Nylee Aug 2016
I wonder sometimes ,What is the point of living?
  When the only certainty in this life is that I will die .
  People , things ,time , place will change with time
  But in the end , we will all lie in coffin
  I wonder sometimes , What is the point on waking  ?
  When I live more freely in the land of my dreams
  I am bounded by rules and all restrictions to live my life.
  Is it not better , to keep on sleeping ?
  I wonder sometimes,What is the point running behind time?
  All this time, I have been running behind to catch up for all moments lost,
  But it does not wait for me , when I try to get up from falling.
  And I know, I will never have it in my hand ,at least not for this lifetime .
  I wonder sometimes, What is the point of smiling?
  Life will always find a way to snatch it from you.
  So , why should I pretend that I am happy when I am sad .
  Why keep the pretense ,it all hurts to keep on feeling.
  I wonder sometimes , What is the point of working ?
  There is no one who appreciates and notices the hard work ,
  Everyone looks for mistakes , just to criticize ,
  And for money , which keeps all just for the big game playing .
  There is no point in anything that exists ,
  If you see the way I look the world .
  But that does not stop me from living just the same ,
  And being the cynical and pessimist .
Wene 1d
Nobody knows I'm hurt
When in fact, I'm gashed
By the pain that's inside me
And then you came into my life...

Nobody knows I'm crying
They think I'm happy
But deep down inside, I'm dying
You always care for me...

Nobody knows how hard it is
To pretend
That I'm something I'm not
And then you believed in me...

Nobody knows me better than you do
And I love you
Deep down inside you already know the truth
You're everything anyone could ever ask for.
Among the people who you meet every single day , we always have this kind of friend that loves us no matter what . Friends are the ones who will always be by our side until the end of time . Treasure them <3 .
People pretend to be your friend,shoulder or even a lover
But then leave you when in danger and you can't hold it any longer
People act like you can trust them,or at least that's what they boast
But then abandon you when you needed them the most

Maybe they're right,People come,People Go
You just have to learn how to keep up the show
Or at least try to get used being used
And pretend you haven't been bruised

You should have the faith to take the leap
Endure it all,You have no time to weep
And make it through alone but abundant
Solely yet,triumphant.
I just made this out of nowhere
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