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Ston Poet Dec 2015
Uhh,Yeah..Young Ston

(anything is possible Yeah3)..(Anything2)..Its possible.. (Anything is2).. possible..yeah Anything its possible ..(Anything is2) possible..Yeah Its possible Uhh,..(anything is possible2)..
/anything possible/2
Yeah (anything
2)..(yeah its possible2)..Yeah..(anything is possible2)..Its very possible..yeah
anything is possible it's possible, Yeah man,Aye..if you put your mind to it then..(you can do it dawg..Yeah2)..anything is possible, you can do (thee impossible2)..Because..(Yeah anything is possible2)..Yeah anything man, Uhh, just stay focused,..Cuhz..(Yeah anything is possible2)..Yeah anything.. You just gotta (put yo mind to it dawg2)..
Yeah..because anything is possible .. Okay man..Uhh

They say action speak louder than words..
Yeah, I usta just sit around the house wit no job & do nothing..
But why  judge a book when you ain't even read one  word from it..
I said I was gonna be a star..& they just laugh in my face & said Yeah right, some even was my own familia..What the **** dawg.., they don't even have goals,  they mind is so conformed, so its hard to understand (mines
2) is something that could get me killed, but I'm ready for war..Yeah I'm ready **..Because anything is possible.. Yeah..Cuhz..(anything is possible2)..

Yeah anything my *****..Yeah anything possible..yeah..its  possible..
Anything is possible....(Yeah..Anything
You can be anything that you dream , You can be everything that you your goals & aspirations, don't save these hoes mane, none of them, not one, Yeah..Don't be a corporate slave be a boss, plant yo seeds & make sure you water them everyday, Aye..succeding is for both you & me, anything is possible homie,..Uhh Yeah.., anything is possible homie, Yeah its possible if you got a (dream3)..big mane,Aye dream big homie reach to Heaven Yeah..because anything that you put yo mind to with the strength from the Lord..(its very possible, Yeah2) (anything is possible,..2)..Yeah its possible..
So **** a hater, Forget em dawg,

Keep pushing forward even if you don't have a crowd my *****..still (show off
2),..push yoself, over the edge, learn how to use yo wings be a King, be a leader,..push yoself to the limit, become stronger than this world homie,..Aye even if you do take alot of losses, & slip & fall down..(that don't mean nothing2)..nothing at all man,....because you can always press restart so (get back up2)..& finish yo race my *****, Yeah..
I'm moving these boulders ***** I'm Hercules, I'm getting stronger, wiser & smarter as my life
progresses on ,..Aye, I freestyle this rhyme in 2015 mane, wrote it down & saved it for a rainy day, I knew that all of this writing & ryhming I was doing in my mama house was gonna come & handy someday.., Aye

I put my all into rapping, I infused my mind, heart,& soul within the inkpen dawg,..
**** a major record label, I'm staying independent Noo, I ain't falling into the white mans trap, Aye,..I'm staying in The Trap tho, Trap my *****..Only For The Real,..ayo..where all of my ****** Disciples at, whats happening let's mob man..Uhh..Yeah..because
(Anything is possible2)..mane, I started this **** outta the true love I had for original authentic hip hop music that went missing  like Malaysia Airlines Flight 3-70 homie, I'm bringing that pure crack back to the fiens thats in  need of it,.Aye man I'm in these streets, frequently, spreading peace,..smoking **** & keeping it g..My *****..

I'm building my own record company, I already got my blueprints ready for the contractor to see, I'm talking about God,homie,..its all in his timing so I ain't gone trip or whine mane,..Imma just keep on writing.., Imma living legend, I'm writing history..Aye Yeah..Uhh, (anything is possible.
2)..Yeah anything is possible..
(For you & me2)..anything is possible, homie,.. Yeah,Uhh for real & this ain't just talking my ***** this is called educating,..My bars so heavy, like my ***** mane..Aye..
Keep pushing yo self, never give up, never give in to Satan, because anything is possible for you & me homie,.. Yeah..Aye anything is possible..succeeding.. (Anything
2) (very possible2) mane..

(anything is possible Yeah
3)..(Anything2)..Its possible.. (Anything is2).. possible..yeah Anything its possible ..(Anything is2) possible..Yeah Its possible Uhh,..(anything is possible2)..
/ possible/2
Yeah (anything2)..(yeah its possible2)Yeah..(anything is possible2)..Its very possible..yeah
anything is possible it's possible, Yeah man,Aye..if you put your mind to it then..(you can do it dawg..Yeah
2)..anything is possible, you can do (thee impossible2)..Because..(Yeah anything is possible2)..Yeah anything man, Uhh, just stay focused,..Cuhz..(Yeah anything is possible2)..Yeah anything.. You just gotta (put yo mind to it dawg2)..
Yeah..because anything is possible.. Okay man..Uhh

You better push yoself, you gotta push yo self..(push yo self2).., you gotta push yo self, you better push yoself,..(push yoself4)..
(you gotta push yoself2)
(you better push yo self
(you gotta push,Yeah2)
(Push it
2) Salt & Pepa..
(you gotta push yoself2)
(you better push yo self
(you gotta push,Yeah2)
(Push it
Like a woman giving birth man..
(you gotta push yoself2)
(you better push yo self
(you gotta push,Yeah2)
(Push it
Push it real good man..
Yeah, you gotta push yo self,..(push3)..(yo self2)..,

/Aye push (yo self2) gotta push (yo self2)/2
/Push (yo self
/(You better push yo self, you gotta push (yo self
2), aye/3

Push it my *****, go your very fastest, Yeah man..(you gotta push
2)..yo self like you never have pushed yoself before man..Yeah
push (yoself2)
(push yoself
3)..,Yeah man..(push yoself3)...push (yoself2)..Yeah *****..
Uhh, chase yo attractions, make yo own laws  *****..Impress yo self, just worry about you  & yo family  my *****, you gotta (push it2)...,Yeah (push it2)..don't stop man..

You gotta push yoself, You better push yoself..(Yeah, push yo self2)..
(You gotta push yoself, You better push yoself, Uhh push yoself
Coach yo self, **** having friends, Aye the money gonna come in,..Just (keep pushing yo self*3)..push yo self..Yeah..Aye..because
Anything is possible when you put yo mind to it..dawg...Yeah anything is possible..anything...yeah man
Fo ******>
The Trust is the Work, the Safe Thought Form a stable Construct,
a Safe Land of leading untamed horses innocent Brave and her will to ,
A maze so kind and effortless in its unfolding trap ridding,
rat catching, soul nursing.
What a Place for one to find a mind to construct in loving labor and toiling to offer the glass reflective, two and more can exist and all be real, right and true in their self none an insult to each, yet redefined the definition of what we place and taste of and into the world through the things we except and effect for and for others through the self and our responsible creations. and no snake river canyon  today, but a huff and a puff a dark horse did bluff and ***** to cluster a holds barred and loves scars so beautiful and ever changing in its radiance and blazing brilliance of smarts , so pains to comfort the tang of the moon landing so true and without *******, lets love the creations we make and show our loves that we indeed do hear them truly, just not so much the pained ego, but the breath of spirit caressing the soul in need and loving sight so honest and right. never shall I judge your tasks so diligence, for mine are a dangerous sort to build yet a place and ease of pace for her true swings of wild,
for the work that makes it all worth working for.

Say Love  YHVH  Alma
Work To Make It Work Lyrics

from Pressure Drop
"Work To Make It Work" is track #1 on the album Pressure Drop. It was written by Palmer, Robert.

Push it along, work, work, work to make it work
Push it along, work, work, work to make it work
Push it along, work, work, work if you want to improve it
Push it along

It's all there for you to feel it
Help your self to one that you can't deal with
Ain't no way that you could steal it
You misunderstand if you get greedy, ah push

Work, work, work to make it work push it along
Work, work, work to make it work
Push it along, work, work, work to make it work
Push it along, work, work, work if you want to improve

Don't confine your dreams to bed
You'll get scared if you get lazy
If you can't take enough to satisfy yourself
Then you'll go crazy

Won't do no good thinking, you got to do it
So it don't come easy the first time
Practice makes perfect, you know that I'll try hard
Use it or lose it, you got to put your heart and soul into it, yeah

Push it along, work, work, work to make it work
Push it along, work, work, work if you want to move it
Push it along, work to make it work
Push it along, work, work, work if you want to improve

It's all there for you to feel it
Help your self to one that you can't deal with
Ain't no way that you could steal it
You misunderstand if you get greedy forget wishful thinking

You can do it, you just need a push to make a start
If you don't succeed the first time
Try and try again, use it or lose it
You got to put your back into it

Work, work, work to make it work
Push it along, work, work, work if you want to move it
Push it along, work, work, work to make it work
Push it along, work, work, work if you want to improve

Work, work, work to make it work
Push it along, work, work, work if you want to move it
Push it along, work, work, work to make it work
Push it along, work, work, work if you want to improve
Ahh push the
Push the hooligan out of my feet
Push the hooligan out oh my hands
And get rid of my evil past
Ahh push the
Push the hooligan out of my head
The part that makes it itchy
C’mon baby baby
Get rid of my shady past
C’mon baby baby
Stop me from doing crime
Keep me out of the psych ward
Where ****** young girls
Are trying to stab you with the plastic
Where bikies are constantly going to the door yelling at thrscrews
People saying they are Jesus Christ
And elvis and god
Ahh push the
Push each hooligan out of your body
Get rid of the hooligan in your thumbs
As you write this story
Ahh push the
I don’t know why my hooligan is bugging me
I support the Christians
I support the Buddhist’s
I support the homosexualls
I support the homeless
I support the mentally Ill
I support the children
I support the Asians
I support the African Americans
I support everyone
Ahh push the
Push the hooligan out of me
Get rid of my hooligan so I don’t commit crimes sending me to the psych ward
Ahh push the
C’mon baby baby
Push the hooligan out of me
Right now
Nathaniel Munson Jan 2013
To the ground I fall,
The sweat drips from my brow,
In cadence We,
He stops his pacing,
In front of me,
    Yeah,     Push…
        Hooah Sergeant!
        HOOAH Sergeant!
That’s what I like to hear PRIvate,

This is our anthem,
But through this we become,
Orwell’s “rough men”,
The Drill Sergeant is a temporary devil,    
        Patriots Will
A life-long teacher,
That demands Perfection,
        These Colors
To make us Stronger,
Patriots Will Defend These Colors Forever,
Avixxi Feb 2012
Push, pull

False security...

Push, pull

Hidden identity...

Push, pull

Sweet words to sprinkle...

Push, pull

Bared, but in riddles...

Push, pull

Lashed on with high hopes...

Push, pull

Driven on low scopes...

Push, pull

Expectations, desires...

Push, pull

All but a lie?
storm siren Jul 2017
I think the reason
Broken people
Are always drawn
To other
Broken people
Is that they
See each other's missing pieces
And they're so aware of their own
Missing pieces.
And they think
"Maybe your pieces can go where mine did,
And mine can go where yours did,
And together
We can be almost whole."

But broken people
Aren't very good at being whole
When they've been broken for so long.
They don't know how to be anything
But broken.

So I end up pushing you away.
I push you far, far away from me.
Because even though I need you around,
And I desperately want you with me,
I don't know how to be whole
And that's what you do.
You make me whole.

And I push you and push you and push you
But you don't leave.
Even though you have absolutely
Every reason to leave.
Even though no one would question it.
Everyone would understand it.
Most people would be more than supportive of it.

But instead, you stay.

And I don't know if I make you whole,
But I know that sometimes you push me away too.
Not as far.
You never push me away as far as I push you,

But I am always ready to leave.
Because I've already done the sticking-around-when-no-one-wants-me thing.
And I've learned that there's no chasing people.
If they want to leave,
They will leave,
And you cannot ever stop them.

And everyone leaves, sooner or later.

You can't make a person want you
And you can't make a person choose you.

And someone can want you every second of every day,
But if they don't choose you,
It doesn't matter.

That's what I've learned.

So when you push me away from you,
My instinct is to leave.
I've never really had an actual home
Or an actual family,
So leaving isn't actually hard for me.
As much as I want to stay right here,
In your arms forever,
Leaving is easy.
It's natural for me.
I never knew how to stay.
I've always been a run-away kind of person.
Besides, it never takes anyone long to move on from me.
I leave,
They move on,
Their lives are better.

The hard part isn't leaving, for me.
It's forgetting.
Because I don't forget,
I can't move on.

Everyone I've left,
Everyone that has left me,
I remember.
I remember the hurt.
I remember them.

I'm not afraid to leave
When you push me away
Because I know you'll move on quickly
And I know you'll be better off
When I'm gone.

But when I push you away
I'm always so scared you'll go.
Because I don't want to move on,
And I don't want you to think I'll just forget you.
Because I won't.
Because I can't.

And I know it hurts that I'm so quick to leave,
And I know that knowing that it's only because I'm so used to going
Doesn't make it better.

I'm going to try to stay,
Because you stay.
Because I won't ever forget you,
And I don't want you to forget me.

I used to think
That once you love someone--
And I mean really really
Love them,
With every part of you--
I think once you love someone,
You never really stop.
Kevin Anderson Jan 2015
It’s so easy to say yes.
It’s all I want to say. I want to pretend again. I want to play.

I want to look inside the skin of a young man and clutch his yesterdays and hold it in my palms and breathe them free. I want his anger and hurt to leave with the spirit of a young girls touch. So the pain will come and ache will go. Dull and stinging all the same. Sharp as sun, bright as blonde. Let it go.

My angry heart and shouting soul
Is ice up on the mountain snow

Happy never meant for me to see
The end of day I made for me  

And I have to be
Inside a Man that can’t break free.

I will scrape my cup on bars in cage
and yell to guards who can’t hear me,
I’ll watch you from the other side
And rage and rage
Until I’m free
Until I’m free.

I am broken and bent and unspoken stillness grips like a steering wheel. I can’t tell what’s right what’s wrong what’s high what’s low. I can’t tell you what I want. I can’t tell you when and if it’s ok. I don’t know. I like you and I hate me. I want to press against you and I want to push you away. I have never been here before, yet it seems like I have always been here.

I want you to go away and never call my name again

I want you on your back with your boots on my shoulders. I want to hear you moan. I push and push and push and push and push………..

I want you to go away and never call my name again

I want you on your back with your boots on my shoulders. I want to hear you moan. I push and push and push and push and push………..
Lambert Mark Mj Sep 2014
Could you push me into the river
Make me soaking wet, and, sicker
Could you push my swing
But never let go, to make me forever cling

Could you push me into your limelight
Then remove hollow faces out of sight
Could you push my door
Let me see, at the end of this ocean is a shore

Could you push me out of my seat
Have me see a better view of the old creek
Could you push my words into this paper
Drive me down, to find out what is truly deeper

Let me lean on your star
Because I stopped pushing myself afar
Pull me in with gravity
Because I have no more vines of duty

                                                       *-Push someone's swing before it gets rusted
AllAtOnce Mar 2016
The night in question was September
That's when I realized nothing had changed
Three years had gone by
But some things were still the same

The sun was setting slow
And the radio was blaring loud
Push it down, push it down
But when you looked at me I was always just a face in the crowd
So I'll always push it down

You asked me if I wanted to go
Begged and pleaded up until now
But it was just the quiet echoes
Of everybody else bailing out
It was never about me
Never about my company
Just about someone I could never be
I will always be a quiet memory

The day in question was May
This time I did the asking and the shouts
It was a yes then a no then a simple I'm out
And even now I'm not surprised
Still just another face in the crowd

It doesn't hurt anymore
If I push it down, push it down
And recognize my place in this world
Below everybody and anyone around

It's been four years
And it'll be four more
Some things will never change
So I don't try anymore
I will always just push it down
Push it down
Push it down
Please master can I touch your cheeck
please master can I kneel at  your feet
please master can I loosen your blue pants
please master can I gaze at your golden haired belly
please master can I have your thighs bare to my eyes
please master can I take off my clothes below your chair
please master can I can I kiss your ankles and soul
please master can I touch lips to your hard muscle hairless thigh
please master can I lay my ear pressed to your stomach
please master can I wrap my arms around your white ***
please master can I lick your groin gurled with blond soft fur
please master can I touch my tongue to your rosy *******
please master may I pass my face to your *****,
please master order me down on the floor,
please master tell me to lick your thick shaft
please master put your rough hands on my bald hairy skull
please master press my mouth to your *****-heart
please master press my face into your belly, pull me slowly strong thumbed
till your dumb hardness fills my throat to the base
till I swallow and taste your delicate flesh-hot ***** barrel veined Please
Mater push my shoulders away and stare in my eyes, & make me bend over
        the table
please master grab my thighs and lift my *** to your waist
please master your hand's rough stroke on my neck your palm down to my
please master push me, my feet on chairs, till my hole feels the breath of
        your spit and your thumb stroke
please master make my say Please Master **** me now Please
Master grease my ***** and hairmouth with sweet vaselines
please master stroke your shaft with white creams
please master touch your **** head to my wrinkled self-hole
please master push it in gently, your elbows enwrapped round my breast
your arms passing down to my belly, my ***** you touch w/ your fingers
please master shove it in me a little, a little, a little,
please master sink your droor thing down my behind
& please master make me wiggle my rear to eat up the ***** trunk
till my asshalfs cuddle your thighs, my back bent over,
till I'm alone sticking out, your sword stuck throbbing in me
please master pull out and slowly roll onto the bottom
please master lunge it again, and withdraw the tip
please please master **** me again with your self, please **** me Please
Master drive down till it hurts me the softness the
Softness please master make love to my ***, give body to center, & **** me
        for good like a girl,
tenderly clasp me please master I take me to thee,
& drive in my belly your selfsame sweet heat-rood
you fingered in solitude Denver or Brooklyn or ****** in a maiden in Paris
please master drive me thy vehicle, body of love drops, sweat ****
body of tenderness, Give me your dogh **** faster
please master make me go moan on the table
Go moan O please master do **** me like that
in your rhythm thrill-plunge & pull-back-bounce & push down
till I loosen my ******* a dog on the table yelping with terror delight to be
Please master call me a dog, an *** beast, a wet *******,
& **** me more violent, my eyes hid with your palms round my skull
& plunge down in a brutal hard lash thru soft drip-fish
& throb thru five seconds to spurt out your ***** heat
over & over, bamming it in while I cry out your name I do love you
please Master.

                                        May 1968
Big Virge Jun 2019
Let Me ...  
Tell You Something ... !!!
My Nerves Are Near ....
.... COMBUSTION .... !!!!!
Cos These Days .... People ....
Seem To Think ....
It's Cool To ... PUSH My Buttons ... ?!?
Why Try To ...
Cross ... My Junction ... ???
Don't You ...
Like To ... " Function " ... !?!
Don't You Want ...
To ... Have A Life ... ?
WITHOUT The thought of ...
... PAIN and STRIFE ...!?!  
I'm ... NOT TOUGH ... !!!
But ... " Call My Bluff " ... !!!
See What You Get ... ???
You Might Get ... " Cuffed " ... !!!
I ... DON'T LIKE ... !!!
This ... " Weapons Stuff " ... !!!
If You're Gonna Fight ...
Then ... Do It RIGHT ... !!!
Do It From ...
Behind The Mic ... !!!
Show Your Talent ...
Use ... INSIGHT ... !!!
Leave ... "The Sheep" ...
To ... Their Own Plight ...
They ... " Fight Themselves " ...
They ... " Live for Wealth " ...
They ... Don't Believe ...
In ... " Mental Health " ... ?!?
That's Why They Use ...
" Slavemasters' Belts " ...
Til' Your ... CRY For HELP Is ...
English People ...
Do It ... WELL ...  
"We'll push them into, prison cells !"
Then You Hear ....
"Your honour, he fell ... "
These Are ... The LIES ...
"They" ... Make Them Sell ...
Who Are ... " THEY " ... ???
What ...
CAN'T YOU TELL ... !?!
" THEY " ... Who Have ...
That .... FUNNY SMELL .... !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Those Who Keep ...
The Rebels ... "quelled" ...
Those Who SHOW ...
But ... NEVER TELL ... !!!
Those Who DON'T ...
Get ... Collars Felt ...  
I'm Writing This ...
Cos' I've Had A Bad Day ... !!!
But ... EVERYDAY ...
Seems To Bring DISMAY ...
From ... Bombs In Town ...
To ... FRAUD RIDDEN Aid ...
That's Why I Wrote A Poem ...
Called .... " Two-Faced " ....
These ... Two-Faced Fools ...
Really Think They're ... " COOL " ... !?!
That's Why They ... " Think " ...
They Can .... PUSH YOU ....
But When Somebody ...
They QUICKLY ... "hide" ...
and Then .... " Backtrack " ....  
"I don't remember, saying that !"
"Well Remember THIS !
You piece of ..... !"
That's ... NO QUIP ... !!!
and It's ... NO JOKE ... !!!
Those Who ... PUSH ...
May Just Get ... CHOKE ... !?!
For Leaning On ...
A Bloke Whose BROKE ... !!!
With ... NOTHING to lose ...
Except .... " His Coat " ....
These Are Words ...
On Which To ... SOAK ... !!!

Cos' Words Like These ...
Just May ... " Denote " ...
A Way To Keep ...  
Your Life .... " Afloat " ....
We've All Got To Cope ...
With ... IGNORANT Folk ... !!!  
I Am A Nice Guy ...  

I'm ... NICE As PIE ... !!!
Until You PUSH ME ...
Then .... " Sparks Fly " .... !!!!!
I Suppose You Think ...
I'M ANGRY .... Right .... ?
So What If I Am ... ?!?
Here's A ... TELEGRAM ... !!!
Virgil's NOT The ... ANGRIEST Man ... !!!
Try This Name ... Let's Be PRECISE ... !!!
Marshall Mathers The 3rd ...
Eminem ... That's Right ... !!!!!!!!
Hip Hop's ...
Number One ... " White Guy " ... !!!
He's Cussed Off Gays ...
He's Cussed ... His Mum .....
He's Cussed ... George Bush ...
That Boy Ain't Dumb ... !!!!!
He Seems To Cuss ...
Pretty Much ... For Fun ... !!!
But Still ... He's Loved ... ?
Like I ... LOVED My Mum ... !!!!!
So ...  
How Am I ... ?
The ... " ANGRY One " ... ?!?

Because You ... PUSH ME ...
Like I'm .... " Dumb " ....
People ... These Days ...
Just Make Me ... " Numb " ...
This Is Why ...
I've NOT ... " Succumbed " ...
To Those Who ... Want To ...
Keep Me ... "shushed" ...
FOOLS Who Think ...
That They Can ...
.... " Push " ....
Job pressures at the time, amongst others things, inspired this .....
Sean Bork Dec 2015
My dreams are like rainbow coloured balloons.
Gentle push, set them free to seek heaven
as she kisses the sun with her light.
The ground is so far away from her soul.
Gentle push, and I trip on the ants
and I fall, I fall but not all the way down.

My dreams float like ivory swans at midnight.
Gentle push, hear the sound of ripples
as they float away with the moon.
The starlight plays on her skin like Angels.
Gentle push, her toes stir the waters
and the stars dance, they dance for her.

My dreams sit like dolls in the attic.
Gentle push, and they revive once again
as she toys with the tattered strings.
The crows stand watch like sentinels.
Gentle push, they scatter and cry aloud
scaring the monsters, scaring them away.

My dreams play like musical notes.
Gentle push, the verse then the chorus,
the major and minor chords make love.
In the background a lonely voice sings.
It rises like the sun and moon together
and I watch, I watch my dreams rise too.
copyright 2015

Inspired by a series of paintings I saw while strolling along the boardwalk where I live.
Mouth Piece Mar 2014
My heart is inside out and yours is outside in…….. Push……..You wouldn’t come in and I wouldn’t come out….Push….. My mind and your body….Push…..My Ideas fly me far from your touch while your touch sails you out of my mind…..push………You shape the world with your eyes but I’m blind….my lips are the air of the unseen yet your breathless…..push……Your North tries to conquer my winter and my south tries to claim your Summer…push…opposites attract only if you let them…. Shaking I set my North to your southern sun….now were outside in from the inside out…. Eyes and ideas are joined to witness our minds meeting our bodies…I’m scared...But I see your smile……..I won’t push……..thank You Jesus for teaching me to Love deeper
Cameron Godfrey Feb 2014
Push me to the limit; watch me fall
Call me Humpty Dumpty and push me off the wall
Build me up and drop me on the floor
Push me 'til I can't take it anymore.

Push me to the limit; watch me fall
Blown off of the branches with my cradle and all
Build me up and bury me six feet down
Push me to the limit, to the ground.

Push me to the limit; watch me fall
Ignore me when I beg and don't listen when I call
Build me up and watch me as I break
Push me 'til you slaughter every breath I take.
Terry Collett Sep 2013
Two sets of pram wheels
a plank(some kid's dad
brought that)

a wooden cross beam
a nut and bolt
to hold

the cross beam
in place
a piece of rope

(Ingrid gave that
an old skipping rope)
an orange box

and the go-cart
was ready
by the bike shed

and Jimmy said
I best drive it first
as I'm the eldest

you said
Ingrid said nothing

she looked at Jimmy
hands in her
cardigan pockets

biting her lip
Ingrid supplied the rope
you said

she deserves
a ride too
sure sure

Jimmy said
into the orange box

and taking up the ropes
into his hands
right you push

he said
I brought
my mum's prop stick

Ingrid said
you can push with that
she pointed

to a long pole
by the shed door
yes ok

Jimmy said
so you took up
the pole and placed it

in the back
of the plank
and began to push it

through the Square
Ingrid stood watching
as you pushed

the go-cart
at running speed
on on

Jimmy said
and he steered
the go-cart

around the Square
as you ran faster
then let go

and the go-cart
went at its own volition
and you walked

and stood by Ingrid
will he let me ride it?
she asked

he will
you said
or I'll not

push him again
you watched
as the go-cart

slowed down
and Jimmy drove it up
to the bike shed

where it came
to a stop
why'd you stop pushing?

he asked
couldn't push any faster
you said

it needs constant pushing
he said

I'm not a machine
you said
he sat looking

at Ingrid
she can push
he said

she's a girl
you said
I can push

she said
and she took the pole
and shoved it

at the back
of the plank
and began to push it

off as best she could
with Jimmy steering
along by the sheds

and off once more
into the Square
and you watched

her push
her hands tight
around the pole

her legs running
as fast as she could
and there

as she ran
and her skirt rose
you saw red marks

on her thigh
her old man's work
you said with a sigh

then it was gone
as she ran down
the *****

and out of sight
with the sound of Jimmy
cheering her on.
susan Sep 2014
push push push
push push push
a swish of a tail
a scuttling under the bed
diamond green eyes searching, trusting
a nudge at my foot
push push push
a smile crosses my lips
i reach for you
hug nothing but pillow
my eyes mist over
my heart aches
hush hush now
go to sleep
i got you
right here
you'll always be right here
Osvaldo Palomino Sep 2014
Push, push
Push them all away...

Nothing lasts forever
So push them all away...

One by one
All will fade away...

Now you're all alone...
What has really changed?
i like where we're going, we're in the same book
but right now we're not on the same page.
we're young and we're ruthless, it aint entertaining
i've experienced much at this age

you push and i pull
then i push and you stay

the corners are dogeared
the pages are yellowed
the cover is filthy and stained
the bandages wrapped up around the old volumes
are ready to be torn away

you push and i pull
then i push and you stay

i'm walking, you're watching
i'm kissing your fingers
eyes kiss lids then i kiss a ways
i kiss all the lips off of state store products
so that you won't ruin my day.

you push and i pull
then i push and you stay

so you're hanging up others' dresses?
well i'm still hung up on guessing
how much to give and to take
you catch my eye,
i blush and i shiver.
look at this fool you helped make.

now i push and you pull
then you push and i stay
Blatant stabs of jitters
and caffeinated desperation
know just how and where to
Is it a they, am I a we?
Statements and rambling
forward in line but
they're out of order.
A speaker of hope
and frequent lover of
bold microphone stands,
the hopeless
for the stage.
Bombs and baby cradles
are not important
during this time, the
money-hungry take advantage
stretch the truth and
the innocent.
Helpless creatures are doomed
by their own kind,
but there are the few who
dare to
for something worth fighting for.
Adam Flores Feb 2015

Sometimes you push it all away ; until she pushes back.
When a woman wants a man ; I never thought she'd push like that.
Just a drink away from death ; cigar stains on my lungs.
Inches from a gun ; all I needed was another black cat.
Walking to the beat of the night ; dark lady, could you be my light?
No one by her side ; asking who am I?
That's the question ; I've been asking all my life.


You push that hard, and I'll reply ; I'm the darkest thought, the one that asks why.
I'm the cold life lost ;
the one that don't die ;
and if you push into my heart, you just might cry.


She didn't say nothin, just looked me up and down ; I could tell by that stare, I could live in her town.
I've been a lot of places, done a lot of hurt ; never found a woman that could make it work.
Diggin graves was easy, my heart was one ; but these old bones need more than dirt.
And a man who loses his shirt ; needs more than a girl in a skirt.

I pushed real hard, I've even pushed through;
But, woman, I wouldn't push you.
Because this woman at my side...Well
She can push too.
I just push and push and push until...

****. You're gone.

Why am I single?
What a great question.
Read the above statement.

I push and push and POKE until...

****. You pop.

Why can't someone love me?
Someone did once!
Once someone loved me.

But I pushed and poked and SCREAMED until...

****. You went away.

You went away?
You were so afraid of the emotional damage I could cause.
To you.
To me.
But baby, I'm already damaged.

That's why I push and poke and SCREAM until...

****. Now we are both emotionally incurable.

How did I get this way?
I don't know anymore.
I could blame anyone.
Blame you.
Blame the last.
But the common denominator in it all

Now I just push AND PUSH AND I'M SO ******* PUSHY!

****. We're both broken.

Broken in half.
Broken in two.
So broken that we can't be fixed with super glue.

I needed help but instead..

****. You disappeared.
sandra wyllie Jun 2019
my own fat
and do this exercise
when I’m not in the mood
it’s no excuse
Push Past
this depression
my indigestion
these aches and pains
from getting older
this indignation
from lack of
Push Past
cars cutting me off
wanting to be first
at the red light
Publisher’s that scoff
at all my poems
without knowing
how hard I work
on them
Push Past
my own defenses
Because I put up
to protect
Push Past
the *******
En masse
from people who believe
something different
than me
Push Past
my own thoughts
that build up
like plague
turn black
Stab me
in the back
these worries
give me
no glory
only sleepless nights
Push Past
to another day
saying to myself -
It Will Be Ok
Giving it
my best shot
Giving it
all I’ve got
when sometimes
that’s very little
Push Past
another line
to complete
this poem
without knowing
if I’ve gone too far
will it be too much
should I
leave it
leave it
leave it
no more
Anthony Duvalle Jul 2010
Push, click

And the ink is exposed to the paper
I am a poet, disguised as a faker
My lies and deceit have made the ink run
Words are dripping down, great, I just spilled my ***

Push, click

So the ink will not dry during clean up
I never get the wishes that I dream up
That's why my *** has been spilled
And the room's yet to tilt
My mind is a quilt with the seams cut

Push, click

Pen, paper
Alleviate, redeem, numb
Please someone get me more ***

Push, click

And **** a cinquain
I'm sick of this ****, I'm done playing games
Always a *****, seems I only complain
Enough of these thoughts, they're always the same
I'll weather the weather, meditate in the rain

Push, click
Don't push me.
I am a force to be reckoned with.
My words can castrate you,
decapitate you,
depreciate you.

Don't push me.
My words are a hurricane
that will rip down the house
you've built on your righteous soul.
My words are a tsunami
that will sink the ship
you sail across your radical sea.
My words are a tornado
that will tear you straight
from your solid ground.

Don't push me.
I weave tales of anger and woe
that force themselves into your mind,
that break you from the inside,
tales that take you past
your comfort zone.

Don't push me.
I can make you fall with this poem.
I can make you cry with my story.
I can make you scream with a few words.

Don't push me.
I am a force to be reckoned with.
Jamie Horridge Jul 2013
Hours and hours that you’ve been away.
They pass while you stay.
Darling, they feel like days.  

These feelings won’t dissipate.
I love you for no reason.
I hate the cold weather,
But I can’t eliminate seasons.

Push me away, as far as you can.
I don’t want to love an unlovable man.

Don’t understand why I love you.
******, I wish I didn’t, too.
I brush my teeth and lay down for bed,
And, baby, it’s you again.

Push me away, as far as you can.
I don’t want to love an unlovable man.
Push me away.
You know I can't stay.
Push me away.
Push me.
Tammy M Darby Dec 2013
Pausing for a reaction
A hateful acknowledgement of my actions
Jangling your nerves
For each and every infraction

I push the buttons
To a dangerous ledge
Forcing you closer and closer
To the cliff's edge
Happily for filling to my death a pledge

I push the buttons
Comes a loving embrace
Then retrieve from my memory
Thoughts better erased
The time in my life
Sequence of events
They gave way to my now favorite pastime

I push the buttons
A puppet helpless you will dance
Never again allowed the chance
To have a life without the shadow of a cloud

Prodding and poking
I shall never cease
The humming of my plastic keys
Enlightening those
Who cannot believe
What lies on the other side
There will be no peace
My appetite  for revenge will never be filled
So I push the buttons

This poem is copyrighted and stored in author base. All material subject to Copyright Infringement laws
Section 512(c)(3) of the U.S. Copyright
Act, 17 U.S.C. S517(c)(3), Tammy M. Darby
Monique Isom Aug 2014
just like they told you to,
with out a fight youll never win just,
once you have no strength left in you still,
look at the ones way far behind you,
now look at where you stand.
Jacqe Booth Feb 2010
It's not working,
all this grinding of the
literical wheel.
Push push slide.
Trying to find
a part of me
from the deep;
Something pulled out and
penned, something to like,
to love, to call my own and wear
with pride.
It's not working tonight.

All that's left is the taste of
too much tobacco
high and dry in my palate.
All thats left is an empty milk bottle
and not enough black coffee in the world
to wire open my eyes.

These pages are lies
the minute they leave my fingertips.
The words are fleeting
These feelings brief

There is only grief
for the loss of my tongue
when i need it the most.
When i need it to speak
from my heart
despite not hearing
it beat.

Doubtless wasting
my time.
LS Feb 2012
Push on
Keep pushing on
If you happen to break,
Call a tow truck to help you up

Push on before it's too late
Push on, this gas won't last all day

Brittle bones, they might hurt one day
Push on, before you are in your grave.
xmxrgxncy Jul 2016
The notes on their hearts can't start to depart
cause their brains can't even start to detain
what is part of their name;
it's their fame, their shame, the life that they live
and the pain that they use to assure that they gain

You love and you live and you push and you win
but you push all your sin to limit and when you're
deep in it you can't pin with win to hold down your sin

so eat what you gain and forget all your fame
the fame of the game that you started through pain
cause your name can't contain all the hearts you disdain
and you can't keep on winning the way you keep sinning

so push on your heart
**** all the art
shatter the legacies break all the tendencies
cut all the ways that would force you to stay like the one who
cried every night cause he lost the one fight where the girl got away

push on your heart
**** all the art

open the pockets and rivet the sockets that pulse all the life
that pounds into your strife
when you're dying you're done
when we're lying we're one
so pull on the trigger cause tonight we've got none

nothing to share and there's nothing to hold
so gimme the lines and the words tell me I'm bold

push on your heart
**** all the art

let everything inside of you just die
cause the life that once lived is no longer alive
and though you may try you just can't satisfy
the heart that you want to be inside her eyes
i Mar 2014
take this pillow,
that lays on this new, clean sheet,
and put it over her sleeping face,
just push, push, push.
push until she gasps for air
and is out of breath.

A wanderlust of identity,
Exploring the heights, the depths,
Walking plains and climbing and falling,
And failing,
Successes like bright white blinding light,
Filling every peripheral space,

The rich reality of fault vaporized like dew.


Salt slips from these lenses,
The womb's embrace a reprieve irresistible,
Punishment and consequence under cordial invitation,
Arrive in every corner of a mind relenting,

Bathing in the luxury of a lack there of,


Promise spoiled like the appetite of a child,
Filled with sugar and fat,
A comedy of medium wants uttered in duress,
Fettered by former, and far more formal, drives and visions,


This day is not over,
And life is not over,
And death is not over,
And breath carries songs of romance and courage,

When the allowance of frailty inhibits progression,
Where stillness is prodded by critical enmity,
Of all that lies sullen and sorrowful.


Confide in the righteousness of the body, the mind.
Brynn Louise Apr 2014
They say that you should never
Push a loyal person
Past the point where they don't care.

Clearly you never heard that.
Or maybe you just don't care.
Either way, you've made a large mistake.

Because now all the anger
That I've been saving all these years,
All the fury I've been hiding-
Finally has release.

Every single person
That's ever done me wrong,
Every last wrong doing
That I have withstood,

Now falls upon your shoulders
Along with what you've done,
As if your own actions
Weren't bad enough alone.

They say that you should never
Push a loyal person
Past the point where they don't care.

But maybe now you've guessed
That it's far too late for you.
Because I'll smile and I'll laugh
I'll be pleasant around you.

You'll think that all is fine,
You'll fall into false comfort,
And when you try your games again
You'll fall flat upon your face.
Inspired by a quote I saw on the internet: "Never push a loyal person to the point where they no longer care." -Unknown

— The End —