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Redshift Nov 2013
i was waiting for an opportunity to take my dad's credit card
because i wanted something
and tonight
just when i really wanted something
something silly
very badly
he was on the phone
his wallet on the table...
within two minutes
i was walking upstairs
his grody card
in my hand
punching in the numbers

before i clicked confirm order
i thought of remedying the situation
" was just trying to order you your birthday present
without you knowing
wanted it to be a surprise
haha, never guessed, did you"
i thought he wouldn't notice
the $30 missing

after i finally got what i wanted
i felt so full
i finally had it

and then i felt scared
and i wondered
if this is what i am reduced to
materialistic ****
stealing from my father
who gives me all he can
is this just because i am a girl
or because i am human
or because i am sad
when will i stop stealing things
am i some sick *******
who gets a thrill out of petty crimes
what will i do next?
Holly Jun 2013
Words can evoke many emotions.

Words can be like little paper hearts;
messengers of love and happiness,
if shot from Cupid's bow
carefully and aimed
at the right person.

Words can be like bandages;
able to heal wounds,
to make amends and
to fix someone,
to make them better again.

Words can be like knives;
sharp and strong,
they can hurt you,
slash straight through you,
they can cause pain.

Words can be like echoes;
all those thoughts
that you don't want to remember
can be heard, repeated in your head
over and over and over again.

Words are capable of both inflicting pain
and remedying it.
**Words are powerful.
people should remember how strongly their words can affect others sometimes.
Chase Graham Sep 2014
Pop-pop had really dark skin.
Brown sunshine soaked within him and
heated up the prodded red kindling of a young heart.
Fingers were bruised
and cracked and torn along the palms
and insides and betweens of his nails.
Sometimes he would touch me
with those hands, pat heads
or rub backs. Brown leafy eyes
made sure to do most of the reassuring.
I don't remember a lot. Just a soft Delaware accent, and tattered overalls reaching up and around
a remedying belly where I would put my head.
The Noose Sep 2014
The late afternoon sun
Whose heat dusk
Would soon to absorb
Sifted through the window
Exposing particles of dust
Lightly strewn
On the glistening cement floor
Of the passageway
It must have been September

Daisied grass beneath my feet
Ladybird crawling
Along my fingertip
A fleet of autumnal birds
On the wing
Above me in their hundreds
Their remedying cadence
Humming and resonating
In my head
It must have been September

Swathed in the air of content
And absence of dissonance
Silently without warning
The light of september
Faded with the light of day
To bore the fathomless
The eruption of chaos
When my coin flipped
As I slept
Happiness or sadness
Out of my hands.
Tyler Cobain Jun 2014
It's been a year since
The most selfish selfless
Thing was done

Tears will always fall in June

It's been twelve months since
The most ambitious lethargic call
Was send out

Tears will always fall in June

It's been three hundred and sixty five days since
The most agonising bliss
Was reached out for

Tears will always fall in June

It's been eight thousand seven hundred and sixty six hours since
The most remedying hindrance
Saved the life unwanted

Tears will always fall in June
Ryling Nov 2010
When she left her city lights
and came to California’s sun,
she lost her ****** eyes
to the first star in the night.
Her silhouette and shadows matched
against the hue above.
She dared the clock to make her change
her pertinacious love.

Every cloud’s got silver lines.
Every cup is fully filled.
Yet, she’s bludgeoned by her doubts
and made faithless by the lies
but somewhere in between this state
she finds her answer here.
It’s Calovefornia summer days
the remedying cure.
Nat Lipstadt Feb 8
bid me follow, unbutton that grimy work shirt,
present me ruby nippled *******, silently commanding
worship, suckling, an invitation to come unto me,
my initiation to the pleasure of getting to know you intime

you will laugh with surprise, as the anointing oil of relief
crowns your head, slicking down to caving cavities,
river running in crevices, that feed the buried places,
replenishing the almost forgotten secret of letting go

your pleasure is my greatest pleasure, for long known
the best taking lies beneath unabashedly giving, gentrifying,
you will full fill me, me eager drinking your noises, releasing
my purposes, coming to take my re-education you remedying

your short fingernails will pierce, new additions to my scars,
my history, your chapter, verse and stanza, all now, a claim upon me, that cannot be refused, for elemental silk threads now bind, each may pull, at either end, for the thread is of our singular commonality,
human tissue
Ikjot Singh Oct 2017
Driving through a remote highway in a thunderstorm,
winds howl
deafening the ears craving for a consolatory and palliative sound
the welkin lit by the fire flashing across the clouds.
The rain
****** the cars.
The thunder
seemed like a dying drummer of a battlefield.
The fiery sky
ushered callousness into the deserted streets.
A mixed feeling of fear and loneliness, anxietic trepidation and forlorn..  
appeared a bridge.

Lighted feebly by a bygone light post
like the breath of the dying.
As soon as I allowed the bridge
to place its hand over my head,
the noise dampened.
the uneasiness decreased.
the war ended.
and the drummer took a moment to rest his head upon his drum..
a sigh could be felt.
there was a sense of composure and calmness
Kept hidden in the unfriendly localities outside.
The heart wanted to stay,
to be wrapped in the serenity.
The pacifying feel
like a mother holding her child.  
like a wounded soldier,
who returned from the war zone, being taken care and healed by love.. but soon as I left the warmness of the friendly area..
the thunderclaps welcomed me like they got their prey back..
the winds
growling against my windshield like an unfriendly knock at the midnight.. the blanket of darkness hides away
all the light which once seemed within the reach..
I drove back home..
but with a smile..
Smile, depicting the right prediction of  ending up in the same place from where I had been continuously trying to get out..
with a glow on face..
Glow, created by the fire which had been burning everything in front of me..
The tears, though invisible,
reminded me of the lows I deserve.
doing right, yet losing
was a habit now.
I marked another red on my ledger but without any jolt.
A sigh
was enough
to show that I was back.

That calming, comforting, gentle, peaceful, reassuring, restful, alleviating, consoling, easing, mollifying, pacifying, relaxing, relieving, remedying, softening, warming feeling was you.

That bridge was you.
Jaspal Kaur Dec 2016
Your heart skips a beat even at their single thought.
That care, attention, affection, worry is not for yourself anymore.
Your days are full of fake smiles and nights with never ending tears.
You want to be happy but sadness seems to be more comforting.
Darkness seems to be more consoling than a ray of light.
Loneliness feels like more remedying than being escorted.
You want to die but there’s something that still keeps you stuck.
You feel like quitting but your wounded heart is still full of love.
The Noose May 2018
The late afternoon sun
Whose heat dusk would soon to absorb
Sifted through the window
Exposing particles of dust
Lightly strewn on the glistening cement floor
Of the passageway
It must have been September

Daisied grass beneath my feet
Ladybird crawling along my fingertip
A fleet of autumn birds on the wing
Above me in their hundreds
Their remedying cadence
Humming and resonating in my head
It must have been September.

— The End —