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Chansee Williams Apr 2015
i purposley make myself think of you at night ..
So you can end up dreaming of me
Because they say if you dream of someone they were thinking of you.
So if you cannot believe i think of you
I hope those dreams of me
Give you the signs .
Ella Mclaughlin Dec 2018
I feel numb
I don't know why
It just washes over me
One minute I'm laughing
The next I'm staring blankly at the wall

I've convinced my myself that I do this on purpose, chanting in my head every Night
I want to be depressed and numb
That I want to cry myself to sleep everynight
After i've purposley forced myself to create a river of blood flowing down my Arm

I do think I do this on purpose

When you've been sad for as long as I have
Wouldn't you?

— The End —