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Collins learns Jun 2018
I have all the reasons to believe,
All the evidence to give,
That Faith of all after Eve,
Came to my soul to live,
To hold my hand to the wedding eve.

A women from  another mother,
Assumes her class for this poor thing,
Whose several proposals have yielded nothing,
Perharps for poor presentation,
And presumably doubts of my being.

The pics you sent me the other time,
I find my eyes gazing at them more often,
Whenever you call or I do,
Learns soul and body gets alert,
******* not to forget.

How you start a conversation,
Always with a calm noncholant voice,
Makes my thalamus restructure its pitch,
Just to make my vocals present a fair draft,
All in a bid to impress my one in a million.

That birthday surprise,
Left me mouth agape,
The concern and commitment   in your voice,
Have made me harden my stand,
And declare a love sentence .

The later promise,
To me equals a nightmare ,
Like a Christian to rapture tale,
My being awaits affirmation,
Of your mouth watering promises.

I love it when you say,
"Omi chonjo"
Its a reassurance,
That liberates my heart ,
From fear of losing its queen.
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Lawrence Hall Sep 2018
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My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

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My sadness, anger, and shame concrete plan
I will travel to Rome third-party reporting
Mechanisms examining specific
Options advocate concrete proposals

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Expertise relevant disciplines need
Such tools already exist our structures
Must preclude criterion zero tolerance
Outreach psychological development

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This is the church house, this is the steeple
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SilentAce Mar 11
I was always too mature for my age as a girl.
Gravitating towards the elderly and matching wise words with an old soul.
Perhaps that’s why I realize only now how young I am.
I was aged in some ways and yet utterly naive in so many more.

While I’ve dealt with a lot in my early life, I also never got to experience the natural progression of emotional milestones.
Now i’m in my twenties catching up on feelings others would have already entertained as teenagers.  
& I’m left trying to grasp at the idea of love like I should have already, years ago.

Others had been able to explore their hearts and bodies in a timely manner.
While I had thrown my virginity and first kiss away in the same night, as a spiteful task, to ensure I was soiled in God’s eyes should I have been arranged to be wed.

While others dated, broke up, and tried again and again to find true love, learning important lessons in love along the way.
I had emotionless one night stands or broke hearts because I couldn’t open myself up in heartfelt conversations to another person yet.

And while others said yes to proposals knowing full well they loved the man they’d marry.
I had wed simply because I couldn’t think of a good reason not to.

At the time I didn’t know it wasn’t love of course.
But once I did, I couldn’t ignore it.
As mature as I thought I was, I really should have known better.
But here I am, in my twenties, and my first big break up is a divorce.

So while I may be mature, that in and of itself means I have to acknowledge that my heart is young and concept of love still developing,
with many lessons along the way.

All I know is it took a while but
*** finally has meaning.
Kisses finally make me have butterflies,
And I found myself with someone who makes me feel a way I hadn’t ever before.

I just pray it’s not another lesson
I think I’ve learned enough for a lifetime.

— The End —