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life's jump Nov 2016
probly a few minutes
and i was done
writing wasn't feeling the same
i stood on top like
bricks around disaster

i was looking up
i took my shoes off
threw them aside still laced  
i wasn't being funny
i know where this is going

where i write  
where i see cracks in perfect paths  
where blood taste like metals of purity
with every year burning
where these flowers like to live
die on vines from inside
allowing ivy to climb my back

i am a length of fence
in a yard with no dog
on a gate without reason
sitting on a post during live events

i am a fool for giving into seasons
romancing everything like a poet
following every inch of broken glass

nodding to my friends that i'm willing to mend
but waiting for them to laugh
outlined with chalk on the sidewalk
where blood stains concrete my convictions
flowing from the curb to the overpass

in the night like candles floating water
under tree branches ready to crack
formatting clouds to sky write, come with me
a man in the park on his back
Deep in da hart of da reggae junga
da reggae king want lots a *****
he smoke da herb till his eyes cherry
Not a care in da world he wont worry

He probly should hes to loose
wit tha women he always loose
he got da clap, ***** and da ***
it always hurt when he p

So take a lesson from da ***** king
his fans found out and they clipped his wing
he has power no more and he better flee
because he only da king of da *****
ja feel?
DaSH the Hopeful Feb 2015
Nero: Deep cover another 187 on these hoes with my flows ya know I riddle like little Italy Punisher life Frank castle I slice ******* up like cattle I'm a lover but undercover like Eddie Griffin my brother I'll slice up ******* and leave they men in the trunk nervous with trauma twitches I'll cement up your shoes I'll use my pen to get the message to you headless hunters I'll be the soul edge and slice the heavens asunder I can feel it in my head and soul I'll reap with the flow and grow the flowers on the tombstone I'll make ya ***** moan and groan while I **** her in your stead while she gives me head I'm deciding who's the next to be blessed from the deliverer of death

DaSH: Kept the switchblade in a balled up fist
Probly ******
Off a lot of *******
But got longer lists
Like ******* who tasted blood soon after my ******* gotten licked
Threw up on my ****
And promptly dipped to get the shotgun grip
***** spit
Got me not wantin to work these long *** shifts
I know im sick
Smell my aroma tell its ebola when
I walk up in the room
Shut up talking and get a stronger whiff
Im the kid who was too demented to have gotten picked
For any extra curricular
Anyway I was busy plottin how to get to ya
Radio waves confuse em make em **** themselves
Silly me Billy Madison was happenin
And i was in the back with Chris Farley doin smack again
Rappers get smacked with used **** pads
A ****** *****
Is all I'll ever be in their eyes
But in mine,
All I see is bodies burning alive
DaSH the Hopeful Aug 2016
The non merciful metaphorical mercenary
Mastered ******* on critics when deemed necessary
Blow up the treasury
I ain't leaving empty handed,
Ima take a couple heads with me
It's never about the cash; lounge in a huge bath as soon as I'd stand in the rain and wash paper down the drain
Dead presidents spent on a winter coat
It's getting cold
I might move down to Mexico
And lean against the wall
Sombrero down with a sign that reads in Spanish "**** y'all"
Appalled at the outlook, I'd rather color in books than look at Facebook
Look at where this presidential race took us
We're getting *****, tooken advantage of
They ran amok saying **** they can't back up and y'all think they can handle us?
I pray that Yellowstone erupts and this place is all just ash and dust
I'll be gone, I'm all packed up, sayin **** it, move to Canada

Who's world is this
Don't give a **** who's,
I just pray that Trump lose
What a dumb ruse
Controversy don't win votes,
This ain't no TV show
Needa be in the mirror saying "You're fired"
I remember being nine and watching the Apprentice
Phony persona when the cameras rolling
Probly still on studio payroll
We gon' trust him with these nukes we holding?
DC raw love Jul 2015
When one thinks of ****** desires,
how does one's mind tumble....

Does it think of love or raw ***....
Does it think of the past or future....

Does the mind play tricks that lead to hurt..
Does the mind fantasize of the one you can't have.....

****** desires?
Where do they start?
The mind or the pants?

Could it be a smell?
Could it be a look?
Could it be a word?
Could it just be the heat of the moment?

All and all your probly just horney.

Because for the most part it usually turns out to be a selfish act.

As soon as one of the two get off, it's done.

How boring!!!!!!!!!!!
Zach Merrill Nov 2010
The floors ****** up, the doors don't work, and there's flies, flying around my head
I should probly fix the holes in the wall, but i say **** it instead.
Cuase it's all down hill from here. No more saying it's gonna get beter today.
I wish i never got that ******* tattoo on my hand.
I wish i never met you at all.
I'm thinking that you were probly right, and i'm crazy after all.
Words are not working working, and calling you doesn't get anywhere.
The thoughts in your head will never be talked about anyway.
it's no use for me. it's no use for you, all it can do is bring back tears.
jeffrey robin Jul 2010
jes seen the movie....."winner's *****...."

was about people like us an sayin
that if you aint doin SOMETHIN
you will be probly doin NOTHIN  
an probly tryin real hard (too hard!)
to do NOTHIN ........too  well!
Fearless Nov 2018
something something little lamb
all these poems are so sad
Mary probably ate that lamb
'cause she probly had no dad
and Old Yeller up and died
at least that's what i've heard is said
but i've never seen the movie
its so old now, he's probably dead
the little mermaid got divorced
because she missed her family
Mulan's life was totally forced
had to be a man just to be free
Eric must have drowned
tryin to get his wifey back
and once a queen is crowned
her main job is in the sack
poems are like country songs
they only talk of what is sad
a long long list of all the wrongs
they're focusing on all the bad
and if you read them backwards
do you think it all is happy things
all positive and happy words
rainbows, butterflies and birdies sing
laughter was my honest goal
but now I'm done with rambling
negativity can take a toll
but I feel for all those suffering
Just went through and read some poetry and it all seemed very down, so I thought i'd try to be a little funny.
A L Davies Nov 2011
a few weeks back i
   opened my big
                              fat mouth
& agreed to bartend
this art auction fundraiser for
street children in
which my parents organize
to which a lotta local artists
big & small all
donate pieces to.

anyway my pops wouldn't
let me serve gin with tonic (this being a front so
i could drink it all of course, if y'know me at all..)

and bought bud light (horsepiss)
and for wine used several
bottles of the stuff my
mother makes
                          in town
                          at the Penetang Wine Cellar
which, though rich & darkly red
is over-dry and smacks of vinegar,
be assured.

so despite see-sawing between
indignant "No's"
commiserative "Yes'ses"
(i mean who else are they gonna get??)
(---and due in part to
my lack of success in
making other plans)
i end up doing it &
having an alright time
in the process ...

(hey i had a big sink fulla icy beers &
'probly drank more than anyone
else save my father's friend Ted!!)
---i even threw down
a bit o cash on a pretty neat little
abstract called "view to the bay"
but got outbid,
---as if i needed to drop $100 +
on some painting
when i should be saving ev'ry dime
for old España
in the new year.
so i crack another beer and
live vicariously thru my mother
when she picks up a oil of this island
with big storm & clouds comin' in
---and then outta nowhere it actually is me
that closes out the show by outbidding
a neighbour for a
photograph of some dingy toronto night
(buildings under construction)
and then go back to pouring more wine
& smiling & shaking (wringing) a few hands.
seven beers deep poetry
kate crash Jan 2010
daddy was dead & i liked being used
I shoulda probly taken a shower
Rinse off the fog I drew on invisibility
   & youth
         & barrel gun'd eeyes
           that mirrored only dice
                & worlds of ice & rust
                          & sweet white dust
                                    & tattooed drums

                                            pumping           pain

                                                   into my
                                                     sweet sweat
                                                            16 yr. old
        there i was
                on some polar bear closed shop rug
                             naked.  he had taken my
                                          clothes off.
                                           I didn't wanna ****.
            i wanted to cuddle this stranger
          cuddle the fluffy bear beneath my back
       under the body i refused to look @
               his hand on his belt buckle.  caching
                 zip.  daddies last breath.  1 blk

     away.  15 min.s   b4    here now i lay
                   prayers in the grave
                              men smothering my face
                                       unshaven memory.
                                             mind games.
Jordan Nov 2013
if your beliefs seperate and segregate they probly ****
BLitZeD Feb 2016


For the second time around, I won't be too gentle.// You turds can't rhyme for *****, soft as a noodle.// Get rid of that shirt, Wordman, do us a favor.// It ain't bad at all, its just, one size too little.// Ill break you fools in half, straw snapping like a scarecrow// Cowardly lion come out, Monster Smashed you innuendo.// The reason why you got passed by the first time around// Like a girl post some pix up, cut my **** in half, now u goin down// You and Wordman teams up, who cares! a pair of freakin clowns//

let um start off first, either way ur a representation of a man in a hearse /hurt um real bad n rubbed his face in the dirt/the pics that I posted was just a ***** in a skirt/sskkirrt! on this *****, like who you ****** with nerd?/ that's a ****** sweater what u talkin bout shirt?/ an what exactly do you think you rhymed off ****?/ ******* from the start, pulled out and drove straight into the curb/ Asian drivers man, they'll never ****** learn/ a coward vs a lion I guess my warning wasn't herd/ why'd you delete the first battle? you coulda reread my words/ then you'd probly remember to go again would be absurd/ but everyone loves a under dog, makes emotion go reverse/ cause then when you go under dog , the wears not even worse/ an no one teamed up on you,/ I tagged in and hulk Hogan lumped a few/ American Dream, elbow jumped at you,/ then to your defense, in ran gorilla monsoon/ the way I see it, the joker popped both of you,/ a heist on ur thread but that's just my point of view./ sights locked retical red, not a sound with the front mount/ knights drop, clown with a crown, and a jester in bed./ leave um slumped out/ /roar/ I messed with his head/ take my advice and this cypher ...just jump out

Round 2

Let um start off first? Now what the **** was that?// Your no king of the jungle, but a little ***** cat!// A blissful of zits in your face a sign disgusting// BlitZed does not show off his face an ugly duckling// My rhyme is in verse, so fresh with multiple gears on my Hearse// You can't spit for *****, so your *** be going in reverse// A fan of hulkamania? That **** ain't real brotha!.// I bet your next line would be "Hakuna Matata!// You ain't no **** Mufasa, your like that fool Scar hangin out With them ugly *** Hyena// I laugh at you BlitZed, I ******, I flip the script with my skills// Your elbow dropped not fast enough a straight kick up your chest!// This is SPARTA!!!! So jump on out! off to the next round// Welcome to the Writer's Creed, A true MC battleground!//

if this is Sparta then ***** I'm Gannicus,/ two swords in my hand while u attack with some shallow ****/ your **** right I'm scar and ull still bow down to this/ u wont get to far hyenas surround in the mist/ Hakuna Matata but theres reason to worry kid/ shoot um point blank an laugh as he say the dots are blury miss/ from his stomach out leaks guts an curry strips/ no lines to connect, his souls in a hurry, drips,/ out his mouth like his mom as she dines in nutty bliss/ bust um quick like his dad, his sister we both miss/ a cute little thing, deaf dumb n blind, snitch/ I think not, i broke her fingers, a tight grip/ dropped her leg and screamed Hogan wins/ layed on top of her and counted to three/ donkey punched that ***** in the head an continued to proceed/ so ask her how much I give a **** about writers creed //


You claim to be a Marvel-Super-Villain-God-Like / If you are Galactus" I'm Lactose - Bacilli / Fermented like Lactic Acids what I spit!/ A genus of original but your just a make belief/ BlitZed please! step it ^ up a bit higher/ Your dealing with an oldskool underground ****** / None of that Kindergarten *****' of entry level / My words may be shallow but yet sharp as a Razor / Your write- wrist slice the veins blood burst just like a geyser / My word plays undefeated so try a little Monster / I sMashed your Baked Potatoe with chives a little butter / On side some bits of bacon a Cub is now a Lion / If you don't understand, im at work im eating Lunch / Im on break and wasted half of my time you little punk/ But its cool It's all in fun and that's what its all about / In a place full of infected A cesspool full of talent / Respect to my opponent a true Warrior of Poets / A Monster Mash Creator, A Master of Salvation / The bad *** Mr. BlitZed, Will continue this ***** later-/ Here at Writer's Creed, or where ever else you pleased/

A mutant, a radioactive contusion./My ***, gave it gas, now im ******* moving./Onto the end, the finish line, a ******* shoe in./Im new an, your old news, news i knew and /screws im loosing, as we pretend this battle im loosing, wrap it up with a few loose ends, /confusing, a thriving city, up an left it in ruins./Black cloaked, hooded druid, IV fluids, /Gat broke, firing pin, out i chewed it, trigger squeezed now, told you id do it./Ten teeth marks on the barrel, yea EG blew it./Face on some blue ****, stiff Elmers glue tip, /sticky grip, stick um up, Richy Rich, Jackson upper cuts, a Rampage, no *****./Bomb on the stage, chickens with no cluck./Took a bomb on stage, chicken heads, my ***** well ******./Salmonella poisoning, chocked the chicken, she likes it real rough. /In an out, left and right, my blade keeps the feathers well plucked. /Goose and a swan, I recognize no duck, bad luck, body covered up in the back of the truck./One G, no UN, i see, just pun./Mission complete, no fun, grey skies, trust me, no sun.. rains not done. /Bars run from bars, bring the heavens down from the stars, impacts bombard/even from behind bars locked cars explode far, gorilla tactics, no holds bared, reload the AR/Re-roll a new cigar, as i retold, another page from Scar/12 bubbles Gage the contents of this unmarked mason jar./I know your popping some corny something, but i wasn't listening./Busy kicking it with Popcorn Sutton, drinking an smoking **** in the kitchen./These lines must be glitching, space-time the fabrics ripping./Physics are ******, i need a new physician./Watch as my feet move, roots grew planted in a quantum position./Like Groot, stomp um like a twig, raging tunnel vision./A ton of incisions, a gun mixed with questionable decisions. /A life for a life, changes nothing, for both sides the death penalty still glistens./the only difference is the same as this blunt. *****, BLitZ3D is still hitting. /Next time i roar a warning make sure you ******* listen... /
Im already bored with you
I pulled a gun
And a sword you drew
MJ Smith Nov 2012
Last night thought to myself wats the meaning of life? Praised God n spread his love right? Sure you'll meet some people that are mean n thn some that are Wat if u meet someone u love? Do I tell tht person tht I love thm or do bottle my emotions ?  Bt Wat if they ask me if I love them? Well god says never tell a lie even if the truth hurts! So tell her I love thn things get complicated bt hw shldnt they get easier ? Ig not but I was told tht if u love tht person alot u fight through some tough times n ignore thm n mental erase thm. So I do so cause I love her n things got easier  but thn wht if we get sick of each other ? U probly will I was told thn they said u gotta keep things new n exciting ! So I did so n it got even easier bt later it got hard again ! Bt it's always gonna get hard bt ur love for tht person should make it easy!
Even though I hate somethings since u love I learn to love. N I hope u do the same. So wats the meaning of life praised god n if u happen to find someone u Lik on the Way maybe u shld hold on to thm aslong as u can! Until the end of time
Papi, we won't struggle no more
I promise you
it will be fine

papi, i'm gonna buy a car
and take you out to look at the stars

u won't have to ride the bus
with all them weird fools
(they probly think we are weird as **** too)

your skin is like the sky at night
do u remember how I held on to your back?
(but u never called back)
Petal Mar 2016
Here I sit alone and lonely
But I'd rather be by far
Most folks I'd like to push off a cliff
Inside a burning car
To ahead and judge me
But do it from over there
Because I'm half past give a ****
And frankly I dont care
You can think I'm crazy
I'm probly mostly insane
It comes from living the life I've lived
Filled with heartbreak, sorrow, and pain
My mother always told me
Don't play with fire you'll get burned
But I guess I was so stupid
It took years of scars to learn
ally Apr 2012
To dream of a dream that wont happen to me
I take the chance and try watching my blood flow and flow
i did
ive been to hell and back more then once
we all suffuered
so many times we probly lost count
now i count to three
and now you know that this is
Why chase after people
they drop you when your heavy
Inside overflowing
its broken through the levee
Why should i try
feels better when i lie
Wishing i could die
eyes to the skies
Nature talking wise
don't always understand
Though ears are open wide..
most days im like..
*******  everything
humanity concerned with making money over everything
I probly wont be happy even when iv obtained everything
walking towards success is tiresome my insides hemorrhaging..
On the days i wanna live
i have so much of it..
So much love to give
it oozes out my mouth
But no one hears me out
i feel too weak to shout
Theres too much oozing **out
M Clement Apr 2013
I wish my hands were rockets
So I could see the show
Watching them blast off, whe'er they go

I don't really want them anymore
So to them I wave adieu
Well, I would if I had hands...
Instead I flop arms
Like a seal waiting for a meal at your local circus

I pitch tents
And people sometimes visit (read: never)
but a few have wanted to see the show
And see me bark
They probly honk the horn better than I

In the end of the day I pray for a sickness to leave my body
And to not struggle anymore
But I don't think that's really the point
I think it's a story about rising above...
I'm still at the ocean floor, though
And there's a long way up

but away from the dreary, let's focus on cheery
As I carve pumpkins in the shape of silence
There's nothing in April for the stuff in October
So I fold over a game of poker
For another month or two
Pour me a drink, Scottie!
A fifth of ***, and a shot o' her
Wondering eyes cut ties to those morals we hold most dear
None of you are mine, and I have little right to peer over as I do
But oh, do I
Wondering eyes are best plucked out by Ravens
Like that's so Edgar Allen Poe
Half Black females can squander careers... or blame
it on the *****... or disney channel
Spring Break, *******
nathanthepoet Mar 2013
how much must my eyes endure?
darkness stares lights and lures,
out from the still void comes one ray of hope,
its 4:20am and i sit here smoking dope.
i may get to sleep this off in some distant time,
probly at the county jail where ill be doing time.
no stems or seeds or any grass to smoke,
funny how a weedless cycle began with one ****.
Taryn Sims Nov 2010
Hi mommy. Can we talk for a bit?
How is dad, is he doing fine?
I suppose you probly don’t know
Since you only met him one time

I’m alright, a little unfocused
I find it hard to get through the day
See, I’m having a couple developmental issues
But I’m just hoping that you’re doing okay

Did you know that my hair has gotten blonder?
And my eyes are a summer sky blue
If I had ever gotten a chance to smile,
They would’ve said that I look just like you

Sometimes I wish I could show you
All of the things I could’ve done
Become a dancer, a teacher, a lawyer
I would’ve been good at every single one

I promise I wouldn’t have made a mess
I’d be quite without your mention
A teenager’s life is quite busy, I know
So I wouldn’t have expected much attention

I just wanted a chance to give you my love
Maybe that was too much to ask
But I think you would have liked me
I could’ve seen behind your mask

Do you love me, mommy? Is that a dumb question?
Maybe I’m just blowing this all out of proportion
But to me, it seems, the most painful word I’ve heard
Is the choice you made;
-Thank you to everyone who stands strong through unplanned pregnancies.♥

(c) Taryn Sims 11/13/10- From Controversy
jeffrey robin May 2013

Ya cud jes keep ta yer lame excuses!

Probly what yell do!
Like always !

wol me important? ****  no!

Jes watching !
Jes observin!

NOT doin
Got it?


Nobody doin nuttin
Das me

Leeme alone
I usta be important but I got hurt tryin
I usta be important but I got hurt tryin
I can't get hurt no more !

I done stopped tryin

Ya see!

Ain't important no more
Not me
Ain't important no more
Not me

Not me

No more


Wa you mean
You ain't important no more!

Shut da **** up and get offa
Yer lame *** or I show ya what's important

Dat for sure!
Petal Mar 2017
So high above me
I'm so low
I stopped time for him once
He doesn't even know

He lives in the mountains, now
His music, in the trees
Plucked softly by his fingers
Carried on the breeze

His hair, the sun
Eyes, the sky
He probly thinks I'm a freak
That, I can't deny

I long for him,
Like the sea longs for sand
I want to be his "tiny dancer"
Spin in his hand

And I, row, row, row, my boat
Gently down His stream
Crying, crying, crying, Because
This is but a dream
Sappy. I know.
dennis drain Jul 2016
I have meet the love of my life, i never asked for permission i just made her mine.
It isint always easy, sometimes we fight
True love is said to be impossible to recreate and when you get it you should hold it tight
I don't always show you how much you matter to my life because if i did you'd probly never sleep at night.
I'd talk till the sun rise then put you to bed while i slipped off to work. So i didint miss a moment of your life
I promise to try hard and keep you  on my mind because there's no one else i would rather have by my side.
You have changed me more than you realize and I've made you my ride or die
I hope we make make it through the good and bad times.
but right now just remember were young, and we might have a long time to love but it isn't always gonna be fun
Ill never touch you with a hurtful hand under any circumstance, im a young man with class.and promise that ill keep you out of harms path.
Im glad life gave us this trance, this kinda love can't be found by chance, 7 billion people and the world made us to match

i love you forever my beautiful monkey.

.           sincerely, dennis/ bunny
I can't imagine any other woman being as perfect for me as she has proven to be
Petal Mar 2017
I see you look at her
She doesn't have holes where her irises should be
Like me
She smiles I suppose
Where I can only half grin
I bet she's still sober at noon
And wears lipsticks in shades other than liquor
She probly has a wardrobe with more colours than just shades of black
Nothing like me
Her skin has never known the fires of hell, as mine is scarred from the flames
She seems like one of those "sunshine dwellers"
Where too much sun, hurts my eyes
And I prefer the shadows
Yea, I bet

I'm sure....
elevatorfuck Jul 2015
her voice was velvet
sparkling gloom and
it bubbled black n white
and her eyelashes could
probly send waves rippling thru
suspended dust in sunlight
and she loved to get bent
on the piano bench
with ivory petals falling in stream
and electric drops of saliva
twitching and pouring into a pail
Amber Ily Lee Jun 2010
Why does love
Have to hurt so much
Why can't it just be easy
If only he could see
It's hurting me

I'm nervous to be
Around you at all
But why does love
have to pain me this much
Why can't love be easy?

Maybe if I show you
Exactly how it feels
You'll gimme a try
And be careful to seal
The deal
And make me happy
But maybe
You probly won't

My heart is on my sleeve
With my tears filling it up
Look around and look at me
I can't just **** it up
Please give a hug
That's the least I want
for all my sorrow
Jonah Lavigne Dec 2013
I'm stuck
In my own thoughts
Should I live
Should I die
I'm trapped
I can't decide
Stuck in my own body
from the cuts
From the fights
Stuck in my head
I don't know
What to do anymore
**** it all?
Give up?
Or look past it?
**** this world
No save it
Listening to my own heart beat
the blood running through my veins
Then the screams
Seeing the blood
The hate
I'm stuck
In my own thoughts
Can't move
Can't walk
Can't talk
But it's probly for the best
Can't hurt anybody anymore
But who cares
I'm trapped
Still stuck
**** it
Alpha Wolf Feb 2014
Ive been running around for 20 yrs and i think im just running on fumes. ive never been good for anything ever. all i do is mess up in life and hurt the ones i love and care for and the ones i hold close to my heart. all ive ever wanted was to be happy, to make my family happy and to make the people i have been with happy but its just nit possible. either i can make my family and i happy or the person i was and am with happy and my self happy but theres no inbetween. i just put on a fake happy face and make the other 2 happy. but anymore im just running on fumes so i guess when i move out i can just fill up my tank but untll then i guess a fake smile is all im good for. to all who read this take my advice if u have ever been unhappy and pray for something to go your way like i have just hold onto it and dont make promises like i did and go back on them it only gets you in deep trouble. and if anyone i know reads this or my family reads this just know that ive tried and im sorry im not a god figure and make everyone happy. its not possible and probly never will be.
For those ive made happy and those ive ever hurt in anyway.
Vladimir s Krebs Nov 2015
all there is stress in this world
every one losing control
this world has gone insane
but i remain calm
i stay in the same set of mind
i have no fear or sham
i will lose it when you put every thing on me
i know i losen up my mind
when you come find me
i dont know what you want from me
but i cant keep up with these games
no mater how far i go
ill always need to losesn up my mind
go go flexiable
im probly going to go comepletey insane for all these problems this world can give
i dont know but what ever you like just keep going with a stress free life with out regret or fear of what every one wants you to be
Jared Eli Jun 2013
These gaping hole don't hurt no more
I don't even feel the pain
I numbed it with some bottled scotch
They don't hurt no more

I told the doc to take them out and lo
He did as he said, took them out of my head!
I don't feel 'em no more
The doc said he'd take them out like a cork

I don't remember what was that made them hurt so
Probly the **** grenade and dirt and metal
Maybe I got hit? But Laud, son, I don't feel a thing
Not anywhere in my head, or anywhere else

I don't hurt no more, and I gave my eyes to see the end of this war
'Corse none them guys know that I did
But they'll know when I go that I'm letting them know
It's time to put down the gun and drink up
Sara Reilly Feb 2016
i dont remember what i didnt say to you
what i shud have sed
what you told me i forgot to
and eventho after the fact
i believe you
looking back
i wish i had the choice to
be right or wrong so that
i wuddnt  have waited so
******* long to apologize
or remember
the look in your eyes
the last time i saw you
or the sound of your voice
on the receiver
your hand and mine
doing the same thing
at the same time
at some point we were both crying
i dont know about you
but i think this admission
is long overdue
you probly wud say thats an understatement
or something actually more clever
and you wud be absolutely right
again as ever
and i wud smile and laugh in spite
of how bad i feel
because i totally ****** you over
when i claimed to be your friend
oh it was so beautiful the way
i did such a hateful thing
to love you and disappear all in one day
despite my pride
my promises to you
your shredded insides
i cuddnt say one thing and do
the same
god forbid i be constant
or have integrity
i am mad at myself
maybe enuff for both of us
but if not
please take this chance
to tell me off
Us you and my az one we can get through anything we are one we are two in one us we are laughing one moment then crying we are fighting then laughing we are one we will not be broken I took time to write this and think about you think about us how we can go through everything we are one we us you and me I know just know i swear over my dead body your my special we are one im yours your mine i say this in every poem every day i tell you your beautiful and you blush we can get through our problems any day any hour but im the starter I start it yes and you know two wrongs do make a right although yes ive lied i did but really is my heart worth the pain probly not but hey im your and your mine together we are one xoxo

— The End —