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laura Oct 2017
Try too hard,
adjectives aren't my thing
you might be as old as you say you are
but it's not very worth it
cigarettes and love aren't either
the way i look at you?
like a 165 pound
slab of meat
i would love to cut up and eat
or maybe- have you cut me up
and eat me instead

i'm lean i swear
nuts high in protein
the black gold of Missouri
prized wood, black walnut
Sienna Apr 12
i think a lot
about sphynx
no hair to care
for the lemon-shaped eyes
that squeeze shut in the breeze
but do not make lemonade

no sugar either
all protein bro
do you even lift
a finger because EYE do
YEW dont but they dont call you a
sphynx, do they?

oh wait nevermind i sphynx i got confused
eye am not a sphynx i do apologize
but Lucy is, shes my friend.
maybe even more than a friend
eye dont know
its just that shes a

mutant like me
and she pays for it too
just in cancer and heart disease
not with crying and mocking screams
saree i didnt mean to go there
but eye sphynx eyem getting worse
so random but i kinda love it?
Robert C Ellis Jul 2018
I halve the flesh for leaf
And regret and retreat
This is Divinity; seize
What words He gives
And you are a Soul
And will never cease
Milky Novae, a ****** reborn
when you end breathing
Genesis, Revelations
Endocrines endocrines.  
Or molecules that sin
Tithe the seed, breede; bleed
Hatred and war
From digesting protein
My body
For the remembrance of me
Stephen Shaw Oct 24
Trust me,

You'll be ok as long as you don't **** yourself because no one believes you.

Trust me!

I'm sure this isn't all happening because of anything you've done, is it?

Trust me?

If it was what you think it is you would have protein in your *****.


He thinks I'm part of it now.

Canula, saline injection.

Shhh. It's only saline.

Did you hear the last beep of that ICU?


_/    _/___
True story. A sad reflection on society. A sad reflection on authority.
Grabbing hold of my thighs you ****** your perfect shape further inside me.
i gotta admit it feels rather nice.
Sometimes making me "***"
more than once,
even more than twice.
Do i have a ***** mind?
Yeah...**** right i do!
As my mind is usually not far
from a ***** thought.
Thinking of you now, and the
different ways we can *****.
I had been asked "what's my favourite position" by my "Filthy-animal" Mr....Wouldn't you like to
hear me sing!
It's hard to say....babe,
As I'm also quite fond of Riding.
But that poem is for another day...

-Am i going to write every position i like and why in seperate poems?
Yeah...why not
After all I'm quite fond of each and every "Protein Shot"
I have a dirt mind....

Yeah....So what!
Jesus GOD how clouds tease with gravity.  With
How deep into the stars we can breathe
How much we are chemistry that failed to be galaxy.
That gave up on Speed for this idea that we SEE
and believe
and extend fingers into the ash of planets constructing
a trade breeze for the plink of orchestry.  The
protein rites corralling History for the color of my eyes,
blue green sea exploding with light that slices
space into degrees,
Into Time I cite with memories medications treat.
Mary Kate Apr 2018
when i look
in the mirror,
i do not see the
“oh my god, you’re so skinny,”
i do not see the
“you need to eat more,”
not the
“there’s no way you’re not anorexic,”
not the
“i wish my body looked like yours.”
when i look
in the mirror,
i see the
“you’re fat,”
i see the
“she’s skinnier than you,”
i see the
“you need to be skinny, or you won’t get a husband,”
i see the
“eat less,”
i see the
"you need to be the skinniest one in your friend group,"
i see the
trans fat
saturated fat
dietary fiber
Calorie Count.
Eileen H Oct 22
i sometimes joke that i'm going to win the lottery & use the money to spoil my cats,
but, realistically, i would use the money to buy a gym membership & a month-after-month-long supply of protein shakes
so that i could be skinny.

mother frowns at stick thin girls;
i'm not sure if it is the size zero that worries her lip, or my longing,
or that she does not understand the comfort in emptiness.

this world is ****,
but others are perhaps uglier.
when all is broken, at least i shall have my hunger

what is it that keeps you whole?
i want to kiss something beautiful,
& hold it between my lips forever.
An Army of thought
Bound in worn leather
Her bad skin too lazy to
Make emotion from scrapbook material
Childbirth grew  thieves inside
Her smoldering ribs peeling,
Molecules removed as a river,
The symphony of Protein strands
Constructing new hands from
Proof of God; feathers,
Nebulae and the plod
Of tomorrow
Ghazal Nov 2018
Too many expert voices lay a claim on your shape,
You are either too full, or
You have gone too far,
Too many moulds get thrusted at your face,
To some you resemble a pear,
But they feel your should look more double cherry,
And whichever fruit you succeed in turning into,
You still, are a tad too hairy
But then does anyone ever tell you,
That sometimes ice cream will be the only answer
And that is just fine?
That a bedtime prayer can be enough night-time routine,
Which needn't include expensive lotions and creams,
That you need fats as well as you need protein,
As also each little gift that Nature crafted lovingly
For this marvel of a creation that is your Being-
So that your skin is fed and living,
And your knees are lubricated and sprightly,
And your blood is rich and active,
And your soul-
No one will give you
"How I brightened my soul in 4 weeks" tutorials,
But you ought to set your happy soul-goals,
A tummy rub in a sunny lawn on a lazy winter afternoon/
A drenching bath in heavy July rains/
A spontaneous poem effortlessly jotted down on a napkin
And when you're that happy you will know
That you aren't a cut-out on public display,
Not a fruit,
not a diet,
not a fad that peaks and wanes,
You are an everlasting uniqueness,
You are an undefined shape,
You are that collection of rare energies
That only comes custom-made.
zebra Aug 8
Under the advice of legal counsel I declare that the entire content of my filthy disgusting poems about *******, *******, smelly feet, tremulous flesh perspiration, bleeding, crying, screaming **** me to shreds; are for  the purposes of bending minds and hearts towards becoming a *** addict, **** fiend, pervert or masturbatory worm gob entertainment **** and that I do not vouch for the veracity of the content; since I'm not my right mind due to large amounts of amyloid plaque build up in my gerontological decrepitudinous brain that strangely pulsates the mind box sexuality of a disturbed twelve year old boy who likes to watch his teenage sister and her cheer leader pom pom pony tail crew in the shower while playing with himself. I in no way waive any and all of my rights as a free citizen of the world to any individual, group, agency, government or any other entity, and that the use of any content posted by me for any purpose other than personal entertainment, population paste, or creepy oyster droppings, is NOT granted, and furthermore that I reserve the right to hit on all your friends, write poems like scuzzy snake spray, and tell your mother if you're caught reading it or sitting at the computer for hours with a jumbo tube of KY spaffing throat yogurt, protein shakes, bath tub bubbles with bloodshot bulging eyes and saliva drool squiggles down Sally sloppy lips

Shove it where you love it
jonas ernust Aug 24
I keep telling them that it passed away 10 years ago.
It's a hollow husk now. It doesn't know its own name, nor the names of people it meets and keeps as an acquaintance years later.
It goes to a job and lives below the poverty line and takes 2 dhits everyday to squeeze in 5 mins of pay.
It buys the same protein and milk and bread everyday and watches videos.
It sits on a noisy bed scratching its *** and looking at dust.
Females do not like it, nor do the species as a whole.
It is useless, should've been aborted slop.
The train wont quit whistling.
Dead is too easy,
There's only a note left
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