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zumee Dec 2018
everything is infinite
once you're in the l∞p
Skylar Keith H Jan 2018
20:00 - Dinner
Alone but entertained
I like it that way

21:00 - Skype calls
Not having talked for four days
I've missed her yet the occasional silence is nice

22:00 - Fillers
Scrolling through pictures and sharing thoughts
A pleasant and calm feeling

23:00 - Rethinking
The first hypothetical theories about the day
Laughing at the slip-ups to push them away

00:00 - Reflecting
Doubting choices throughout the week
Faking a small smile

01:00 - Endurance
A familiar feeling spreads
Downcast eyes and a facade of peace

02:00 - Creative
New ideas and thoughts fill up the space
Pick and choosing which ones would hurt the most now

03:00 - Idealistic
Reading stories about happiness, pain and change
Wondering what will become of me

04:00 - Closure
Horrible thoughts tearing down the last walls
Curling up and crying again

05:00 - End
Following a familiar routine before sleep comes
Cradling the broken mind
A familiar Routine
Ayeglasses Mar 2013
I find myself becoming nostalgic about something that hasn't happened.
I remember buying the blue shirt.
Running along the girl with the flowing white skirt.
Memories flood my mind, of a day that didn't exist.
But repeated.
The orange and red.
Mixed beautifully in my head.
On the boulder that wouldn't contain.
Or refrain.
From the need.
To bleed out flowers.
What powers decided to give me a splitting discovery.
A recovery of sorts.
A degree of sports I didn't play anyway.
It's comforting that there is another way.
Another play being played.
Of my hope,
That somebody will care for me.
In a carefree way.

So I can imagine myself running in the blueness of the jacket I never bought.
And I can imagine the orange of the girl who will someday exist.
Although, I worry about the sound.
All of this mental racket.
For somebody I may or may not know.
But I know she's around.

I was perusing one of my favored channels earlier. When I noticed that, this person had created a music video in one of the links. It was very colorful and looked moderately interesting.

It is the splitting image of what I see as a perfect relationship. Literally, I had daydreamed about things incredibly similar to that in the past.

For those who wish to experience a part of my mind.
Timmy Shanti Mar 2018
Some Jamie snugly in me hand,
A cause for celebration,
Today, I found me promised land:
The home of Irish nation.

I dyed me hair shamrock green,
I made me teeth look orange,
(A spliff of Carroll's in between)
A sliver of Dutch courage.

I mingle with the leprechauns
(A shamrock on me chest)
Not in a thousand years gone,
I’m messing with the best.

Atop the jolly rainbow,
In hand – a *** of gold,
Revering, till I find me rest,
The stories I’ve been told.
Happy St. Patrick's!
Ryan Holden Aug 2018
Always wake with choice
Let everyday be as
Perfect as your last.
Obassi Bholai Dec 2018
I tend to do this unforgiving
method of maddness when it comes to writing
I'll start and stop, repeating onto new work
unfinishing the last.

incomplete as each piece may be,
the brain is scattered
lost and afraid, it'll never feel the same way.
connected to what new beginnings
may be.
Jeannery Dec 2018
its three o'clock
i wish i wasn't going home alone
my sadness, it *****
then add this playing melancholic tone

the same playlist on repeat
i keep on thinking of you
my heart still skips a beat
i love you, always

--jeannery a.

what's the date five days ago? It was written five days agoo soooooooooooo
Rose Aug 3
Well, here I am again--
Each week flew by so fast,
Did I learn anything?
Not sure, but I know that
Every time I am there,
Sitting in the front,
Do you realize
All that I try
Yet all I can do is stare.

Can a girl be so turned on,
Like never before.
All I can think about is--
Sitting in my chair every week,
So that you'd notice me.
Off-limit admiration.
Nyx Oct 2018
Take my heart
Break it in two
Crumble it to pieces
Its okay I want you too

Tell me pretty lies
Syrup dipped candy
You're words have such sweetness
Keep on drinking that brandy

Beat around the bush
Play you're little games
Run wild and free
Be sure to fasten my chains

Kiss that other girl
Play me like an upright base
Feed me those excuses
Let the tears pour down my face

Allow me to feel the love
Thats as plastic as that grin
False sense of security
Call it my original sin

Take another trophy
Place it upon your shelf
Right next to the rest of them
I'm sure your proud of yourself

Throw me away once at the end
Once you've had your fill
Just like the rest of them
I'll tumble downhill

I'll cry out my heart
Desperately want you back
But just like the rest of them
I was just another past time snack

I'm stupid I know
But hit play
I'm stuck on repeat

Help me.....

She sits rather still, stitching her loom
shackled and bound to the whispering room
While the walls shutter speeches
she slouches then reaches,
her stitching resumed.

Threads of silk pool in spools
cast to the floor
Hushing the voices
as they pour

the voices repeat their crippling phrase
dancing the space
bound to their maze
Not sure. I've been editing it for awhile and I give up.
Traveler Oct 8
Whether a comma, or colon:
Punctuation slows my rolling
I need no period. When I end
no Capitalization when I begin
Rulelessly I flow my art
  Not a single!
Explanation mark
Are you not the one
Who'll know?
Where a question mark
No longer goes

Warp the structure
Bend the lines
Put in repeat
Let emotion unwind
Make yourself
Your poetry's the best
Be your own ruler
Pass your own test

Take your own road
Where ever it leads
Lover or hater
It's all poetry!
Traveler Tim
No matter who you are
You have my deepest respect
I love you all!!

Who said explanation marks were merely laughing at your own joke?!
Tommy Randell Nov 2014
Up steep streets
I repeat
In a dream
Words seen in windows
To myself

Turning right
And Northward
Left and Westwood
Checking number plates
For initial surprises
Numbers for primes

The number of years
By the number of days
Adding the leaps
The few left over

To arrive in the viewfinder
To stand on the edge
To look at the scene
To breathe with the light
To know finally that I am
The lens
I don't slam well on love
It slams on me
A drumming thrumming arrhythmia
Ba-bump ba-bump ba--- bump-ba-bump
A little loss here is a little gain there
Only, it doesn't work that way
My stopwatch heart hiccups then echoes
Like odd flats and sharps
Seemingly out of place among the expected
A beat that needs to be acquired over several listenings
Like a new food that needs to be tasted up to 12 times
Before you can truly decide if you like it.
It take more than 3 licks and a bite to get to my center
One, two three, you're not for me
Four, five, six, a few more licks
Seven, eight, nine, out to dine
Ten, eleven, twelve, you can delve
And yet... Here it sits in my chest with its arrhythmia
Patiently waiting for that defibrillating current
That shock that will set it right
Or perhaps it's never meant to be that way
Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps
It's perfect in it's imperfection

My heart's a stereo,
and we can dance if you want to,
because the rhythm is gonna get you,
on re-pe-pe-pe-pe-peat.
SJG Feb 12
The sun, it rose.
The sea, it bled.
It was a pillar of truth.
It was a crater of dread.
It was a kid on the road.
It was a truck that sped.

When in doubt,
Blame the smoking gun.
Keep some spirit in your heart.
Don't have any fun.

I met you on an old day.
Your laughter birthed the street.
You took me by surprise.
You took me home again.

I sat by your window.
I stared at the tide.
You put an old soul record on.
You left it on repeat.

Now when I hear that sound,
I feel too new, too outgrown.
A house lost among the weeds
Of a garden gone to seed.

Not a care in the world,
Or not a world in which to care.
I forget what and why,
Always, up is down;
Always, anywhere.
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