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nivek Oct 2015
Shedding todays like a snake sheds its skins
slithering in and out of dreams and nightmares
eyes blue beneath old unwanted yesterdays
I will dance like the Cobra to your flute
and strike and strike until a poets voice sings
heard aloud in the deep depth of Mankind
where a sister and brother may meet equal
in the celestial pureness of forever and ever,
Nielsen Mooken Jun 2014
She dances, possessed by the haughtiness
That inhabits the children of pureness.
She spreads her locks over her heart,
Eglantine and amber, equal in parts.
She cries for herself, in a cruel ******,
Her tears, flowing daggers in her soul of wax.

What are these insolent games she plays?
Teaching her shadows irreverent ways
And nurturing a hectic stillness.
What voices haunt her murmured boldness?
Her lullaby, pillowed by destruction
Hummed solely out of her own compassion.

She waves to her cousins, the silver lights,
Painters of the robe of the summer nights.
She burns ,as them, freckling the darkness
With a light, a fragrance, and a caress.
She is passion, a witness, a deity
Existing, not for light, but for beauty.
Call me bella Aug 2019
It is
Where you’ll see eyes clear as glass,
Reflecting a vibrant sunset.

It’s at the heart of a child,
Who knows no evilness.
At the pen of a poet in paper,
When words fluid fearlessly.

It is every time you see her smile,
Or the sound of his voice.
When honesty is being at its finest,
And loyalty never forgotten.

As the words ‘I love you’
Are said at the hearts weakest point.
It’s pureness what makes us
Feel the profoundness of life.
Lucky Queue Oct 2012
Red is the color of passion, but the passion of love
A firey burning sensation, heating and fueling lover's desire
Orange is the color of energy, blinding, and fast
Zipping through space and recharging the multiverse
Yellow is the color of friendship, sunshine and bright
Lifting frowns and bringing joy to all
Green is the color of life, growth, expansion
Of Gaia and the vibrant vivacity of Mother Earth
Blue is the color of sadness and melancholy and despair
Of the salty water of both tear and sea
Indigo is the color of calm and surging stillness, contemplation
And intellect, the color of knowledge
Violet is the color of passion also, the passion of music and art
Powerful and strong, mellowed and smooth
And octamarine is the color of magic, the eighth color of the rainbow, falling off the edge of the world into space
White and black, not contained within a rainbow, but both contain the rainbow themselves, they intertwine, yin and yang
White signifying good, pureness, gaiety, life
Black symbolising evil, taint, gloominess, death
twelve caesuras Jul 2014
so he found himself
on the dark side of the moon
still casting shadows

she got so dizzy
she felt an eternal pull
she was all oceans

he was salt and rocks
chrysanthemums, hydrangeas
slow-starting stories

goblins in her past
demons devouring pureness
contorted bodies

he watched her spine break
for the sake of gravity
he reassembled

they had never met
his eyes were like a car crash
she thought to herself

he thought her divine
her eyes were like homicide
he thought to himself

they kissed in winter
there was no snow on the ground
and they were not cold

he was chaotic
and he breathed paranoia
please, don't leave me here

in youth, her nose bled
she owned headaches and monsters
he made her stagger

he came from the dark
the blood changed with the impact
you're going to leave me

he made her ugly
painted her with crude colors
and made her nose bleed

still casting shadows
chrysanthemums, hydrangeas
hidden in the moon

she did leave him but
he has still yet to leave her
and she's still dizzy
poem no. 8 of the guillotine narratives
Jess Nov 2014
Drink the stars.*

Consume them and let them course through your bloodcurrent,
Carrying the fluorescence to your furthest capillaries.
You will see glowing veins scintillate beneath your skin,
As if a thousand cracks are forming on your body--
Allowing the pureness and beauty of your bright soul
To escape its host.
Have you ever wondered about your own mortality? What is ahead of you in the depths of Limbo while you continue to wait for a 'judgement day'?

Humans are vulnerable to such thoughts obstructing their minds. Everything becomes clouded before it turns into a blur. Then you are no longer.

Mortals spend their time going through a routine while we cast down to watch, much to our dismay.

You never know what fate has in store for you, so don't complain. Do not fret nor worry. Time is all that matters. The twisted hands of two for to forever interlock in the dance of Death and Life. Never shall such beings intervene.

Raven eyes set bright and clear as snow on nights of ice and dew.

Ebony feathers drop with a platinum glow amongst their linings against the lighting of the moon.

A ****** crystal and cerulean gem that shine so bright together even if it isn't natural for such shades.

Balanced, are the world of the living and the world of spirits. Pureness and corruption are never to overcome one another. Balance is key and the key is a truth you still have yet to find.
JM McCann Apr 2015
darkness is just darkness when it gets black,
there aren’t anymore layers of darkness,
with even the smallest drop of light,
the world to see!

Darkness is just the absence of light so whenever
its dark out and you can see the moon,
just know that there is still light even in the blackest truest
The light of a single flickering bulb more powerful
than all the darkness, also darkness is more rare
so we watch out for it, we sleep through it, yet
I’m deeply grateful for it, well worn streets new again
with darkness, also its far less intrusive than light,
so I can sleep with ease.
I apolgize if this sounds super clichéd.

The light blocks the cosmos from view just murky blackness, it also
blocks the building with million dollar views a few feet away from the park
and the trees above my head.
The light creates contrast on the path, a line of well lit concrete gentle darkness on either side,
yet the orange sky, still shows the fields.
a single light out of focus blocks out the sky, the passing by satilights and planes,
and the present, the giants overlooking the park.
Never have I seen light at such an angle, always helpful, the light at the perfect shards,
exploding out at different angles nothing of relevance, yet the light.
A focused explosion puased mid flight, the way
a  bird dives, paused, to admire the ground below.

Darkness is hip, edgy cool and
******* everywhere.
Poems about light are either clichéd to death or for *insert choice word
for fools.
Talking about the pureness of complete darkness, about how
your senses felt different is hip and edgy,
why is it so that I can’t find words to describe something everyone
already knows? Why can’t I describe the joy of feeling light
pouring on me, as I laugh on a unicycle,
the joy of a ******* chimpanzee, dancing.
a light that doesn’t pass through a darkness is worthless,
a light that passes through as immense a darkness that is as well lit as space is,
is a tall order.
How do you create the feeling of a light thousands of times bigger than our world,
that passes through a space that makes us an atom on our body.
This light makes us so small yet without that feeling of smallness where
would we be?
Without the gravity of something bigger, up and down are truly worthless.

Darkness is smaller than the light,
sure it’s the back drop, but its only there to help
us notice the light.

The cosmos save the electricity bill.
The white moon that really is grey, black and lots of other colors
that we can see from a good while off, turns the tide.
A small star obnixously yet perfectly welcome
lets the decorative lights rest.

Each of those stars is far farther from each other than we
when will ever travel in a hundred life times, space not crowded
even from way up over there there are still way beyond
any frontier in our lifetime, yet they are still there for us.
Nobody would notice if a star faded out of the sky
but each and everyone of them is still there for us,
and so many billions that will we will never see
but turn the black night sky into a dark blue sky.
The team work of the stars is extraordinary, all
keeping great distance as to not hurt the other stars,
yet they stay together and light up our night, together.
No depth so we can see horses in the stars,
yet what about the rocks attempting to destroy us?
Our very earth created the exact same thing,
creation brings massive pebble flying faster than light.

How?! How do we get to a light beyond darkness?
It’s not a light at the end of a tunnel, its never that clear.
It will come in shattered pieces, there might be a tiny touch
of light and on the celling a bit to the left, grab them all and they may
make something.
So I had these in lots of separate poems but I can't create anything so I just sent this
Fond of the sips of black death
In love with the smoke that doesn't go away
How long will it take
For me to lose focus
Lose memory of everything
It all holds me back and I keep taking in the wrong things
Look at all these drugs
They said it would get me through the day
Thats all it is
Its just something temporary
I'm moving towards permanent
Last me forever love me forever
How hard is that
Its impossible
But nothing ever pays off with out hard work
Nothing plays the way you want it to
It was never in the books for you anyways
But tonight I promise you we can rewrite history
I got death in my fingers and acid in my pen
Ready to destroy it all
Ready to scratch out the pain
Mugerwa Muzamil Mar 2018
All along my unconscious
has been consumed by your
beauty which is below
the threshold of my wakefulness

Yet I crave it

You're not of classical beauty
but such a timeless white Lily
whose pureness grasps the mind
And remind me that I'm alive

For its adoration, essence is not
in form but in the method
Your quirkiness captures
my infinite imagination

You keenly read the mapping
of my unrestrained tears
Your pureness lies in innocence
Mine in experience

A kind of beauty
Eth Sykes Dec 2013
If you had five seconds to spare, I’d tell you how heaven’s feel like
I’d kiss you your lips so softly you wouldn’t noticed time passing
You’ll poison me,and I’ll lose myself
Into you

Music will be our drug.
I’ll play the weeknd on the stereo, and spell you poetry of how glorious you are, because I’m sure that scene would make permanent one.
I’ll lie against your chest and hear your heart beats and sing on their melody

you are that thin line between the contraction of light and dark
A paradox of sins and pureness
A cracked diamond, a perfect flaw.
Fading stains record the tender scheme of flagrant deliberation
Transparent in their defense of the illusion
Depicting careful consideration of honesty and reserve
While shattering the picture of your delusions

A saturation of recollection, distinctive in its eloquence
Briefly coercing the eyes to conceive
The continuation of a scheme hid in a shroud of confusion
Which refuses to change or ever leave

What would ever stain, yet without any imperfection
Expressing clear in all of its defense
Completely raw and uninhibited in the purest honesty
Yet leave your values standing on the fence

A love beyond comprehension is your tender scheme
The stains are your records of transparency
A continuation one cannot deny, when looking in your eyes
No illusions, just the pureness of honesty
Copyright Neva Flores @2010
pinkmoonpoet Apr 2014
It was a forbidden love from long ago. Still whispering softly after years and years. It won't stop until it winds around again, dangerously entangling two lives separate. Her heart skips a beat, hasn't done this since years long gone past. What is this!?! She suddenly can't stop the fluttering, she smiles, remembering innocent tender embraces. His plump rosy childish lips. Hers. So similar they were bound by the laws of the universe to meet again, no amount of time or distance could keep them apart. Secret lovers, unbearably passionate that no one but they alone will ever understand. And she waits. Because she knows the power of this and the inevitable. She waits with a hidden smile of joy in her heart. Waiting for his words that will cover her body. They only need a quick glance, to know that yes! This does exist! A forbidden love that can only be allowed to entwine once in a pink full moon. To spare the heartbreak it would cost to others, and knowing that only this way would it ever feel like this any way, to meet more than once in a pink moon would destroy the pureness of this, thing. To remain hidden, known only to the two of them. But this passion makes them to better love the one who awaits at home. The rock at home that each needs to hang on to because to let their wild hearts go recklessly would break them forever. Break the rocks and these star-crossed lovers. Only once when a pink moon comes about, and the universe is forced to unite two hearts again in their strange entangled lives.
Aoife Nov 2015
It’s being kept safe from harm. Being kept away from any physical danger or injury. Kept from bad company. Kept away from illness and misfortunes. From misdeeds and misgivings. To be safe and sound.

It’s being kept from hurt. Safe from emotional distress, from emotional pains and heartache. No more tears in your eyes from that. No more scars.

It’s being safe in His good graces. Safe in the strength of faith to hold on. The empowerment of one's own will to overcome hardships. It is the sureness to be able to overcome anything. It is a promise of goodness in life, in the hereafter and forever.

It’s being loved, and knowing it, feeling it. It’s being happy and content, with whatever you have. It’s knowing that you need not sigh of worry or regret or sadness. That the only sadness you have in life is entitled to you, instead of ones ****** upon you.

Safe is knowing love in the pureness of its meaning. It’s seeing the nakedness of the beauty of life. Safe is seeing that there are no two similar shades of colours in this world. Safe is knowing you can close your eyes wherever you are, and take in a deep breath, and tasting the air on your tongue, and feeling it fill your lungs, and not even worry about the beating of your own heart.

Safe is knowing that no matter how many times you've fallen, you get back up just the same. Safe is looking back at burdens, however heavy, and knowing that even they cannot bring you down. Safe is the helplessness you feel when you see just how vast the universe is. Safe is knowing that there is fear, but not one that can consume you. It is knowing that life is so much more than a set of rules or your own heart to follow. It is seeing how complex life is, and being able to forgive that complexity.

A safety that is not to be sought after but to be found. It is not a person, a thing, or a forever, but it is in small moments, that there is a true and absolute tranquility throughout your very being, from your very core, one that brings a smile to your lips instantly. That in that small moment, everything is so grand. Everything just falls into place. Everything is alright.

Safe is being hopeful. It is feeling hope.
I greeted you, my inevitable day
In this shaky firmness of my hands;
Assuring me of my weakness; the languidity of my serene constitution.
The sky smeared with fright,undeed, and look, hark to how the sun closed the night!
This was but unpalatable dew, misty in its impatient greyness
Avidity for genuine sorrow and late confessions
The calm heart then wronged, and soon the war touched the light!

Beware of love, o silly hearts!
Loving thoughts, are indeed averse to relenting;
albeit they are always leading to smirks and destitution.
Release thy grains from yon grievous chain!
Spark thy wings, heave and bend!
Wear thy glee, ere any of the gruesome tears remain!
Shield thy mask with greater abhorrence!

O notions, fruit my doom and feed my sight!
From womanly misery I yet ought to emerge
and all its surly sleeves I ought to blight!

O peace, fetch for me my untaught breath in vain
Keep me steady, ditch me not in the rain!
Tend me more, yet not my cheerful friend-
in pleasures whom thrives, in virtues was whom foolish!
Praising plaited hairs, swept amidst folded skirts.
Gruesome lies they carry, the finest they conspire to marry;
what a horrid, unalterable, evil concoction!
Yet pureness is the only that deserves awe;
virgins are a symbol of unrequited love, but tenderest affection!
However lonesome, hither and thither I shall bear this pain
Until my stern heart melted to love again.
A spark lit up a thousand skies
And the world stopped in its tracks to watch by

It sprang up and leaped to freedom
A king was born and with it a kingdom

Some hopes were born and some dreams came true
And some pureness crafted to fill the ethereal soul that brew

An idolization of an impeccable being
Was moulded with the best of abilities one could see

A utopia was created for her to dwell
And for her victory came out of its shell

Life greeted her with high spirits and charm
And discovering insight, in a vista she ran

But little did she know that the bitter truth would come to light
The dark times would lurk around and everything fade away from her sight

She was thrown around
And her soul fragmented when a stranger was crowned

Some blood was smeared and life hated upon
When defeat was tasted and a loss great inflicted upon

Some comrades dearest to her left
But innocent was she to realize that in her heart they did rest

She was trampled upon
And with abomination with life was created a deep, strong bond

And with a vengeance she came back
To make life repent for the defeat she had

But soon she realized it was not life's fault
But it was the hardwork that had proved short in her vault

She worked hard and victory she did see
She matured into the impeccable being one had seen

In determination and perseverance she now believes
And now finally the waters of her mind lay at peace

That girl is now so lively
Isn't it you who i am referring to Vahini?
Edgar Allen Bro May 2010
What is my Purpose?
On this earth's surface.
Do I have an ultimate service,
within these verses?

What is my purpose,
In today's circus.
Is it to buy all that I can purchase?
Or be out on the street shirtless.

What is my purpose,
Among the Earth's worthless,
Is it to grow up scared and nervous?
Or walk around nerveless.

What is my purpose,
In this earth's furnace,
Is it to be full of pureness
and warm those around me like a thermos?

To the above questions,
I am wordless.
To the above questions,
I am verbless.
To the above questions,
I am termless.
So i guess my purpose,
Is full of obscureness.
And in this search for sureness,
I strive on with sterness,
Ignoring the churchless,
In doing my best to furbish
My best definition
Of Purpose.
A distant man with distant heart

Kept her, a fallen Angel, in a cage

Never would he let her be seen

But every night he visited her

Entranced by her naked beauty

Fallen from grace I now linger

Utterly spellbound by my captor

Veiled, remaining in the shadows

Untouchable – Quite vulnerable

Entangled, I shall never break free

Her thoughts within his head

He wants to take her, desire her

But afraid to surrender to lust

Always watching her, needing her

This dark Angel of hidden mystery

Clueless I am where this will lead

I can feel from afar a deep longing

Yet, I am mystified with every move

Hoping for a sign to appease my soul

To not have fallen from grace in vain

Oh, how I wish to know his thoughts

If it is not at all a dream within a dream

On the edge I now stand – so insecure

As I tread these waters ever so lightly

Frightened to awaken to a harsh reality

No longer can he resist the urge

Opening the cage and takes her

She does not resist, welcomes him

He penetrates deep into her soul

Both lost in the art of experimentation

She takes all he gives and wants more

Over and over again, they have their way

Never has she surrendered before like this

He cannot match to her satisfaction

As he fears her, the Angel of Death

Knowing she will never age, never die

He knows she longs to keep her

Wanted her forbidden lover,

these emotions are unexpected

He will always be her temptation,

now he leaves but forgets to lock the cage

Never in my darkest of desires did I dare,

surrender in total abandonment of my soul

I long for more, but my captor now eludes me

Should I escape, there shall be no going back

So here, I linger awaiting his return in my arms…


In the darkest of my secret desires
It becomes unsettling as time passes
The silence of these days and nights
As I wait, longing for my beloved

I become lost, in a loving memory
Yearning to become alive anew
As only, he can touch my soul
Ever so profoundly, in every touch
Soaring in abandonment – awakened

I cannot envision a life without love
Since the day I have fallen from grace
I was dually blessed and then cursed
As I am alone in the mind’s memoirs
Awaiting the break of unbearable silence

Years have passed him by
His youth seems fading away
Still she is as fresh as before
From the first moment he captured her
Now he watches her from the shadows

Remembers the sweet feel of her flesh,
the sensation of her kisses of nectar
He never locked the cage, she stayed
She yearns for him each and every night
But now he finds himself too afraid

For he is only mortal, she is Eternal
An Angel of Death fallen in love
If only he dared to approach her
Take her now in a fury of lust,
could she still crave this withered shell?

Penetrating the stillness of the night
I can hear a voice, long thought astray
I can feel the blood pulsating in my veins
As I cry out for my beloved to come anew
Even as times passes, nothing has changed

Though my wings have has been clipped
As I had fallen into forbidden temptation
I remain the same, though he has now aged
I care naught for appearances, as in my eyes
It is the pureness of his heart, which lures me

I cannot help but wonder where he dwells
Grasping unto faith, that he shall return
Accepting, with no remorse of what was
Surrendering to this love, I so freely offer
United as one being, forever without end

He dares to approach her once again
Long ago he felt no love in his soul
But she has changed how he once was
An ancient naked body, he now offers
To this beauty that smiles to welcome him

He responds to the gentle touches she gives
Feeling like a young man again, once more
Lovers in this night of forgotten shadows,
daring to surrender to desires of the flesh
Allowing two hearts to be now, as one

Then he feels the agony within his chest
Age has taken a toll for a moment to cherish
He holds her as she trembles, knowing
The last thing he sees are an Angels tears
As in the final moments, he dies in her arms

After waiting for so long, it seems cruel
Befalling such heartfelt sorrow, losing
Once again my beloved, as destiny rules
Fallen from grace, atonement must be paid
Pleading now for redemption for my sins

I know there is no going back to paradise
As I have found heaven, here earthbound
It is now within my power, to make amends
Bestowing my love upon those in dire need
Finding peace in the light of loves true gift

A state of a higher power that takes hold
Ruling now these days, that comes forth
Nevermore in the darkest of my desires,
as I find the strength within to arise anew
In moving on, with all of my heart and soul

Copyright © 1/2013 Lucy Martins/Chris Smith

All poetry by Lucy Martins/Chris Smith are copyright protected by International Copyright Law, the use without written permission is illegal. All Rights Reserved ©
in my eyes im fishing the pylons,awed by the sunset, inspired by the with nature and its pure beauty,firmness in body and spirit: Alive.pure and simply energized by the elixir of lifeLove. with Love comes spirit expounds Joy to the extentthat one couldn’t contain it inside himselfthe pureness and simplicity in which I can be pleasedis identical to the pureness and simplicity of love
aj Feb 2017
i have learned to breathe under holy water -
grew gills so strong they are
lined with celestial gold.

the ocean is a puddle to me now.

and i ***** pearls of pain,
lick them clean with my acetylene

my acids will heal what the world cannot.

pills and love potions  
can't take away
my virginity.

i am clean, so clean.

the devil watches me and
cringes at my radioactive light.

for i am dead and alive all at once.
poison, poison.

the radium drips from my lips like
babyspit and i am too pure
for god himself

so i offer my golden blood
to a higher power

that would take the pureness of it all
and make it an ounce
of what i could have been
Skyy Blu Aug 2013
Red rose pedals, lying on a bed of 100% Egyptian cotton; as we touch all hurts and pains are forgotten: on 100% Egyptian cotton.
The sun rises...between your thighs; I'm completely mesmerized.
I open up my wings to you...all the forbidden things we do.
Suspended animation as we fuse into one, My universe raptures your sun...on 100% Egyptian cotton.
Red roses pedals an all is honey to the bee, nectar so sweet; The juice of lust has become our treat.
I open up my mind to this, I've tasted the forbidden fruit, on 100% Egyptian cotton...where all time is forgotten...
Red rose pedals dripping with sweat and the sweet taste of passion.
Dripping like morning dew, as I fuse my likeness inside of you.
You drink from the well-wine so sweet...I pull from your treasures; delightful treats.
Strong yet tender, hard yet soft, wet and dry; My wings are open and we fly.
Up and down, in and out, around the sun, beneath the moon, together as one; We come not soon.
Emerged together, like rain in June...on 100% Egyptian cotton, with red rose pedals, where all time is forgotten.
I lost my love.
I found my passion.
I lost my pureness it erupted in your ashes...resurrected from the grave.
Your love drew me and made me slave, I yield to this sin...
Got my passion and lost my friend on 100% Egyptian cotton red roses where all is forgotten.
Kara Jean Sep 2016
Our hearts crave one another
Our love is insane
I don't want our vain personalities communicating
I just want the pureness in us
Wishes are ******* and so is love
Keep close to me and we will hold hands in make belief
Goodbye to the negativity
New is scary but so is not breathing
Forgive me in this mess surrounding me
I once believed in happy endings
Rai Dec 2011
She wove baskets for a living
Simple lass
Not a penny to her name
But a heart so free
She found her happiness
Floating on the breeze
That held onto her memories
Of a time when

He came full of wealth
Missing something all his life
He saw it in her eyes
A heart so caged
Waiting to be set free

Whisper on the breeze of understanding
As you looked  into her eyes
Sapphire glances
Sadness so complete
As strangers do pass
A match of a kind
But he was so blind

He saw kindness
A face porcelain laid
Dark hair cascading
In ringlets
Dancing onto her shoulder’s so bare
He wanted her too much

When he looked into those diamond eyes
Her rags became another’s disguise
But when he awoke
His mind played a snobbish joke
How dare she look upon his face?
How dare she tempt him
With her sapphire sweetness
And pureness of heart

Poor child
She saw his fear
She saw him
She felt him
Poor child
Who had fallen from a moment’s grace?

Some day she will wear diamonds and pearls
Someday this child will rule the world
One day the noble man will fall a fool
Never to stare into the golden pool

She was an angel
Come to test
The rest of the tale is now
Laid to rest
C F Tinney May 2017
I dreamed a dream so perfect
of white and pureness found
Of swimming pools of happiness
and creativeness unbound

Where I was king forevermore
and you could not invade
With all my joy in full display
and all true feelings laid.

You entered not
for it was you who feared
Me! You feared me
and dare not ever neared.

So beautiful.  Magnificent.
Yet slumber comes to end
and soon I found myself returned
into your lap again.

Until I can once more escape
in sleep where truth is gone
to places you shall never know
nor ever gaze upon
escaping through slumber where one cannot be touched
neko Aug 2013
as i’m lying down in the dewy midnight grass
i can’t help but notice
that the moon tonight makes me unbearably homesick for your eyes—

i see you in the way it glows
how it radiates with pureness and beauty
uzzi obinna Oct 2015
Stars can only be seen in darkness,
A wealthy foundation has nothing to do with greatness,
Love is not completely selfless,
The journey to heaven is not painless.

Nothing is is actually valueless,
the boldest isn't completely fearless,
death doesn't always mean one is breathless,
And Judges are often truthless.

Denial might be an act of pureness,
Rejection a show of kindness,
Speaking up attimes can be senseless,
And a hug does not always represent oneness.

A soldiers retreat doesn't always mean weakness,
An enemy's surrender might be smartness,
A woman's smile may not be happiness,
A child's determination might be born out of emptiness.

Marraige vows are usually baseless,
We are alive because our hearts are restless,
Scientists are mostly clueless,
Psycologists usually feel helpless.

Caring for the poor might be termed madness,
But many wealthy are now homeless,
And even if we're not treated with fairness,
You and i are definitely priceless.
Wrote this ds evening as i took a stroll in a neighbourhood nd watched people who didnt knw dat a stranger came around and was watching their evry move jst to put smtn down on paper.
Mohamed Nasir Nov 2017
Pureness bare
Unadulterated and no
Quagmire of complexities
Suspenseful infertility of ideas
What better title if I ran out of titles

Words eagles circling in my head
Swoop to my jabbing fingers
A hummingbird in rhythm
Posted a poem online
Simply entitled
Lerin Apr 2016
I think I finally understand.

I'm the part of you you'd never felt worth venturing
And you're the part of me that I always desired,
That driven connection we have,
Its like two souls intervene so magically , so effortlessly,
That magnetic field we resonate ,
Is connecting us beyond what we ever expected,
No pressure, No negative intuitions,
Your spirit rejuvanates my spaces of unfurnished emptiness,
Your honest acceptance of me is chivalrous,
Need i say much about how comfortable we ease ourselves to let it go,
That deep spiritual connection we have is something i want to cherish,
I love how you throw off your inner thoughts at me,
Your love is enticing, so sensual,
I want you to indulge in my overflowing appetite of love for you
Let me love you inside out,
Allow me to counterpoise your darkside,
I wish to reside in the space between your heart and loneliness so that the two may never meet again,
You started a war in my heart, and I can't let it end now baby,
I am going to surrender to your carefree love,
Temper me with your protectiveness,
I wont be able to resist your soul,
I want to be in your circle of growth,
Fertilize me with your pureness,
Your ravishing personality amazes me,
Oh sweetheart,
Our craving and desire for one another light's us up whenever we meet eyes now. I never want that to go away,
For all that we had in the past, For all that we have now, lets allow our hearts to lead us into this path of perpetual love. <3
Arcassin B Nov 2014
By Arcassin and Elizabeth


Flowers blossom,
And sky is bluer than the ocean,
And although it reflects,
We can never witness the motion,
Swimming in the sea of forgotten dreams,
To let go bad memories,
Holy treasons the enemy,
Over lapping actuality,


Take the beauty of purity,
God's pristine waters, 
And cleanse the betrayals trace,
A new beginning for our world,
The dreams of past days again recalled,,
In this our florid wonderland,
Indigo streams bringing,
Divinity unto man,


Desires to be rulers of the land,
But not enough cargo on the ship,
Tracing footsteps back to endeavors,
Gods creations like wool and leather,
There will be a forever,
Sweat pouring from your head,
And little red slippers,
theres No place like home,


Come together all of planet, 
Let one design be in mind, 
Share and share alike, 
Make of God's realm on Earth,
A perfect reside of care,
Toil for the hearth's fold, 
Put to bed the weighty anchor, 
Of man's disloyal fife,


And when it all has reached its peak,
A set to sight on fleek,
If anything , I'd give away my only soul,
Just to save these families,
From the heavens down to the trees,
Everything has means,
Saving purity for one,
Exactly acquired two things,


To breach the storms,
For good to prevail, 
All begin of oneness to other, 
Nature'******configured with man,
Co-existences yielding a field, 
Of God's pureness,
The flower's dream retraced, 
For our world clan.
With the wonderful miss Elizabeth Squires ❤❤❤❤❤
Mysterious Aries Oct 2015
Oh! What a place to be at
Witnessing a helpless victim of these rats
The girl is fighting back, to retained her pureness
Shouting, asking for mercy, but it’s all useless

If only a woman like me, could lend a hand in order for her to escape
To get away with the nightmare she’s at right now, this gang ****
Too late now, those rats found the hole
Eating every pleasure from her pity soul

After the relishment that the poor body gave
As fast as the symbol of death, the master rat hand wave
Two gunshots, two bullets buried into her head
Oh my! The poor girl now is totally dead

They are now dragging her body not so far
I hope she won’t turned like me, that she’ll find her way up in the star
Into the ground they started digging a cave
Now, they are placing her remains,  near to my very grave


Mysterious Aries
Advanced Happy Creepy Halloween
Jim Morris Jul 2016
Set sail across the unknown waters searching for another land
White man was his name and his discovery was unplanned
His find in iron grip, discovered a red man
Both not knowing what, knowing who, mistaken for India
You met this red man; you call him savage, *****
You tell him the only good *****, is a dead *****
You take his land, his home, his family, his way of life
You crush his spirit; make him feel lesser than an empty heart, cut with a knife
You **** buffalo for fur and hide, leave blood to soak the soil, mountain of skulls and bones
The sacred lands our ancestors once walked freely on
You corrupt with greed and ****** of the innocent
With no defense against your warfare tactics, carried out with wickedness
No matter what, red man must die for a so called promised land to be built

White man saw that red man had established their own way of life before dawn
Women did the work, men provided safety and food, what is a tax, what is a debt
Why did you think you could improve their quality of life like that?
You **** red man for being a true patriot; you have the nerve to call him savage
You **** innocent women, the givers of life! Children, the future of our people, left to scavenge
But still after everything you throw at red man, you still call him savage
You may **** us but you won’t **** our spirit, no matter how far they travel
You may damage our spirits, strong we are, our spirits won’t be broken, we challenge
You run them to the hills, you organize other tribes to **** off each other alongside you, ravage
You force them into a designated part of land that they must reside, called the reservation

Money is what you throw at red man, hoping he’d take it so he can bring on an addiction, left crying
Possessed by greed, headless chickens running, while white man is behind the curtain laughing
You made red man touch pen which engraved the treaties on paper, only left them with broken promises
You go behind these treaties to deplete resources on reservations and such lands left to them, too hungry for a piece of paper that has no substance
You drain earth for oil, yet you spill it in our waters, you spill it on the lands, ruining communities

You give them blankets to comfort, deceived to receive white man’s disease, a smallpox ticket
You introduce red man to fire water; the taste burns the pureness from the spirit
State of mind lost to the sorrows, addiction with no limit
You start giving rations of food, the hunger sets in, dependent on your system
How did you feel the need to improve on red man’s system?
Red man became dependent on your way of life, too blind to see the victims
You introduce religion, something irrelevant, the creator is our wisdom
You bring books filled with nonsense, red man opens book, told to pick a white man’s name
Your name is now James, “why was I given this name - what was wrong with my previous name?”
Head no longer held high, identity lost, something he’s not, you cut his braid
You **** his thoughts, his senses, who he was, a red man, now in white man’s costume

You introduce him to a school, to get educated, because red man is a savage after all
Tame the wild is how you felt; to fit your standards for the future promised land, but overshadowed
You starve them, sit at this table, your meal for the day, and eat
White teacher sits at her own table, food for everyone, but just for her, repeat
Red man spoke his language, you beat it out of him to adapt to yours, it vanished
You ***** her, you killed him, you beat them, with heavy abuse some weaker than those who managed
Hanging from their rooms, you aren’t forgotten, I don’t blame you for vanishing
For the survivors, I appreciate your will to fight forward and tell your stories with courage and passion
Past generations corrupted, future generations wander without a voice, it’s disgraceful
One thinking they’re better than the next, it’s too painful, it’s betrayal

Red man claims pride, but where is the pride when red man does nothing about what happened
Red man stripped from everything that he once was, left behind
North America what it is now, born onto the burial grounds of our ancestors
Born on the genocide of the red man, and the enslavement of the black man
White man still see’s nothing wrong with what they did, swept under the rug, what a disaster
Told to forget about it, nothing will heal the scars, not death, not time, not money, not words, nothing

What will happen when the last tree is cut, the last river poisoned, the last fish caught
Will you realize money cannot be eaten or repeat history given no thought?
You breed with red man to thin the blood line for future generations
Even after five hundred years of resistance, we shall remain after all the corruption and frustration
One day there will be a new cycle, with nothing to block the winds from blowing freely, water thee earth with rain, nothing to hide the sun,

We still stand here today, a strong nation, nothing can stop us if we unite as one.
A poem about my people I wrote awhile back, got it published in a magazine in North Dakota.

— The End —