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Evelyn Genao May 2018
"It's okay."

I can still feel it.
The way your lips touched mine.
Without meaning.
Without feelings.
I missed them.
Your kisses.
Your attention.

My heart.

I saw it.
The way your eyes drifted to others.
Never straying to mine.
Never filled with the same spark.
Always dull.

It hurts.

You would say it.
Those three words.
Not to me.
Never to me.
To the others.
They always got your love.
I got your hate.
Your anger.

You don’t have to love me.”

You gave me orders.
Never to be near you.
Never to hold hands.
Not in public.
We did not know each other.
They would get the wrong idea.
“We are cousins,” You would say.
You were embarrassed.
To be seen.
With me.

I can’t.

I was your puppet.
You pulled the strings.
And I obeyed your commands.
You never loved.
Not me.
Never me.
I was your toy.
Something you could throw away.

Take it.

It’s all a game.
Of feelings.
Of pain.
Of love.
Of hate.
You are the king.
I’m your pawn.
Just a piece on your board.

I’m done.

I loved you.
More than anything.
I let you use me.
Hurt me.
If I got to be with you.
Nothing else mattered.
You didn’t feel the same.

No one ever does.”
I saw a prompt and this poem came to mind. I hope you love it and be sure to comment what you think. Check out my other works!!
Katja Pullinen Dec 2018
A puppet doll in someone hands.
She not a clever human.

A puppet doll in someone games.
She not alive, she just a stuff.

,,And it's okay!'' they say.
,,She doesn't feeling nothing.
She just a puppet doll, thats all.
She never speak, she never hurts.''

,,Lets tear her dress'' they say and smiling.
They teared her dress.

A puppet doll was
standing naked.
No tears, no pain and no reflexions.

,,And it's okay!" they say.
,,She just a puppet girl, that's all.
She doesn't feel.
She doesn't cry.
She even tell nobody.''

,,It is okay!'' they say.
,,Let's cut off her long hair?"
They cut off her long hair.
,,It is okay!" they say.
,,She doesn't hurts.
She doesn't feel a pain.
She just a puppet doll, that's all!''

And puppet girl stay naked and without hair.
No tears, no pain and no reflexions.

,,It is okay!'' they say.
,,She just a puppet doll, that's all!"

,,It is okay!" they say and smiling.
,,Let's cut her body?''
They cut her body.
A puppet girl lay on the floor.
No tears, no pain and no reflexions.

,,It is okay!'' they say.
,,She just a puppet doll, thats all!''
And smiling...
Tee Morris Feb 17
I've tried to change back to my good old ways
When I was a kid and I wasn't a slave
A time my mind wasn't a desert and I wasn't alone
A time my existence didn't depend on a phone
I wish I could go back, Maybe a century
Maybe then I'd be seen as a masterpiece
But I'm stuck in the present, I'm just a puppet
The 21st century is holding me hostage
These days make you feel alone
These days are all run by phones
No one has any individuality
We're all the same
The world is brutality
Technology has ruined all our lives
All that matters is perfecting your smile
Make sure you don't get brainwashed
Your life will be ruined
We're all just puppets
Our meanings all controlled
I'm all alone
My existence has been crushed by a phone
Allie Dotson Aug 2018
My love
the only one
I was deceived
because I'm a nobody
and I liked it when you treated me as a somebody
so I fell for a 3 year war
what's the body count of all the heart's you've killed
what was the score of the game you were playing
The puppeteer I should of seen
I became another one on a string  
I shouldn't of said it was all in my head
maybe I would have realized he was walking ahead
and I was the one hanging on by a thread
why did it have be
that I was just a hobby to fill
the time you had to waste
the side dish if you will
why was she was the main course
plus the dessert
how is it fair that I'm the one having withdrawl
when it was me who was suppose to be the drug
but at least my heart will heal
As for you though
Don't you know
Even if take you 100 hearts
you'll never even have 1
Shane Rowe Nov 2018
Break your own bones to look the part
Your words are poison to your own soul
Lies are tied loose at the end
So you can untangle them all over again

Manipulate those with strings
Put ones on those who disobey the queen
A sly little devil sat with a crown
A makeshift castle made with a frown

Throne made of eggshells painted in gold
The stench of her pride plague the halls
Oh how daring you are, a threat with no promise
Your sword and men may break on a moments notice

Deny you may of the weight of your weakness
We see the cracks, the glass breaking beneath it
So, for now, I bow to the ruler of all
Who'll fall on her own sword with no one to call
My anger wrote these words.
Sam Hammond Nov 2018
Going through the motions,
A corpse on puppet strings.
Showing no emotions,
Too wooden for such things.
One day I'll be locked away
Inside my wooden crate.
Till that day I'll dance and sway;
A much more awful fate.
Invisible Mar 31
Without you, I fall limp.
I’ve got no mind of my own.
Dead, soulless eyes.
You are my home.
I’m a puppet on your strings.
Every movement you control.
Every word I say.
Everywhere I go.
When I break free,
You reel me back in.
Can someone help me?
I’m not really asking.
I'm there for everyone to see.
Center of attention.
But it's the puppeteer they care for,
Not his invention.
Turn me into the perfect doll.
No complaints.
I'll follow you blindly.
No restraints.
You're the leader,
And I'm the follower.
You're in front of the line.
And I'm just trailing behind.
When you want to be free...
But at the same time, you don't.
King Panda Sep 2015
modified magic lantern
puppet show
short dresses
little swords
big drama
where we
make love
in the

I watch you
the sheets
and cut
eye holes
while I grab
the light
and radiate
the audience
better not
protective of
my baking
A photograph expresses
controlled puppet moment.


we will express through
uncontrolled flowing app’s.

© Feelings Coated
Yeah,, most do …Ms Alexa but we will let the blood hearties express through
uncontrolled flowing app’s.
Lori Mack Sep 2018
Puppet Master

You crept in like a mischievious thief.
Intrigued, decieved and retrieved my son.
Influencing and destroying his beautiful life.
Diminished his hopes, his dreams and his self-esteem.
Convincing him he had no future,
No love, no value was to his life.
Your wicked silk spun web of deadly lies,
Mislead him to believe,
That happiness and love cease to exist.
This is your fuel,
This your fire.
Your one and only desire.
You will not quit until they all expire.
******, black, H or tar,
You are a seductive liar.
Your needle point claws buried deep his arm,
Dripping with your poisonous conceit.
Now you are his puppet master.
Dominating his mind, his thoughts and his words.
Your malicious acts preformed through him,
Make him look wild, insane and disturbed.
Each day in your tight intense grip,
My son dwindled and shriveled away.
Becoming your molded and trained apprentice.
Coached to perfection in your twisted ways.
You are as bad as a ******,
A murderer and even more.
I hate you ******!!
You started a war.
I will not let you win!
Let go of my loved and cherished son.
Let him live a full and beautiful life.
I surrender to you myself.
Volunteer my own life.
Take me instead,
Be my puppet master,
Enslave me,
And let my baby live.

L. Mack

I live alone, I live a lie
Awaiting the day I say goodbye
Whenever I turn around disaster strikes,
Pins and needles, knives and spikes.

Just when you think things couldn’t get worse
I’m smacked in the face with this curse
Whirled around till I’m miserable once more,
Shaken until my body collapses on the floor.

In my room I can escape
And mold my worries into shape
I cry in pain until I just can’t any more
And listen to music to ease the sore.

Knowing it will all come back again
Sunshine pierced by pouring rain
Like tears of sadness splashing down on joy
Emotions are unpredictable as a toy.

At its mercy like a puppet on a string
A trapped dove without wings
On my head, always alone
Maybe one day I can fly home.
Fly high looking down on this pain,
Maybe one day I’ll be happy again.
© 2016 Christine Mulvihill
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