pluto Aug 2013

I let the sun rays dance
on my skin, but it still
isn't as warm as your

Elise Jun 2013

Miles away yet
I can still feel your soul. It
radiates. It glows.

a deep, warm flowing
give and take
of the radiation
to the exclusion
of all"
is a dharma
which has been growing
inside of me
for a few days
that I am ready
to file away
so I am giving
it to you
in the hope
that it helps.

shåi Jun 2014

you loved me
like the way
the sun
loved the earth

you radiated upon me
giving me
a love
i could barely recognize

but then;

your words
filled with deceit
brought waters
i have never seen before

i have come to
what face lies
behind your lies

the waves
know your
deceitful secret
and keep it well

the waves begins
to fill my body
how could one
endure an agony like this?

the waves
in my mind
have thickened
at the thought of you

water fills my lungs
i gasp for each breath
i begin to suffocate
waiting on death's bed

i begin to sink downward
in a effortless spiral
my body is now calm
just like when you left me

my breathing has slowed
just like our recent lack of communication
im must be on a sedation

my corpse has become lifeless
beginning to shut down
piece by piece
the water is a sinful poison

flooded thoughts
run rampart through my soul
scrambled images
i can barely see

after screams
break my thoughts
of you

i will myself
to sneak just
a tiny glimpse of you
a small bit of euphoria left

it begins
to bring an unceasing pain
that my body cannot handle

i start to perish
i can't seem to let go of you
just like you said i would


suggestions are greatly valued! :)
Maddie Grace Feb 2014

The walls are so white.
And my skin is so pale.
Why is my blood black?

Skye Childs Jul 2014

We all need our walls
They keep out that which is unwanted

So, you erect a simple structure of wood

But wood can be burned
And is therefore, insufficient

So, you build it up with brick
Encasing either side

But brick can be crushed to powder
And wood can be burned
And is therefore, insufficient

So, you build it up with granite stone
Encasing either side

But granite stone can be mined away
And brick can be crushed to powder
And wood can be burned
And is therefore, insufficient

So, you build it up with wrought iron
Encasing either side

But wrought iron breaks if struck in the right place
And granite stone can be mined away
And brick can be crushed to powder
And wood can be burned
And is therefore, insufficient

So, you build it up with four-inch steel
Encasing either side

But four-inch steel can be cut away
And wrought iron breaks if struck in the right place
And granite stone can be mined away
And brick can be crushed to powder
And wood can be burned
And is therefore, insufficient.

But then you ponder
The wood
The brick
The granite
The iron
The steel

And you realize
In trying to protect your soft core
In trying to spare others from the radiation that is your uniqueness
In building your fortress
You have isolated yourself

And though you feel your wall
Will always be insufficient

In truth

Will ever be determined enough
Or brave enough
To cut away the four-inch steel
To strike and break the iron
To mine away the granite stone
To crush the brick to powder
To burn the wood
And crush the brick to powder
And mine away the granite stone
And strike and break the iron
And cut away the four-inch steel

In keeping others out
You have locked yourself in
Your own private, frozen hell
Of toxic radiation

The ice consumes you
And only you can thaw it
The wall looms tall and dark
And only you can demolish it
You cannot stop being who you are
And only you can convince yourself that you are not toxic

But you were never truly trying to keep others out, were you?
You were trying to keep out yourself

You are your own worst enemy

Otis Nov 2015

Last night's sweat karma is lingering on me.
The stink, a corrosive reminder that addicts don't quit being addicts; they just move nice and quiet around the vicegrips.
Mortal man, caged in demigod façade, flesh is the prison and death might just be parole.

I can't say in certain that any dissemination of life is possible.
I can't even say if I want it to be,
but I can say the beast night continues as I don't matter, the binge cycles stay well in contact as though primordial rivalry has been ever present, form to essence. What escape isn't fleeting?

Turn your nose at my stink  today, it doesn't hold much victory, or honor, or anything that most would find worth in.
Today it smells like strep throat bathed in adultery and apple pie.
Aroma is aurora, and today my colors are internal blue and matching radiation ugly shade of something.

Aztec Warrior Aug 2016

Radiation Burn

Cancer is a mother;
snap, crackle, pop,
yet they zip, zap
and radiate me.
They won’t allow a
glow in the dark blush,
or allow some super powers;
no Spiderman,
not even the Hulk- sheeesh!
But they did suggest perhaps
Wonder Woman instead
since their hormone therapy
is medically castrating me-
all in the name of science
and to be cancer free!!
Yippee and yahoo
not to mention
radiation burns!!!
I guess there is always a price,
a “trade off” they say.
So move over Superman,
Wonder Woman is in the house!
Oh, and by the way,
could I borrow some red lipstick,
I already have a magical whip
and I’m looking for
a heavy date Friday night!!

Aztec Warrior/redzone 7.28.16
Note: if you can’t laugh at what life
throws at you and also yourself,
cancer will eat you alive...

thanks for reading... and here is a link to some music:  from R.E.M.
"Everybody Hurts"
Grace Van Dyck Mar 2016

Radiation treatment
Hurt as soon as I got off the table.
Music therapy suffocated the painful noise.

A pearl of sweat dripped off my forehead
But then a nurse asked,
“What music would you like to listen to?”
A tense grip on my cane suddenly relaxed.

I go to chorus,
I sing with abandon,
While I forget the math test I just took.

Micah Apr 2015

The gray is fading into black
Clouds smudging into night
Like tar snuffing out the light

I walk in balmy weather
as I see my breath turn to wisps

The snow has begun

I feel the heft of a flake
brush, then land definitely on my skin
As I wipe it away
pastel black stains my frame

And I walk along the grid of roads
My path made, there is none
Just the cinder
The snow of bodies

The smell of chaos lingers
petrified in the outlines
of ghosts on the walls

The air is sludge
draped in wool
stuffing my body
in between
the drifting specks

I'm so aware it's silent
like the brief moment after eradication
A pulsing sound that
blacks out

Shuttering eyes, I look up
Noticing the giants of the city
Steel bone, firebrick skin, glass eyes
Empty as these transparent mirrors reflect my
frozen, sweaty hands
touch the soot suffocating the street
Wondering whose footsteps are these?

Broken hearts are to be feared.
Mind over matter,
love before trust.
You hate your parents? I hate mine too

Let's bathe in our misendemors
as love
and matter
crumble before our broken-hearted feet.

We trust each other like love never did. This is how we live.
Misers amongst misery.
They all run in fear.

Nateive Son Apr 20

Dedicated to The Greatest Poet Alive

We wake up
In our tiny house
And I feed you a slice of pineapple
'Cause you're my junebug

I grab my shotgun
And head out into the city
Ready for a day of hunting
And merrymaking
Among the happy band of thieves
I call my Extended Family

The rising day
Lets the sun come over the skyscrapers
And hits your skin like a blanket

It's one of those mornings
Where you want to overthrow the government
But just can't fill out the right forms
So you lay a steaming log in front of City Hall
For what they've done to this country

Trees sway in the radiated wind
Bees are scarce
But I got my shells
And I'm diving into

Another rising day.

Will our hero live to see another day?
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