once I look at the negativity :the body shaming
Keep on rising, my lips were sealed:

Hello, my name is Anna, and how are you?
I heard about them, I saw their videos
But to be up close: defaming the obesity epidemic
I saw Lucy the human sow pig,
The Triumphant Elephant struggles,
Years of food that could have save thousands
Of hungry children lives:
she lay there dictating, deteriorating

I stood there as a poet with a pen.
not a Nurse of a friend,
Gasping, sighing
She fights for air;
I fumbled for words of expression:

To report back to Jack Kevorkian:
Was on displayed: there that day
Her hands reach for the oxygen wire,
I knew and she knew how I felt about her
She looked right at me, when she said the words

“Anna do you speak the Language
I said “oh no, “God forbid
And from that moment,
I know she was waiting, waiting,
To leave this world behind her:

Sadly, I got to know her better,

she was sweet and sour at the same

she brought a bottle of champagne for the staff for
the New years, and in February she passed away..
R.I.P Dora
L B Sep 12
9-11 POEM:

Dreadlocks of a Scream

Fever too high

...into the blue sky
and watch the tracer upward
and turn toward earth
Split apart
in the widening dreadlocks of a scream
One that took the whole world down with it

A woman is standing on an edge
hundreds of feet up in the open air--
Just standing....

“You-- who have mounted to the sky
will be cast down
with great violence
You, the golden cup”
set down

I am burning up at 103
Toss in the arid sheets
Chafed flushed cheeks
against this living desert pillow

Can't get a GPS on where I am
or what's the time
But most of all – what just happened?

I toss and wake to slivered light
coming from another room
Hear the whispers
See their vacant faces
Must have walked into the den
Feel their shivers hush
My questions
Between the aisles of candlelight
and murmured prayers
I'm walking
Still in my right mind

“It's on the screen”
for all to see
without electricity

I have a fever of 103
--and the main question???

Why everyone's transfixed


1-28-86-- Space Shuttle Challenger explodes, killing crew.

9-11-01-- World Trade Center

“...Now so that your heart does not grow faint,
And you are not afraid at the report that will be heard in the land—
For the report will come one year,
And after that another report in another year,
And violence will be in the land
With ruler against ruler”— Jer 50:46

Where Did the Towers Go-- by Doctor Judy Wood
I know that one of the "reports" was 9-11.  Not sure about the other, but I sensed something about the Shuttle Columbia's loss was significant.  In any case we are on borrowed time if Jeremiah's words are right.

Dr. Wood's book is hard to get, I understand.  Much of her scientific observations are on You Tube.  She does not speculate beyond what clearly DID NOT HAPPEN-- but does attempt to understand "WHAT" happened without conjecture as to "who or why or how."  Her observations are from many thousands of photographs and other accounts.
Rich Hues Apr 20
That fat singer
Is getting
A divorce.

Not surprised,
She's the size
Of a horse.

Not interested
In who
She screws

Just wish the BBC
Would report
Some news.
Yenson Jul 2018
A while ago in East London, in an area called Poplar
a black man lived with his wife
Quiet, hardworking, law-abiding they both were.
never courted a scandal, never committed a crime
Just went about their business, working for  better tomorrows

Then next door a Scottish family of five moved in
and immediately started borrowing from couple next door
Do you have sugar, do you have bread, can I borrow a fiver
till our Giro arrives next week, please another tenner for Jim
He has to pay a fine.

Empty beer cans littered their doorway, they all drank like fish
fights and arguments rang late into the night
Police visited twice, thrice weekly and it was known Jim burgled.
and was always doing time, when not drunk and fighting
Joan eldest girl was pregnant at sixteen and Tom fourteen had
done two stretches in juvenile detention
Last daughter Kelly was also to end up in the duff at sixteen

Amounts borrowed was now sizable, the odd fiver repaid
stolen items regularly offered and rejected by quiet couple next door
Invites to the black man to visit while Jim in jail politely declined
Come and have a drink with me and my young daughters
No thanks, got to go and cook, my Mrs would be returning soon.

The family from hell has turned the neighborhood to hell
constant break-ins all around
strange men coming and going, fights and noise, beer cans
for carpets, stairwells reeking of ****, Tom and friends and
Marijuana fumes graced the stairs and veranda.
Mrs Scottish and two young daughters constant smiling invitations
to black man next door, duly always deftly rejected.

Black man and Mrs decided to stop lending money
it was all going on beer and smoke and never paid back
By the end of the week, their car had been vandalized and four
wheels removed, racist leaflets started appearing on veranda.
No more smiling coyly invites, now just loud music and loud
intermittent bangs on walls from next door.
We must complain, we most report all this to the Landlords.
No, lets just ignore them, not worth the hassle.

Then it happened, black man arrives home one afternoon
and finds his front door ajar, they had been burgled.
Seething with anger he stormed next door to be met by Mrs S
'you ******* thieves have robbed me, how can you be so low,
after all we've done to try and help you. None of you work, You are a bunch of lazy
workshy, welfare scroungers, you are pathetic lowlife. why don't you go and get a job instead of burgling houses and getting drunk all day long
I will start a petition to move you away from the neighborhood.
You no-good non working class scums'  a disgrace and an affront to the hardworking working classes. You ******* racist bullies, I will show you, you can't
mess with me'

Mrs S smiled wickedly and said, you will see
'character assassination, public humiliation, we'll ruin your life and you'd wish you are dead by the time we finish with you and your chicken legs wife. I will show you who runs the manor in East London.'
You can't do that, black man replied, I have done nothing wrong, you are the bare-faced thieves, you shameless woman. We have had enough of you and your anti-social behaviour. You are not going to mess with us no more!

OH, YES! they can and by jove, they did.
Mrs S retorted' You are the foreigner here, you are the one that would be leaving the country
and going back to your Jungle'.
Black man called wife to tell her, she came home immediately
the police came, no evidence, here's a crime report, get your door
fixed. How about searching next door, we can't, no witnesses.
And then Black man's life changed FOREVER.

Should I write about the intimidation from other white families
in the neighborhood, should I write about how the Local Socialist
Party got involved, and launched a propaganda campaign about a black Conservative member dissing the Working Classes,  should I write about how one of his beloved dogs was
killed, should I write about a rumour campaign that black man was a wife-beater, a ****, a con man, a greedy parasite, should I write about sudden hostilities and bullying at his work place, how his wife was also sacked, about being randomly insulted and abused in the streets, about kids spitting on him, about being shunned inexplicably by locals
he's known for years. Should I write about outrageous fabrication, smears and humiliation.
Should I write about political victimization, about the black man 'who thinks he is better than us all,' about how a wedge was driven between him and his wife, till she broke and upped and left without warning,
should I write about how strangers shouted 'solidarity with the working Class' at him, should I write about daily torments and constant harassment everywhere he goes, should I write about Criminal gang stalking,
should I write about being informed they were going to ruin his career, ruin his marriage and ruin his reputation, check, all done. S I write about how they said they were going to chuck mud at him everywhere he went and blacken his name forever, should i write about pure isolation, about being made a target and being  hounded and stalked and disrespected everywhere. Should I write about how they stated they were going to drive him insane and drive him to suicide.

Just  know that somewhere in London, a decent, law-abiding progressive, and innocent black man, is now on his own, broke, in debts and on Welfare benefits, unable to find a job, friendless and isolated, discredited and shunned.  He is still being stalked, harassed and hounded, round the clock. All for daring to stand up to CRIMINALS.

Elect me, Select Me
Support Me, Report Me
Democracy Needs Me
You all need Me

I am your Savior
I will fight for you
If there is no War
I shall start one for you

I am your Savior
I am your Warrior
Accept this Truth
Ultimate Truth

Beware if you Cheat Me
If you fail to Elect Me
I will break into the System
I will ruin it to Ashes

I follow this golden Rule
Either Win or Stalemate
I can initiate Religious Riots
I can give birth to Civil War

Therefore Elect Me, Select Me
Support Me, Report Me
Democracy Needs Me
You All Need Me

You all have no other Choice
So Never Ever search for it
I am your only Choice
So Stay Cool and Rejoice
Democracy has its own problem
Parents Evening;
At the tender age of two,
What will they tell me,
about you?
From the beginning,
You sat there - legs swinging.
Posture slouched,
Lips placed in pout.
You looked at me,
With A smile so sweet.
Then glanced across,
Towards the empty seat.
You fidgeted you fiddled,
You picked and you nibbled.
Your teacher entered,
And she read,
Your report that clearly said -
Ava is A lovely girl,
Who speaks so well!
When in defence,
She can raise hell.
So kind to her friends, and shares a treat!
She rather has a stubborn streak.
To summarise, without much time,
Your daughter is doing perfectly fine!
I looked towards my little girl,
Our thoughts linked, our eyes synced,
So we could swap our secret smile,
For she truly is - Me as A child.
Ava Raine
Zane Safrit Mar 19
Dinners are quiet, we sometimes speak
In our heads, 2 MMA fighters circling
Looking for a knockout punch
Pass the salt, please

Laughter’s a runaway
Been missing for a year or two
Never filed a report
Needs pepper, doncha think?

We shadow box through the house
Oops excuse me, that was close
Then retire to our corners
Facebook and Instagram, y’know

Copyright © 2019 by Zane Safrit. All rights reserved.
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