seasonalskins Sep 2014

i remember how you were
                                         reaching out,

trying to grasp rays of the sun

desperate for a searching light
to glisten in your darkness

too late,

for the sun had set in
hills and valleys
waiting for morning
to be born


Let love's sunset into my heart
With sullen greys tinged in pink
With last rays of warmth
Before there comes the chill

Let the last breath of fulfillness
Ease around my heart
Take away the sunny memories
Softly as the light fades away

Fading fast empty embraces
And kisses that have no taste
As softly whispered I love yous
Fall into the Atlantic sea

Come nightness surround now
My empty heart
Console my ache and care
So come now , sunset of my heart

Gladys P Apr 2014

The  suns  ember  rays
Flourished  on  the  silk­y  sands
Embraced  by  a  kiss

Poetry Mar 2015

Rays of streaming light,
Heat bouncing off ocean waves.
Blue water shimmers.

Amitav Radiance Feb 2015

Caught between the mesh of rays
Light plays with the life’s existence
Oscillating between dawn, twilight and night
Etching out the horizon of life
Intrinsic influence on all the souls
This celestial space is swathed in new light
From the unknown origin, its journey
Cradles every life with equal benevolence
Kindles hope in every heart
Rays of light travels deeper into us
It heralds the beauty of every being here
Touches us with nimble rays
It’s an eternal repetition of the charmed circle

CharlesC Aug 2012

from these rays
brilliant at sunrise
and sunset
from holes in low clouds
below the horizon emerging
we learn
they are really parallel..
only our perspective
makes them diverge..
what of our lives
many divergences we see
separations and frags..
might we change
our perspective..?
might we wish to
do that..?

a photo helps to remind you what these rays are....use Google images or
Gabby K Jun 2013

You were always a challenge,
But I loved wiping the smug looks off your face.
You shot me a half grin when you said
So, are you gonna kiss me, stupid?
And with a racing mind and shaking arms,
I leaned toward the driver's seat,
And kissed you deeper than I thought was possible.
You plunged into the deepest part of me,
And swam through my rivers of blood,
Reaching every corner of my sickly body.

When I broke away from your soft lips,
I sat over my heart, my ribs crushing the damaged organ.
And before I could catch my breath,
You lunged toward the passenger seat.
And kissed me even deeper than before.

In utter disbelief, I opened my eyes for only a moment.
While our lips still danced in a close embrace.
The sun's rays streamed through your hair,
And illuminated the wispy, blonde strands.
And spread warmth to my numb limbs.

Ever since that fateful day,
I only saw the sun's rays
And felt their warmth,
When you were near.

© Gabby K 6/14/2013
SøułSurvivør Jan 2016


(C) 1/9/2016

I love the first of the
sunshine in the morning

I'm designing and executing
a painting for a friend today
so I won't be on the site much

I WILL be reading tonight

Tessa Sep 2014

hoping for the day when i am sitting on the floor
sipping my tea and looking up at the windows
when the sun rays fall down onto me
and warm my skin
i am hoping for the day when i will wake up and have forgotten
i am waiting for the day when i will feel the sun again.

I chased the first rays
of an autumn morning

but to my sorrow
when I arrived at
the urgent place
the sun had

breathing a
crowning glory of a
seasons brilliant

the glowing amber
of golden woods
shining like gleaming
constellations of
dazzling morning

though I
desired to find
ascendent beauty
the ubiquitous glow of
transfigured leaves
immersed me in
a divine chrome...

as I traversed
the woods, my
solitary steps found
with a sullen
mistress singing
a sad rustle
of dry fallen leaves

and as the drone
of cars faded from the
receding road

I searched myself
for courage and
found resolve

I pondered truth
and discovered
the wisdom
of resolution...

yearning  to
realize a
deeper faith

I hiked
further up
the wooded hill,
visiting the gay
of my youth

and received
an epiphany
of wholesome

still questing
for more light

a prophetic wren
whirred a pliant
secret into my ear

she bespoke
a symphony
of avian

conversing in
a thousand
luminous tongues,
relating a sonorous
elegy teaming with
the brightest
joys of life

raising bold

celebrating a
seasons radiance

imploring me
to join the chorus...

though the canopy
of the woods still
boasted boughs
of green

infant hues
of spring had
run its course

the glory of an
expiring season
strewn on the
forest floor

covering the
mouldering stags
inching back into
the compost of life

breeding blankets
of furry moss

feeding on the
primal organica

of seemingly
expired flora

here, in this
darkened moment
I realized
the transcendent

the loam of life
in concert with
the turn of

to my sorrow
I missed the first
rays of the morning

the first
peeks of light
a breaking day
gracefully bespeaks
upon a sleeping earth
awoken in new light

yet I am filled

I am transcendent

I am the first ray
of an eternal light

I am the first ray
of my earthen

on the morrow
the best of me
is in the marrow
of all who loved me
and all whom I loved

these rays of me
will forever rise
in an eternity
of dawnings

For Joey
Godspeed Beloved

Vaughan Williams:
Lark Ascending


~Christi Michaels~January 2015~

Rays of Illumination
Beams of Beauty

Sunset Hues Veil
Gateway to The Divine

Takes My Breath away
Mesmerized by the Sight
The Sky opens
offering radiant
Hands of Light

Copyright © 2014 Christi Michaels.
All Rights Reserved.

When I was a little girl and the Rays of Light would spill down from the sky peeking through the clouds..we would call it "Jesus Light", just like in the paintings!
{Yes...I was raised Catholic}
now am Spiritual..One with The Light

YOUR eyes were gem-like in that dim deep chamber
Hushed and sombre with imprisoned fire,
With yellow ghostly globes of intense aether
Potent as the rays of pure desire.

Your voice was startled into vivid wonder,
When the winged wild whining mystic wheel
Took flight and shot the dark with frosty crashings
Like an ice-berg splitting to the keel.

Your flesh was never warmer to my passion
Than when, moving in that lumor green,
We saw with eyes our fragile bones enamoured
Clasping sadly on the pallid screen.

You seemed so virginal and so undreaming
Of the burning hunger in my eyes,
To peer more fever-deeply in your being
Than the very death of passion lies.

The subtle-tuned shy motions of your spirit,
Fashioned through the ages for the sun,
Were dumb in that green lustre-haunted cavern
Where you walked a naked skeleton;

Slim-hipped and fluent and of lovely motion,
Living to the tip of every bone,
And ah, too exquisitely vivid-moving
Ever to lie wanly down alone--

To lie forever down so still and slender,
Tracing on the ancient screen of night
That naked and pale writing of the wonder
Of your beauty breathing in the light.

opalescent sea,
still in moonlight
unbosom those rays,
they belong to me!

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