Drowning inside hands.
A fluorescent chime.
Skin scrubbed radiation.
Force-feeding plastic and sugar and flesh.
Pushing and pulling until tendons flail weathered
Up. And. Down.
Up and down upanddown until the store of powders, prints, nails tumble out carmine and is sobbing
gagging on a high chair.
The candied calculator like heart-shaped pupils and sticky soles.  
Opaque ID’s and strands of you abandoned in navy sheets.
Shoulder tassels taught on Adam’s apple.

Love stitches bedding and hollows bodies.
Love lights the West and lines waste baskets wet.
Love is a little girl vomiting into a lion’s den.

jeffrey conyers Sep 2012

Each morning when you awake.
Radiate your smile.
I personally guarantee you that you make someone day.

A person that's down.
Within minutes will turn their mood around.

Radiate, with pleasantries.
And watch others begins to model themselves too.
Believe in the comment it only takes one.
To attract two.

All because of a happy mood.

Hadn't a bad experience always ticked you off?
That you wanted to respond too.
And it's because of the bad mood.

So radiate.
If you feel happy inside.
Let no others dictates the thingss you do.

Happiness is a reaction.
To an event within your soul.

felicia Dec 2015

hey little tough one,
i know right, its not easy to be you.
everyone bestows their everything on you,
yet you already have a lot on your shoulders,
that i can see when i stare at your back.

hey little tough one,
im sorry i could do nothing about it.
but He could.
so i will close my eyes and kneel,
asking for stronger knees for you.

no one should ever take you for granted.

hey little tough one,
your smile is strength.
so please dont let go of your smile.
let all the obstacles stumble,
for you radiate the strongest smile.

my favorite.

ps. 143
Sally A Bayan May 2015

(10 W)

YOU beam
Over me....around,

Energies combine
WE  radiate!

Copyright May 17, 2015
Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan

My eyes are black,
My heart is cold,
self-hatred is radiating from within my soul,
the mirror reflects what i don't want to see
i hate every single aspect about me
from my abnormal eyes
to my ugly, fat thighs
see, i hate myself too
probably even more than you.

Julie Langlais Jan 2016

"When someone notices the true beauties & wonders of nature, their appreciation radiates with every life they touch."

                                           © Julie Graham 2005

McGill University days
L Mar 2014

Whenever you walk into the room, my eyes have to adjust.
The light you produce is blinding -- a torch in the middle of a dark cave.
What is that light?
Is it the light of happiness? The light of love?
Whatever it may be, don't let it extinguish.
You're the light that illuminates my eyes and my heart.
I would surely be lost without you.

not much, having a bit of writer's block... anywayyy
I love you, Rach <3 Thank you for being my personal sunlight.

Taste the moon, my friend

listen it will sing at night

a generous portion of love

with dark colored  sun filled glass

causes this somber sad expression

fills this anguish of mine

to melt my tears of hate....

Let me feel the moon in my bones

behind my wounded heart of mine

a ballad, oh moon, you do sing

from the deepest part of my mind

harbors past missed opportunities

of events through my lifetime~

The moon is raining my tears at night

feeling the sadness of many a years

bounds to my very soul

to take my pain of the disturbed peace.....

The world has gone mad

my life is your equalizing song

rain moon rain, with all your might

Let me radiate in your light....

Let's taste the moon tonight...

Debbie Brooks

You say you love me
But your eyes scream hatred
Your lips press against mine
But your teeth bite back screams
Your hands caress mine
But your nails hide the blood drawn
Your breast comforts mine
But your heart burns with angst
Your skin brushes mine
But your flesh aches with depression
So I’ll ask you once again
“How was your day?"

charlafail Aug 2015

I can't help
but think about
the way
you handled
my skin
the other night.

Your touch,
to the raindrops
I see in the window
as I write.

but flows freely
in whatever surface
it falls on.

The surface of my skin
may have
with your touch
But you also touched
the beating
of the hollow muscular flesh
that keeeps me

And It clearly
showed through
the radiation of the heat
my body
as we interchanged
the way we felt that night.

Step 1: Be present~ Earth holding my feet as if expansive hands were arising from the core. Gravity magnetizing my ankles. The open blue sky above and brilliant sun speaking its truth through high hot rays to my skin. Hearing the expiring summer wind flapping the flags. My heart snaps the Earth and Sky into One.

Step 2:  Be Genuine~ Travel to my heart center. What does it feel like in there? Settle on this inquiry for a few passing minutes. The present moment is breathing. The Universe is speaking to me, whether I choose to open up to it or not. Fear wants to creepy crawl and shade my heart. I have the power to receive and dive into the tidal waves of human life.

Step 3: Radiate~ Open my eyes and extend outward, the warmth that I have cultivated by accepting and being with this present moment. Mix my organic radiance with the activity of the natural world. Energy is playing like a child at recess. I am apart of it all. I am enough. I am a manifestation of the four elements. I am art.

nina rose Apr 2015

Your eyes drift through the surface
From this world to the next
Your breathing will slow and wither
As you breathe your final breath

I know you're somewhere out there
Speaking softly to me, too
But the cold is too harsh to handle under the dark side of the moon

The only ones I learned to love were the ones who loved me back
Who gave me life, what gave me hope, and who showed me what I lack
And when he faded out of sight , I swear
I lost myself that night

I count the days until we'll meet
But what way is that to live?
he'd want me to be happy and make a life with a home and kids, and well
I want to see him shining down with a smile on his face
I want him to cover me in his love and feel his warm embrace
Light, radiating light, I need it in my life
When I lost him, I became the darkness
But at least I gained a light.

Elaina Dec 2016

I radiate Blessings
I radiate Kindness
I radiate Gratitude

The me I strive to be.
The me I hope I am.
The me I want to be.
For All
To All
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