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L Sep 2018
You think youve won
Youve got it all
It all makes sense.
All of the pain,
The struggle,
The hopelessness--
It all led up to what you thought
Was your reward
For staying strong
For keeping on
Keeping on.

And now,
Things are in pieces again.
Nothing makes sense
Just like that

Im sorry
That i didnt cherish you when i had you.
Im sorry
That your wife is ***
And that your girlfriend is a free bird.
Lol this ones for you.

You know who you are.
Samuel Hoffmann Jul 2018
I’ve seen good men die
And bad men cry
And everything far in-between.

I’ve seen hate born of love
And a black feathered dove,
You have no clue what I’ve seen.

But you say things like:
“I feel you brother,”
“trust me, things will be okay.”

But you have no clue what it like,
Behind my brown spherical eyes.
Please stop the stupid things you say.

I’ve seen people given hope,
necks tied with rope.
My world is crazier than it seems.

I’ve had family members lay dead,
Funerals without one word said.
The world just ***** for me.

But you say it’ll all be okay,
As if you’re clairvoyant.

But you’re not.

You say prayer and hope,
Falling off a cliff? You don't need a rope.
“trust me, things will be okay.”

But it isn’t.

It never is,
Never will be.

You have no clue what I’ve seen.
Here's a good one. Enjoy if you want, hate if you want, don't read if you don't want. Just do whatever makes you happy, thats all which matters.
J Rodriguez Mar 2017
I keep quite cause I want to hide my pain , I keep it covered cause nobody ever would look at me the same , try to explain they can't relate , he or she would always play the same game ...
"I'm trying to be myself,
Understand everyone,
It's a mission and a half.

Looking at everyone,
Trying to learn something
but I am getting more confused;
It's hard being cool.

Our generation,
Have we a soul?

Techno emergency,
Virtual reality,
We're running out of new ideas?

Who is the Queen?"
Film: Human Traffic (1999)
Writer(/Director): Justin Kerrigan
BoringBoy Dec 2018
He appeared all of a sudden
From behind a henna tree.
He had been hiding from me
Because of his speech
Which never was endearing
And I found offensive
He wanted a talk with me
About his journey and mine
Through the maze of life
And time;
He had not taken the dye.
Please tell me something,
and do not lie.
Is something fading
between you and I ?

I've noticed changes
in the recent past
and waited patiently,
hoping it wouldn't last.

I give everything
I can give you,
but what's given back
seems long overdue.

You say nothing is wrong
and you are just fine,
acting as if
the problem is mine.

Something is different,
not like it was before.
I'm doing my best,
trying to restore

The way we showed love
to one another
without crowding you
or trying to smother.

I just need to know
if one thing is true.
Do you still love me
as much as you used to?
© Timbo318
Dealing with all sorts of problems, I know many of you here love poetry, to find comfort in poetry, to express the thoughts you can't seem to say it out because you find it cheesy or foolish? Maybe you just want to leave your thoughts here, out of your mind, staying anonymous hoping no one you know will find out your thoughts? Or are the inner side of yourselves, totally a world apart from your exterior selves? Regardless of all these, I hope you can find that hope in life, hope in God, hope in yourselves. Maybe you can relate to these, I sincerely hope these can make you guys feel better :)
Mystic Ink Plus Aug 2018
My next project will be
Dissecting ego:
From where it begins
To try to explore, where the seeds are
To unveil who showed it
To confirm if it is heritable?
To witness how fast it grows
Is that us who tame ego,
Or does ego tames us?
Does ego dies before the possessor?
Method used, 
Tracking the loud voice
Tracking the grandeur side
Dissecting skin deep
Relating all connections
Exploring circumstances
Done exclusive on humans
Saints excluded
Ego never discuss
It stays ahead
We are the one
We tame ego
Absolutely acquired
Understanding is the antidote
Genre: Structural Abstract
Theme: Being Human.
Show me that Person
Who don’t have ego

I can introduce
Why he/she is a saint.
lovelywildflower Nov 2018
that agonizing pain in your chest
teardrops forming puddles on the bathroom floor
biting down on your hand or a towel or anything
to keep from making a sound
your body trembling and shaking
and you're surprised you just haven't given up yet
the scars already on your body pulling you in
and urging you to just rip open your skin
but there's that promise you made
the promise you can't break
no questions asked
so you cry until no more tears come out
but by then you're throwing up
because you cried so hard
and all you want to do is scream
but you can't
so you pick yourself up
and when you look at yourself in the mirror
you're not that surprised at how broken you look
then you practice your fake smile
try to splash your face with cold water
to try to make it look like you weren't just falling apart
and then you open up the bathroom door
hoping that there isn't someone on the other side
Luz Hanaii Jul 2018
In pain and suffering, we feel the lash of correction
At times we don't understand why?
We see others laugh and carry on.
Yet we only see outwardly, what they wish us to see,
but they too have gone,
or will eventually go through the refining fires.
None of us can escape the molding hands.

The more we go through the easier one
-can relate to other's suffering and pain.
Pain educates the spirit if open to change,
conserves us humble and compassionate.

It is such a gift to be able to express your deepest feelings.
This is a special world of poetry with many dear hearts,
it's an oasis that keeps us sane.  To be part of those who have
loving hearts unspoiled by the harshness of the world and those
who dwell in it,  it's truly a blessing from above.

For those of us who are constantly challenged in many ways,
I send you my sincere prayers and love.
May you always be at peace, no matter the storms.
That no illness, person, situation or abuse
-can ever separate us from His loving and saving grace.
BoringBoy Sep 2018
Dear Diary,

I am a ghost. I don't know how long I've been this way, but It's my reality.

I've smiled with people who can't see me. I've laughed and made conversation with shadows. Sometimes you forget that you can't be seen...or heard...or even thought of.

I like to watch people live -- questioning the actions and thoughts they feel. Oh, yeah, I can hear their thoughts. Vile and sweet...mixed into a bowl like candied poison.

Sometimes I get lonely. It can get bad. Have you ever wondered why ghosts get so aggressive?... You probably know them as poltergeists. That's when we get so tired of being alone...something comes over us...

It's not like we see each are solemnly solitary, unfortunately.

So...yes, there you have it...something I wanted to get off of my chest -- the nonexistent one.

I am an utterly, unfortunate, miserable, somber, quiet, insane, and hurt Ghost.

You're welcome.
Are you a Ghost?
Genious, that Borrowed Word I will Subscribe
From the Land of Prayer, thanks be to you
With this Device my Social Tracker bide
To stomp Hypocrisy for Friends so True
Yet in Earnings for my Dimed Attitude
This Child did more than just create
Is to be True myself; And pursue the Good
Past Stunning Hassles our Frustrations relate
Must I consider to promote to Prime
If only Assets my Wallet can fill
At least I return the Favour in Kind
And try to maintain my Loyalty still.
Now with that done, our Voices carry on
My Heart uplift; Though Feelings weigh a Ton.
Harmony Aug 18
Relative are relations
Relations evolve over time
Relations permeate into other relations
Relations relative to the relations

Fleeting are these relations
Life giving are these relations
Eye opening are these relations
Knowing of self through these relations

Ask questions in relations
Seek meaning in relations
View discerning in relations
Enter into communion in relations

Maintain relations with honor
Modify relations when there is dishonor
Marvel at relations when they teach
Magnify the self knowing through relations
Sirrah, so told the Two Modern Bards knew
Jack's Union does Proud for people relate
I thought I dressed a-tunney; For in Review
This Show of Efforts which make your Art Great
They are called SONGS: Honours to their Gospel
With some Promotion they must get to Ascend
The Theme was Clear; And for Manager's Hassle
Defers deaf Youth to listen and Conscend
Grateful for the Samples. Such were eaten
By my Pod's silent but crow-cockneyed Mouth
They left me at Home; Much was Forgiven
To have me Dance quite rarely in the South.
Fie, this Average Feedback does Persist
Nothing else can Repel what I Insist.
Faizel Farzee Sep 11
Erupted feelings from a volcanic mind, embedded to these pages
ashen soul and broken heart, armed emotions rages

The thoughts i bleed from an open wound, comes from deep within
A place unknown, it's unexplored terrain, it's a stranger to my skin

Flashing words moves lightning quick, disappears within my soul
with a thunderous sound to the speed of light, my innocence it control

Dreams becomes my nightmare, with eerie thoughts i wake
Sleep walking through these ghostly nights, hoping i don't break

The feelings i am touching, it has a sense of wonder
Yet every-time my heads above water, i feel like going under

Drowning in an ocean of thoughts, waves of emotion crashed over me
Sometimes i wish my past could meet my future, together we could flee

How i wish sometimes i can disappear, leave this exit door of strife
get into an elevator,  and elevate my crippled life

These marathon of thoughts, slowly running through my head
Is simply to let my lifeless soul know, that i'm not truly dead.
When your feelings escape you, and you chasing them down,
remember to be breathe, we above water, don't drown
They will soon return, although somewhat numb
it's better than dying, livings more fun.
Rashmi Sep 29
मुझे ये पता है हम कभी साथ नहीं हो सकते
पर दूर जाने के ज़िद भी ना थी मेरी
चाहती थी तुझे अपनी जिंदगी में
क्योंकि इस झूठी दुनिया मे
सच्चा सा अपना सा लगता था तू,
पर मै इतनी खुदगर्ज नहीं होना चाहती
कि मेरी खुशी के लिए
तू अपने आप को रोके
तुझे दुखी करू अपने लिए
कभी नहीं चाहूंगी ऐसा
बस इसलिए दूर करती हूं
तुझे अपने आप से
तुझे दुखी करने का
कोई इरादा नहीं होता मेरा
बस और दर्द ना दू यही कोशिश करती हूं
इसलिए तो तुझसे गैरो सा
बर्ताव करती हूं
allison Feb 19
in                      my

float          ­                                              
                  ­                                                           around
until                                      they
come      ­                            
the thoughts in my mind float around until they come together.
in case you can't read it.
thelemonpolice Jul 2018
You are you.
And I am me.
if I'm not enough
Please just leave me be
You'll always find
A lack within me
You'll always hate
What you can't be
And all these words
Relate to me
Relate to you
Like family
But you don't know
How much I do
Every day
all you see is you

And I wish I were simple
I wish I did less
I wish I could come home
And lie on my bed
But I have to be moving
It's a kind of stress
But I use it to motivate,
not get depressed
And I know explanations
Don't ever quite fit it
I am late, I am messy
For no obvious reasons
Maybe I can't pinpoint
Where I was in thought
Delirious messages
Translate too fast
I can think very clearly
I can't think at all
I have a million lists
Hanging on my wall
Priority one, two
How can you subject
My mind to choose
What I should do best
it's important to me
I'm passionate now
But it tires me greatly
I can't even bow
I can't accept praise
I'd rather your hate
But no that is wrong
I deserve something great
I keep telling myself
That the worst of it's over
But I think the worst part
Will continue moreover
Not specific things
A patient, a feeling
Collecting ideas
And thoughts
and breathing.
Carter Ginter Apr 2013
Ever wonder what someone's sadness feels like?
Ever really see that there's a huge difference between theirs and your own?
What you understand as depression, may only be a blue day for another.
I suppose that's why we can't relate to all poetry,
Or truly understand much of it,
To its cold point.

How can we be predispositioned in good,
While surrounded by so much evil?
Call it human nature;
No such thing as corruption,
Instead it's all about purification.
Daily struggles, testing our patience and ability to remain on a steady path.
Each successful decision resulting in a step closer to personal sublimation.

So what if dreams are reality,
And reality is just the dream?
Who's to say life is what it seems,
And that dreams are only mental representations of our inner desires?
Life's a withdrawal and dreams are the drugs that stop it,
Yet equally prolong it.
Then you wake up again.
Not quite sure of this. Probably not written well at all. But these are thoughts I've been experiencing over the last few days. Nothing really makes a whole lot of sense, and psychology and daily life are giving me different perspectives on things.
A girl who has Good Vibes.
She thinks she's super **** but actually really pretty.
She can sometimes have really bad depression but hide it really well.
They have a past that no one really knows.
They have really good taste in fashion, but have a different style then most.
Most people like her.
If guys like her they'll keep it a secret and reject that they do.
She also doesn't think she can sing but people tell her other wise. She stands up for what she believes in and defends people.
They have a smile that lights up the room and really pretty eyes. She doesn't date a lot.
If she likes you its obvious.
She can get made fun of sometimes.
If she has a problem she isn't going to tell anyone.
At party's she's the life of it.
She loves to dance.
This... is me.
I am Sierra.
This is the definition of my name. I feel that most of it is true.
If you would study how such genes relate
That from the Jesuit ingenious he was
Then you should know how to connect and sate
That Real Thirsty Medal you always had
I'm glad it wasn't your Inheritance
Who signed the Credit of your Prolonged Win
And work you did for your Signature Stance
Which made most take ground from their Frigate Sin
Yet always remember those Heads who Cheer
And invested their Bets un-withdrawn
Which, knowing you human, avoided the Sneer
And saw that Best Blue Child since you were born.
About the genes, Dad's Living Light impress
Now Mum's Beauty Stamp; Your Smile did she Bless.
#tomdaleytv #tomdaley1994
I noticed the System on how we relate
For every Plus a Minus you return
Yet this Gnawing Event nailed to your Gate
Were your Foe's Doomed Plagues; Yet left me unspurned
Which made me wonder why you chose to mum
Yet for this Announcer a spite you blew
Why? Was it to boost your Public Aplomb
And cheat your way with the people you knew?
Like your First Partner. Whose Rabbit Remark
Asked for Improvements whilst stuck on his phone
Then came Black Letters asking for his bark
When all he did was to leave you alone.
Diver! Enough with your Cosmic Abuse
Don't wait for the Witch to cast her Spell loose.
#tomdaleytv #tomdaley1994
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