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Joshua Martin Aug 2012
Pretend that you're a poet
& sleep beneath beer-stained sheets
Pretend that you're a *****
& lay down in the streets
Pretend that you're a Buddha
& delight in the peace
Pretend that you're a preacher
& drain them like a leach.

Pretend that you're a soldier
& cry when no ones there
Pretend that you're a lover
& kiss her when shes bare
Pretend that you're a housewife
& start to make a list
Pretend that you're a prisoner
& stare into the abyss.

Pretend that you're homeless
& and beg beside the road
Pretend that you're an alcoholic
& wake with guns to load
Pretend that you're a poor man
& sleep upon the floor
Pretend that you're a rich man
& you won't have to pretend no more.
Pretend your day is happy
Pretend your life is good
Pretend it’s come together
The way a good life should

Pretend your heart’s not aching
Pretend your soul’s not tired
Pretend you’ll find a new job
Now you’ve been wrongly fired

Pretend the kind suggestions
Pretending to give hope
Pretend to be so grateful
Pretend they’ll help you cope

Pretend you’ll find the answer
Pretend you’ll find your way
Pretend your life’s not over
You’ll live another day

Pretend the gun’s not loaded
Pretend that’s not your head
Pretend that sound is thunder
Pretend that you’re not dead
Wrote this a while ago when I was very depressed. Im better now.
Kayla Lynn Dec 2010
And I like to pretend...

I like to pretend that my
Thoughts mean nothing
That my heart's beat
Is drumming to something

I like to pretend that
The school bus
The first place that I
Learned to trust

I like to pretend that
This technology hasn't
Completely consumed me,
That I still have a chance
At saving or being saved,
That my soul
Isn't always running on

I like to pretend that
These skies can truly
Lift me into the clouds
That my pulse has never
Thumped so loud
That every night and
Every star isn't
Praying to tumble down

I like to pretend that
I'm a girl in a dress
Instead of the girl
In my head,
The one that's always
Swimming in a
Drug induced mess

I like to pretend that
These crayons make
Some type of valuable art
That my life hasn't
Been splattered on the
Walls from the start

I like to pretend..

I like to pretend that
The air isn't what suffocates
That the death of expression
Isn't why my heart breaks
That my thoughts have
Always found a way
To halt earth quakes

I like to pretend that
I don't know how to rhyme
And that these stupid
******* words aren't
Eating up all my time
That everything I've
Ever imagined was real
Outside the brink of my mind

I like to pretend that
The lighter's flame at night
Wraps me in faux warmth
Cozy and tight
That I've never dreamed
Of dying in spite

I like to pretend
That this world is real
That no one has ever
Taken my soul to steal
Every ounce of happiness
So that I could never again
Learn how to feel

I like to pretend
Because I never let the child
Die inside my head
And I've never let mild
Attacks boil my blistering skin
And I've never done
Anything I couldn't love
After a while

I like to pretend
Because it's all that I have
Because it's the only
Thing that I've
And out the door you
So still I pretend
Because it keeps me
Well slept
© December 2010 Sarah Lynn
A Tango Apr 2017
We can pretend we didn’t smile at each other
Pretend that you didn't stare at me
and I will pretend that my cheeks didn't blush.

Will it be hard to try?

We can pretend we didn’t almost happen
That our encounter is just a big lie
We can pretend that our friends
didn’t try to set us up
Let's pretend that we didn't like it
and I am not your type.

Will you go home and cry?

We can pretend the kisses were unpassionate
Pretend that we didn't cuddle
and my bed was empty the morning after

Will you hug your pillow tight?

We can pretend you didn't reach for my hand
I will pretend that I did not let you
entwine your fingers with mine
We can pretend we feel empty
That a spark did not even felt

We can pretend it's all in our heads
Let's just pretend we never met

Say it's going to be okay
Pretending to feel better
Are we good at pretending?
Meh Jan 2018
let’s pretend, just for a second, let’s pretend…

let’s pretend none of it is temporary, as eternal as the heaven’s gate…
let’s pretend we have nowhere to hurry, unmoved by the foresight of fate.

let’s pretend the sun flows around us, never fading from our sky…
let’s pretend we are at the center of the stage, so high and mighty we can touch god and fly.

let’s pretend there won’t be problems, or if there will it’s to teach us a lesson…
let’s pretend the world’s our teacher and with its teachings, we shell bloom and blessen.

let’s pretend if the journey’s hard its a sign of a worthwhile destination…
let’s pretend that to those who are good hearted life gives its admiration.

let’s pretend that words can move hills, while sticks and stones can never hurt us…
let’s pretend god’s first concern is our prayers, and the world is our fortress.

let’s pretend God is alive and so is the hope he gave us, let’s pretend we never killed him, just for a second, please, let’s pretend.
Day Sep 2014
let's pretend that i
never thought 'i
don't love you anymore';
not even once.

let's pretend that you
learned tenderness without
baring your teeth &
feeling them break with the force of the lies slipping between them.

let's pretend that we
don't believe in the
tension between us & that we aren't
an ocean apart.

let's pretend that you
learned to give a **** about
other people, too,
besides just the ones you ****.

let's pretend that you
actually have problems that
you want help fixing & that you don't
just scream out of the side of your cheek about wolves.

let's pretend that i
haven't had dreams about you
& the way your affection tastes
& the way your words feel.

let's pretend that i'm
not angry
and that i even care

let's pretend that i
can even pretend
that you care

let's pretend that we
aren't nudging the daggers
in our spines deeper
each time we say 'i love you'.

let's pretend,
just for a second,
that we don't ever
actually pretend.
nearly each little stanza / paragraph is about different people in my life right now; however, some people reappear in different stanzas. i'm just tired of pretending.
Haley Valentine Feb 2011
For every one in a star-crossed pair
For every Juliet with her eyes on Romeo
There’s one somber, solitary figure
That dreams of holding love close

I’ve been told that I’m a goddess
Something mentioned only yesterday
My dominion, then, must be love
Unrequited, every step of the way

Pretend like you know me
Pretend like you’re true
Pretend like you love me
And I’ll pretend that he’s you

Oh, the make-believe in every story
When love’s sight is suddenly cleared
The ones you find your head in hands
And smiling through your tears

One gets good at changing the subject
And quickly damming up the seas
When another questions and worries
As to why, at night, you bleed

Pretend like you know me
Pretend like you’re true
Pretend like you love me
And I’ll pretend that he’s you

The pain is quiet, you toss and turn
And demons plague until you can’t sleep
In the stillness is a whisper,
’Take me away to fields of wheat.’

Rejection, at length, gets cumbersome
Hill after hill on a lonely trail
While strong eyes can bear the stares
The heart, inside, is frail

So pretend you can smile
Pretend you’re not blue
Pretend that you don’t care
And I’ll pretend I love you
Written 3/19/2008
Lolo Skai Nov 2019
Lets pretend we are happy.
The golden sun rays are bouncing off the sidewalks
the children are playing hopscotch on those side walks,
carrying red balloons in their laughter and brightly coloured rainbows are painted across their faces.
Lets pretend the weather isn't changing.
lets pretend it isn't raining
lets pretend, the cold raindrops are not seeping into the cracks in the sidewalks and the hooded men, are just passing by..

lets pretend that seasons change
and the cold glances I get from the neighbours barred windows are only temporary

lets pretend that babies are not born everyday

lets pretend the do not have to carve themselves out into a world full of wishful thinking
and the amount of sun in their skin
determines their fortune

lets pretend we arnt the ones carving that future into them

lets pretend that bodies dont walk for miles and miles bounded in chains

lets pretend bodies were not trained to be targets for dogs

lets pretend bodies don't hang, bodies don't float bodies
don't die in vain

lets pretend its all forgotten
no stories told
no lessons learnt
just a casual poem.
poem is about the cycle of humanity, the beauty of human connections, the darkness that connection brings as well as a lot of contradictions about the world that we are raised to believe is ours and yet..really its just history repeating itself.. Enjoy
Leah Sep 2021
we all do it
Pretend we’re happy
Pretend we’re content
Pretend we’re angry
Pretend things are going great
Pretend the in-laws are nice
Pretend work is great
Pretend the money is worth it
I want to stop pretending
I’m ******* miserable.
C Feb 2014
How about
We play pretend
You pretend that I'm not there
And I'll pretend you're all I own
You Pretend that I'm just a friend
And I'll Pretend you're everything else
We'll pretend that I wake up to see your eyes
And I'll pretend that I sleep in your arms
Let's pretend that you're you
And I'll pretend I'm me
Playing pretend with you
kelvin mungai Jul 2016
Let my mind take a hike
Unhook mysteries then i hide
Make a wish i was blind
And i start to pretend
Okay now lets pretend i  never existed
In which form would i have my life listed
Lets pretend i was born a girl
How many boys would i make their blood boil??
Now lets pretend i was never born black
Is there anything i would
Lets pretend i was never born in kenya or Africa
Could my young borns be freezing in Antarntica?
Okay now lets pretend i was neither a poet nor a writer
Would i be a potter or peoples right figher?
Lets pretend  i never got the pen what would have made my mind sharp?
Now lets pretend i never met her and  my heart never loved her
To who would i be writing these poems for?would i be a loner?
Now lets pretend you never saw this poem
Lets pretend you never gave my poem like
Would it mean its me or poetry you dislike?
What else would you be doing in internet except watching ****??
Brent Kincaid Oct 2017
Let’s pretend we were made
To be the two of us together
Let’s pretend not just today,
But tomorrow too, and forever.
Let’s pretend some cupid guy
Shot his arrow at both our hearts.
Let’s pretend we had no choice
That some magic made it start.

Let’s pretend there is nobody
On this earth but we two.
That neither of us has work
Or any chores we must do.
Let’s act the same as if
We were just two small kids
And build some loving memories
Of the fun things we did.

Let’s pretend that our love
Is all we will ever really need
And let this game of our hearts
And souls happily proceed.
And let’s pretend the two of us
Get to make all the rules
And people who don’t agree
Are just ordinary boring fools.

Let’s pretend there’s nothing we
Need to worry ourselves about
And that any problems that occur
We two can work them out.
Let’s pretend this is a world
Like the one in our fondest dreams
And see if we can make it be
Precisely as magical as it seems.
Why Pretend?

Why do we pretend?

To pretend...

Pretending helps you create, imagine, dream, or lie.

Not the same as fake. Never was. Never is. To pretend is to cover your feelings. Protecting you. It makes us confident, though we are drowning in low-self esteem. Brave when choking on tears.

It makes us unstoppable, when weak, invincible, when human.

Powerful when useless. It gives us the image of control. So we pretend.

Pretend to be happy, to be special, to be important, to be-to fall in love.

I guess we rather live a glamorous lie than a horrifying truth.

We-yes we-deny our errors, mistakes, flaws, everything that we are because we think that we are not enough.

We hide.

We hide our true selves because if we let them out into the world we know that they’ll break.

Their pieces will be lost and then what?

So we build our high walls, we put on our masks, we pretend.

Pretend that it’s all, “fine”, but we know the truth.

We do not ignore it but we pretend to ignore it.

That is why we pretend.

-Kenndy Estrella-Alvarez
SøułSurvivør Oct 2014
Let's pretend you love me
Let's pretend you can
Let's pretend your capable
Pretend you're my man.

Let's pretend you're a doctor
Let's pretend your love
Is real as you strip me
And put on your glove.

Let's pretend you have no girls
Waiting in a que
To be "patients" also
Pretend they don't love you.

Let's pretend you are present
In my tear stained bed
Pretend you don't have
Dreams of them
Dancing in your head.

Let's pretend, my baby,
For I tell you true
I want to pretend...

... that I don't love you.

Catherine Jarvis
(C) October 6, 2014
Yep. An ex-boyfriend.

I don't feel too badly,  though.
He could not be faithful to
Sinex Oct 2014
Lets pretend,
we're still friends.

Lets pretend,
you don't avoid my eye.

Lets pretend,
When you saw me,
you didn't look to your left,
tease your hair
and stare behind you as I went passed.

Lets pretend
When you saw me doing work,
you didn't mutter 'fa**et' under your breath.

lets pretend,
when I asked where you were going,
you didn't hear me.

Lets pretend,
I don't see that look of denial
every time I speak

Lets pretend,
everything is fine.

Lets pretend
we're still friends

some conversations aren't supposed to happen, friends come and go
Alexis Galagan Dec 2012
It’s easier when I push it from my mind
It’s easier when I pretend everything’s fine
I pretend I’m not scared
And even I believe it
I pretend I don’t care
But I still feel it
It’s easier when we don’t speak to one another
It’s easier when we’re not together
I pretend not to miss you
And even I believe it
I pretend I don’t need you
But I still feel it
It’s easier when I pretend you care
It’s easier when I pretend you’re there
I pretend I’m home
And even I believe it
I pretend I’m in my bed
But I can’t feel it
Bob B Nov 2017
(A song-monologue on the first
anniversary of an election)

"Pretend that you care
Even if you don't.
Say you'll come through,
Even if you won't.
Surround yourself
With lackeys who will kiss
Your billionaire ***
Or else they'd be remiss.

"Pretend that you
Are richer than you are.
Keep on doing
What's gotten you this far.
Seek out help
From those who can provide
Ways to gather
Assets you can hide.

"Pretend religion
Means a lot to you.
Keep admirers
In your field of view.
They'll forgive you,
Even when you're rude.
They won't see
That they are being *******.

"Pretend your knowledge
Of history is vast.
Tell people your
Skills are unsurpassed.
If you remain
Stubborn and opaque,
Your fans will not
See that you're a fake.

"Pretend that your country--
Ever since your youth--
Has meant more than money,
Though that's not the truth.
Works like a charm.
Lying won't
Do any harm.

"Pretend you're loyal.
Loyalty is grand--
At least until
Inquiries expand.
If your cronies
Ever cause a fuss,
You can throw them
Under the bus.

"Pretend that you
Are stronger than you feel.
Just keep on
Polishing your spiel.
Continue to threaten
To silence the news.
You as the leader
Can do as you choose.

Just pretend…
Just pretend."

-by Bob B (11-8-17)
fray narte Jul 2019
We were always so good at pretending, weren’t we? We would always climb rooftops and pretend that we were stargazers, christening constellations with our favorite songs. Look, there was Somebody Else. There was Nobody’s Home. There was Chasing Cars.

We would pretend we were souls from the 50s, reincarnated into another life — into another happy ending. We would pretend we were art critics, as if we knew **** about Klimt; as if we could tell apart baroque from classical. We would tell each other our weirdest dreams and analyze them, as if we were Freud or something, that misogynistic pig. Oh, you dreamt about us drowning together in the Black Lake? Oh, that means we were gonna have *** tonight, in the absence of the moon. We would pretend that we’ve circled the whole world and that Italy’s got the ******* blandest pizza. We would pretend that we were rock stars, surfing on the crowd.

We would pretend that we’d read the classics. Was that Harry or Henry in The Picture of Dorian Gray? Yeah, Hamlet was pretty cool, but who was Ophelia? ******* pseudo-intellectuals, we were. Nonetheless, I loved pretending with you. We loved pretending that the whole world wasn’t crashing down — that we weren’t stuck in this ******* of a small town, and that the world spun for us. We loved pretending that everything would be okay — that we could leave someday without looking back. We loved pretending that our lives weren’t all over the place. We loved pretending that we were the brave ones, that we could **** ourselves by 40 because the world wouldn’t be kind when we’re all old and saggy.

We loved pretending that we were too cool for mental breakdowns and for any kind of feeling. Honey, we loved pretending that we were psychopaths, too voided for love and all that other crap — that we hated clichés, while doing the most romanticized clichés anyway. We loved pretending that this was where the chapter would end, and that we were together in our make-believe ending. We loved pretending that we were the ones who stayed and made it.

Now, sometimes, I would pretend that we did. Other times, it would be me pretending I was all there ever was — that you never were here to pretend with me, and that I was okay. I would pretend that the rooftop wasn’t too high, and that I didn’t need your help to climb — that the company of city lights and the empty space were enough, honey they never were. Honey, I would pretend too that I never missed you. But I did.

I always did. More than that I would ever admit.

I would look at the stars, the ones we named but I guess they all had already fallen to the earth. You said that when you died, you would live in the shooting stars so that you could crash to the earth and come back to me. But it had been more than a decade since the angels took you away and I no longer stargazed, except tonight. And maybe, just maybe, when I would catch a glimpse of a falling star, I still wouldn’t wish that you didn’t chase your meds with *****. I wouldn’t wish that we didn’t find bubbles coming out of your mouth, like they were a part of your soul. I wouldn’t wish that I didn’t see you die. I wouldn’t wish that you were okay; we both knew we wouldn’t have clicked if one of us was happy or okay.

Heaven, hell, we didn’t believe in those. But when a star would fall unto my chest, I would wish that wherever you were right now or wherever you would be in the next life, darling, you would no longer feel the need to pretend.

And with no lies, no masks, no pretenses, I loved you. Here. And in the next. And in the lives after that, until we lived in one where we would both have the courage to abandon all pretense and just sit on a different rooftop, sharing silence — sharing honest thoughts — sharing the luster of distant stars. And tomorrow, our demons wouldn’t rise with the sun. And we would be okay.
Jon Tobias Aug 2014
For a moment, right now, pretend that forgiveness will never feel like taking a bet. That the phrase, "I love you," Is not just another form of turrets. Pretend that you've got a pocket heavy with change and you walk like a wishing well wind-chime. And you've got a nickel in there for every time you cried for something. And your chance to change is as easy as flicking your thumb. Launching a coin into a pool of water. Pretend that you've got a penny melted and molded from the iron in your blood. Pretend that that wish will come true. Pretend that I just put mine down on a bet on you. Double or nothing, because ******* kid, to me, you mean something. And I don't mean any big life success. This is deathbed memories type ****. Who was there when it mattered type ****. Pizza on the car hood when the mice are asleep in the oven and the birds have nested in the old stove burners. Finding safety in a hammock held up by the corners of a mouth. Warmth in arms when you realized how cold it was actually going to be down south. For a moment right now pretend. That you've got a friend with a body made of drawbridge and hands strong enough to close it when you need to. Eyes like a moat. A blanket quilted from your lover's muscles. For a moment right now pretend that that friend isn't me. It's you. Forget God. Forget finding forgiveness and love there. On the inside that friend is you. Making penny bets like a Philippino woman in the smoking section of a casino. Double or nothing. 50/50. Pretend now that I'll be there too. Tossing coins in a well. Wishing only the best for you.
Copied and pasted from my phone to hp. Sent at 2:33 am 8/5/2014
Dnile Mar 2021
back in the day
they would say
why don't you go out to play
don't have a toy
that's ok
just play pretend
use your imagination
you can be anything
astronaut or king
I would act like a ninja
in the
park with my cousin
I'd play dungeons
and dragons
pretend to be a cowboy with wagons
and a horse
of course
I was a rock star I was a hero
I saved worlds and used Sub-Zero
I would pretend I was
everywhere except where I was
drift away with my imagination
I was alone in the world and I didn't have a friend
so I made one up his name was Jimmy I would pretend
to have conversation
with him and then
we'd pull out the action figures
do there voices and salute the Victor's
mom would pretend that I wasn't an *******
as I pretended I was King of the castle
now I'm all grown up and I hear them say
man go play pretend and act like your ok
pretend that you don't ****
pretend for a moment that you give a ****
pretend that your not garbage
where's that  imagination
pretending you'd do better well there's people ******* waiting
now imagine you were great
imagine if you didn't have to create
a fake smile and pretend to be ok
I use to play
pretend for fun
to think of things that I'd
but a disappointment wasn't one
Poetria Feb 2017
My favourite version of reality
is the one inside my head.

I know I'm only talking crazy,
we all have those days; pretend.

Pretend your brain is just a stage,
and you have something to prove.

Pretend there are all these people living
inside this world you always choose.

Pretend the life outside yourself
is just the place you go to sleep.

Pretend that when your eyes are closed,
that's the life you want to keep.

Pretend nobody out here is real,
and live like a silent mystery.

Pretend the Earth is your asylum
and keep trying to run free.

This pretending thing is great,
you will soon begin to see.

Live life a little brighter,
*just pretend along with me.
Amber Bowen Sep 2014
Can we just pretend?
Nothing’s broken.
Just sit back down and tell me it’s all-right,
Forget everything that lead to this.
That nothing’s broken.

Can we just pretend?
Everything is okay
And you’re still breathing,
Still fighting to hold on.
That nothing’s broken.

Can we just pretend?
Like everything’s the same
That there’s no one left to blame.
You’re still right here next to me,
Untouched and unphased
By those long and painful days.
That nothing’s broken.

Can we just pretend?
No one can take away
All the times you looked at me this way.
You’re full and alive,
With a smiled plastered across your face.
That nothing’s broken.

Can we just pretend?
It’s all been just a twisted lie,
That you’ll stay here by my side.
Through the thunderous rage
Burning the night sky,
A promising glint in your eye.
That nothing’s broken.

Can we just pretend?
You never left me behind,
Down on my knees
Always asking how and why.
And forget what it means to actually die.
That nothing’s broken.

Can we just pretend?
My heart isn't aching,
While the world around me is shaking.
That I will see you again
Even when it feels like the end.
That I’m not breaking.

Can we just pretend?
Everything is silent
Even when I’m screaming your name where
Ferocity is blurred with rage,
Rattling the bars of this god-forsaken cage.
That I’m not breaking.

Can we just pretend?
That I’m not broken.
Can we just pretend that nothing is broken?
Shannen Bremner May 2014
We drink. We love. We drink to pretend we have love. We fake love to feel loved. We know very well what we are doing. We have no idea what we are doing. We gather in groups. We push outsiders out. We know very well what we are doing. We can’t get a hold of what we are doing. We hate each other. We hate ourselves. We hate outsiders. We love our lives. We very well might hate our lives. Stockholm. We drink. We love. We **** ourselves.

We slosh through days. We get sloshed through days. We could be certain that we love the way we slosh through sloshy days and pretend that we have it under control. We have it under control. Do we have it under control? In thirty years there will be a phenomenon. We will all drop dead. We will all drop dead and we will think back to this time when we hated how much we loved our lives because we loved the very lives that allowed us to hate each other and wish we were the outsiders. We push away the outsiders. We are killing ourselves.

Then there are those who are unaware. There are those who might be naïve enough to think this is how the rest of our lives will play out. There are those who believe that the rest of their lives will consist of sloshing through sloshy days and pretending they aren’t killing themselves. And then there are those who very well might have the lives that allow them to slosh through, living and dying because we are killing ourselves. Peter Pans. They will not make it to thirty years before dropping dead. It won’t be a phenomenon at all. They will **** themselves. The outsiders will live on.

We do not know what love is because love is sloshy. Love is sloshy because our minds are sloshed. We pretend that what we feel is love. We pretend that these people are our friends and our lovers and they watch us **** ourselves and they **** themselves and we are all dying together. We are dying for love. We are dying to live. So we slosh through our sloshy days seriously not giving a **** that we are dying. Seriously giving too many ***** about what others think. Seriously ******* around. ******* around is serious business. ******* each other. ******* up. *******. *******. *******. We are killing our plans. We are killing ourselves.

We know very well what we are doing. Except the few that have no idea what they are doing. We live in the moment and pretend not to notice that in thirty years we will all drop dead and the outsiders will live on and love because we kept them out. We kept them out and saved their lives. They resented us because we ***** up and ***** around and ***** each other but we never ***** them and it saved their lives. We resent them because they live. We pretend we do not resent them because we think they don’t live. They don’t live like we do.

We pretend to love our lives. We love our lives. We think we love our lives. We do not know what love is because we are *******. We do not know what love is because all we do is *****. We do not know what love is because we are dying and we know very well that we aren’t well, so we hurt each other and pretend that it is the outsiders we hate. Pretend that we don’t envy them because they aren’t dying.

Some will get by. Some have plans and money and parents to put their screws back where they belong, so that their bookshelf can hold up the book of their life that was written for them. They will live on and slosh through their lives and make money and make babies and make fake substance. They will get married and get jobs and get divorced and get depressed. But they will be rich. Their lives will not be rich. They will be rich but they will lack richness. These people will have everything. These people will have nothing. I will have nothing. But I will have everything. If I do not **** myself the way that we are killing ourselves.

Why does time ***** us over? Everything is changing. Everything is staying the same. People are sloshing by with their sloshy minds. It will remain this way. The way it has remained this way for as long as we can remember it remaining this way. We have terrible memories. We have wonderful memories. We have these memories and then we have some memories that we cannot remember. We will get by. We will get out. We do not want to get out. We do not have a choice. Do we have a choice? I need to get out.

We do not want to leave the lives we hate but love because we are sloshing through and pretending we are rich. We are not rich. We are salty. We are salty and messy but we are happy. Are we happy? I am happy. Sometimes I am happy. Sometimes I slosh through my sloshy life and wish it were over. I never want it to end. I am the some that are naïve enough to have hoped this would last forever. We are the Peter Pans. If we never grow old we can never drop dead and blame it on the time when we hated that we loved this sloshy exclusive mayhem that we call life. I survived my youth, I will get out. I do not want to get out. I hate the love I pretend to love because I hate that I love it so much. Stockholm.
Meant to appear in the style of prose.
Final Project for my English 472 class.
Pretend that when I cry in the middle of the night that I'll be alright.
Pretend I'll live on without him.
Pretend That I don't constantly dream of him.
Pretend that I don't reminisce of he and I kissing passionately in the rain.
Pretend I don't lie awake at night thinking of his face.
Pretend he didn't break my heart.
Pretend he never left.Maybe then I will Pretend.
Jessa May 2013
this is me
thinking back
to the 'me' i was before,
and pretending
that i am that same 'me'.

i'm going to pretend
that i still believe
that you, my love,
my very first love,
would also be my last.

i'm going to pretend
these ******* tears that
don't have the nerve to stop
are the soft kisses
you planted on my cheeks
every peaceful morning.

i'm going to pretend
this extra chub on my hips
are your hands wrapped around my waist,
protecting me
from the harsh words
of the outside world.

i'm going to pretend
our 'forever' ring
isn't abandoned somewhere in nevada,
thrown out the car window
in a terrifying moment of rage,
like lightning
that you're sorry to see go.

i'm going to pretend
you scoot closer to me
not to ask me what the homework was
for history class,
but to play with my hair,
twisting it around your fingers
and telling me you love the color of it
when you're the only one
who did.

i'm going to pretend
you still glare at any boy
who tries to hit on me,
stepping up so your body is in front of mine
like a lion,
fierce and daring and gorgeous,
instead of remembering
the night you told me to move on,
because you already had.

i'm going to pretend
that you're not the most
excruciatingly beautiful thing
i've ever seen,
full of angles and cheekbones and gold,
like a paragraph over a paragraph
of confessions.

i'm going to pretend
that when you say
'i love you',
it's not just in my memory.
come back
I can't pretend that i'm angry at you, when really I'm not. I can't pretend that I hate you, when the opposite is true. I can't pretend you don't mean a thing to me, because you're absolutely perfect and I can't pretend that you don't matter to me, because you do. More than you think, tons more than you can imagine and immeasurably more than what your mind can perceive. I can't pretend that you don't matter, especially when I know in my heart that's not true.
Because you sure do matter, there's no denying that.
You matter more than anyone else and my mind knows that, my heart feels that and I have no choice but to believe that.
Sometimes it upsets me that you matter this much but there's nothing I can do, i'm too hopelessly in love with you. I can't stop now because i'm in too deep. Your love has got me crazy and I can't deny, it means something.
I can't pretend that you don't mean a thing, I can't pretend that you don't matter, when you matter, quite perfectly to me.
Amanda Kay Burke Apr 2018
Pretend you are normal
Act like you are okay
Pretend this is just
An ordinary day

Pretend that you are happy
Act like you do not mind
Pretend this will not happen
Some other time

Pretend you will get through this
Act like you do not care
Pretend it isn't words
They want your soul to share

Pretend you do not hurt
Act like nothing is real
Pretend until the emotions
You fake become real
A really old one. I like it though.
Chalsey Wilder Feb 2014
I'll pretend
Once again
That I don't feel bad
I'll pretend that I don't feel anything at all
While I slowly strip my walls that are already empty and stranded
While I quickly rediscover how depressed my soul is and how hollow the hole in my heart is
I'll pretend
Once again
That I'm okay,
but on the inside I don't feel like being here at all
I just want to wallow and listen to music until I have to pretend again or figure out how to end my pain
So I'll pretend
That once again
That I don't feel sad
I'll pretend that nothing hurts me until I wallow again
I pretend a lot lately.
Evie Helen Oct 24
If you don’t love me
But you care if I live or die
PRETEND, Pretend, pretend
Make me believe you’re mine
Echoes Of A Mind Mar 2016
They pretend
That they don't see
What's going on...

They pretend
That there's no bully
And that the girl

She did just fall...

They pretend
That there's no cuts
On her wrists...

They pretend
That she isn't crying
Or feeling alone...

They  pretend
That there was nothing
Which they could have done

To change what happened...

They pretend
That it wasn't their ignorance
Which killed her

In the end...

These pretenders
Keeps lying
To themselves

*It's time to wake up
Stop to pretend...
Anti-bully poem
The watcher is worse than the bully since he holds the power to stop it...
I have to pretend like she means nothing to me, but whenever I see her I want to kiss her and hold her.
I have to pretend like I am over her, but on the inside I still love her with all my heart and soul.
I have to pretend like the memories have faded to nothing.
I have to pretend like I can move on with my life, but she is still everything I think about.
I have to pretend that I dont care about what happenes to her, but I still do.
I have to pretend that she is just a friend to me, but I want to be more then that again.
I have to pretend that the words I say don't mean a thing, when I call her cute or when I call her ***.
I have to pretend that I dont love her like I used to but my heart still beats for her.
I am not over her. I still love her but I can't say goodbye.

— The End —