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Jordan Hudson Dec 2018
Generation, presentation
Complaints and restraints then
Good days and bad days when
They all see what I can be in
The future and tomorrow I
Will be a true success and why
Do you all doubt me while I rhyme
I can say I will write
Until the day God will decide
When and where and how I will die
The clouds, the sky, the sun's light
Will shine upon us all right now
We will be guided and showed how
To go and rise and be wise you
And I will learn the ways these days
The proper sayings and actions we
Are gazing into space you see
Lights, shadows, crafts above
Above us all, above us tall
Above this planet, stars so small
Bright stars afar
Visible from cars
From the cities and streets below
From fields, mountains, valleys so low
On the highway, the trails, the air
Oceans, roads, coasters at fairs
Horseback, camel back, animals
Swine to divine horses and bulls
Will the people dare to stare and
Glare at the shares and the mayor
Government, tax, and presidents
Hair, and the gold from the sand dunes
And the bad old Floridan prunes
Oil, gas, and the seas water
Friends and our only one father
This world is ours not theirs so
They cannot breach our Earth you know
Until the day God will decide
When and where and how I will die
When will I die?
They will reach us all someday now
Anyway now anytime now
They will destroy or let us live
If they reach and ****, no one gives
Technology and the main plan
Is to **** off slowly and ban
All we have to protect us is
Our bare hands and our minds and this
Collection of leftovers and
The  old medicines and towers
The sky and its light, no powers
God protect us all through these sour
Bad times we are going to face
No we will not embrace or trace
The source or will we, some will not
We all should, that's our only shot
To make it out alive
Dead or alive
Let this song help you to survive
The clouds and the sky
God will let you die
You will too survive
The clouds and the sky
God will save us all
You will also fall
The clouds in the sky
The clouds and the sky
The clouds and the sky
Our world, our Earth
Our death, our birth
The clouds and the sky
The clouds and the sky
Our world, our Earth
Our death, our birth
Don't say I didn't warn you
There is a cloud
In the sky
I'm trying to get better
Nat Lipstadt Feb 2015
this is a very important poem to me,
about me, and how Obama slurred my people. and never apologized


there are mornings when I wake up
in my nativity,
in my born/bred,
these struggling to be happy,
United States,
strangely hebrew-speaking,
Jamaican coffee
tallying up
what I am,
who I am,
commanded to be,
on this Earth

the labels that the
outward-looking apply,
the tags,
that you have caused
yourself to be defined,
been staked
to your claim,
in infamy and in fame,
that you have
by action and indeed,

have allow
to be presented
as entries on your
global entry passport,
with visas from the
lows and highs,
places where
your have sinned and saved,
all the acts accumulated,
and those,
in pain,
you have been a witness to

word titles that
tinge and suffuse,
summation of my presentation,
sampler of words
father, poet,
a for-real
community organizer,
and of course,
bien sûr,

the quality of all these life's papers,
which I grade myself,
the harshest marker
of all

once a young man,
safely away in college,
under the fresh-air freedom of the
university's in loco parentis,
in the early years
spent quantifying oneself

nearly fifty years ago,
now he,
revealed and recalled
his college typed-letter,
lately uncovered amidst his,
recently passed mother's papers

"Don't know what kind of
I will be, but be assured,
that I will be a
all my life"

so here I am doing my post-sabbath,
top of the week,
right it down,
qualifying myself,
coffee enraged engaged,
a new Sunday tally

taking all my terms,
what was prior, first,
is no longer

decades decay,
events sway,
simple words change me, stain me

nearing on five decades later,
when this
son of speakers,
son of humanists and 
son of
son of proud
rewrites his list

today I write/substitute,
a new order,
a tag gladly taken,
a marker given,
some what in pride,
some in shame too,
first and foremost,
à la manière d'Lincoln
I am
of, by and for

"a bunch of folks in a deli"

proud member of them
that so identify,
for they are among those
that shall not perish from the Earth

bunch of folks in a deli,
I claim as
mine own,
as they would
have claimed me

no subtly professed,
a diminishment intended,
and now
an honorific taken,
Medal of Honor provoked and embraced,
proudly inscribed,
visible on my forehead,
in the black ink of mourning,
a Presidential Cain Citation,
a tattoo of letters,
not numbers,
now moves up to
head of the list,
I am
now and forever,
a member of that corps
(appreciate that double entendre)
I am
Je suis

*"a bunch of folks in a deli"
Just google that phrase

Obama’s slur
Deb Jones Aug 2018
Once a man asked me back
To his home for after dinner drinks.
I was comfortable with that.
We had went to dinner several times.
I drove my car and followed him.  
We talked for about 30 minutes or so
And I excused myself and went to powder my nose, carrying my handbag.
I was out of the room about 4 minutes.
When I returned he was naked.
He had placed a metal folding chair
In the center of his well lit dining room.
I know my eyes were as big as saucers.
I remember thinking
“This escalated fast”
Doing a pantomime he held up a latex object that looked like a decanter stopper. Oversized. And upside down.
He waved his hand under it as part of his presentation.
Think of a stewardess doing the pantomime of flight safety rules,
Or QVC seller on television.
He then set the item on the metal chair and sat right down on it with an odd
squishy-sucky noise.
Up until that point
I had not moved an inch.  
I am pretty much open minded about ***.
But the whole situation and the mime-like presentation was so much ick I panicked.
I ran out the back door.
I didn’t say a word.
Just ran.
He obviously couldn’t follow me quickly because you know....
He had something up his ****.
If this topic is too much or over the top I will be perfectly ok with deleting it.
Kewayne Wadley Jul 2018
And just like coffee.
Let your aroma tingle and stimulate the smiles of those around.
The best source of touch
Without cream or sugar.
Stir the organic presentation that brings the next minute that much closer.
Whether the preference is a mug or a styrofoam cup.
At the end of the day.
Coffee fits into any size container
And brings to life any size smile.
With one quick sip
The senses awake to a new day.
Swirled in unspoken travel sized rule.
It follows,
The beautiful ovation that rushes once poured.
Beautifully represented by your smile.
The tone of your skin.
Your hair naturally at ease.
Stirred by a finger.
Specialism by the majority nodding away,
Yet awaken by your essence.
Soon extracted and brought to life.
Swirling beyond content.
And just like coffee,
I look forward to a cup of you
Mya Mar 6
I am everything
The world revolves around me
This time is mine and I am in control

                                      If its all mine
                                      Why am I so afraid to change it
                                      For the better good of the people
                                      In my world

Why can't I just speak a presentation
In front of my classmates
I want to encourage others to try and change it also

                                 but I am a coward
                                 named courageous
(it's all about presentation)
aesthetic and motivation.

it’s not worth a thing if it cant be condensed.
cliches of beauty, white picket fence.
sunset on a sunday, "always try your best".
if you can’t tell it in seconds then keep it in your head!

posts, jokes, tropes.
oh we had high hopes.
for expression and communication.
but we’ve boiled it down to (presentation)
Kurt Carman Sep 2016
I dream a million fireflies transporting me to this space
A Moon shadow casts a light upon my face.
A Young boy dreaming of tight lines on this mountain stream,
Water droplets on frozen fly line, casts a prism sunbeam.

It's this time and special place that etches a constant memory,
Of Standing on that rock casting tight loops across the estuary.
Practice makes perfect as I make a presentation towards this riffle,
I can see a smile on my face, a moment in time that's purely transcendental.

With hope on the rise and a pheasant tail nymph tied to my tippet,
I make my way past the roily water to a calmer spot I'll inhibit.
Stripping line I load this feather chucker and place a nymph on the breezers nose
Zzzzzzz screams my reel and I scramble to fight this foe

As the snow begins to fall, I gaze upon this look of contentment in my eyes
And hover from above to watch myself learning to fly.
I whisper to myself, " Man life doesn't get any better than this",
As I kneel to release my catch, I watch him glide in to the abyss.

And at day's end I find myself walking beside the memory of Theodore, Lee and Jack,
Three mentors who showed me the way, part of my Wulff pack.
Some Say "if I fished only to capture fish, my trips would have ended long ago",
And now I have something that money can't buy, the gift of learning to fly.

-K.Carman 2016
In memory of the three men I admire so much..Theodore Gordon, Lee Wolff and Jack Hemingway. I've learned so much from the three of you. RIP and I hope all your lines are tight! FISH ON!
jerelii Jul 2018
Life is a lesson
full of adventures to ride
it is a product of achievement and joy,
suffer and pain
but there are a lot of test
that you will take
some challenges
to test your patience
and perseverance
hardwork that you should try
but after all, you’ll still
get through all of these zigzag lines
to the path that you will never know
what consesus would it bring into you.
Whether you labor it in
each continental parts
of living the success in life.
your choice is your destiny,
your will is what makes you.
& so you create what you become
and you become what you think
simple, but people always
choose the easy route
rather than the hard route
that will only makes them
overwhelmed and uncomfortable.
though uncomfortable things
will only let you G-R-O-W
once you give it a G-O-
To C-H-A-N-G-E
is a M-U-S-T
and so is to be a better self.
because to be a better person
means to suffer
to be a better person
means to change
and to be a better person
means to be kind and to be grateful for.

quotational marks that you carried in you
all along the way,
it will guide you
to reach your dreams and goals
in life.

this is the presentation
to make an impact to the world.
July 28,2018
multi sumus Nov 2018
Please excuse the delinquency of this introduction

Our reluctance
             to the judgements
                        of the agents
                                   of destruction

We wanted to write a few prose so those who chose could be gathering from it

The assumption
              there is something
                               an insight
                                      or deduction

And while concidering the possible repercussions We might be facing

The presentation
        this present state in
                   which the statements
                               press mentation

We're sure to procure closure in the vulnerable over exposure

with exhorted
                              by esoteric
         ­                                revelations
In the beginning lets just start with a na-ame

                   Multi Sumus
                 "We Are Many"
          All of one and the sa-ame  

       so there's no ONE to bla-ame

      yet We're feeling no sha-ame

   Cursed with this blessing by the charts of Our births

    Compounded by experience throughout the time on this earth

   Situation realization through extensive research

          till returned to the dirt

               So it's obvious
              there's lots of Us
                 We promise this
                 with confidence

               of the congregants
              by this augmented

    in Our neurological

 Okay, now that We have your um "unndivided" attention

The ****** descention intentional

With potential illicit material

Exotic content individuals

Unequivocal extreme of the

Inciting the violence eventual

With depraved images into the temporal

  And just when you thought We couldnt exacerbate this already exasperating elaborate facade

  Now We have you fascinated thinking We're ******* to The Marque De Sade!

Post deliberation- Psychopathia Sexualis as bed time stories was kind of odd

But The Kama Sutras' pages had hastened degradation from where they'd been gnawed!

   There were a few more things we want to sit down and talk about

Like the fact that We're actually celibate
The distain for institutionalised education
and dropping out

Thats alot of intimate information
  "How could We ever let this happen?"

To be honest We're just honored to give some fodder for your defamation of character cannon!
  So before you begin your rapacious onslaught of malevolent inspection!

   We've already detected all the things that's presumed you've currently rejected!

   With proverbial red pen in hand you've commenced your conceited correcting!

   And your futile fervent attempt, in leaving Us feeling extremely dejected!

   your annoyance with the performance of deforming poetic normalcy

The convulsive compulsions of the expulsions of the compulsory

            Conclusions include:
                 Literal assault
                Literary battery

And cleaning from the cathodes This convoluted corrosion of conformity!

    Without trying to sound hostile
                          though it's possible
                                   that a hospital
                    ­                    jostle those
   ­                    pre con ceived

                       ­ All the while though

your just seeking attention for the aforementioned

Alright, Well We're not gonnna be a denying it

because We're constantly being reminded of

rhyming with defiant defining an

the metre maids retirement  

"She's been lying?!"
                    "Oh Geez!
                           She's fired then!"

cause its trying-trying to inspire realigning the tongue from relying on tying to find it!

      Gerunds are whoreable!

         /'speliNGz/ deplorable!



(adv)       Ironically      {8}{3}­   (adj)         moral!          [3]|B2|
(adv)    Rhetorical­              [2a]
(adv)        ******!                   [1]

|cambridge dictionary|

"There is no way We c"

   With atrocious verboseness
   who'd notice the odious?!

"We are not! gonna stan"

     01000001 01100100
        01110110 01010000!...

"Wait! i dont th"

   yllacitammarg cihpromanA
    tor/sion/ed          /vern/acular!

             ^                       ^
  CUL/t u r/AL PER/spect/IVE•

  <PECULIAR {2}  [] [] {}{}  L•VE>


(adj)[1:2a]    stop! Wha' what are you doing?!"
"No no, you get offof there!"
-(motioning with finger)
"And you two! Mmf!"
-(shaking head upwards)
           "~" "~"
"Don't use that tone with me!"
"Alright then"        
-(stern nod)
-(salaci•us grin while smacking both bottoms as walking past ;)

"Now what do you think your doing?"
-(quickly turning towards other)
"And how is that helpful?"
-(crossing arms)
"Did i ask you fo?"
"And you are entitled" "¡" "to" "¡" "your" "¡" "•pinion."
"i understand, yes"
-(opening arms)
"just talk WITH Us about these issues."
-(hand on shoulder)

"No fret, May We continue?"
"Now, Would you be so kind?"
-(gesturing towards player)
"thank you."
-(humble nod)
"They wouldn't be able hear it anyway"
-(shaking head downward closing eyes)

               "Because it is written"

     (We now return you to the
    regularly scheduled program
            already in progress

…attenuating circumstance by objectionable technical difficulties

  Continually conjugating with;        

    But these consensual;

   has Us postulating that with;

   there's a deduction exponentially of;

  We're very much obliged that you would grace us with your presence
   in essence
   it's evident
you take precedence
being prevalent
   and the
relevance of your acceptance
to Our all exclusive
    intrusive collusion
is proving profusely
  that the astute
  can irrefutably
elude the obtuses'

And although We're not looking
                just in case then
               the arrangement
             with it's placement
                   of degrading
                   ­       to the
                    and flagrant
                 with the falacies
                 of formalities in
                    a-all actuality
                     being valid
                         via the

  And just so you know the list of pressumptions is deliberately
At the cost of
your responses
involving constant devolving nonsense
in the comments
on the contents
full of copious despondent obstinance
But as optimists
Our only option is
hopes that it's the conglomerate
your being honest with

                 And please,
                     We ask,
         That you use your true profile when you begin your posting

  That we can ALL see the blood of a "real" poets muse
            flow from the pen

                  So in closing...

Next time you make the
           decision to visit them
             with your insolence

            hypercritical cynic,
               Remembering a

            six minute version
          "authority" usurption
               deserving by an


       Mental Fragmental Eunich

           Filling your head with
     thoughts you wish to jetison
              by suggestions of

              ingestions with a
     taste of your own medicine!
        When you rest your head

          sugar plums won't be
    dancing, substantial chances
            you will be glancing

          a couple more times,
          We hear repetition is
             good for a growing


         Mind you that We left
         easter eggs to quantify
            attendance, intense

                attention on Us
      at least you will be leaving
               the others alone

             We just wanted to
           take this opportunity
                            to cast the first stone.
Donatien Alphonse François
  Marquis de Sade

Psychopathia Sexualis (Psychopathy of ***), by Richard Freiherr von Krafft-Ebing, 1886

The Kama Sutra (/ˈkɑːmə ˈsuːtrə/; Sanskrit: कामसूत्र  is an ancient Indian Hindu writing by Vātsyāyana
400 BCE-200CE
duane hall Feb 28
Although it was early in our courtship
I thought You and I had a lasting relationship
We hit it off like  celebrities at an Oscar presentation
I was totally enamored, there was no hesitation
Only to discover I was just one of your boy toys
More to the point, just another one  of your donor boys
I'm just an ornament you hang on your Christmas tree
I just wasn't good enough to complement your pedigree
I'm just another amulet hanging from your neck
Good God woman you're nothing but a train wreck
Now I see you for who you really are
You squeezed my grunions in a vise and put them in a jar
Only to discover I was part of an  array
You put on the shelf as an elaborate display
I wasn't even  good enough for a seat in the front row
I guess our relationship  was nothing but a freak show
I was nothing but an ornament to satisfy your  ego
While I still have some semblance of pride I think it's time to go.
Collins learns Jun 2018
I have all the reasons to believe,
All the evidence to give,
That Faith of all after Eve,
Came to my soul to live,
To hold my hand to the wedding eve.

A women from  another mother,
Assumes her class for this poor thing,
Whose several proposals have yielded nothing,
Perharps for poor presentation,
And presumably doubts of my being.

The pics you sent me the other time,
I find my eyes gazing at them more often,
Whenever you call or I do,
Learns soul and body gets alert,
******* not to forget.

How you start a conversation,
Always with a calm noncholant voice,
Makes my thalamus restructure its pitch,
Just to make my vocals present a fair draft,
All in a bid to impress my one in a million.

That birthday surprise,
Left me mouth agape,
The concern and commitment   in your voice,
Have made me harden my stand,
And declare a love sentence .

The later promise,
To me equals a nightmare ,
Like a Christian to rapture tale,
My being awaits affirmation,
Of your mouth watering promises.

I love it when you say,
"Omi chonjo"
Its a reassurance,
That liberates my heart ,
From fear of losing its queen.
Butch Decatoria Oct 2018
Hopefully not a mystery, mistaken,

Unquestionably remarkable : your presentation

Miss muse of heavy breathing monologues’

Deeper meanings, thus flesh rises hot.

If into relations

No need or want for explanation.

Greater words now simply lost;

Entrails of vaporous profundities

Respite-sleep below limbs’ entangled quivering

Some sort of worshipping screaming “god!”
A song kid talked of poetry
Like it was placed for thinking and for presentation
And nature was written in the attraction to creative arts
She kept burning the midnight oil
The streets were illuminated by the flame of distress and desire
To become better, and the single line that she knew honestly
Life might talk of different angles to the wretched circumstance
The perception of a child in the poor encumbrance of a truly myopic poet
The one of toil and summer, and writhing in your experiences
Life can be complex for someone who writes on demanding terms of endearment
This is called achievement and recess, or talk of wisdom
You wear my blemishes
you own my flourishes
you bear my pains
you clear my stains
Why do you let me reflect?

Smiling at a whim
speaking to yourself,
shining light within,
sowing happiness around.
Why do you show me what’s real?

Reflection is realization,
realization is beyond imagination,
imagination is always in the presentation, yet
being present now is the true gratification.
Why do you make me think about what’s true?

Oh, mirror - you are not only a reflection
you are a true revelation.
I want to be the person on the mirror.
So, show me how!
Hannah Christina Jun 2018
I don't mean to only express myself
Let's turn our gaze outward to something else
Because really, we're nothing
reflections and vapors
our lives seem so long to us then as time tapers
down to the end
getting faster again
and it's time that, my friend
in this time that you spend
looking out for yourself realize your wealth and your life and your thoughts they are
I'm nothing at all but a freckle of dust
but looking around there are millions of us
there's a picture out there taking shape so we must
have courage and dare to strip off all our lust for
our own affirmation
our self-presentation
must find a foundation in something much bigger than us.
As you cry to be heard pause and listen to hear
for when long you have listened the Light will draw near
and you'll find all the words that you cannot deserve
so please gather the nerve discontent to preserve
And climb outside and point out to the stars over hills
and from you the joy and the knowledge will spill
For expression is best when it's not just for you
My confession is this, let it always be true.
I think this one is best read as spoken word/ slam.  If there are parts where the rhythm feels off let me know!
Always find your rhythm
And go with the flow
Nature is taking its course
As those whistling breezes blow
Get up and get at it
Time waits on no one
Make a strong presentation
Reach for that gold and have fun
Yazad Tafti Apr 18
with every breath you take you inhale a part of my soul
atoms lifting off my face through your windpipe in layers shed like graphite
dyson vacuums are amateurs compared to you
**** me off
black holes don't **** like you do
who ever wants a brainfreeze keep ******* cause you got nothing on her
i get turned on and then you **** me off
i give your oral presentation a B-
the breeze on my pole liberates all tension
i am ***** as buildings have balconies
i am ***** as kites catch wind
i am ***** as pens drip fine, bold, rich ink from their well crafted, metallic, ornamental tips  
i bust all my bad habits on to you, you make sure they never hang around too long, not to get affixed  ...just a taste satisfies
you go as deep as the magnificent swimmers of the ocean
you go as deep as lightsabers do through rebel ****
you go as deep as words cut the pillars fortifying self esteem monuments
satisfaction guaranteed or your beauty back
I am from the teal sprinklers that were used with make-believe friends
from the brown bruises from playing too hard
I am from the golden s'mores eaten in the early morning
from the tan sand that was always in my shoes
I am from the navy participation awards hung in my room
from the pink ribbons pinned on my heart
I am from the yellow sunshine in my father's laugh
from the copper taste in my mouth when forgetting to do chores  
I am from the maroon uniform made to look the same
from the blue pens used on countless school nights
I am from the indigo feeling of panic when having to do a class presentation
from the silver markers used to correct me
I am from the lilac masses where we sang our praise
from the cream tub which washed away years of hurt
I am from the grey cookie cutter town where we all act the same
from the chestnut casket that my grandpa lies in
I am from the purple revenge that sickens a siblings bond
from the black hospital which haunts my dreams
I am from the red scars that decorate my body
from the white safety plan to ensure I live another day
I am from the violet sleeping pills
from the orange calming pills
I am from a beautiful painting which one day I will consider a masterpiece
Dan Hess Jul 27
I dried my tears to desiccation
Now I'm stranded here in isolation
Deep within the mind
But I can't find myself to bring elation

I've lost the presentation of my ego to the id
I'm drowned about in seas of tears I've kept contained within
I'm poised in spirit on the nearest island here within my mind
But I'm still searching salty seas for something I will never find

I think I'm crazy, but I can't see truth here to compare
This false lucidity does not help me to feel more aware
I'm killing time within but drowning in emotions, wearing thin

I'm basking in the silent night,
and there's no light to guide my way
I'm strung about
I've learned to fly
But I can't see the shore
To my dismay

It hurts to see the earth all shrouded in the dark, this way
But it's a world within my mind, there's no way out, I'm still a castaway
I had "kryptonite" stuck in my head and somehow that helped with the flow ****
i know you’re your own poison,
my love.

the things around you
place a bright
spot light
upon your soul
and expect a certain behavior

this makes you hate yourself
makes you feel heavy at every step
makes you snap at the
lightest presentation of stress
and it’s been killing you
for a long time

but to this, you fight back
with every drop of sweat and every tear
even while you bleed
even if you feel like breaking down
you continue

while the one you trusted let you down
while your dreams seemed far fetched
while you didn’t want his touch
but he said
“babe, let’s”
while you watched the disappearance
of your pure crown
you maintained a smile

you didn’t need anyone or
anything, your self sufficient self
raises every single hair
on my body
every part of me
admires you, it just
wishes you knew your wealth

no one understands
but i can see
i can see your unsteady breath
as your anxious habits kick in
at full speed
and i want to be there
to catch you as you fall
and bring you right back up

people convince themselves
that because of your past
that you’re the same person
that you haven’t changed at all
this makes you feel alone

i want you to know that i can
see it all
i can see the tears you hide
see the tales full of white lies
that you tell the world
just to get through the day

but what you don't know is
that i don't just glance, or stare
but become completely submerged
by your essence that i simply
admire and smile
because as you suffer
i’ve waited patiently for you
to glance at me
that way i’d be able to gain grip
of those beautiful glimmering eyes of yours
and say
“hey, it’s okay”

you are strong
you are exquisite
you are top of the line
baby girl
i’d be wrong
to let my words sink into my being
without hearing
what you think about
you being mine

my mind has memorized every
inch of you, duly
know i'm not like the rest, and i'm here to
listen and to stay,
you misunderstood beauty.

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Revelation born of change
sourced from behind the eyes
seeks the mirrors to be seen
when vision lacks bravery
still, the restrictions had deterred
those self-made, sourced from fear
on the span of baby steps
to fly beyond a gilded cage

if only verity did not hide
that spark admitted to the self
base of thoughts from years ago
as presentation now complies
sadly fear lingers on
when society classifies
good with bad, entwined with lies
denoting sadness sanctified

a spiral set upon itself
small momentum found at last
the journey isn’t made alone
small pushes and gentle hands
still the shadows may remain
slowing progress beyond this place
forward motion is still made
saving grace belying pain.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190403.
The poem “Born to Change” is about the sometimes slow progress of transformation and self-discovery.  Thankfully the daunting creation is not a journey made alone when friends are there to lend a hand.
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