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Empiricprotagon Apr 2017
Instead of being charming,
You drown me to your quietness.
Your calmness bending my ticking-clock to stop,
expanding time to feel me the euphoria.
I like how you did everything,
every move you made drives me to satisfaction.
I didn't know the purpose of this feeling,
and didn't want to.
harlon rivers Apr 2017
What about a moment ―
that comes like a shooting star ?
        or love that flitters away
        though we reach out to hold tight
a flickering flame     ―     a candle in wisp of wind
                     all of a sudden lost
                 all at once a heart alone

…all life’s bits and pieces manifest a graspable trace,
random seconds clinched
        like giving grains of sand
        a raindrop’s passing splash
footprints in the sand  ―  whispering
       ― unsaid silent goodbyes

  Is this only a fleeting present moment ,
measureless nebulous time etched ?
        visible living snippets
        traced and shaped,
enveloping without pretense

benign mind-made silk threads
cocooning shapeless timelines
        an entwining tapestry
        of dreams dreamt ― then evanesce  :

Ripe huckleberry stained lips and blue skies kissed ―
                      a day at the beach
                      dancing with  the wind ―
                      pretending to fly lightly
                      as barefoot feathers glide ―
violets nestled in deep moss  
the fragrance after a cleansing rain

                      the only love I ever found ...  

How long is a concsious moment ?
Untenable thoughts fall short
        impalpable Days turn into Weeks
        unholdable Weeks turn into Months
        unsustainable Months into indefinable Years
intangible gathered moments                                    
anthologies of lifetime memories
chronological life in momentary pieces ;

written murmurs ― sighs too deep for words
soul jewels embraced temporarily
        life portions seized to so sweetly behold
        if only for an instant longer
knowing a moment’s touch is brief
unstoppable breathing unfoldment
unseizable transient continuum

       A moment's always passing ... 
time cleaves old rivers' bottomless course
purling river bottoms erode deeper and wider everyday,
        their rippling murmurs
        ride the wind songs evanescent echoes
earth’s specks and raindrops converging
        to drown silently unto vast oceans 
        unfathomable depths ―

A moment soon forgotten, whisperers left unspoken
gathered time ticks away ― elapsing twinkles
        taken far beyond a flicker of paradise lost              
        as if a moment never passes bye and bye
as if only ebbing tides steal away what's passed

― What about a moment ―
  how long did the moment last
        a sprouted seed
        a swaddled baby born
        a roller-coaster ride
        a blink of an eye
        breath cease to exist
        a lifetime come and gone

― a moment is the life you live ―

               harlon rivers
       was here ... April 19, 2017
April 2017 © harlon rivers … all rights reserved

epilogue :
Sally A Bayan, my friend engagingly asks in a comment on:
March 11, 2017 ― How long is a moment? ... sorry it took so long to answer

..."Yes....after reading your thoughts, I now ask these questions....how long is a moment? how do you grasp a flitting moment? How do you grasp a flitting soul, or love?"

So.... Sally, this is for you friend... you have been an inspiration to all blessed to read your muse and feel the love you so poetically bequeath.
Touching deeply without judgment with gentle hand of most kindred of blessed souls ―

Rhetorical questions unanswerable or naught, as sure as the miracle of birth , one day we'll all come to understand how long a moment lasts...

a friend
Cole Sep 17
What is the meaning to walk, to wail the way
I hold dear to me what’s not and shame what’s what
No meaning, for meaning is meaningless, just as meaningless is meaningless
But what if purpose?
Is meaning purpose?
Most do not think this; though I do
Those words are similar, but not same
I walk, cry, think, live suffer for you

For you are purpose.
I don't know why I wrote this and I know it's not good so please don't be too harsh. September 17, 2018
Axion Prelude Dec 2017
I've spent a life creating fortune for those who've either never seen nor deserved it

Decimated by wanton want for more, or decaying senses wrought with desolation and desire to simply be known, I've caused strife within myself for the sake of others being fulfilled

I've spent so much time creating, ready to give myself to a world that's only seemed to cause destruction to my own soul, and take from me the things I needed most, even if merely conceived through empty wishing

I crave to bestow this strength and wisdom to one who would call my heart home; to be equal and stand as one, through synergy and servitude toward every sense of well being, respect, and care

I do not ask for more, I request nothing but trust and honesty; my affection, admiration, and loyalty lies upon the eyes that see me true

I do not expect love, nor frivolous diligence, I simply wish to no longer misplace my purpose, my admiration, or my faith unto anyone that would never see me, or never care to desire such staunch resolve within their heart as well
A gentle sigh relieves itself from my lungs; the air escaping my lips echoing thoughts of solemn wishes.

I gaze your hand and think how soft they'd feel in mine; your eyes, I see within and feel every word you share; such lovely shades of green caressed by hues of blue and orange. Every detail of you and your person embraced with purest intent, I revel in all that is bestowed; and behold your concerns with the same conviction. Your pains become my own.

The stories you share tear my heart asunder; such harrowing misfortune bestowed upon you, I hear it in your tone and sense it from the tears you shed: you deserve so much more.

How such simple nuance can go unheard, unseen, or unspoken; such stifled cause and senseless negligence, how it could ever befall someone of such grace and sheer beauty, I will never comprehend.

You prove to me there is light on the other side; I see you before me no less a person, sharing our sight as one where our eyes meet as equals.

I crave to prove to you your innate value; to be a resolve you can depend upon in any time of need; to give you all you've sought but never felt or heard or seen, even the simplest of notions  which should naturally be bestowed upon someone from another who truly cares.

I see you for who you are. I hear what you say. My heart breaks at all the wrongs brought unto you. You honor me with friendship.. I just hope for the privilege, someday, to prove my adoration for you, and to show you what it would be like to be embraced by my heart.

Sometimes, romance truly is merely hopeless. Maybe just saying this aloud, scribing my feelings in secret are all ill ever have. Maybe not.

If we never have an opportunity to be more, you've set a stark precedent for all I've ever meant to find..

I think of you often, and always hope you fare well. Your strength and guiding sense of determination inspire me to be a better person. I could only hope that person, someday, may be something you'll want in your life, or even need.

I dream of simple things
Ophélie S Sep 13

not bad,
i commented to myself as i watched you do your thing
for the first time ever ;
not bad was my way to say
still is today
i have standards, you see and —
they were met when i
heard you say,
"that's only half what
i can do."

let's get this straight:
i was the best at what i do until
you came around ;
it's not like i'm mad though —
quite the opposite 
in fact.


here's something else:
i have always liked the way your eyes
shot daggers
even when you were smiling ;
a death stare, they named it and, you know,
i won't call them wrong —
i'm rather fluent with the concepts of
and staring myself, after all.

do you remember?
when we spoke to each other —
it was always a sparring of
rather than words.


a fact:
you have been called cold
more often than
you have been called pleasant ;
i know  —
it's not like you'd disagree
not like you'd be ****** enough to
deny ;
cold is a comfortable shadow
to hide in,
something people like us
wear as a coat or
a scarf
from july to june.

there's this saying that the addition of
two negative objects
turns them a positive
result ;
i'm not much of a scholar so, honey,
what's on your mind?


i get it now,
if i'm propellers
you are wings —
rather than a mirror, we're
distorted reflects
a thing evolution knows
a great deal about ;
this yearning is the aspect of you
i'd wish to keep
bottled up ;
"what for?" you'd ask.

yearning is not a thing
i'm a stranger to ;
i've yearned for many things including
and you —
i've been struggling
to make them mine, though
perhaps because i'm never really trying.


that's how you do it:
you take what you want with
clawed hands
accomplish miracles with
thunderous silence —
an entity of cruel fairness,
icy anger but —
what you want is a complicated
with definite shape to your eyes
but blurry to those of

i'm neither believer nor seer but
here's a little prediction :
the day you are satisfied is the day
shuts down upon us all and
half of me
prays for it.


about extremes —
some will say grey is a better shade and
though i confess
it does have its charms,
it still has to paint me a picture more striking
than a soul with
adamentine purpose.

see —
i stare as you pass by,
terrific in beauty
beautiful in hardness and
off —
goes my heart, sanity, ego
and shirt.
jane taylor May 2016
i fight to peel each moment
of pure stagnation
off of me

a tinnitus cacophony whines in my ears
as my dilapidated fan
keeps slow rhythm to the faucet drip

minutes drag like molasses
handcuffed to the daily lag
groundhog day

i escape into the forest
running, the breeze caresses my face
wildlife pries open my desperate eyes

a spider’s web bends and sways in the wind
fine strands of silver silk flow
soaring they meld in crescent waves

a butterfly glides gently by
befriending gusts of air
softly breathing in another tomorrow

the conductor of the symphony
with sculptor’s hands i cannot see
whispers ever graciously

life is not your enemy
drink it in and let it seep
drop your sword i’m molding thee

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