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Clay Feet Jan 2015
Lovely mornings, evenings, nights our hearts took flight
Laughing ceased as sighs increased.

Wafts of sensual sweet smells rose.
Bodies, curved in writhing poses glowed.

Cares lost in arousing touch, lingering fingers longed for
Secrets, shared in sacred sighs and wanton lies.

Arching union quivered and quaked.

I whispered then and will again
Stilettos are not made for walking,

Their soul purpose, freeing our rising desires,
Feeding rapturous tinglings of sensual ecstasy.
Edited 02/01/2015
Andrew Jun 2017
I quivered in the arena
As thousands of people screamed at me
All because I wanted to touch the *****
I guess I play a different football

Those Hartford wailers weren't there
When I was on the ice
Trying to play goalie to the problematic pucks
All I had was my blocker
And all I could do was deflect

Yet those same people
Try to convict me in the tennis court of public opinion
Just because I wanted to make my own racket for a change
Is that really my fault?
Why should I listen to these people
When zero and love have the same meaning?

Am I beholden to those
That wanted me to kneel in the endzone?
They're the people who separated me from myself
Now that I'm running back
They're claiming they were my safety
But there was never a decent referee
Only people that wanted to see me in stripes
But here's the kicker
I'd forgive them all their past interference
If they'd just stop challenging my plays now
bones Jan 2017
There was an old world
that turned on it's head,

and shivered and quivered
and shook out the dead,

and shook off the living
and all of their stuff

til' all there was left
it considered enough,

and all there was left
was a world upsidedown,

and wind and whatever
had roots in the ground,

and fish with stern warning
to stay where they be,

down under the waves
of the quivering sea.
ryn Apr 2015
As the violet of day
draws to a close...          
Witnessed the dwindling
vermillion sun,             
being swallowed  
by the horizon.
Ever so slowly,
       seconds stretched...
      This moment here...

    Brushing off
the indigos  
of the past,
            Whilst I shed these
scarlet tears.
Burdened with
              unfounded speculation
and fears.        
Gifted the        
lease of bravery
but I know...        
it wouldn't last.      

A final skirmish            
night and light.            
My crimson wings    
spread to greet the.        
green evening air.            
Feather and wind.            
spoke to each other;      
quivered as if              
the same story        
they shared.          
A conversation    
              that ended quickly before
both took              

To the                        
highest heavens,
leaving a          
trail of leaves
from days of
  Flying past the
                 blushing orange cheeks
sleeping clouds.
             Evading the beckoning
    night's curtains
    Into the sun,
I would go.
                Beyond world's end,
           I would follow...

To find you
                  where the universe
                      would run its course.
                      I'd gladly soar through
       spectrum's grain,
      unfamiliar realms
              warped new planes.


blood red  
through mine
      through yours...
Taylor Rothanzl Mar 2013
In timeless fashion you held the key,
With quivered lip, between your teeth.

I lay and lay and lay and lay,
But full in sleep ive never fell.

Dreams are all I see of you,
With twisted fate you fell from me.

Now I lay in bed asleep,
Under cold sheets you left for we.
Terry O'Leary Mar 2014
In An Old Cathedral**

She knelt upon a plank, old oaken,
(sable cloak, her mourning guise),
and sensed the breath of distant sighs,
pale shades of pain behind blue eyes…

While clasping close a cross-like token
(holding hope for those in need)
she prayed her Lord "please intercede,
my woe be washed, my soul be freed"…

Archangels, in the skies evoken
(candles flickered, shadows shivered),
through the panes, the moonlight quivered,
summoned forth, the wish delivered…  

Forgotten words he once had spoken
(echoed dim beneath the dome)
swept sweetness of the honeycomb
o'er distant realms they used to roam…

At midnight's knell, in dreams awoken,
memories of love unchained…
Though loneliness of grief remained,
she still held hope… hope hadn't waned…

And when the dawn had early broken,
by the font, in peace she lay…
As sudden as a sunset ray
the light of life had slipped away…
AditiBoo Sep 2018
He touched my hand shyly
Rested his over mine lightly
His finger stroked my palm
Aroused, I tried to remain calm

So I slowly leaned over
My own hand returning the favour
Softly making its way further
Tracing its way to his shoulder

His other hand grabbed my waist
His lips invited me to have a taste
His eyes denuded me hungrily
As I pulled at his crotch imploringly

He walked me backwards against a wall
I let him lead and surrendered all control
He lifted my arms and felt me - waist to finger tip
I quivered in pleasure and jabbed out my hip

I pulled off his shirt as he slowly undid me
Explored his chest as he overpowered me
Dropped to his waist as he guided me
Kissed his engorged **** as he begged to me

I teased his ***** and ****** his member
He sighed and moaned and ****** in fervour
He searched for my aching breast and squeezed it
He bit his lip and closed his eyes, ready to submit

I felt him as he, in turn quivered
And I knew, he was the one conquered
Just a little bit more, he would have delivered
But I was far from being stonkered

So I pulled out and pushed him back
I climbed on him and cut him no slack
Scratch, bite, lick, kiss, caress or smack
I invaded him and empowered him into a comeback

He slammed me down on all fours
Pressing against me as his mouth explores
He knocked rhythmically on my front door
He entered, forcing me further into the floor

He grabbed and pulled back my hair
Shifted me over as he sat on a chair
Hugged me like an overprotective bear
And bounced me around without a care

He flung me on the bed
Strummed my **** until it was red
Making me scream in pleasure and dread
Feeling my ecstasy as my lust was being fed

I grabbed his throbbing member
Slipped it inside - both enjoying the tremor
As he lost any remaining self control
And left in me a minuscule part of his soul

We laid there on our backs, next to the other
Catching our breaths as our cheeks lost some their colour
My ****** still very much in a flutter
As his ***** retracted back into its size former
Angelina Aug 2016
To: Sarah Joyce Crimson*                                                     8th July 1943                                                  

A man in a gray suit has captured my heart, mother
Along with the tie, of course
Surrounding plants would've died
At his gaze and grace

Armored charm and wide toothed smile
His last name could've might as well been poise  
I don't know what it is about him, mother
But his gentle crinkled eyes certainly isn't  

His voice is as flattering as the lullaby you once sang
The tone itself symbolizes warmth and stability
Undiscovered treasure in the midst of all volumes
It is home I feel closest to when I catch a glimpse of it in my ear

I don't know whether to feel astonished or quivered
By all means, that'd be deemed as eerie
But you once said when a man one day turned my cheeks bright pink
It sure could only mean one thing

It is unreliably evident not to notice me blush
It is even more apparent not to notice his blunt stare
Sending chilly shivers down my spinal cords
Activating fondness I'd never in a million years imagine I'd sense

If only you were here to see for yourself
How proud I'd make you, indeed
You said one day I'll be able to marry, mother
Well, this day isn't as far planned as it once seemed  

                                                       ­               *From: Christine Louise Crimson
Helen Raymond Jan 2018
A dance with the devil, fiery grace
Her lips quivered as he offered the pomegranate & she delighted in the taste
The vampire or the victim?
Not as naive as she was written.
Hot breathless gasps of passion,
As the demon cries out blessings to his salvation
A queen is crowned in the hellish nation
Adele Sep 2018
Years had passed
I see yonder,
Withered leaves on the ground
And dyed coffee envelopes
With an old Paris stamp that marks the date of 1934
It sits beside a dismal brown bitten apple
In a small abode
In the mammoth province of Branderburg Prussia
The rickety Tudor house cries in silence
The ghost of the past beseeched to be free
Cobwebs stifled my hands
In opening the forgone mail
Bundles that haven’t received by the receiver
“Let’s ride the rails”, he said
The young deep voice echoed in my head
My weak knees quivered
“We should get going” the two ladies in white scrubs held my arms
One step at time, we went in the wheels
That would take me back to this new place
I could never call home
The declination of the economy and the war broke us
But the memory didn’t die, it never did
Syv Elena Aug 2018
It is written in the story of old
That there lived a witch near the forest of Gravenhold
Her duty was to keep the ghouls at bay
And guide spirits back on their path who were led astray

She lived secluded and people rarely visited
It made her sad sometimes, but that was just the witch's life, wasn't it?

She was alone until that faithful day
A day with heavy rain and a spirit who didn't go away

"Are you lost and do you seek guidance?" The witch asked
The spirit didn't reply and only stared
Their eyes showed nothing but grief
Their early passing didn't seem to be a relief

"I've seen that look before." The witch said
"That look of regret because you know you can't go back."

The spirit's lips quivered and their eyes watered
Their mind filled with doubt if they could continue what they started

"Do not be afraid, my friend. Not all your loved ones are among the living."
"You will surely meet again and they will guide you towards your new beginning."

The witch led the spirit towards a passage in the woods
Bringing them back on the path where they once stood

"My friend, if I can give you one last piece of advice."

"I've been here many days & many nights."
"And if there's one thing I've learned it's this is not goodbye."
When I was in the car that brought us to our brother's funeral I felt really sad whenever I looked at his casket that laid in the car infront of us.

The last time I looked at him I looked towards the cars across the street afterwards and there was a truck which had the text "this is not goodbye" on it.

It helped.
Maggie Nov 2018
One moment, I’m here
Smiling and laughing
But then I suddenly disappear
Running and screaming

“Get away from me”
I call out to the darkness
Slowly engulfing me
In its terrible blackness

“Help me, please”
But no one listened
“I’m tired”
My voice quivered

“Is it over?”
No one sees the truth
patty m Aug 10
From a very young age, Jose' and Maggie had lived next door to each other.  Only a chain-link fence divided them as they played in their own backyards.  Everyday they chased up and down and barked excitedly playing games all their own.  Maggie was a Golden Lab and Jose' a Chihuahua.  The difference in size was of no consequence in the puppy days of their friendship, but soon Maggie grew and grew while Jose' remained small. But Jose' knew no fear and he thought he was the king of the subdivision, the main man, he was definitely an alpha dog strutting like Jagger and Maggie was adorable, all soft, playful canine, loving and sweet.
Soon a new phase of growing up was reached and Maggie would roll her eyes at Jose' and he would nuzzle her through the fence.  Their love for each other grew by leaps and bounds, but they were destined to spend their lives separately.  One day Jose' raised his nose to a new scent.  Excitedly he nipped and jumped barking a new signal.  Sweet Maggie was beside herself, wanting to be close to her lover.  She quivered and barked and whined, what should they do?  Maggie could take it no longer and decided to take things in hand/paw.  First they tried digging, each on their side of the fence and when they had a pretty nice sized hole Jose' slipped his body under the metal, the fence clawing his skin.  He didn't care if he was wounded, he just wanted to be with his girl.  Just as he was almost there, his owner came out and took him inside the house to doctor his cuts.  The hole was filled in and Jose' was punished, by having to stay inside for the rest of the day.  Maggie was upset, howling and crying, and Jose' was even more upset.  Maggie sent a message through the air and Jose' listened.  Finding a loose screen he shoved his way out of the window landing on top of the air conditioner and jumping into the yard.  Maggie stood back as far as she could go then took off running.  She picked up speed almost lifting off her feet and  suddenly she was airborne.  It was amazing, the way she soared graceful as a gazelle over the top of the chain-link fence.  Her landing was a little off  kilter and her legs were a little shaky but she was all in one piece.  Jose' was beside himself, kissing her and licking her and making little wheezing noises.  They were so excited but there was one little problem.  Maggie was willing but Jose' was just too short.  Crazed now, he tried leaping, she tried bending down, but all was for naught.  Were these two destined to be star-crossed lovers?  Now, Jose' was not a dog that gave up easily.  He motioned for Maggie to follow him.  Maggie followed Jose' to the backstairs.  Jose' climbed up one, two then three and found he was just the perfect size to make love to his beautiful lady.  Ohhhhhhhhhh what passion erupted, for Jose' was the hottest of lovers.  His salsa hips a sight to see, as he held tight to Maggie.  Jose' rolled his eyes and thought he was in heaven, and Maggie was sated and sighing, and it had been worth the wait, the trials and errors, and they knew it would last forever.  After much kissing and sweet woofs whispered, Maggie sailed back across the fence and no one need ever be the wiser, or so they thought.   But it turned out that Jose' was a virile male you see, and not long after that fateful day Maggie birthed six little pups, they called them chalabas the cutest puppies you'll ever see.
Eva Rushton Jun 15
He lay down beside her
And caressed her trembling soul
With nothing more than eyes
That spoke calmness

His ears became the locked safe
For her silent words never spoken
And her heavy heart began to lighten
And their hearts beat as one

His mind projected a surge of energy to hers
Music played without a sound
While both body’s quivered
And love was made without touch

Written by E.M . Rushton
June 15th 2019
All ©️Copyrights reserved June 15th 2019
Andrew Guzaldo c Sep 2018
“Beyond this of my coastal lugubrious ,
There was a time I held her hand,
As I slowly watched her floret,
Her beauty adorned like petals cockled,

I grew intoxicated with the scent carapace,  
As we quivered within a new romance,
Becoming immune to its constant presence,
When the wind shifts it drew her aura near,

I had to stop and hear the pounding of waves,
Only to find it was the beating of my heart,  
Our love was of genital flames that night,
And I loved her even more at the dawn,  

My heart now bears an untold story,
Like a ship at sea that longs for land afar,
A great untruth my lips have borrowed,
Boundless treasure now edging my heart,  

Your love had filled my cup up to the brink,
Yet I grow thirsty in this silence tween me,
Now not a drop of love for me to drink,
Love now has left me again on this my,
Lugubrious Islet”
By Andrew Guzaldo 08/11/2018 ©
By Andrew Guzaldo 08/11/2018 ©    Poem # 122
Fae Fengari Nov 2018
Nimble fingers and humble toes
Each with a different set of fingerprints
He examined each one and kissed them
And then he lay them down

Tight cheek bones and a concave torso
He let his hand run down her jagged ribs
He memorized the veins she tried to open. And his tears took her blood’s place

He felt the lines etched in her skin
And he noticed their strategic placement
His lip quivered when hers lay still
His eyes watered when hers turned pale

He couldn’t collect himself
So he collected thin strands of her hair
He compiled enough to touch her forever
Then he stood, taking her in one last time
Connor Feb 26
Where is that amicable child now -
Running with scissors towards the summer to cut the sun down
Like a dazzled godhead balloon out
Towards a vast cosmology carved of orchards (to lay and die in, cradled in blond sweetness which glows & glows brighter
In the loveliness of death)

Traces of fir fragrance mingle with the damp grass filled with sadly deflated stars - candle keepers pace the borders of the grove glad and passing, awake to the transitory nature of brilliance (all things disheveled and clean will await the final culling / faces of roses / phantom laughter out the door - into the garden - through the roots of the trees - settled)

Four black motes stained on ivory wings cross mildly accompanied by rain, a gypsy's kiss quivered forth from undiscovered beds - remembrances, a parade for quiet insects, a time for repose & evenings dedicated to spaciousness.
Simpleton Dec 2018
Mama I didn't go looking for it
I don't even know how I found it
But in the woods
I came across the kind
The kind of boy you warned me about
Don't ask me how I knew
I just did
When my stomach twisted into knots
And my legs quivered
My eyes didn't look away
I forgot what I went there for
He watched me like I was prey
And I remember you said
That I wouldn't return whole
That I should run and never look back
Mama I knew what I was supposed to do
But you never told me he'd take me with just one look
He was only a boy
A man trying to be a cold, hard statue
But his eyes were ablaze
Call it an illusion if you must
But I swear mama
In his eyes I saw everything
But mama if he was bad would he tell me to go
He did
After that, nothing
But that was enough for me
His fists were closed
His mouth straight
It was I who wanted to hear my name from his lips
It was me who decided to be the archeologist
For the lonely
Torn down
I found that he'd only ever seen talking with fists
Only ever heard anger and hatred
Seen pain that came in waves
I found that he was foreign
To the words that fell like raindrops
Faithless in the silent whispers of a world full of noise
It was I who refused to leave
Even when he didn't pull me close
I became part of him
Apart from him
So don't you ever wander
Why I tried mama
I want to see his lips rise like the sun
I want him to try just one more time
This time I'll be there
Like a boat
Like a vine
abbey Feb 7
i am trying to let you go.
today i said “we need to break up”,
it was possibly the most painful words
to ever leave my mouth.
my heart quivered,
as did my lip.
i tried to hold back the tears as i handed you the letter,
with all my feelings poured across only two pages.
i haven’t gotten your face out of my head for one second in hours.
it feels like years.

for a second i may think about something else,
and when my brain returns to you i think you’re still mine,
& then my heart aches as my brain says
‘no. he’s no longer in your life’

it hurts.
i don’t want to say goodbye.
i don’t want you to leave.
i can’t change you.
my heart is in pain.
it hurts.

for now, i will shed tears.
i will call up my friends for a mood lifter.
for now, i love you.
no matter how much it hurts to know,
that you don’t love me too

— The End —