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Carter Ginter Jun 2018
What a day
What a life
I've been here many times
But none of them felt like this

My first year
I saw this couple
They were dancing and singing
As they gazed into the other's eyes
The love there was palpable
And to a young ***** person
Feeling extremely alone and unlovable
I cried because I didn't think
I could ever be worth
A love quite like that

Then this year happened
I thought they were a new crush
But those gorgeous eyes locked into mine
And I feel like I've known them for ages

A few drinks in and
The anxiety begins to fade away
As our bodies time themselves to the rhythm
Of music I didn't think I could dance to
As strangers question the intensity
Of the intimacy between us
And would probably freak if they knew
That we've only known each other
Just over two weeks
But time is irrelevant and
Feelings are everything

Their vibrant energy electrocutes mine
Sending my body into both a
Simultaneous rush and deceleration
As we are transported beyond this space
Beyond the heavy crowds
To a place of our own
Where no one can touch us
Where no one else exists
Where it's only them and I
Staring into each other's eyes
And feeling each other's souls
Exactly where I wanted to be
Is exactly where I am
Sara Kellie Jul 2018
A Queen in waiting, a Princess no less.
Each day, a routine before being seen.
For some, a shadow and not of the eye.
The kind you'd find on that of a guy.
An army of pogonophobes in dysphoric confusion.
Each purging our wardrobes,
a repeated delusion.

A leading *******
from a pornographic circus.
The ***** under graduate from
a school of *** workers.
Your Hubby's vision in blue
is our secret down south,
'cause he wouldn't kiss you with
that ***** mouth.

So I'll stop you there Sizzle Chest,
with your cans of Stella
in your pristine white vest,
'cause this is real easy,
even for you Mr ******.

I used to be a Princess but
now I'm a Queen,
recently coronated
after all that I've seen.

Poetry by Kaydee.
Hazy musings from a land of candy pink
are the dreams of a Princess.
lmbf Jul 2018
Her touch is warm like a fuzzy blanket. She wraps one around in the cadence of her voice; it's like an old song one had forgotten about, quietly humming in the foreground. Her smile beckons, both as a siren and as an old lover. One listens to her speak and wonders about all the galaxies whirring around in her mind.

And when I look at the curve of her spine and the ***** of her chest, for the first time it makes me want to explore that place. It is the sacred place where kings and queens are written into existence, where love and pleasure and sometimes even pain collide with an unending force. I wonder what she could do to take me there. And I think of what I could do to make her escape this broken universe with me, if only for a few moments.
// Summer Freewrite Sessions 2018
Sara Kellie Jul 2018
Lipstick kisses,
we're both wearing red.
I motion her over and onto our bed.
Blood red smeared across our lips.
I keep her enticed, I straddle her hips.
Seductively playing,
I'm touching my lips.
Long acrylic nails,
for us never fails.
I show her a ***** and
she gently wails.

She's waiting,
my sweetheart,
I **** her so much.
We ****, we're on fire
and I wonder,
which of us holds the power.
I, in all honesty is hoping it's her,
'cause then I'll continue this life
in her beautiful blur.

Poetry by Kaydee.
A girl in love with another girl.
devine Jul 2018
i am me
you are you
let me be
you have no clue

stop talking like you understand
i'm tired of swimming toward your dreams
i can hear my heart stop beating
drowning in my own feelings
a shattered mind lost in sand
catastrophe appears on my screens

but i'm no God
no one in particular
the most ordinary thing
full of aspirations
and colors

i'm not going back to the corner
i'm gonna run farther
i'm gonna make it better

the fire ignites
the ocean send its waves
raw emotion spilled into motion
it's not broken it's golden

why should i listen to others
when i own the colors
it's not only a caption
it's satisfaction

all the beautiful colors
took a long time to show
i do not fear it
i do not hate it

i'm proud
i'm shining colors
you can never see
Mike Groves Aug 2018
In order to expose my heart and truly write,
I must release my status or my pride,
this is not about me,
it was never meant to be a way to gain recognition,
another way for me to perform on a stage, some sort of exhibition.
Yet I find myself hesitating to write my thoughts,
trying to impress people I don't even know,
It was only meant to be an outlet a therapy for me, never some sort of show,
but like everything I have ever done somehow Id rather waste my time trying to impress. My guilty conscience driving me to be truly under duress. Forced to hold back the leanings of my heart I merely release a fluffy worthless shallow piece. I will not be stifled, held down by my need to please, my ribs will not rupture under this pressure as I try to breathe. I must write with heart and soul or not at all.
So this is my open message to you pride, no matter how many times I fool myself into putting on your mask, I promise, your control over me will not last.
I will take you off just as quickly as I put you on because I want someone who reads these to truly see me. To see me with all of my scars misfortunes and faith, I will put my heart out, I will never aspire to be fake.
Last night I received
a gift addressed to me.
It was a blessing in disguise,
it forced me to open my eyes.

I was quite sure
I would be sad forever more
until I opened this letter
and something inside me felt better.

Last night was the start
to my new beginning, 
a night where I realised
no one was winning.

A letter
hitting me with a new perspective of life
was the unexpected gift
hitting me with what I was long in need of
and making my troubles drift.

It was the first time I had seen how far I'd sunk for what it really was,
the first time I'd seen the **** truth,
and understood why that was because.

I changed my room, my opinion,
my behaviour and my mind
and realised that the person I wanted to become
had always been there
just somewhere deep inside.

And that person was who i would find,
thanks to a letter
from the sky.

I have since taken better care of my mental state:
caught up on sleep,
caught up on my learning.
completed all of my skincare,
and treated myself to what I've long been deserving.

I now know the difference
that taking care of yourself and your surroundings can make,
and what the atmosphere is like
in wherever you take place.

I feel free
now I've let loose of my heartache
to feel more glee
and I am too happy to write about my heartbreak.

I had been so blind, so cross
and lost myself somewhere in the chaos.
It took nature to have to reach out to me,
to show me how to care for myself
and how to no longer carry the weight
of everyone else.
Fix it by being mindful, not having your mind full.
cv Apr 2015
all of you,
watch us!
as we, united,
under the blinding lights
of pride
and glory.

we will reach our rightful victory!
team sports are the best
(hahahaha mets wyd,, haha ha h a)
it's so painful to be a mets fan??
James LR Jul 2018
Spilt upon the breathing tide
The shadows of our former pride
Stained with gilded, rusty gore

Songs upon the breeze still scream
From barren bog and skylit sea
Once were sung but nevermore

Clouds cry crimson in the lake
The moons and stars the sky forsakes
As darkness falls on ****** shores
Xaela San Jul 2018
He is trully a brave protector indeed

Neither rain nor shine there he stand

And with the pain of sun and heat

Still he maintains his composure

Everyday he brings hope and protection

As citizen and policeman of this nation

Even if a lack of sleep hinder his stand

Wearing his uniform makes him proud

And later at sunrise he goes home

Looking down on his little angels

Sleeping peacefully in their own dreams

And imagining their bright future

Yet he still sacrifice his life for us

He is trully a brave protector and a father.
I am proud of you Dad
Mr Quiet Nov 2018
"No one will accept you."
Said my conscience to myself.
So what's the point of not being alone?
When no one's there to say you're not going to ****.

And you define my identity as a tragedy,
You don't want my truth so you just deny.
So for once in your ignorant life,
Please have an open mind.

And if you decide to stop your fight,
Maybe we can settle this conflict,
And have a good time.

"You're just confused, you're too young for this."
Yet you expect me to give chocolates to a girl,
And give her a kiss.
Double standard at it's best,
Just accept me as myself.
Don't think I'm perplexed,
I know who I am and you can't change who I am and tell me to be someone else.

You say you worship Him,
You say that He is LOVE.
You say He washed my sins,
Stop acting like I'm a criminal.
Stop saying that we'll go to ****,
You're like the Pharisees.
You spread the opposite of what He tells,
You homophobic, extremist wannabes.

And I'm a Christian kid,
I believe in Him,
And if you think He hates me for my sins,
Then go ahead,
Let's settle this.

Let me believe,
That He still wants me.
And let me see,
From your actions,
He still wants me.
The "You" stands for every homophobic people i know
Azurel Mata Nov 2018
You used to tell me that beautiful things come from pain and adversity.
Like motherhood, unconditional love, and true stories.
As I stood in the middle of a room painted white,
Staring at the remains of rolling hills burned to black,
I saw you staring back at me.

Burnt fields like black panther fur
Shining against your bones
Velvet black
You’ve changed
And changed and changed
Yet your love still remains
Burnt fields like black panther fur
Whiskers are the needles on a compass
Always pointing to the azure sky
You used to sing when I cried
Rolling r’s over rrolling hills
A haunting melody startling black birds into the night
Feathered constellations against a sliver moon
And lips pressed to my salty cheeks

You told me that your favorite skin tone was chocolate,
As you laid out in the sun hoping to melt. “A quarter black” is what you say when you want to feel proud,
Even as you tell me stories of how your mother was called negrita,
The girl who stood too dark amongst the crowd.

Burnt fields like black panther fur
Black like the broken wings of mothers before you
Who had hands with scars from cotton seeds
And blue veins like uprooted trees
Stretching all the way to their tired knees
Burnt fields like black panther fur
You criticize your aging beauty
Speaking in envy of the color gold
Like you are a broken bowl in need of kintsugi
Yet silver snakes still slither
Over the pebbled river beds of your black curls
Dripping down the small of your back
Until they reach the base of your ivory spine
Burnt fields like black panther fur
You criticize your aging beauty
Because you never thought
Cocoa lips and sun spots painted on sculpted clay that never cracks
Could ever look as stunning as it does on you

You told me that it is better to speak my truth then tell pretty lies.
So I told you mine and you cried,
And cried and cried.
But look where we are now,
Standing beside each other with the same eyes,
Just different reflections.

Burnt fields like black panther fur
Tongue like a sword set ablaze
Tempered in pools of milk and honey
Blood red sun grazing the tops of your eyelids
Still reminiscent of those in old photographs
Where you saw the little girl you search for in me
Burnt fields like black panther fur
I am sorry I made you cry
But even when our backs are turned
We are still
Black birds singing in the dead of night
Thank you mama for my broken wings.
Inspired by a photograph of a burnt field that I saw in an art gallery. For my mom.
Pax Jul 2018
Your pride is too high
you can't
even fly.
just saying.
a quote
a shoutout
a reminder
its really okay to have it we all do but we need to even it out
balance is everything.
Willow SR Jun 2018
My best friend Straight  
Is the girl who lives next door
She's who every girl adores
And the boys?
Well they want more

Sometimes I wish I could be her for a day
And not hide beneath my clothes
That I could be who I was
And not fear the words untold

But then I guess
I'd face her problems too
Having well thought out dreams
And being told that's not what a girl should do

And besides I should embrace who I am
Yell it to the world
I should reach inside my soul
And throw it to those left untold

And if they don't get who I am
I'll say I could love everyone you see
Not for their looks
But for their personalities

And if they ask my name
I'll stare deep within
I'll say I love everyone for who they are
You can call me Pansexuality

Then once my truth is out
I'll fly high above the skies
I'll love so deeply
It will make grown men and women cry

And my best friend Straight
Will finally get to see
Everyone I love
And every single piece of me

This is who I am
Every tiny bit of me
If you don't like it
Than you're not seeing what I see
This probably could have been worded better in some spots, but I wanted to share.
Enjoy the last few days of Pride Month.
Is it wrong for me to hate you?
Its so hard not to love you.
Everytime I try to move on with my life..
You just have to go and make things all right.
Just know I don't need you.
Do note how bad I want you.
Because when I'm gone.
Thats the end of our song.

Is it wrong for me to say this?
Why is it so hard to move on?
If I  said none of this.
Would you still play along?
As if we're still in love.
Like we never even stopped.
Maybe I should've stop.
Forget what I said, its dropped.

There is something that we love about us.
Its a shame that we both mask it with ****.
Guess we were never meant to be.
That future will stay a mystery.

I remember how we were.
Just years ago.
The world was our own.
And i held you so high.
Stars in your eyes.
How I fantasized.
Until you ****** it up for us.
So now, I'm gone.
Can't take this pain no more.
So tonight I'll give my loving.
But tomorrow I leave with yours.

Is it wrong for me to say this?
Why is it so hard to move on?
If I had not said any of this.
Would you still play along?
As if we're still in love.
Like we never even stopped.
Maybe I should stop.
Forget what I said, its dropped.

There is something that we love about us.
Its a shame that we both mask it with ****.
Guess we were never meant to be.
That future will stay a mystery.
I feel really good about this one! haven't written in months...enjoy all! Thoughts opinions?!?! Im just hoping no one forgot About me. I fell into a bad state of depression but it inspired me to write through my struggles and aftef waiting so long to write something i finally found enough courage to do just that. Thank you all again.
lmbf Jun 2018
we are merely an amalgamation of atoms in the universe, floating around until we happen to collide, falling headfirst into someone else’s space.

i knew the moment we first met that there was something different about this girl. she made me feel almost...brand new. there was a reason she had come to visit me in my shattering stratosphere. why, i did not know then.

she was art but not just how art is nice to look at, to gaze, to admire. her magnetic energy instantly drew me in. but mostly she was beautiful because of all the worlds floating in that mind of hers.

i tried so hard to love her, i gave her all i could. comforted her in times of sadness, laughed with her about music and art and friendships and all the things good girl friends do.

i didn't realize what was happening;
but i loved her more than that, she never knew.
or maybe you did. maybe that’s why you pushed me so far away from you.

good girl friends don’t fall asleep at night thinking about how soft her lips would taste on theirs, pray to god for a ******* miracle to make her feel something, too.

she taught me that loving is both selfish and selfless. selfless because there is nothing i wouldn’t have done to see her smile again; selfish because the fatal flaw of human nature is that we do all things with the small, but secret hope that they will love us back. don’t try to hide it.

i think we both know:
i have loved you;
i let you go.
excerpt from 'good girl friends,' featured in "lessons in love and pain"
a book i will write #015
the rest is coming soon <3
Pagan Paul Aug 2017
The morning mist dissipated
as the ships keel ploughed a furrow
through the Great Green of the Aegean,
leaving far behind the magick isle.
Vigilantos stood at the prow,
marvelling at the accompanying dolphins,
curious and playful,
schooling with purpose to the ocean.
Ahead, waiting, a grand tour.
Of Sumer, Abyssinia and desert lands,
to glean hidden knowledge,
regain the mysteries of the ancients,
read the Necronomicon and old scripts
from a time when power crackled,
and the storms of the gods
belittled the existence of mankind.

The twilight Moon peeps
from behind the brazen grey cloud.
And she weaves hap-hazard
through the crushes of the crowd.
A high-born daughter of the desert,
a vision of beauty from the sand.
With silks and satin and perfume
richly obtained from foreign lands.
Through the colourful bazaar she threads
with occasional glances thrown at stalls,
priestess jewels sparkle in the night,
its her Name the sirocco calls.

Cobalt blue water, an illusion of light
where the sun slides through the meniscus,
and the harbour of Tyre was alive.
The bustling of boats around ships at anchor,
snatching glimpses of a turquoise sky
and the quay throbbing with the pulse of music.
It would be another 3 thousand years
before Rome was even a trading post on the Tiber,
let alone an empire conquering the east,
or building hippodromes and columned avenues.
Vigilantos drank in the atmosphere,
his magicians instincts bristling, noting all.
Meandering through the narrow streets,
loosely following direction, getting lost.
Seeking his retinue and camels, ready to start,
across the desert to Ninevah on the Tigris.
To speak to tribes, pray with the priests of Ur.
To find the secrets of mysteries, and treasure,
reaping the knowledge of the Old Gods awe,
amongst the shifting dunes of history.

Vivid colours of silks and dyes
adorn the tents of cloth and stick.
The summer sun beats down lazy,
heat as oppressive as mist is thick.
Her charms and delights are hidden,
with misery and pain, the last week spent.
The dark, the quiet, the inane chatter,
deep within the women's red tent.
Free from the curse, her moon-cycle complete,
she wanders with mood sombre and slow.
A powerful man from a western place
will arrive at the camp as the sun sinks low.
He had seen her in the main bazaar
and decided to stake his claim.
Whilst confined away, behind her back,
her father had bartered for riches and fame.

His travels around those beautiful lands
had yielded books of law and scripts.
He had heard the oral traditions of elders
and gazed in wonder at the Moon's eclipse.
Then he had seen the greatest treasure
wending her way through crowded markets.
With tact and guile he discovered her Name,
and vowed to grace her father's carpets.

The desert folk live a simple life
but far from simple are they.
Sharp of tongue and quick of wit,
erudite in a most unusual way.
The father was the elected leader,
King of the tribe that he now led.
Vigilantos had bargained hard
to purchase the girl for his marital bed.

The sun sinks, falling from the sky in the eve.
Spectacular reds and orange colliding with the dunes.
The azure twilight sky lit and sprinkled with stars,
and the tribal camp fills with laughter and tunes.

He walked with purpose toward the campfire,
his features silhouetted by flickering light.
The sudden hush of the assembled camp
echoed strange, deep into the desert night.
His eyes beheld her most beautiful form,
half in the shadow, half in the light.
For her families benefit he had traded,
agreed bargains, and come to claim his right.

“Princess of the desert, Daughter of the sand,
step forward gently and take me by the hand.
For my island home calls out loud to me,
so come, let us away across the sea”.

Head bowed in fake submission
she boldly makes her cold admission.

“I am a Woman of the free,
these sands are my home to me.
With all good grace; I could not face
life on an island in the sea”.

Black and red, darkness and rage
descend upon his fevered mind.
Humiliated, spurned by a maiden fair,
and pride will not be left behind.

“A curse. A curse. 'pon thy beautiful head,
prowl and creep as do the undead.
Evil deeds are now thy course,
henceforth our contract is now divorced”.

But something made Vigilantos start,
a pang of something from his dead heart.
With such feelings he could not contend,
so a caveat, for the curse to amend.

“Thy deeds and crimes maybe invested
'pon mortals only who invest the same such evil
'pon their fellow mortals”.

Leaving far behind the desert
he turns his face to the sky.
The ships keel ploughs a furrow
as the evening mist draws nigh.

And now she prowls the dark night,
her Name lost in the sands of time.
Seeking out the mortal sinners and
punishing their evil with her crimes.

... and thus it begins ...

© Pagan Paul (08/08/17)
Prequel to The Judderwitch poem (posted in April).
I fear this may create more questions than it answers.

My Judderwitch poems are now in a collection :)
Big Virge Sep 2014
Some people are ... Evil ...
Some people are ... nice ...
some people Believe ...
in the Lies they ... Contrive ...
Black People
White People
Yes ... ALL TYPES ... of people
Don't think you're exempt ... !!!
Most people ... tell lies ... !!!
Some people want ... TRUTH ...
These people are ... "WISE" ...
These are the people ....
who use ... their ... "3rd Eye" ...
I'm sick of these people ...
whose lives are contrived ...
like poets who act ... like ...
their words breed ... insight ...
Maaaaaaannnnnn .... !!!!!
These are the people ...
who lead a ... FAKE ... Life
because they can''t deal
with ... what's ...  
"... REALLY INSIDE ... "
Inside of their minds ...
Inside of their hearts ...
See .......  
these are the people ...
who Fall ... at the ...  
Start ............... !!!!!!!!
They ...... STAND ........  
by their ... Pride ...
but .... Pride ... we all know ...
comes before a ... "Fall" ...
How many of you ... folks ...
are playing that ... Role ... !???!
Let's go ... Toe to Toe ...
and see what you know ...
because ... " I Guarantee !!!" ...
you'll be a ... "No Show !"
See .........
They like to ... "Deride" ...
Their comments are ... "Snide" ...
Maaaaaannnnnn ........
These are the people ....
I .... CANNOT ABIDE .... !!!!!!!!
They talk a ... Good Game ...
but .... have .... No **** Shame !!!!!
because ... these are the people ...
who ... DON'T ... deal with pain ...
They ... pass YOU ... the rope ...
and then say ... "Take The Strain !!!!!"
See ... these are the people
who need their blood drained ... !!!
They ARE ... the Bloodsuckers ...
who steal from ... "The Sane" ...  
They talk about ... Truth ...
but ... soon hit the ... Roof ...
when ... Truth ... is thrown at them  
they're ... Quick to ... Abuse ...
"I'll issue Court Action ...  
I want a Retraction ... !!!!!!!!!!"
Well, here is my view ...
These people are ... "Fools" ...
who've got some ... Screws LOOSE !!!!!  
Deal with ... YOUR ISSUES ... !!!!!!
I've been in courtrooms ... !!!
Don't ... EVER ... assume ...
I'm .................................
An Ignorant ... **** ... !!!!!!
This isn't ... Pulp Fiction ...
Don't think i'm ... "The Shepherd"
I'm Not ... Samuel Jackson ...
I'm ready for ... action ... !!!
You will be ... Collapsing ... !!!
when I start ... Reacting ... !!!
Don't Ever presume ...
I'm into ... Play Acting ... !!!
I'll leave that to you ...
and your ... Idiot Crew ... !!!
cos' these are the people ...
who don't give you clues ...
cos ... these are the people ...
who ... Simply ... "Aren't TRUE !!!"
They like their doors ... Open ...
so they can ... walk through ...
Maaaannnnn .....  
these are the people ...
who walk in ... "DEAD SHOES !!!"
Now I'm ... NOT ... making threats ... !!!
but on this ... You Can Bet ... !!!
Messing with me ...
means ... You're messing with ...
.......... DEATH .......... !!!
cos i'm ready and willing ...
to take your last breath ...
cos people like you ...
are ... Humanity's Dregs ... !!!!!
But ..........................
Enough about ... "THEM"
Society's ......... " Phlegm ! "
Some people are ... nice ...
These people ... I Like ... !!!
cos some of these people ...
do use ... the mic ... Right ... !!!!
They talk about things ...
that affect ... peoples' lives
without ever ... thinking ...
their wordplay ... "Delights" ...
These people are .... "Humble"
and ... SHUN ... Foolish Pride ...
cos these are the people who .....
Look ... DEEP INSIDE ...
Inside of themselves ...
and find .......................
Love of the self ...
cos ... Love of the self ...
can ... Preserve ... Mental Health ...
and ... Help you to ... Deal ...
with ... Dud Cards ... you get dealt ... !!!!!
These words .... folks ....
are ........ " Heartfelt !!! " ...........
Good people ... Do Help .... !!!!!!
Without ..... Ever Thinking ......
of ....... "Helping Themselves" ........  
Good people are .... VITAL .....
for .... Human Survival ....
This is now the reason ....
I do these .... recitals ....
I'm trying to put .....
something ... GooooooD ... !!!
in the ..... "CYCLE" ...... !!!!!!!!!!
The ... Cycle of Life .....
that has ... Many ... Good People ... !!!
but ..... Too Many People ...
are now ..... doing  ...... EVIL ....... !!!!!!!!
which is why i'm ... relating ...
my views folks ............
.......... about ...........
......... People ..........
Just some of my life's visions of ... People.
Abdullah Ayyash Mar 2017
Maybe it's just because I'm bleeding inside
Or it's because I'm no body and cannot be found
Or it's the bad luck that is always by my side
Or it's the wound that hurts and won't subside
Or it's the skies that never rain nor have a cloud
Or it's my green fields that I love but never find
Or maybe it's just who I am, a man with no pride
© Copyright
Abdullah Ayyash
March 3rd, 2017
Qwn Jul 2018
No one thought to tell me,
So I just never knew,
But boys aren't supposed to look at each
The way I looked at you.
I think I may love you
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