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M Solav Sep 2018
Hear the asynchronous pulsation,
Clicks of eyelids, toggling,
And the beating of a heart:
A Life, in thick layers of rhythms,
Coating a stubborn core.

Watch the white curtain of the mansion,
Behind windows, dancing,
And the fire in the hearth:
A Life, in thick layers of stones,
Glowing it out with warmth.
Written in August 2017.
lady in red
in my head
“someone said,
in a book I read,
that men are misled:
beauty kills us dead.”
get out of my head!
“To where shall we head?”
“my creaky twin
or a hotel bed?”
our minds are led
by hurried legs
as her lips, red,
push me to the bed
tinged with dread
Rapped version:
(password is "stand").
Vanessa Viniegra Feb 2018

couldn’t resist a minute more.


I again…

After six months sober


in this pain I know all too well.

Ten years lost to this drug, my veins ache for.

First breath in the morning and last thought at night all consumed by it,

Every cell in me craves it.

That physical euphoria my body portraits.

Feels like someone has poured pure joy into every single muscle and fiber of my being.

It makes me feel so content

I am literally in love the entire world.

Every single bit of me is singing and buzzing with life and love.

It’s like the ecstasy of *******. That first, blissful, pleasurable pulsation of endorphin's and serotonin.

Is what I feel when I first take LOVE.

And then,

And then, the honeymoon stage is over.

Fights erupt,

never-ending debates,



no trust,



“I’m done”

Again, it feels like a part of my soul is leaving my body.

Again, sitting here numb.

A toxic love

I’m addicted too,

And there’s no way around it.

It’s already deep intertwined with my veins.

Yet no matter the toxic tragic event that happened before, I sit here, and I want nothing more than to spend my life next to this soul.

To see his eyes unchanged as the skin around it wrinkling and old, is what my heart will always desire, to stare at those eyes for the rest of eternity.

Dead air…

So here I’ll wait, until you decided to come into my life again and repeat this déjà vu.
Our life’s definition
lies beyond what we use to define

emotion & thought
observation & action
acceptance & debate

our bodies heed to balance
like the earth to the moon & sun

we are forged by the unknown
as much as the known

through pulsation and reservation
do we align ourselves with
our true
i love her
i love her so much
she's everything
i don’t understand it
the feelings that overcome my body
the thoughts that occupy my mind
nothing i have ever experienced
wholeheartedly foreign
whitman said
“we feel the long pulsation, ebb and flow of endless motion”
i never understood it
until she gave it meaning
she entered my life without permission
and intertwined with my story in an instant
nothing else matters
she’s the only thing i can see
all can fall into ruin
i don't care
she's my only pinch of bliss
in this incessant cyclone of turbulence
she transforms the mundane into compelling
hopelessness into safety
darkness into light
all i want is her to be next to me
to hold my hand
and love me
the desire to share everything with her
makes me want to live
makes me not want to die
she's the love of my life
all i ever wanted and dreamt of
i adore every inch of her body and soul
i refuse to be without her
we shall never be apart
i will love her until my dying day

i just hope
she feels the same way

Dennis Willis Apr 22
Do you want me to be impressed with your lying?
Tell me about outlandish things
Plaster yourself against the Event Horizon
Lyricize your friction with now
**** the **** of please help me

I am wishing

this is at attention
this is a momentary
daily trance
of lift

Sweep your hand
along the surface
is there sharpness
or wetness

I am wishing
in that direction
you can't hear
'thout crossing your legs

Wishing for hardness
bangingingly loud
conscription of
******* of

that *******
rain, an hour before dawn
your choosing not me
all the way home

its insightful your pique
it's precondition
my bad intent
your justified

and this is solid
all the way up
a wave off
of words

I am NOT going to tell you
Another ******* ending
They are all lies on the inside
of our tumble

of our lyrical stumble
to serialize pulling away
leaving to get
elsewhere familiar

[email protected] Dennis Willis
Star BG May 3
Walk on Mother Earth...feel the pulsation of love
flow through you and let the tree of life grow


All those walking on earth are lighthouses
meant to shine for one another with beam of love,
compassion and forgiveness.
Inspired by a chat with Claryt

The lighthouse voice of spirit.
Rockland World Radio
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— The End —