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Marla May 24
I live for pleasure
And it bores me.
Out of measure,
I live deplorably.
In all frankness,
I always tell lies.
Reality is a mess
I lately despise.
Why not let go?
Why fritter away?
Because I may never grow
Lest I see the end of the day.
Alexander Sep 2018
Everything in place,
A single book out
Made my world cave.
I tried to reason with my mind
But it always struggled to be right.
So I pushed my finger nails
Into  the bed of my palms
And ten,
****** half- moons
Lighted my way home.
I wrote this about the fear of not being perfect.
jane taylor May 2016
and there i am in the midst of it all, conscious of what appears to be existent, yet knowing it is illusory.  and if time is occurring synchronously then how can i look back with contrition?  for if i have the capacity to move backwards and forwards in quantum leaps, i can erase the past like pastel chalk on an antique blackboard, then start anew.  is not the sky my canvas and the arc of the rainbow my palette?  and the stars in lustrous luminosity light my way so that ev’n at dusk I can paint.  yet pain ne’er ceases to hollow me out.  then through a barren vessel i catch more rain, and pour it out upon the parched terrain.  just when i thought enlightenment was nigh, a sharp edge is discovered.  must it necessitate additional sandpapering from the wind?  when will the gemstone sparkle without further pressure?  does it lie in its power to simply shimmer sans duress?  perhaps it was dazzling at its inception, relinquishing its luster upon domestication.  with this proviso, as it nears twilight i shall tarry and blend with the night.  i’ll dance with a moonbeam knowing the jewel will glisten afresh upon the rise of the golden sun.

Stella Oct 2018
a day that never ends
fears, pressure and fake friends

playing with teenage hearts
seems just like playing cards

thousands of sleepless nights
and absolutely no rights

but where´s the education?
Arisa Mar 2
Be not the Clown,
But the Joker.
Don't wear the pendant,
Wear the choker.

Please, take your time,
But only if you hurry.
However, do not stress,
Unless I tell you to worry.

**** yourself,
But **** me first.
Believe in fortune,
Believe you're cursed.

Look good in white,
Look great in black.
Come here tomorrow,
and never come back.

Vote one way and please vote the other.
Hate your rival, yet love their mother.
Take down notes and burn them all away,
Collect the ashes and do your chores for the day.

You gotta be smarter,
But you better be dumb.
Play the violin,
But bang the drum.

And the most important thing of all
Is to never take anyone's advice EVER.
- Because everyone on God's green Earth
Think they're so **** clever.
A whimsical poem I made when I turned 16.
Marla Apr 16
My existence weighs heavy today,
Heavier than any moment to precede it.
I must decide now what will be my way,
If I shall rise to victory or remain defeated.
But in all truth, I feel not afraid.
Other challenges, I have vanquished
Lacking that languished hand of aid.
Yes, life is my special stage.
I shall revel in it's light,
As well as that of my new age.
Etelith Feb 8
When you say you’re going to end your own life.

People think that those are just words

What if the next moment, you’re laying in front of their leg lifelessness with blood gushing out from your brain?

Do you think they’re still not serious about it?
Umi Mar 2018
The Chains of ones fate are undenyable, as life carries on,
Servants caught in a hell of rebirth without ever escaping,
A red thread which leads verily onto a destined pathway,
Decisions, the pen and the ink for ones book of destiny,
They may ruin the servant, or bring them great happiness,
May mislead, trick, ****** or even manipulate them without their conciousness or understanding of the weight they brought upon their poor little, yet precious bodies which carry on depression as if it was the weight of the world or far beyond that registered mass,
In a hole with seemingly no escape to it, trapped in misery,
Chains of suffocating pressure are keeping them in place,
Oh what a terrible fate it must be to be in this position,
Patience, hope and positivity are needed to see another ray of sunlight, shining beyond the scene of the darkened clouds above
Once this trial has been overcome they too will shine with newfound strengh, energy and relieving glee from within themselves,
So fight on, you precious souls, you are worth more than you might think or would even admit to yourselves, then shine
That would be, a great wish of mine

~ Umi
Rizna M Rameez Oct 2018

I know what sorta peer pressure you face in countries out there.  I also know that as an atypical person compared to the people around me, I'm free from the restrains of peer pressure. Peer pressure is an obstacle. You gotta take on it and break it. You don't need to care what people think as long as you are amazing and what you're doing is right or you're trying to do the right. As long as you're with Allah, you don't need to care about peer pressure because you're doing the right thing. The right people will like you and the people who don't will have hearts that tell them you're great.

Don't try to be acceptable. Go with the flow. Go with the right flow.
Peer pressure is a binding to be broken.
kell May 16
She thrived of adventure . her whole mindset was focused on getting out of this worn out town filled with people that only care about their well being, she had new intentions she wanted to change the world. She wanted to make something more, she felt as if the people she surrounded herself with were a cover up to who she really was. She felt none of them new or understand her vivid thoughts, that go beyond any letter grade typed on paper, her thoughts that struggled to understand the real meaning of life's status. Why do people envy those that are part of the 1% but deny the 99? The people that make up the 99 are real extraordinary different people., with a society obsessed with money and education those that seek something more become the one percent. We choose to change ourselves to feel good that there's people like us . no one is like you. Even if you change everything every little detail deep down you're still you. Stop hiding it. We fall into peer pressure for we don't think the weight of 20 people is pressure, we fall for these simple words that challenge for we forget the consequences, we rebel without cause because the thrill is exhilarating for the poison that pumps through our veins is our energy, and the tangy liquid we drink is an excuse for the words that tumble effortlessly out of our mouths but were still sober enough not to show who we are. What would they think if they knew i still slept with my special blanket or if im scared of the dark what if they think i'm lame?? adults don't understand the we don't do this to be cool we do it  without a reason because reasons are too complex for they make us rethink are actions, we blame are actions on the devil, because he's the one that makes us do these things right? We don't  have a choice? But we brag about  the ignorant actions because people praise us for it, people envy us. Like the 1% that must mean we are them.all we have to do is break rules and regulations and we too will be famous. Won't we?
be aware
Trish Sep 2018
I sighed, it feel so heavy
"I'm tired." my body says

Mountain range of burden
And pressure everyday
Soul floating in the wind
A broken glass-like heart
Marathon of thoughts
Waterfall of tears

"I am so done with life"

A smile turned upside down
Tripped in a whole of anxiety
Memories of past says hello

"I just want to be happy"

Inner self screaming for help
Every color faded turned into gray
Lowkey asking people to stay
But urgently pushing everyone away

"Everything seems nonsense"

School is like a place of gamble
Going everyday is like placing a bet
Having unsure future after efforts been made

"I'm done with these hardship I'm going through"

Cutting ties with friends and family
Shutting people out is like a hobby
Getting used to all the moments

"I'm alone anyway so why bother?"
I still feel unsure for the title since I'm bad at coming up with titles for my poem
julianna Dec 2018
Keep it to yourself,
Under pressure I will break
Off of balance,
Off my game.
Expect nothing
Expect nothing.
I have a fear of rejection and it sometimes gets in the way of me making new friends. If you have no expectations, I can surpass them, but if I do surpass them, then I’m afraid of not being able to live up to them again.
دema Aug 5
i wake up
unable to
shake the
fear away
that lingers
in my head,
but i don’t
face the
I just lay
in bed.
Kat Apr 6
Cloudy eyes
Broken heart
A sad soul about to fall apart

Telling them how to feel only for them to walk away
Saying no and another message underway
You aren't enough for me
You aren't enough for my no

Nosy and leering eyes
Judging smirks
with loud whispers




Banging against your ribs
Calling out only for pain to come
Crumbling pieces blowing away in the wind
Humiliation sinking in

A shaky step towards the street
A stronger one so they meet
Taking off like a plane
Soaring to quieter place

Trembling hands
Blurring sight
Fumbling to get the key right
A hard shove to the sticky door
Brain is sluggish so you fall to the floor

Buried in blankets and memories
only to keep on shivering
The heart feels raw and clawed apart

Piece after piece you build up walls
Only for someone to take a fall
Dragging you down
Destroying the walls

A rejection will always be there but fades to a memory when time helps you become strong

Cloudy eyes
Healing heart
A soul no longer falling apart
Äŧül Jul 2018
I shall talk a bit about Pressure,
It's about how it you can measure,
Learn physics well & earn a treasure.
For all the physicists!
1 Pascal = 0.1019716212978 kg-N/m²
My HP Poem #1714
©Atul Kaushal
mal frost Oct 2018
but i like it,
the stress that i
heap onto myself like an extra serving
high expectations that i know I can't reach
"shoot for the stars", yeah,
but my spaceship light up and fall back down
straight through the clouds
that they said would catch me

but i like it,
the stress that makes my hands
shake, my heart race, my mind buzz
every smoke, every drink, every kiss
one hundred times better

and i love it,
the stress that'll crush me alive
diamond in the rough
nah, i'm just some coal
combusting, all or nothing
to the end.
stress feels so good
Poking fun at my
Insecurities will pop
My helium heart

Like a balloon; I
Can only take so much, I
Have bursted open

The pressure killed
Hollow Steve Aug 2018
It squeezes my head...

I'm pulled aside,
I'm left alone,
I'm left with company.
It squeezes my head.

No other place left to go,
nothing else left to see.
It squeezes my head.

Nothing else left to say,
no one else left to talk to.
It squeezes my head.

If it could hear me,
I'd say it's squeezing my head.

It wouldn't matter though...
It'll continue squeezing my head.
Seanathon Jan 2018
When did our altered
   culture decide
     that WE
       would be happy
         with our little screens
           and such little stillness
             within our lives
Sad really
s Jun 2018
your hug is like
that blood pressure gauge
- that slowly inflates
to check all my vitals;
or a dash charging socket
for all my circuits & bones
- twenty minutes -
for the battery to be whole.

cupping my feet on cold days,
and breathing into my toes
because these socks  have too many holes.
And on any day, you swivel me up
when I run into you for a no reason hug.

starting to forget how it would feel
to not have access to these tiny luxuries.

Judith May 15
They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend,
that anything sparkly is beautiful,
that anything beautiful is of value,
that anything of value should be obtained.

They tell you to follow the brightest light,
because the brightest light is often the end of the tunnel,
because the brightest light will lead the way,
because the brightest light is always right.

They claim that only the prettiest ornaments get picked,
that you should get the best ones on the shelf,
that the more precious an ornament is, the more worthy it is of your purchase,
that the prettiest ones should be the one you want.

What they don’t tell you is
a blessing can very well be a curse.
That the diamonds are only beautiful because they cracked under pressure,
that the brightest light belongs to the shortest candle,
that the prettiest ornaments are the ones that break with a single touch.
Alaina Moore Aug 20
Eloquent lair,
esteemed and influential.
Spreading disasters
that make me mental.

Not about this repetition.
Locking me in a finite position.

With a moderate delay,
reinforcements arrive.
Reminding me that it is alright to thrive.

Maturing at a healthly pace.
Hoping to survive it all with grace.
I actually tried to rhyme for once...
What great sins have we in secrets
Peering at exertions too quickly,
Even in new dawns, regrets are made burgeoned
And with every leniency given
We maul at our grievance.

But time measures our sorrows
By faith
heal Jul 5
I never felt being this
ashame of everyone,
just because I failed us
to be the number one.

If I had only didn't put my guards down,
then maybe our team had won
and we won't end up as
being the town's *****.

I failed as a leader to
guide our team
into the way to reach the victory
that supposed to be ours to claim.

And now, we wont be playing
the next game anymore
–a good opportunity that should have been for us
to be discovered and many more.

With regrets I couldn't take,
I swallow a plenty
of pills that would
put me to sleep.
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