Chloe Jan 2015

twitching thighs
a skin deep kiss
your love goes to your curled toes
and you grip with your nails
onto velvet skin thats paper-thin
as if it's all you have left to live
for a minute
you don't miss
a high worth the 15 minutes
you wipe your lips
adjust your hips
get up and zip
inhale carbon monoxide
reminds you of the moment
in your garage
fade out
into the shadow
the door left

Deana Luna Oct 2012

It was a desperate kiss.
I could feel you pulling away-
going inside yourself
and I was trying desperately to pull you back to me.
I was kissing your neck,
trying to bring back your pulse.
I was kissing down your breasts,
trying to make it quicken.
All I knew was that I wanted you.
I needed you.

The Bible clearly tells us, "We are fearfully and wonderfully made."  Why prostitute your body, ending up in the grave?
There are so many men you travel with, looking for a thrill.  After fulfilling their need; you are the one they kill.
Your body has been created, unto the glory of God.  Don't let Him get angry at you, and began to use His rod.
Women learn to respect yourself; your body is not your own.  God's Son bought you with a price, yes even your 206 bones.
By, Author & Poet, Sandra Juanita Nailing

A moment of appeasement
Park the Mercedes in a hidden easement.
Prostitution for promotion?
But Hillary lost the election.
So, what's the commotion?

There is an image
Working to free my mind
From violent dawns
It probes at the backs of my eyes
It tells me I am prostituting myself
Here in my bedroom
In incestuous union with myself
I hallucinate and fantasise about
Doctors sons, butchers boys
Teenage thieves, deserters
Drug pushers, scandalous rent boys
Vagrants, pimps, prostitutes
And silk lingerie and don't care.
I sit destitute of thought
An insonce dissonance of macabre music
Playing out melodies of an image in my mind

Emanuel Martinez Mar 2013

Young people can you feel the suffering?

roca wear, gucci, apple, facebook, mcdonalds, apple bee's,
honda, lamborghini, harvard, Community College
american express, pnc bank, walmart

Wage Slaves, ceos, owners, lenders, renters, indebtedness
Structural dehumanization, systematic mechanization
Exploited labor feeding blood to your hungering consumerism

Young people you are embracing MISANTHROPY!

Embracing the hate of your own humanity! Why the hypocrisy?
Wealthy children, poor children
Trying for enlightenment through education

Parents garnering wealth through the oppression of their victims
Parents garnering debt through the oppression from economic inequality
Still you invest and promote the only legitimization of your being: CAPITALIST UTILITY

Capitalism engineering unrelenting misanthropy
Vicious economic system discarding humanity
Perfecting the concentration and accumulation of wealth
With the expansion of human alienation and murderous competition

Prostituting your body to labor exploitation and consumerism
Where does your wealth end up?
multinational companies? financial corporations? military arms contractors?
Loyalty lies in their pockets, backstabbing everyday tactics
Killing you through the exploitation of your body
Because they know the birth of another proletariat or bourgeoisie can replace you  

Entities, not human, how much have they bought you for so that you cannot see!!!
Beware of these misanthropic missionaries granting your body power and agency
When your body can no longer be plundered for profit you will taste tears and blood

Young people will you deliver your forefathers and fathers
From worshiping capitalist misanthropy?

March 8, 2013

To believe in the god of another,
one must first deny that God
is the fount of Self,
and mistake belief for faith.

Having discovered God
in me, as me - as in all others -
I have learned to love God
by loving others as myself.

My heresy is against gods
of hatred disguised as love,
against men of blind faith
and divisive words.

Against warring cultures
and exclusivist belief,
against prostituting religion
for political ends.

God is no infidel;
I am but one expression
(hardly unique at all)
of That.

Kafir (كافر) is an Arabic term meaning "unbeliever" or "infidel".

Box fitted vans moving on the prowl.
Waiting for these kids in an easy take
Preteen gangster violence,
With your lovely daughter playing jail bait.
We're all thievish wolves,
All hungry for more, we're hungry for more.

So please tell me that this is under control.
As our sons sniffing the product you were forced to recall.
Please tell me that this is under control
while your misses is prostituting just to feel at home.
Please tell me that this is under control
While my darling little princess is lying tagged by the toe.

Our therapies are burning and our do hearts do swell,
Which has got us in love with these feelings, that we've never felt.
And I'll take these violent words as nothing more then a test.
Try to feed me please for this is nothing more then a crimson mess.

This nuclear family
Is decaying
Right in front of me,
Right in front of me.

Covered by the trace in the hallow moonlight, pack of wolves at our back.
Some one calls out in silence, are fresh killers what we lack?
We're ragged fools, just fear in the fold only to feel at home.

Our therapies are burning as our do hearts do swell,
Which has got us in love with these feelings, that we've never felt.
And I'll take this fermented world, right off my chest.
Then lead you to the ruins, for the better I digress.

Now forgive me, this is how the story goes.
Feeding in the innocent stripped to the bones.

Please tell me that this is under control
While your misses is prostituting just to feel at home.
Please tell me we are under control.
Swinging from the gallows, caught by the throat.

Joel Feb 2016

victim /_\ rescuer

here's to ending this pyramid scheme:

the rescuer is:
jumping bean in trauma closet
the persecutor is:
a vampiric silence
the victim is:
numbness prostituting for warmth

and they shift ominously like phases of the moon

Commuter Poet Jun 2016

People watching people
Gazing at screens
Crouching behind veneers
Of interconnected
Fibre optic

Safely connected
Safely disconnected
To their

Judging them
Demanding cosmesis
Ordering alteration
Controlling behaviours
Controlling people
In an out of control world

The watched
To gross
Aesthetic stereotypes

To the hits

For numbers

Disordered society
In which watchers
Hold power

Are you asked
How many views do you have?

Is it enough?

Are you popular

Are you worth

Are you ever

10th June 2016
Rangzeb Hussain May 2010

Freedom is premium priced,
At the casino of the world nations throw the dice,
The tables are rigged by the fat rats and mice,
Girls in curvaceous miniskirts on poles entice,
Opium laced drinks and cancer sticks merrily fleece,
Fizzy burgers are served filled with crucified cheese,
Layers of salt and blood and veins congealing with grease
Are the fillings inside the consumed meat,
Come to the sale of the century and let your life be diseased,
Take whatever you want and still you will never be pleased,
Remember, one day all will be held to account, so all evil immediately cease,
Do not make the mistake of prostituting the glorious deeds of Hercules
Or polluting and selling the message of almighty God so cheaply.

©Rangzeb Hussain

On November 8, 2016,
No one went to the polls
On what was supposed to be
Election Day
In the United States of America.
Baltimore had been burning for weeks.
Riots had been occurring,
On and off,
In Los Angeles
For Several Months.
Richmond, Virginia
Had been completely evacuated
Due to Clashes involving several Militias
And the United States Military.
Hate Crimes against Mexicans.
Provoked by former U.S. Presidential Candidate
Donald Trump,
Had turned Genocidal
And 100,000 of them
Had been killed
By Right Wing Fanatics.
Donald Trump himself,
Was arrested
And put in Solitary Confinement,
By the United States Military
With Plans for  his Execution.
Former Presidential Candidate,
Hillary  Rodham Clinton
Had Fled into Exile in Israel,
And was being protected
From the U.S. Military
By the Israeli Government.
Tanks patrolled the Streets of Washington, D.C.,
And the Civilian Government of the United States
Had been replace
By a Military Dictatorship
Which kept the Nation under Martial Law.
The Economy of the United States
Had gone into a Tailspin,
Deer meat was being sold by Hunters
At local Bazaars
At Inflated Prices,
Many  parents were  prostituting
Their College Age Daughters
To the Soldiers
In order to be able to feed themselves
And afford their Medications.
The United States of America
Had fallen into Absolute Anarchy and Chaos.
It was only the Firepower
Of the U.S. Military,
Which held the Nation together.


none of you understand what i’m saying is i’m not like any of you never married never parented children never owned real estate don’t believe in government the law hate rich people not afraid to lose everything risk life for the chance at a better life yes i graduated from Philadelphia dental school practiced medicine several years dashing handsome cordial Georgia physician yet knowing i was dying then of tuberculosis i wanted to feel alive know danger taste possibilities fuck you greedy ranch and railroad barons all you cotton gin grist mill moguls loud mouthed Yankee carpetbaggers bounty hunters self-righteous snake oil preachers with your fearful farmstead flocks what the hell do you think Big Nose Kate and me were doing in Tucson why i risked my life at Tombstone’s OK Corral i’ll tell you why because we were desperate beyond your comprehension long-drawn-out careworn hours twisted in desperation insufferably plodding nights so desperate Kate relieved me daily yet in back of each our minds we understood we were both slaves to ancient unfair corrupt economic system that provided enough whiskey to cope desperate for money allegiance shelter frantic enough to face loaded guns aimed firing at me it was hell on earth glaring sun beating down desert dust blowing burning eyes bullets cutting everywhere 1880’s revolvers lacking accuracy even with expert gunsmith modifications young men riddled with bleeding gunshot wounds in 6 years i was dead age 36 hey Kate was no cakewalk she was a bitch who knew how to play me flirting charming admiring exaggerating her strange Hungarian lust encouraging provoking prostituting on her knees back tummy fingers mouth managing somehow to become acquainted with Arizona Governor George Hunt then surviving to age 90 you modern day sleepers who read this rambling cower at airport security passively submit to insidious militarizing culture invasively inspecting camera scanning for cuticle scissors nail file weapons all ludicrous absurdist theatre while real bad guys can easily tape 3 McDonald’s plastic knives together or ball point pen pierce pilots passengers throat arteries skyjack planes hijack bus trains you are no safer than you ever were before Homeland Security Czars foreign wars where we don’t belong riding has grown so weary courage ruthless longing vexing generating entire industry of airport security corporate mall tariff duty free shops inflated restaurant menu prices liter bottle of water $4.99 welcome to America kill me now or kill me later who cares what i look like what i wear if i’m dry shaven smell like goat if i cough up chunks of lung spit tuberculosis germs on polished floors just so long as i pay the toll fee and don’t go shooting off my mouth

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