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I want you to destroy me
because I know you'd enjoy it.

Rip me to shreds because that's what
I'll be if it means you loving me back together again.

And again.

And again.

What we've got is so horrible,
so painful, so honest, such a raw,
destructive, quality to what we call
"us" that it would almost be masochistic to go back.

Our brand of senselessness,
so alluring, and irresistibly passionate.

I cannot fathom the blandness of sanity.
wichitarick Sep 12

Youthful mind left wandering just feeling the wetness from yards into the curbs

Ripples running curbside over toes, forming those first streams for a meandering mind

Clouds collecting power,mists collecting,forming Drop by drop rains flowing into their reserves  

High mountain lakes reflecting their passion, partitioned by beavers to make their own pond

  Broken into brooks flowing faster downward into streams,cool and clear their taste like sweet liqueurs

Beauty not confined to a torrent but gifted with greenery and wildlife ,flowers that make the forests more confident

Trickles forming into cascades downward making outpourings & overflows waterfalls forced through the fissures

Gravity needs spaces we watch as it heightens then widens,making it's way through the continent quickly becoming most prominent

Admire her beauty but reap her rewards,wet bounty to feed the fields, food for fishes ,generations receive her treasures

Canoeists,kayakers or legendary steamboat captains are fond of their flowing, boys wondering where she will go ,knowing our tears of joy will flow to the sea should be our greatest compliment. R.C.
Nice memories from time spent on or in some favorite rivers,but also how great a part they play in our lives and the geography . Thanks for reading ,your thoughts are helpful. Rick
Khoi-San Jul 30
I pant at your sheer beauty
After the first sighting
In silence
I crave and cradle your innocence
Unnoticed I thirst to drink
From the source of your well
I quiver a cowardice illusion
Of the first move
From a awry smile of ignorence
I steal your beauty and shred
Your body  to pieces
Unreachable you are torn from a
Silhouette desire in
A damaged Magazine
Mind over matter ? Matter over mind
KitaRaizal May 2014
My body trembles
I lick my lips
Laying here
Seeing it all in my head
You going down on me
Fingers tangled in your hair
Back arched
Lips parted
Eyes closed
As your tongue plays with my soft skin
Making me beg for more
Heart racing
Burning need
Growling at you
Pulling you up
Lips meeting
Tasting my sweets on yours lips
Reaching down
Fingers stroking your shaft
You quiver against my body
Making me crave you more
Shoving my tongue into your mouth
Playing a game for two
Lacing my tongue around yours
Choking your moans
As my hands wrap
Slowly getting faster
Bodies heaving
Breath getting shorter
But baby this isnt the best part
Shoving you back
Pinning you down
Evil glint in my eye
I slide myself onto you
Smiling softly
You stare back in shock
Purring I bounce  
Hearing your sweet sounds
Drive me to please you more
Tangling my fingers in your hair
Face pressed into your neck
Thrusting back and forth
We both let go
We made love

the first girl i kissed,
was the first girl to write a song about me –
it was then that i had realized,
love knows no bounds.

i felt her lips shake,
like cupid’s quiver,
as he draws back his bow –
intimacy was a flavor i had longed for.

i like to remember this –  
this moment:
before she slipped from my fingertips –
a stranger whose lips,
i had once kissed.

share a sunset with someone you love;
share a sunset with her.

It should take more to bring me to tears.
I shouldn’t quiver at the sight of the moon’s light peeking through a cracked window onto your bare chest,
wrapping your bare breast in a blue glow
like it does the crest of the mountain, a convenient twenty minute drive away.
Yet here I am, placed perfectly parallel on a disheveled mattress,
Skillfully settled between your naked body and a clothing adorned floor,
hiding from your view my wet cheeks and misty eyes so that I won’t have to explain why the sight of you
does to me what lightning does to trees.
can't write any poetry right now so shitty prose will have to do
Jordan Rowan Apr 2016
Don't be late, just stand and wait
Time will pass and so will fate
Your eyes are clean and your back is strong
But that'll be gone before too long
I don't know if I've got much time
But what I've got is only mine

Kill my friends, Doctor Strange
With your pad and pen that makes us deranged
I've been told a story or two
But the scariest ones are all about you
Come with me into my home
I like my space but hate being alone

Stand and deliver what makes you quiver
As you shiver beside the Mississippi River
Call your dreams and make them scream
You need to learn how to work as a team
Smoke my eyes and punch a cigar
And with that, I've gone too far
Like a clockwork's rhyme
they grow on him,
the soft moan of her heels.
Here she comes, they tell him
as they gently pry loose
of her tender feet.

A quiver is set into motion
like strings of a cello
consumed by touch
every time her voice breaks free
like a fugitive
from its own abode.

The visiting breeze crosses by
the slow hum
of her breathing,
and carries the gasps
in hurried echoes
to remind him she's checked in.

A mischief rolled into smile
escapes her lips
to touch a heart so shy,
only to leave it
and kill with pain
while making it a willing alibi.
Is there a sound to love? Does love come with jingles in the background. Or, do you find it in chores when love shores up within and thy love is without...
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