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de bud me found on de ground
twas as strong as smokin a pound
after me smoked it me rosted a hound
wait not a hound, it was a  pizza
me called up me friend shakisha
me asked if she as some good reefa

but why, why must my bike rust
de andlebars is about to bust
ow me guna catch de bus
me ave to bust me piggy bank
me crying, me loved me piggy bank
me drank me a bottle of coke
me accidentally drank a bottle of soap
me trow up and den shakisha show up
me say me drank me some soap
she say me love soap

I walk da streets under de Iz of zion
my boombastic styl could **** a lion
wit da good reefa in my between me teeth
i fight off kids who try to tief
for babylon is my home, born in raised
ma reggae styl is ere to stay
Itcha boi Da Real Reggae mon ja feel?

— The End —