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I've had a thousand conversations with you in my mind this week.

I already know what you will say.

My responses,
...they are rehearsed.

My patience is limited for,
       unlike you,
...I have seen this movie before.


            "It doesn't mean I do not love you,

in fact, means the opposite."

...because you are all I think about


* It is not that I am really smart
It is not that I am really smart
It is not that I am really smart.

I see you all.

All the time,

I want to love one of you girls,
ryn Feb 2015
the comforting warmth of the morning sun,
like I had known it from the days of yesteryears.
the familiar scent of dew-kissed grass,
a fresh aroma that brought forth the tide of gratitude laden tears.

I had foreseen the day to be just as before...
I had planned to play out my morning as I had rehearsed.
but your message had foiled all that I thought I knew...
it brought about the smile that eternity had kept pursed.

your words were laced with the flowers of spring...
they set at ease the unapparent apprehension I've always kept.
they spoke of compliments meant only for the worthiest quills,
I've read them in disbelief as I think not of myself, an adept...

truly you are one that's generous and so very kind.
for your words flew off the page and had struck home;
bearing the stoutest of hope and most selfless of wishes.
they had provided direction in these vague circles that I roam.

so now allow me to thank you dear poetess...
for drawing the sunrise clear into my view.
I shall revel and bask in its delightful rays...
because your words had painted today in the brightest hue...
For Pamela Rae.
ryn Mar 2015
This smile that makes your day...
This undaunted smile that seem to say.
Show me yours too so we both could play,
On a plane where everything is fine...
Everything's okay...

This smile that reaches out to you...
With nothing but invisible arms.
Caresses your eyes and draws you in.
Entices you with the sweetest charms.

Whispers you tales of a brightly lit future;
Where we're trapped in dance with each other...
Lifting and,
Seducing one another...

Let the music ring clear,.
Over the thumping of our heartbeats...
Aggressively segmenting, framing the dance into seconds that would elapse.
Like two duelists entranced into committing tender jousts and retreats.

But know that...
This smile screams only lies.
For it is but a routine mask.
So well worn and adequately rehearsed...
You'd never see the need to ask.

Instead you'd just allow yourself be taken,
To a place where the tide gently beats...
Upon the shore our two ailing hearts.
A place where earth and sky would meet.

When in fact,
It hides the turmoil and agitation.
Guarding the storm that brews incessantly.
Continuously threatening
To breach this shared sanctity with me.

A haven would've then be erected.
That very instant we allowed...
This dance of smiles
From time of first contact to the time we bowed.

This smile... Only took a second
To paint a peaceful picture upon my face.
Free from the pressures building behind my pursed lips.
Just take this smile so that in that second,
We could get lost in the promise of a heavenly place...
Stephen E Yocum Jul 2014
They swarm in
Their thousands,
Moving as one,
Erratic it seems,
Rolling and undulating,
Rippling like a
wave on the sea,
Traversing the Valley
And Hillsides,
Seeking plunder,
In their numbers.
A well rehearsed
Sky dance perhaps.
A demonstration of
superior, formidable
and menacing forces.

Soon the air cannons
Will boom
And echo.
Hired men will walk
Among the vines,
Banging on metal pans,
Firing shotguns.
The swarms you see,
Wants the fruit.

Starlings care nothing,
for aged fermented,
Fine Pinot Noir,
By the glass,
Or bottle.
The grapes their prize.
Nor are they concerned
with the efforts of man,
Or his air cannons.
What is noise to them,
When fat sweet grapes
Are in plain view?

The war of the Vineyards',
A yearly event.
Starlings are not native to North
America. In the early 1900s some
well meaning fool introduced
some 200 of the winged wolves into
Central Park in NYC.

Today they are everywhere
and in their multitudes. More
than merely a nuisance, a plague
upon the land. Billions of them!
Hitchcock made a movie inspired
by them. They are even a colorless
bird, purely unattractive to behold,
a bird of no worth except to ravage
and disturb.
Worldeater May 2016
Here lies a continuation of being.
View it as scenery indifferent to the weather channel.
A silent, exponential inverted sunshine euphoria
Warming the deepest letters of the soul:
U and I swaying outside linear cubic conventions corroded-
We sway like flowering Earth Resonance blooming as foreign

A toe-curling in the chest stretched intimate at the highest hour

An unconditional syncopation of the heart and mind echoing a
Design as Liquid Resonance - I am that which you are.
“I could cry solid tears. Where have I been all these years,” says

You to reflected I rippling

Never spoken, only written as an abstract entity aware of vibrations
Tethered to timeless stories never read, only felt as I and U in

Reflected them, the missing strangers with a need to be found

Twisted eyes, encumbered lips, everflowing knitted letters stuttered. Kissed. Growing from itself a rehearsed mantra embroidered pattern discord. Mythical. The murmuration of a serenade’s evil dermis that feigns thick to tooth and claw, but silences to love as the overture.

Wide-eyed, you and I are a nascent reprise of words cloaked in inked pages turning in the billowing wind.
"Read them to me."
So I read in heavy rain.
From Monday to Sunday.
JS CARIE May 2018
Assert confidence in a convincing recital
Claim certainty that protection is binding
safety is paramount
a rehearsed amount
until she takes it on ethics
every truth is there to detect
A battle for reason
until potential yields to the objective
Loyalty isn't just imagination

Fate constructed in a noiseless dialogue
momentary eye contact
pencil hits paper
Smoke and vapor
Fire comes later
an unsurpassed honor
All the letters weve written
are a smear on the page of occasion
Resulting in endless treasure
Only to be rediscovered
When the omission is uncovered
SøułSurvivør Sep 2018

In heaven Satan was the best,
The worship-leader, very blessed
Magnificent, all would attest
Thought he'd be above the rest

He thought he should be in God's place
That he'd slap Jesus in the face
He fell from honor... fell from grace
In the end he lost the race

God is TOUGH.
They'll scream & shout!
All Satan's angels in a rout
In the end they got kicked out!
Satan thought he had a plan
Yep. He thought HE was the MAN
Finished before the Book began
He was like lightning as he fell
And in the end he'll go to hell.

YEAH. God don't play.
Don't take no guff.
There's a point
He had enough!
Had His fill of
Stupid stuff...
Let me tell you,


Pharaoh thought HE was all that.
On a golden throne he sat
Yeah, he WAS a mean ol' cat
Hebrew sweat made his land fat

Put the Hebrews through a LOT
But MOSES had another thought
Pharaoh's heart was
Hardened... caught
Through Moses God
Caused Egypt's rot...

Because of Moses' bravery
Pharaoh ended the slavery.

God is TOUGH!
They had no hope
God gave Pharaoh
Lot's of rope
Through Moses
God brought on a curse
Plagues of sorts which
Were the worst!
Pharaoh thought
He would be first
But it played out
As though rehearsed.

End of scene. Act. Then show!
Moses cried, "LET MY PEOPLE GO!"

Pharaoh did as it appears
40 YEARS!!


On the mountain God he wrote
The Ten Commandments
That he spoke.
They were written for the Folk
His very finger carved them out
As Moses stood up on the mount.
Moses came back for to find
His people had just lost their minds!
A golden calf is what they'd wrought
With the gold that they had brought
Moses made a golden draught
And made them drink it as they ought.

He begged with God
Not to destroy them!
Other tablets to deploy them.
To God's ways. There were Ten Commandments
So the people's have a moral fence.
God brought order. The Law was sent.
So the people would repent.

God is TOUGH! So don't be fooled!
He will judge... And by His rules!
Those who follow are as jewels
Those who don't are Devil's tools.


Now God has a dispensation
To save the people! Save the Nations!
God left heaven as a babe
So the people could be saved!
So His people could be well
From spirit's sickness - Satan's spell.
They called His name Emanuel.

From God's seed and divine birth
Jesus came and walked the Earth
His little flock he taught & gathered
He was teaching of the Father.
He taught goodness & great wisdom
He taught us how to
Find the Kingdom.

The Pharisees in anger brought
His death upon Him, for he taught!
He cast out demons. Healed many!
Gave the people food aplenty!
So the givers of the Law
Hated him for what they saw
Accused him of sin and vice
So they crucified the Christ.

God is TOUGH!
Jesus was cast down
With bitter gall and thorny crown
He put him in a criminal's grave
So that many could be saved!
Stripped of clothing and of pride
The wrath of God was satisfied
He put him in a criminal grave
So that many could be saved!

By his blood and by his death
He brought out the Lost, bereft.
For three days he was Underground
The women came and then they found
He had come forth! He had the keys!
From the devil took with ease
Hell, death, and the grave
He took all these!


Now, Christ in Resurrection stands
He's the greatest of the grand!
He gathers people from all lands
To bring them out
With a mighty hand!

But you'd better take advice...

Accept MERCY....


Cathy Jarvis
Slam poetry + Rap = SLAP!

Thanks for reading! I know it was long, but I hope it was worth the effort... I really put a lot of effort into it myself! God bless you!
Noel Billiter Sep 2018
Mr. handsome stranger
He’s coming after
Desperate like a last request
Frantic delusional lunatic
Unhinged fragile losing what’s left
Self serving sadomasochistic
Easy on the eyes but doesn’t quite fit in
Playing it cool in social situations
His intelligent banter he claims as his own
With somewhat smart comebacks he practiced at home

Trying so hard that the sweat beads down
Onto his stressed wrinkled furrowed brow
the stories he skillfully misdirected  
Carefully darting  unwanted questions
Mr. Indiscreet can’t blow his cover
Disarm the girl of his unrealistic dreams
How quite average and normal he can be

Mr. Stalker walks over to the Girl
works up the courage and talks to her
Strikes up a witty conversation
With his movie star smile and education
Using the words that he pre rehearsed
Says all the right things and compliments her
Looking past his rather peculiar behavior
And when politely asked gives up her number

He rings her up the very next day
With a romantic scenic picnic date
Under the shade of a lush green tree
Upon a blanket with wine and cheese
Playing the part of the handsome boyfriend
Gains her full trust and faith in him

Joking in a effort to make her laugh
To put her at ease and follow his plan
Jealous of her ex boyfriends
Knowing their names and full address
And when he drops her off at home
Tracks and follows her every move
Knows all her weekly kept routines
Threatens and blackmails all her friends
Studies everyday mundane errands
Unaware of his decent into madness
Tori Dec 2017
"I am enough"
She said to the mirror,
Dull eyes gazing back
Her reflection recreating regal
That coming so naturally before, now were cracked

"I am beautiful"
She said, with silver tears
Brimming in her eyes
In the daytime she was Clepatra
Aching for affirmation, filled with ***** lies

Standing in her own presence
No lines so sweetly versed
No role to be rehearsed
Fists clenched, lips tightly pursed
Oh beautiful tragedy! you lost your identity...
the ache is stayed with the plunge of a blade
breaching  the chasm which once held your heart
When the silence is deafening and you can’t find the words.
The music so loud that you scare off the birds.
When you’re feeling so low
that the pain feels it’s worst
The players on set seem like they’ve all rehearsed.
It’s time to cowboy up and go wrangle the herd.
Diana Garcia Jul 2018
And now I can get over you the way I should have
Knowing I didn’t do all that I could have
Now I can wallow in regret
Cause my ego had done nothing but bring me dread.
It’s my own fault my hearts so coarse
Now you have two daughters with her
For better
For worse
This whole time I thought I was cursed
But I was just getting ready to ride the hearse
In a hurry to be buried
I’ve done my worse
This is all new
This part ain’t rehearsed  
You went from not even crossing my mind
To being  featured in my verse
It hit me like a ton of bricks
I hope this feeling
Ain’t the type that sticks

If my man finds out
He’ll have a fit
He’ll pick a corner for me to sit
Like a piece of furniture
But I guess this is what I get..
Therapy.. can’t kive with it.. can’t  live without it..


At least I’ve gained some perspective
Zoe Walsh Sep 2018
nothing is wrong
but something doesn’t feel right
i am an actress in a play who has tears in her eyes
because the script changed and
now she doesn’t know her lines.
the spotlight burns on my skin
i know this is a defining moment
the universe has its eyes on me
but all I can do is speak echoes of what I rehearsed
Uncertainty and Anxiety press against my chest
as if trying to break through my ribcage
and crush my heart
i want to leave the stage
quit the play
burn the script
but I love my role too much
and I want those flowers when the curtain falls
Ella Aug 2018
Somehow caught in the middle riding high upon a picket fence.
White washed easel penned my thoughts in recompense.
Somehow this feels all so rehearsed these spoon fed lines.
While laundered past remnants create
together knot sublime.
Somehow between want and desire
either the altar or the door.
Amelia Nov 2018
This poem isn't one about boys.
This poem isn't a tribute to the girls
Who got their hearts broken by an idiot.
But I pray for them too.

This poem is not  plea for attention,
This poem is not a bargaining chip.

This is to the little girls who's
Fathers hurt them more
Than any boy ever could
This is an ode to the girls who cry over
An abandoned office.
This is for the warriors who fought through the pain.

You've wondered if it was your fault.
You've wondered if there was anything
You or anyone could've done.
The nights you've seen pass by
As you contemplate why he didn't stay
Are countless.

You've written poems about the
Emptiness you've felt
Because of his absence.
You've rehearsed in your mind what it would
Be like
If he came back.
You've thought about how it would be
If life were perfect.

This is the first part of this poem. It's fairly lengthy so I'm breaking it up into parts. I hope you enjoyed Part One!
Jamie Dec 2018
These uni kids are smashing coke
Rolling up with daddies notes
Every night is a story to tell like an anecdote
Next morning flick to the camera roll  
They make and change plans and go back on their word like a palindromes
Revealing photos of them carrying traffic cones holding them like their atlas stones
The lines they rehearsed were more insignificant than a cameo in a B part acting role
They just want some escape
So they take White that liberates
But find themselves stuck in a position like a casting mould
Anxiety takes control
Hands shaking like Lee Harvey Oswald gripping an optical scope panning towards the grassy knoll
Debauchery is gonna run up in these kids headspace and kick off the latch
Most of them mesmerised by the white stripes they start to believe a seven nation army couldn't hold them back.
University Twitter: @JxmieHxll
anonturtles Sep 2018
I only got to be strangers with you for a
fraction of a second.
A half of a blink
and when I opened my eyes next
you were the you that you are to me now
and stranger-you was gone forever
but I remember him in perfect detail.

He is younger than you,
a little dumber than you.
He has longer hair
and a more rehearsed smile.
He makes puns and dad jokes
tells stories and laughs at mine.
Speaks of things, not feelings
and I can never quite tell what he’s thinking.

But unlike just-you and just-me
there is space in between,
a gap I tried to fill with
facts about his favorites
points about his past.
But still, he is a stranger to me, as I am to him
So there are many more things I can’t quite pin…

Like I don’t know how his hand fits into mine,
how our fingers feel tightly intertwined.
The way he smiles when he says ‘I love you’
and the shine in his eyes after ‘I love you too’.
What it’s like to lie on his shoulder
his arm around me, so I am closer.
The blanket over us to make it dark
or under us for a picnic in the park,
know what he’s thinking from just a glance
remember what it’s like to share a dance,
how he looks waiting under a tree
or how his kisses are so sweet,
to look deep into his smiling eyes
and know without doubt he is mine.

I did not know these things about stranger-you
because before I could ask he disappeared into just-you
and then I didn’t need to ask.

I hope we are never strangers again.
Zen Dog Apr 2018
Flames lick and flicker fueling the fire of a combustible iridescent soul until it explodes in formed phrases and stories told like fireworks. Wielding an unfathomable yearning for learning the true weight of words and how hot they burn for better or worse. Rehearsed and rehashed paragraphs, finely tuned non fiction, fabricated falsehoods, and forgotten lore are riddled and widdled down into one well written epic epitaph ment to inspire us to tightrope walk on live wires or fan the fires of our own burning funeral pyers for a chance that we may be understood through written word.
Chidera Abaratu Oct 2018
Thinking about it all
We come to realize that it was all nonsense
The 'love' promised by him   was just deceit and fake
He just lied to lure young and naive girls into his deadly trap
Deceiving them through fake love, lies and deception of words that don't come from the depths of his heart
But words that has already being rehearsed over and over again in his confined places, to his
He goes to some  ladies with these rehearsed words and make them fall for their tricks in order to reduce and use the ladies to nothing but their *** slave
But for ladies who know the tricks of men so well are considered as "The Wise Ones"  because they've understood the tricks of men so well that they themselves can never be tricked again by any man on earth
Cronedrome Sep 2018
Always more than you deserve
You cut your teeth
Against all those brick walls
All sin here is absolved
Into the lack of resolve
Through the surface of my skin
Tales of caution in reverse
All confession
Has been rehearsed
Rehearsed againt the wind
I hate love lives
But I don't hate life
I just don't think I could get it right in 8 lives
Each one with 8 wives
That's 64 beautiful women
Thoroughly explored I couldn't find love in em

I relish in hate right...
But I don't hate life
I just can't help but see the stigma that you're stained by
Slithering worthless serpents working circles and sinning
I heard their hymns and verse but couldn't find love in em

I play to their hate right..
But they don't hate life
They're just vulnerable to the flames Nihilists lay by
Sleeping soundly certain that there was no divine venom
Pious verses were immersive yet rehearsed I couldn't find love in em.

It's subjective what's right
But I don't hate life
I just can't shape my morals and at the same time,
Sit in oblong boxes and keep my thoughts within em
I read your laws, codes, and odes but couldn't find love in em
lena k May 2017
I'm so tired
of having to just sit here
and accept the fact that you barely thought of me all year.
You tell me,
"Don't go, I'd miss you,"
each time my mind wonders.
But I know you're lying.
You know I'm crying.
I've had time to sit and ponder.
I've come to the realization
that I've cried to you multiple times.
But everything you say to me
is rehearsed
and only to be kind.
I've told you almost a million times
of how empty I feel inside.
You cheer me up
and pretend to care.
But if I left,
you'd never cry.
I've told you a million times
that I want to feel damage and pain.
However, if I were to go,
you'd still be completely sane.
I wish that I could tell you
that I love you very much so.
But I know just how that would end up.
It'd end with endless crying
days and weeks in a row.
So now, I'll admit it.
I've reached end of my strength.
I feel so lost, alone, and empty.
This is the end of my days.
I'm so tired.
Monika Layke Aug 24
I remember the day
was charcoal
encircled with purply frostiness.

No matter how well-rehearsed
the words, they still came chocking from their cage.

It was rough talk with icing on top
and little bits of black licorice for acid reflux
and heartburn. We tried to say we'd
split the Sundays;
you wouldn't have to choose a flavor as long as they weren't,
married together.

Oh life, you're a tin of
tambourines with monkey cymbals
and inner screams from palaces
made of ice, melting.
Victor D Aguayo Nov 2018
None of you were ever the first
To tell me all I've done wrong
There's no such thing as the worst
After not telling me all along

Like this moment is always rehearsed
Always waiting till the very end
Wishing my actions could have reversed
What your smile loves to pretend

So keep on bringing the cursed
To grow strong for the one that stays
This heart stays ready to burst

...Maybe just one of these days
ryn Aug 2014
Love is majestic, love is blind
Love can be plastic; it can be unkind.
It possesses; and it takes control
If it's an obsession; it'll take a toll.

Love overwhelms with feelings so sweet
In your heart it floods, sweeps you off your feet.
With subtle voices, it inspires and incites
Render you almost senseless; love excites.

Love is a drug; a tiny invisible pill
Love can do damage; love could also ****.
Like a puppet it'll get you strung taut,
An illness that debilitates; it can't be fought.

Love is beautiful; bundled up with string and bow
Your eyes might not see it but your heart would surely know.
It could travel vast distances and bridge many gaps
It sets your soul dancing, with well rehearsed steps.

Love could hurt you plenty; it does have a bite
Love could burn you completely; it does it with spite.
It stabs it's precise dagger with it's prized serrated edge
It could hold you at knife-point; and force you off the ledge.

Love is the beauty in the birds and butterflies
It is the awaited glow in everyday's morning rise.
Love does bear the sweet tasting fruit
Of the tree in your heart that it takes root.

Love would grow with fury and consume
Beware of the dangers should you err and assume.
It'll set you alight, may you crash and burn
It'll char you black to the point of no return.

Love would come to steal the breaths you take
It'll grant you flight with the actions you make.
It'll make you sleepless and stay up all night
In the hopes that forever will soon come to light.

It'll squeeze you tight till you can't breathe anymore
It'll pull you down and crush you down to your core
It'll take away the sleep and make you quietly weep
In the hopes that this love is what you'll get to keep.

Love is carved immortal as a smile on your face
In the way you walk, with a spring in your pace.
Love is the light you see when no one else can...
The good you inspire in every woman and every man.

Love is not the gifts and the sweet worded poetry
It's not the gallantry; nor is it the chivalry.
Underestimate it not for it possibly could *******
It claims the heart and setting everything else to rubble.

Love could soften the most hardened of hearts
Love gives opportunities for fresh new starts.
Love could heal; make you better than you are
Love is like a beacon on the brightest twinkling star.

Love could plunge you in darkness
Seed potent thoughts that will you reckless.
It tears at you leaving you all bled and dry
It'll leave you resentful; love is a lie

Love is war; waged by your heart and mind
Be free from it or relish the ties that bind.
Love is a foolish venture or is it essential?
Never let it be planted or embrace it special?

I know that love can never come alone
Pain accompanies like flesh to bone.
I have my thoughts, and I have chosen
Love will always happen; cherish what you're given.
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