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Joanna May 10
Thrown off course by a wild storm, circling but never finding the runway.

Hit by crossfire and bob-wire life’s complexities rise, rainbows disappear.

With no time to get warm one could lose out on all that matters in a flash fire.

With no notice, another goes astray till love comes 'to melt' this glacier within.

Light brings an awareness of the might of been and then removes them with real communication between friends.
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L B Sep 2016
Our houses, spitting-distance close
Feet propped on railing
cold beer with fresh lime
watching robins flung in flocks
to the failing of August

Too close-- Really?
John, on his cell
is fu_king the world again
from his garage
Why not-- squeeze in pool or a dog
Lawn mowers and **** whips tune in to whine
late Friday afternoon 'bout dinner time

Clinking silver, scrapes of plates
Running water for suds
through open windows to the thunk of pots
Doors bang behind on pathway to garbage
or joint in the woods
wafting over all
wordless squeals of delight from autistic child

Meanwhile, the odor of nail polish removes
all doubts of--
lodging low and toxic
as the sun dissolves orange
in its acetone setting

Kids playing Man Hunt as darkness falls
Leaping hedges, slamming gates
No yards can contain these kinetics
restless legs, furtive minds

Muttering wind chimes
from four different porches
above the drone of highway
a half mile yawns

Pieces of talk
flipping the crickets
Why or who or at what time?

Other-worldly glow from The Mall
dims stars
outlines mountains
brightens the horizon behind

Mosquitoes coming in for a landing
In "The Plot" section of Scranton, all the houses are really close.  Built by  poorer miners, mostly between 1920 and 1950,  it has an old residential feel to it-- nothing like today's sprawling suburbs.  Most of these homes had only four or five rooms, originally with "outdoor plumbing," if you know what I mean.

Oddly this is a very stable neighborhood, isolated somewhat by the Lackawanna River on three sides.  Gossip, of course runs rampant, but people look out for one another.
Lyn Senz 2 Apr 2018
by Danny Smith

The old man rises from his chair
gently cursing the ache that crept into his bones
when he wasn't looking

His slippered feet scuff the carpet
making a journey they know without him
to the window

He watches down on the cars
as they flash through the rain on an urgent journey

Leaning forward to rest his forehead
on the cool damp pane that shields him from it all
his prison wall

The cars seem to softly merge
as fragments like a broken mirror
tease and torment

A lifetime of dreams and tomorrows
that somehow became painful yesterdays
much too fast

Squeezing his eyes tightly closed
he remembers her face and the soft scar on her cheek
a perfect imperfection

The laughter and cries of children
running to him with chocolate smeared mouths
grown now, gone now

All of them to different worlds
ones where he was afraid to travel to
out there

Plenty of time to make it through
but the nights seem to skip the sunshine days

he shuffles back to the chair
lowering himself with limbs that can't be his
removes his slippers

Reaches for the polished shoes
years old but hardly worn and still uncreased
laces them

Moves slowly through the house
turning of lights, collecting a wallet
a pack of cigarettes, a photograph
pocketing them

The old man stands at the open door
just a fragment of someone elses memory, as he walks
into the rain

©Danny Smith
one of my favorites. it may be the only
copy on the internet. I couldn't find it.
it used to be on the 'Poemish' website
which is gone now. He had maybe only
12 poems in all that he submitted, and
they were all good, but sadly this is the
only one I decided to save. He lives/lived
in England as I remember.
I sent him a black heart
For a guy but like I had live not sure for who can turn it red and pump life
Instead of black rotten confused love
The demon keep it black
Some how red removes the evil
Carter Ginter Apr 2017
I spend much of my life
within the confines of my mind
Some days I am unsure
Whether I am dead or Alive

But the medication that I cling to
removes the existential fear
and allows my thoughts to relax
yet, it also seems to suppress my wonder

Without the pills,
I can intently watch myself write
As each stroke of my small wrist
Leaves grey stains across the blank page

With them, I can feel happiness
I can detach myself from life's pain
and realize my distractions
instead of permitting them to anchor my heart

But with my medicine I cannot create
not in the ways I wish to
They build a border between substance and surface
while it blocks out the depression
it also limits my humanity

Yet, if I were to quit taking them
the darkness would return to haunt my world
strangling my limbs, until I have no will to fight
or even to move for that matter

Without them, I can expend myself
in this art that has kept my heart beating
My emotions can freely guide my movements
in the hopes of creating something beautiful

But those pills have also saved my life
and yet, they have a dark side too
The anxiety they breed produce
such a significant strain on my actions
that I can't tell if I'm truly living

So as I sit in this barren hallway
listening to the echoes that disrupt the silence
I wonder whether my temporary refrain from my "lifelines"
will lead to my success or my demise.
Ben Jones Feb 2013
There's a fella you've all heard of
From a sandy foreign place
He was sent down by his daddy
From somewhere in outer space
He died and he came back again
Then he hit the dusty road
Now he's there for me with a helping hand
When I've almost dropped my load

Jesus is my barman
I munch his salty nuts
He fills me up with lovin'
Till it rumbles in my guts
He's my one almighty Hoover
He ***** off all my sin
To all my tricky crevices
He bravely enters in

He eases through my tightest spots
He's always got my back
He lubricates my passage
Down the narrow winding track
He tinkers with my plumbing
Removes my stubborn stains
Then with his holy implement
He firmly rods my drains

Jesus is my bell-boy
In his elevatin' craft
He pushes on my button
Then he takes me up the shaft
He's my fire fighting saviour
When flames begin to roar
He grabs his mighty helmet
And he breaks in my back door

He's captain of my ******
Commander of my boats
Don't worry if you're sinkin' fast
Cos Jesus always floats
If you're cold and need to light a fire
The lord is right and good
There's one thing he's remembered for
It’s always having wood

Jesus is my dentist
He drills me with his bit
He fills up all my cavities
Then I gargle and I spit
And one day when it’s legal
We'll end our secret fling
With his ring on my finger
And his finger in my ring
A country/western style song about loving Jesus...
Waves and minutes hasten to their end.
Childhood crawls to maturity and then ends
Times gifts with ragged hands gives and removes
but not the treasures life has stored,
this summed up in one word; love.
Jack Jenkins Feb 13
Still at this hour I love you, when sleep removes itself from me.
In the dark I let my mind visit us when we were young, happy, unsoiled by the reality that life would strain and break us.

Early April of 2012 I remember the weekend we spent almost entirely on each other's company. Mostly just talking, knowing each other. Just a few weeks before your birthday and I learned you hated gifts. I miss learning about you. Always missing you.

With all honesty not a day has passed when you haven't come into my mind and heart since we last spoke. Always praying it's not the last time we will have spoken but I know in my heart it is true.

I understand why. But I still love you. And I'm always telling you I'm sorry when we meet in my head. I never wanted to hurt you. Just needed to be needed. I'm a selfish man and I'm sorry I never told you that. I was too young to understand you and too self absorbed to look beyond me.

This is always as far as I get, talking with you in my head. I can neither bear your rejection, nor your forgiveness. So I close my eyes and wish I could hug you. And I start over again...

Still at this hour I love you, when sleep removes itself from me...
//On her//
Just needed to get this off of my heart. But my heart is still heavy. I miss her always.
L B Nov 2017
This poem comes from a dream.*

Sun—as February ordains it
twisted inordinate—in gray blanket
Snow has sifted to the pockets, wrinkles
the cuff of his woolen cap

An old hand rubs stubbled cheek
Snow flickers and falls again
in a dazzle

As he groans and stirs—
sparrows sing
As he struggles to sit—
sparrows sing
As he exhales into the chill
he considers the lilies of the field
Their luminous curling petals rise
steam or hope?
or just white smoke
wandering from the tiny fire
He sits a while to listen
to sparrows bickering in the bushes
then bursting into song

They have their audience

Across in a court of broken glass
and toppled stones
a room— still partially intact
Kindling gathered
Marta melts snow for tea
peeling potatoes in her lap
Stops to blow on hands
Marta’s heart—decent, visceral
like her hair—bun, kerchief
like her words—few in the failing
like the wounds of her smile

And Mikhail—harnessed
to the sounds of service
Orderly rhythm in ruin
hush    hush     hush
of a broom stroking cobbles
Mikhail—his hands wrapped in rags
old warrior  
now, restorer of places to live
Stops, removes his cap
squinting sunlight into the channels of his face
Then turns toward unsteady shuffling behind him

“You shouldn’t.”
Tears interrupt
reaching for the broom
“You shouldn’t do this for me.”

“No, no, Holy Father. It is little thing—
a little thing I do.”
A number of references from "The Sermon on the Mount," particularly, "Consider the lilies of the field..."  and that "a sparrow does not fall to the ground outside the Father's notice."

White smoke is a sign to the waiting world-- that a Pope has been chosen.

An article in *The Guardian* today about how there are groups that hate the present Pope for his renunciation of  tradition, wealth, pomp, and the "Vatican Courtiers".  Made me think of this poem from a dream.  Although not a practicing Catholic, I like the present Pope.
Rich Hues Jan 31
Wrapped in a scarf, my better half,
(Who I have never met),
Would stamp her feet and laugh.
She would say it was fresh
And that the air tingled her flesh...

...But I'm alone and old
And it's just effing cold.

I went to the barbers to get my head shaved for six quid.
She's a third my age with a kid -
Or two? Don't really know.  She talks I don't listen.
She wears thick leggings and a woolly skirt,
But common sense doesn't cover her curves, so I flirt
And she tells me I have bad breath and should brush my teeth properly.
I remind her that women are property.

In the mirror I catch that glare,
Then Delilah removes what's left of my hair.
Big Virge Nov 2015
Everybody lacks ... something ...
That's a ... Fact ... !!!  
So ...
Let me ask you this ... ?
What do ... You Lack ... ?
Do you lack ...  
" Common Sense "  
or .... Confidence ... ???
or ...  
Do you lack what it takes ... ?
to forsake what you gain ...
from living ... just for money ...
like these ... Corporate Heads ... !!!
Well money ...
" Certainly " .... Pays .... !!!
But ....
Does not ... " Allay " ...
Unhappy Days ... !!! ...
Ask those ... who take ...
"Every Piece" ... of the cake ... !!!
If they say ... Their Cash ... !!!
Removes ... Their Pain ...
They're being ... Fake ... !!!
Question .... ?
what they say ... ?
If they lost their ...
... " Loved Ones ' ...
Could their cash ... Replace ... ?
" Loved Ones " ... who'd placed ...
Smiles on ... Their face ... !!! ? !!! ...
The answer is ... NO ... !!!
and this ... They Know ... !!!
So ...
Do you lack ...  
" Other things " ... ?
that ... make you think ...  
" What is The Point !!?!! "
of ... Making Noise ...  
about the way ...
we live ... today ...
Well ...  
that's okay ...
it's been ... that way ...
since the ... early days ...
of ... " Shackled Slaves ! " ...
Many lack ... the ability ...
to face ... " The Truth " ... !!!
Do those ... last words ...
Apply ... to you ... !!?!! ...
Well ...  
If they ... DO ... ?!?
You're lacking in food ...
You should ... Consume ... !!!
These days ...  
I Lack ... " Patience " ...
with those who are ...
..... " Blatant " .....
" Ignorant Fools !!! " ...
Those I find ...
with ... " Narrow Minds " ...
who choose to ... move ...
in the land ... of the blind ... !!!
Those now inclined ...
to ... Ignoring Signs ... ?!?
that .... " Indicate " ....
.......... " New " ...........  
" Troubled Times " ... !!! ...
for ... "Our" ...
" Human Kind " ... !!!
But ... if we pressed ...  
"CLICK" ...........  

Rewind ...  
I'm sure we'd find ...
Many Things ... " Replicated " ...
Like ...... " Old Pastimes " ......  
Do you lack ...  ?
The Ability ...
to want to ... " Backtrack " ... ?
Can I ask you ...  
" Freely " ... ?
Why are you ... like that ... ???
Afraid of what you'll see ... ??!??
or ... what you'll ... FIND ...
that'll ... EXPOSE ... Lies ...
"Cleverly" ... disGuiSed ...
to keep ... The Truth ...
hidden ......
..... From .....  
" Enquiring Minds ? " ...
This seems to be ...
... " Planned " ... !?!
to ... Ensure Most ...
..... " Lack " .....  
" The Ability " .....
to deal with ... FACTS ...  
Like .....
Why are women ...
Soooo hard ... to understand ... ???
In the very beginning ....
They're ... HARD to ATTRACT ... !!!!!
If ....  
You're a man ...
who ... HOLDS ... Your Stance ...
THAT ... You give a **** ...
" About " ... Their Needs ...  
while those who ... Lack ...
such ..... " Courtesies " .....  
seem to get ... ***** ...
Like .... " Next one please !!! "
Girls who ... LACK ...
any ... Common Sense ...
are those ... I don't want ...
inside ..... My Bed ..... !!!!!!!!!!
But ....
Hell Yes ... Yeah ...
I'll pass through theirs' ... !!!!!
Now ....
Hear me out girls ...  
Don't take ... Offence ... !!!!!
But ....
Too Many ... of you ...
Pick The  ....
"Wrong ****** Men ?!?"  
Again and Again .....
Your Case ... CLEARLY ...
Has .... " No Defence " ... !!!!!
These days ...
There's a .... LACK ....
of ... " Good ol' ... FUN ... !!!
Especially with ...
A ... " Good Woman ! " ...
..... " Relationships " .....
seem to end ... So Quick ... !!!
Before ... " Love's Able " ...
to get a .... " GRIP !!! " ....
and have a chance to ...
........ " Sit " .........
at the ... Dinner Table ...
That's ... " REALITY " ...
and is ... " No Fable ! " ...
Like .... Cain and Abel ...
Things are ... CLEARLY ...
Quite .... " Unstable " .... !!!!!
Like ... reception through ...
Those ... " Dodgy Cables ! ' ...
No ... MTV ...
or ... Sky TV ...
But ...  
Here's the link ...
So take ... THIS IN ... !!!
There's now a ... LACK ...
of ..... " RELIABILITY " .....
in how .... People ....
Now Seem ... to be ... !!!!!
"I'll call you tonight !"
"Cool, that's just fine,
I should be home,
by, half past nine,
don't let me down,
I don't like to be clowned !!!"
"Trust me man,
I will ring you !!!"
" Haven't heard from  
..... THAT FOOL .....
for a whole week now ...
if he calls me with ...
A Poor excuse ...
My mouth is gonna,
leave him ... Schooled ...
and make him ... frown ...
with the words ... I Choose ... !!! "
I just can't stand ....
when people .... LACK ....
..... " Reliability " ..... !!!!!!!!!!!
or ... is it ... Just Me ... ?!?
Asking ... TOO MUCH ... !!!
to hope that .... Some ....
"Good Ones" ... are left ... !!!
who are .... " Reliable " ....
from ... Start to End ... !!!
and deal in ...  
" Honesty " ...

as well as ...
" Respect " ...
People ... You TRULY ..
can call ... Your Friends ... !!!!!
Well ....
One thing ... I Don't Lack ... !
is a will to ... " Express " ...
through poetry .... sent ....
to my .... Notepad .... !!! ....
So ... now it's time ...
to end ... This Rhyme ...  
About ....  
Some Things ....
That ... WE ALL ...  
...... " Lack " ...... !!!!!
But ....
If you think ....
You DON"T ... Lack Anything ... ???  
Let me just say this ....
You are ... DREAMING ... !!!!!!!!!
Lacks something ....
That's just ... FACT ... !!!!!!!
So .....
Be HONEST ... with yourself ...
What Do ... You ... ?
........ Lack ........ ???
We ALL ... Lack something, as the piece says ....Dunno what really inspired this, but, clearly one day, the question entered my mind !
Stu Harley Feb 8
fill us up
smoke and fire
dungeon soul
love fill us up
Molly Nicole Jul 16
Not getting off at that exit
Calms my heart
Going to the park that is now just a park
Removes the lump from my throat
Holding a paint brush like I once held your hand
Stops the shaking limbs
I have become my own lullaby
On nights
Where I learn to embrace a cup of tea
Rather than you
solitude and shadows are one
the sound of the sun
as it falls towards the horizon
lift up your eyes to the sky
for it reminds me of why i love you

burn up these memories
allow dreams to disagree
for if we are truly meant to be
then we’ll surely see each other again

ferment the leaves in jars
our lives may lead to scars
but if we allow our hearts to guide us
we may find that there
has always been a star inside us

blinded by beauty’s face
the secrets you have kept safe
its time to let them out
the knowledge of the soul
removes all doubts as it unfolds
all is one forever, without
all is one forever, we shout

blessed are we
lovers and angels
blessed are we
thousands of faithful
blessed are Thee, light’s prodigies
for lovers and thieves are all equal
Afterall we're all tired.
We just wanna lay down,
and see how the earth removes itself to the universe.
Just that way,
passively dying,
the stars.
Pétra Hexter Nov 2018
War; absolute
This will be my macadam into re-assemblage
For if I'm not on edge, I'm taking up too much precious space
What wickedness lies beneath the surface of the skin?
I should know this place better than anyone
But my landscape has become mercurial
Ever changing, impossible to map
I am forced to navigate its pitfalls in ever complicating ways
It has become a desolate place
I alone should rule here, my sovereignty unquestioned
Yet I've become content to be complacent, and have allowed a sickly intruder to slip past my walls
They infect, demoralize: turn my skin to stone
They must be expunged; cut out, snipped from the healthy flesh like a cancer
As one removes a gangrenous foot to save the leg
Though my tools at the moment are blunt, I sharpen them daily with the whetstone afforded to me
They will not continue to expel bile into the bloodstream for long
My strength returns by the hour
They know this, and they tremble
I am the goddess to whom this altar is devoted
I am righteous fury, come to cleanse this blight with holy fire and flood
The war drums sound as the gate is lifted

The iron bell tolls -- judgement day cometh
neko Sep 2018
No one's perfect, a truth that's always told
But goal and motivation is his stepping stone
Short term and lifelong sets made him so mold
Now he's infront of the crowd, sharing his story alone

Giving inspiration to maidens and lad
Showing the angle of sociology that life is fair
Life is unfair to him, life is unfair to her so don't be too sad
You're not the only one who has a problem to bare

He also pointed out inequality and discrimination
How it blocks the bridge for other races
How it removes peace and harmony to His creation
And gives them lesson on how to live with other faces

Demonstrating how to nurture the plants
Striking to everyone the beauty of every tree
Realizing that nature is best and independent
It could survive without us humans who's killing it continuously

Encouraging them to go out of the world
Stepping out of the front door of their comfort zone
Letting them know the lenses and view of words
Giving them the experiences that the society can provide like what's in Dale's cone
Chris Oct 2018
To those who read and those who plead
A message for one and all to heed
Please please, I need your attention please
A fickle star such as me has much to need
If we choose to leave or stay in times of greed
Then we must heave the grey lives we lead
It's so sad yes so sad to see our love bleed
Watching them fall like Indian beads

Listen listen please, or we'll be bound
For if we don't we'll lose all we've found
If we refuse to let free our hearts that pound
Then we will be forced to stick to the ground
The sky! Please look to the sky!
For we dream to fly up so high!
Like a bird! Yes a bird! If a lowly bird can fly!
Then why shouldn't we go and give it a try?

Now see brother now look sister! If we leave we're free!
We can leave this land and reach new heights above seas!
The sky will burn no more the green will finally flee!
Our lives, destroyed by our love for getting the lead
We must band together and finally we'll get to see
The world outside is more than just a sad dream
Outside is where our chance lies, waiting for one keen eye

An eye! yes an eye! Please please give me an eye.
If the mist takes lives and removes our eyes
Surely the sky above all sky's will fix our lies.
Fix our lies? No not our lies, fix our lives!
With no more lives to deal with strife
We'll be set free into a world without life.
Our perfect world awaits us we must leave!
But now we all see that our chance is lost.
There is no life the green takes it all.
There is no truth the lies hide it all.
There is no hope the sky still falls.
It takes just one attempt for us to end it all.
A B Faniki Aug 10
It is human nature to doubt everything;
It is human nature to feel with the senses before belief,
The creator knew these, hence children resemble their parent
In look and character, to eliminate doubt and establish belief.
It is natural to abuse the body for praises and glory;
It is natural to cut the body for beautification,
The creator knew this that is why he made some body part regenerate;
Some he made important that we felt the need to protect it.
It is human nature to desire beautiful things,
It is natural to be greedy and cruel,
The creator knew that, so he removes desire and strength
In old age, so that humans could find rest from their nature.
The creator knows his creation so he put check and
Balance in place to give his creation peace of mind.
From broken souls. The creator knows the nature of his cration is a reflection on human nature. Corrected v
As the trees aspire
We begin to tire
Another way the seasons came
Yet delivered all the same

Tides of change, crash on bay
Remain alone, not more to say
Scars atone, or maybe nay
But just as strange, begins the day

As the Sun appears and falls asleep
The darkness rushes to take the leap
The land has darken, though some may sleep
Our Beautiful moon makes a peep

From behind her mask, I sense a rush
A smile so soft, reveals her touch
The Moon removes her veil of clouds
For us to witness its beautiful pale blush

Wicks make bubbles, fuel to the flame
Some fun, some practice, some ritual,
Some pain
Soot blacken hands, Express what was desired
More seasons pass, more reasons left exspired
Days come and go.
Nights come and go.
Both are only measurements
Time is eternal
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