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WordsHelp Nov 2018
You could challenge the Sun
With the warmth and glow
Your smile radiates.
September Roses May 2018
Thick, warm, fuzzy air
Radiates against your skin, making you want to doze off
You sit on the front of a low red car that looks another era, leaning on the glossy hood.
I want to put your lips on mine
The world feels yellow, and orange.
It's as if clear smoke has filled the air
My eyes are dimmed through thick sunglasses, my body absorbing the warmth through jeans and a small black shirt
I'm in a lucid daze
Looking at you through a curtain of straight black hair, not bothered to move it from my face.
You're eyes the crisp refreshing blue in a world tinted amber
Like fresh water, so cooling as I gaze in them.
Like a spray of water on your back
After hours of sunbathing
We sit there
We say nothing
We take in the sun
   We don't need anything else
How radiant.  A lovely sight
Glowing in the bold sunlight.
Love, peacefulness and mirth—
Giving joy upon the earth.
Sunflower.  Unique you are.
Your beauty radiates afar—
Engaging the human race,
As always, with a happy face.
Lovely is the song you sing,
Its heartfelt melody to ring.
A song of beauty and of grace
Lends expression to the face.

How charming is the sunflow'r—
Adding zing to flow’r power.
Jordan Rowan Dec 2015
Pain brings out the best in people
And somewhere in between
In the middle of good and evil
Is the most beautiful thing you've ever seen
She radiates on golden airwaves
Among the valleys of time
And halfway down heaven's stairway
She blows your doubtful mind

There's dishonesty in honest men
Somewhere beyond the grave
And when they get lost in it
There's no woman they can save
If falling for you is wrong
Then I don't want to be right
Sing with me, uncertainty
And stay with me tonight
Lawren Jun 2013
A calm and cool breeze
Passes through the leaves of the trees,
Persuading the branches to sway,
Like algae in a turbulent sea.
Without a cloud in the pale blue Arizona sky,
The sun radiates down-- hot and glaring.
It reflects off the shiny paint of the cars around me,
Illuminates the brown mountains in the distance.
And magnified through the thick lenses of my glasses,
It blinds my sensitive eyes.
The surrounding sempiternal desert
Is so clear and sharp,
That no one nor nothing can hide
(With the exception of the beings who can blend,
And despite my tiring efforts,
I am not one of them.)
The nearest Creosote bush
Eminates of the smell of water,
As it passes through a hose.
I am instantly transported back home
Where sand is replaced by grass and plants
That require regular watering to survive.
When I close my eyes I can see
The illusion of a waterfall, created by the uncoiling hose
As it ejects tepid water for us to traverse.
But upon unveiling my windows,
I allow the sandy landscape to ******* into my soul
And I am brought back to the present
Where life subsists, illogically,
Through a dearth of water, and inordinate sun.
Seanathon Apr 2018
She is starlight cold
The kind which radiates me
And I am mere glass
Formed by timeless sandy days
And iridescent are we
It's takes more than one jewel to make a crown. And when I'm here. I'm yours in mind.
Chrissy Feb 2018
You know that type of hurting that radiates through your whole body
sending pulses of needle sharp pain through you
making your fingers and toes throb
yes that's the kind of pain
I felt when I
saw you
Hadiy Syakir Nov 2017
Can you see the chaos?

They are not talking to you
they are in you
in each flow
of your blood
in every inch
of your bones

the dissonance! the abstract!
the lack of discipline!

it showers beaut
it radiates power
push your existence
through this
like what it is,
an existence, known as
ever since
the depression
cut the chain
get rid of the tie
embrace your persona
light the candle
and dance to this:

The moment you slowly sink
into a set of perfection is just
The moment you dissolve into
the motion of indefinite silence.
Call me bella Sep 2018
his magic radiates furiously
shines in the darkest places,
like my heart,
just like love.
I never felt like kissing another person like this
It is like I am searching
Searching for your warmth
Searching for the enclave that I can rest my body
I want to caccoon myself in your love
And I pray to God that my love radiates off of me and your skin will absorb it
I am crossing my fingers in hope that I finally found a good one
I want this love to be successful

2 years later . . . it was all a joke
I never loved him.
He loved to sit in his depression while he thought I was just a poor foreign girl- child.
**** THAT
Kara Jean Feb 2018
A world prewritten
She planned on being unscripted
Her world is now unpredicted
She still knows someone else is in control
Still a hope of making her own decisions
Yet there is nothing told
Destination unfolds
Still not powerless
She radiates greatness in a self-consciousness way
Expectance is decayed
Now only false hope and a piece of paper save the day
AB Jan 2017
You make my soul blush
You make my heart sing
Your spirit is incomparable

You are an intoxicating human being
in the best and worst of ways
just the way you talk
makes me want to listen to everything you have to say
watching each word drip from your lips like untainted honey

You can make the mundane beautiful
I remember when I made you laugh for the first time
I don't even remember what I said
but I'll never forget how it made me feel
for a moment I felt like the most important person in the world
it was then when I knew you were special

You possess a extraordinary spirit
filled with an undefeated joy
for life and all that lives
and a heart made of gold
that radiates for the world to see
never stop trusting it
Mariamme Mar 2018
she collects thought
like seed pods blown
into untidy hair
by the four winds
that whisper her silenced name.
her thoughts are
precious black pearls
in forgotten oysters, washed
up on a beach somewhere-
and sometimes just as dark-
shining in the heat
of Summer Sun's
reflecting glare.
not unlike a
deer in the headlights
of an absent father's
old station wagon.
and she is as
broken as the
hoof-cracked windshield;
spider webbing
radiates through the glass
as sharp on the edges
as her mind.
coke bottle specs
with glass unbreakable
hide brilliance
or perhaps underscore it.
existence is itself
division from everyone else.
she reads Tolkien
by the empty light of
the distant moon
and words fill up
leftover spaces.
in her face is
the great face of
flower children and
sunlight muted
in the evening hours
spent dreaming up
a life better spent
a piece i wrote in high school <3
Maddy Dec 2018
your smile radiates love,
and your blue eyes show your soul.
by the awe Ive been struck with,
your filling up the part of my heart with a hole

I love you so
but you already know
but under that Gorillaz tshirt
your love, oh it glows

everything about you
for you I am smitten
inching me closer to falling
fell for you.....

was gonna be nice but my bad humor kicked in
SimpleWritings Dec 2018
Such a complex concept
Am I loved?
Do I love?
What is love?

I dream of a love that consumes me
that is pure and genuine
that makes me feel appreciated
and that doesn't belittle me
I want a love that is bigger than reason
that comes naturally
that overcomes all obstacles
and that strikes like lightning
I long for a love that resembles the sun
that radiates independently of choice
that makes me want to love myself
and that doesn't come with conditions
A love that allows me to grow
be who I want to be
and doesn't bruise me

Such a complex concept
Am I loved?
Do I love?
I think I know what love is
And it's not this

OV Dec 2018
I have split from feeling
I’m now damaged beyond repair
Please don't look for it or try to feel it
Its numb and translucent even for me
Like an atmosphere only I carry around
Thick and hard to breath in
Not much of love gets through
Just the bare minimum
But yours finds a way in
Your happiness radiates
And fills the little space i have
So just stay by my side
Even if you’re not facing me
So that at least it all feels alright
Baylee Kaye Nov 2018
I used to write poetry.
write about feelings I’d never known before.
but now that I experience them,
the emotions once foreign to me,
I realize they’re nothing like I imagined.

I thought my heart would pour words onto paper,
overflowing with an uncontrollable joy.
but instead it’s soft and steady.
a warmth that radiates calmly across my chest.
it’s simple and it’s comfortable.

now that I know what this feels like,
it’s as if I’ve lost my vocabulary,
forgotten how to write.
because the only thing on my mind
is this feeling you give me.

one I’ve never known before.
gracie Jan 21
this is a poem for
the little poetess
who sings through the day like
a yellow-feathered finch
and spills honeysuckles from her mouth
to those who do not deserve them,
the hopeless romantic
who wears her heart
on her overalls
and speaks her mind just in case
somebody hears her,
the silly girl
who welcomes winter
and radiates warmth
through her fingertips as if
her touch alone could thaw the world.
for hannah
Sonia Ettyang Sep 2018
In the dense of the forest
I feel your mighty presence
In the whistle of the wind
I hear your voice
I see your beckon hidden in the shaking of the leaves
Your energy is present in the sun
and radiates through the horizon
Mountains and valleys spell out your mystery
Ocean and the sea live to tell your might
Open our eyes and see Gods presence curved in nature
Extraordinary beauty that no words can describe
God reigns in your midst
God reigns within your essence
God is all there is and all that is not
©Sonia Ettyang
As within so without
I met a girl in black cotton top and blue jeans
Her curly hair danced windward
her bare feet kissed earth.
In a beach park —
she was in a sea of children and
her skin shimmered under noontide sun.
The calm blue she wore was tight
—It revealed her curvature.
I walked to her and i said hello and uttered
“black radiates more heat to your body”
but why do you wear?
she said it is the color of her skin
And her best color.
The blue is the color of  ether’s visible floor
—the blue sky of Venice.
What she said made me asked her for her time
“may we meet another day”
I really want to know people that see
Themselves as art.
Melanin and sun and all
See how i fell.
I want to know you more dear fair heart
In a quiet night with soft breeze
by food and candles and
To birth goodbyes with a Peck of crimson lips
Under moon halo.
Mugerwa Muzamil Mar 2018
All along my unconscious
has been consumed by your
beauty which is below
the threshold of my wakefulness

Yet I crave it

You're not of classical beauty
but such a timeless white Lily
whose pureness grasps the mind
And radiates Its light to the orbits

For its adoration, essence is not
in form but in the method
Your quirkiness captures
my infinite imagination

You keenly read the mapping
of my unrestrained tears
Your pureness lies in innocence
Mine in experience

A kind of beauty
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