Cíara McNamara Apr 2015
I have walked by
Your eternal bedside
Many times I have cried
For the loss of innocent lives

I have walked by
Your past life
Memories locked in
A closed casket

Never to be met again.

There’s something quieter than sleep
Within this inner room!
It wears a sprig upon its breast—
And will not tell its name.

Some touch it, and some kiss it—
Some chafe its idle hand—
It has a simple gravity
I do not understand!

I would not weep if I were they—
How rude in one to sob!
Might scare the quiet fairy
Back to her native wood!

While simple-hearted neighbors
Chat of the “Early dead”—
We—prone to periphrasis
Remark that Birds have fled!
Michael Humbert Oct 2015
Your parents asleep
"Kiss quieter!" you whispered
But I didn't know how
and refused to on principle alone
The night is no different
Than day
Just quieter
Everything is still there
But everyone has bigger eyes
To pick up on the detail
Trees are more still
Playing it cool
Waiting for the right time to say
What they've been dreaming of
What they could be with a little encouragement
So dont be afraid to venture
Into darkness to meet someone halfway
It may dawn on you
What the night has been hiding away
It may dawn on you
That night is no different than day
JM Romig May 2013
The only thing
that can be heard for miles
is the screeching of the metal ropes
of the playground swing

and the laughter of the little boy
whose feet are just barely long enough
to push the ground away
JM Romig © 2013
L T Winter Jan 2015
With felt-tip paws I weep at sleeping oceans and try to beckon misery because I know it's hiding here.
People 'round here only leave town
To be buried somewhere quieter.
I hope you understand why I run from them.
Maria Etre Mar 7
You know
you're aging
when silence
becomes a major
of your
Nishu Mathur Jul 2016
Sweeter than the song of a nightingale 
Gentler than the whisper of a spring wind
Quieter than the murmur of  summer  grass 
Softer than the symphony of hyacinths 

Hypnotic like the splash of blue seas
Tinkling like a stream that flows 
Mesmerizing like the cadence of rain 
Enchanting like the hush  of snow 

Like the faint breath of a scarlet dawn 
The rustle of clouds on a turquoise high 
A duet of  night and an ivory moon
A Capella of  stars in the sky

A hymn, a chant, a choir of angels 
Singing  on a rainbow of time 
Celestial is the serenade of love  
A tune and a note divine.
Thank you for your wonderful responses and I am so happy this poem was selected today. Means a lot to me... :)
Joellei Feb 1
The stars have been a little brighter,
The night doesn't look as dark as it does blue.
I stop sleeping with a light on,
In fact I sleep more often because I'd rather sleep than anything else, they aren't just naps anymore.
I stopped telling people I don't trust how I really feel and they begin to be answered in short.
Close doesn't seem enough to want to be close to anyone
He doesn't answer back as fast or want to confide
I don't want to push,
I want to breath.
Clothes are a little looser than before, and eating meat is eating too heavy.
They don't call much
Anna Jan 2013
The noise inside my head
doesn't seem to have an end
the words that hurt,
the feeling of neglect.
slowly kills me.

Everyday I live in my mind
the sounds of the world i couldn't find
overthinking, overthinking..
still thinking..
until a teardrop falls.

Every heart beat that aches
is so hard to fake
The longer it takes, the more painful it becomes
the quieter it is,
the more sensitive you are to pain.
Maria Imran Mar 2015
a void
should not be called
just a void.
this way I am feeling
deserves certainly
another name.
something more sadder,
and deeper
and scarier.
because there is no pain
just... the lack of it
and the lack of everything else
and everything else
and else
and el
If you listen its getting quietier and I don't like quiet
It's as if he were gone, or about to go
Its getting lower, slower, quieter
Maybe his talent lay in vision
a vision he once had
'My photographs are my children'
'They will be around when I am gone'
and then quickly, quietly he was gone
like a shooting star, that forever burns brightly
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