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Big Virge Oct 2016
Why Does My Appearance ...  
Offend Most Folk ... !?!
I DON'T Sell Coc'... !!!
I'm NOT An Ignorant Bloke ... !!!
I DON'T LIKE ... " Crack "... !!!
But Sometimes ... Like A Smoke ...
There's Nothing Quite Like A Cuban Cigar ...
After Food ... or With A Drink At A Bar ...
NOT Beer But Brandy ...  
Suitably Warm ...
In A ... Brandy Glass ... !!!
THAT'S ... Who I Am ... !!!
I'm NOT An ****... !!!
Unlike Those ...

Who Judge From .................................................................­.... Far ...............
His incentive, is to Rob,
and start, MOLESTING !"
"Who on earth ?
Do you think you're addressing ?
Your judgements are distressing !
Your thought waves need progressing !
Stop your second guessing !
cos when I start *******,
your state of mental being,
you'll wish you had Gods' Blessing !"
Girls ... Or Men ...
Just ... Can't Defend ... !!!
Their NONSENSE ...
As I ... Count To TEN ... !!!!!
See .....
That's My Way of Teaching Them ...
I'm NOT ... THAT Man ...
On .... " News at Ten "... !!!!!
NO ... NOT Trev'....
But Those ... "Locked"...  
... Inside Prison ... !!!  
I'm RARE ...
Just Like ... " True Gentlemen "... !!!
Girls Have Said ...
Such ... SILLY THINGS ... !!?!!
"Upon introduction,
my heartbeat raced !
I thought you were gonna,
punch me in my face !"
"That's what you saw ?
when you, looked in my face !"
Such Attitudes ...
Are REALLY ... Lame ... !!!!
It's ... Funny To Some ...
But Let's Get This CLEAR ... !!!!!
These ... " Stereotypes "...
Are ... REALLY Dumb ... ?!?
I Deal With This Ignorance ...
Day to Day ...
" Some guy ... "

Tried To Bar Me ...
From His Place ...
WITHOUT Even Looking Me In My Face ... ?!?  
WHY ... ?

Because of ... " e-mails sent "... ?!?
But When He Traced ...
The Mails I'd Sent ...
His Thought Waves Got ...
...... DERAILED ...... !!!
And Then Some ...  
Common Sense Prevailed ... !!!
I've Met Him Now ...
His Stench Seems ... " FOUL "... !!!!!!!!!
A Money Man ...
just Like The DOW ...
Index ... Direct ... !!!  
Until My Words ...
Got In His Chest ... !!!
And Proved To Him ...
... My INTELLECT ...
Whilst Giving Him ...
A ... "small complex"...

About What Could ...
Just Happen ... NEXT ... !!!?!!!
Sometimes ... YES ...  
Just Like ... " The Wu "...
I Do Suggest ...
You PROTECT Your NECK ... !!!!!
It's Better NOT TO ...
... Get Me Vex ... !!!!!
Cos' Plans I Make ...
Are So COMPLEX ...
You May Just Need ...
A ... Bullet-Proof Vest ... !?!?!
For Me You See ...
Life's Posing TESTS ... !!!
From Living ... To ...
Just Getting *** ... !?!
These Problems ...
Leave My Mind ... " Perplexed "... ???
Well .....
Perplexed or NOT ...
I'm Still DIRECT ... !!!
From Things I Say ...
To ... Written Text ...
To EARN What's Due ...
Some **** RESPECT.

From Those Who Watch Their TV Set ...
Then Pre-Judge Me ... That's INCORRECT ... !!!!!
Well Here's The Deal ... !!!
Instead of Surfing ...  
...... " Internet "......
Try PULLING The Plug ...
Yes .... DISCONNECT .... !!!
Deal With Those ...  
In Front of You ...  
Some of Us ...
Are People TOO ... !!!!!
Whether On ... PC ...
Or On ... " TV "...
You're Receiving INTERFERENCE ... !!!!!!
Your Thought Waves NEED ...

Some .... " Clearance "....

And Maybe Then ... ?
You'll FINALLY See ...
DON'T Judge Folks By ...
... " Appearance "...
I'm STILL, not the only one suffering such ridiculous judgments clearly ! According to the story today, about the Doctor, who probably won't be flying with Delta airlines any time soon !
Gina Old Nov 2015
In the old house up the hills -
Yes, the one that gives you chills
Whenever you walk by its fence -
Lives someone who, no offense,
Looks like she'd puts kids on grill.
Children, puppies, all she'd ****
For food.

Lady who, probably, likes to
Know the places each kid hikes to.
There she, later in the day,
Waits for village kids to stray.
Some will die and some live on.
Who? That really depens on
Her mood.

Some say that she used to snitch,
Others say that she's a witch!
Nobody was ever in
The house whose walls are made of skin.
Nobody would ever dare
To set their foot on the porch where
She stood.

They'll never know that her kitchen
Smelled like flowers, most bewitchin',
They won't see her paintings, neat,
Her living room where you could meet
A fire giving warm embrace.
And alongside her fireplace
The wood.

Now, if you got in, you'd stare
on stinky fish bowls, everywhere,
whose cloudy water calls for changing,
and rooms in need of rearranging.
But since you never really tried,
No one knows the lady died.
Yes she's dead for good.
Big Virge Aug 2014
(Pt. II)

After the 7/7 bombing ...
This is part of a Trilogy of poems to remind people about
where some of their, " Anti-Islam Rhetoric ", started from ....

Well ...

... HERE WE GO ... !!!!!
It Didn't Take Long ... !!!
For ... " Political Players " ...  
To Sing ... " Dud Songs " ... !!!  
London's Been BOMBED ... !!!!!  
"It was the Muslims, all along !"  
Excuse Me Mr. Clarke ...  
I Think You May Be Wrong ... ?!?  
The ... HOME SECRETARY ...  
Is Jumping On The Ferry ...  
That's Saying To MUSLIMS ...    
They'd ...  
Better Be WARY ... !!!!!!!!  
But Let's Get Things CLEAR ... !!!  
They've ALWAYS FEARED ...  
Men With A Dark Appearance ...
And A ... LENGTHY Beard ... !!!    
But Many Now ...    
Are ... " BRITISH " ... !!!  
Adopting ... Muslim Ways ...  
Who Live Their Life ... " In HOPE " ...  
of Seeing ... PEACEFUL Days ...    
Their Wish Is For Some Guidance ...    
WITHOUT Old English Tricks ... !!!  
That's Why Some Show DEFIANCE ... !!!  
This Country NEEDS A FIX ... !!!!!  
A Fix of ... " TRUTH " ... !!!  
A Fix of ... " PROOF " ... !!!  
A Fix of Things ....  
That AREN'T See Through ...  
Am I Getting Through To You ... ?!?  
I'm NO MUSLIM ...  
I'm NO JEW ...    
I'm Just ME ... !!!  
But What Are YOU ... ?!?  
What Do You Believe Is True ... !?!  
Don't You Think ... ?  
We NEED MORE Clues ... ?!?  
I Think We ........  
Should Be ... MORE Shrewd ... !!!    
Instead of ... Jumping Into Shoes ...    
That DON'T FIT RIGHT ... !!!  
So What's Your View ... ???  
CAREFUL NOW ... !!!  
You'd Best Be Cool ...  
Cos' Views You Share ...  
Could ... DAMAGE YOU ... !?!  
We're Being Told .....  
Cos' Leaders Now WON'T Tolerate ... !!!  
Those of Us Who Want To Relate ...  
A DIFFERENT View ...  
To ... Political Crews ...    
This is WHY ...  
They CONTROL News ... !!!  
To Keep The FOOLS FALSELY Schooled ...
In PROPAGANDA, NOT The TRUTH ... !!!!!  
So Check This Flow ...  
" Do not pass go !  
cos' Old Kent Road,  
ain't there no more ! "  
Laugh If YOU CAN ...  
It's ... NOT A JOKE ...  
When Friends of Yours ...  
Die From ... BOMB Smoke ... !!!    
A Friend Told Me ...
"Shrapnel does make victims bleed,  
but what kills you, is all the heat !"  
Stuck In A Tunnel ...  
Frying Like .... MEAT .... !!!  
Do My Depictions ...  
Make You ... " Weep " ... ?  
Or Give You Heartburn ... ?  
Like ... Meryl Streep ... !!!  
Or ... Do You Believe ... ?  
These Political CREEPS ... !!!  
Who .....  
Continually Preach ...  
While Others ... " Sleep " ...    
NOT For The Night ...  
But .... " ETERNITY " .... !!!!!  
MP's Are Free To Walk FREELY ... !!!  
But I Fear For Peace ...  
On .... English Streets ....  
When War Is Waged ...  
On .... " Communities " ....    
And Freedom of Speech ...  
Becomes ... OBSOLETE ... !!!      
Then Men Like Me ....    
Become Government Foes ...  
Because of WORDS ...  
We Put In Prose ... ?!?!?    
What Would You Choose ... ?  
Coc' Up Your Nose ...  
Or Political Coups ...    
And ... " Reality Shows " ...    
How About ... ?
... " Poets EXPOSED ?!? " ...  
Would I Get Your Vote ...  
To Be Your Host ... ?  
I ... Reckon So ...    
And That's NO BOAST ... !!!  
But Let's NOT GET ...  
Caught Up In Jokes ...    
Cos' Government Quotes ...  
May Just .... " Provoke " ....  
A VIOLENT END ... !!!      
Where Muslims Choke ... !!!!!  
NOT JUST THEM ... !!!  
That's The ... PROBLEM ... !!!  
When Bombs Are Left ...  
Around ... " London " ... !!!  
This Piece Has Got ....  
Some ... DIFFERENT Flows ... !!!  
Cos' Like A Bomb ...  
I'm ... READY TO BLOW ... !!!!!  
Things Are Now Out of CONTROL ...    
So ... Watch Out Folks ...  
Cos' ......  
.... " Here We Go " .... !!!
On the basis of the rise, not just in the UK, but, in other parts of Europe currently, of groups like Britain First & The EDL ....
You don't wear black face.
You'd never do such.
You don't wear white face,
You're no mime.
But every March,
Dress in green,
Affect terrible brogues,
And get drunk, some must disgracefully:
Because that's what the Irish do, think they?
I won't wear a yarmulke on Yom Kippur,
Not a burka on Eid al-Adha,
Or lead the parade down Fifth Avenue?
Don't know why the world thinks the Irish are drunkards. I go to Ireland every year, and the only drunks I see are North Americans, whites and blacks, ****, straights and all others not mentioned.  Even the phrase "Paddy Wagon" is an ethnic slur.
Big Virge Jul 2014
I've Been TRULY SURPRISED ... !!!
In Fact ... " MESMERISED " ....... !!!!
By The ... Volume of People ...  
Who Tell Themselves Lies ... !!!
These Acts I Believe ...
Give Liars ... " Relief " ...  
But Liars Are FOOLS ...
Who Simply ... AREN'T Cool ... !!!
And People Like These ...  
Know NOT What They Do ... ?!?
In Fact That's NOT TRUE ... !!!!
But Does Give You Some Clues ...
On Why These FAKE People ...
Don't Have ... SHINY Shoes ... !!!  
They Walk In A Mire ...
of .... " Liars for Hire " ....  
They Claim The Good Life ...
But Are NOT Richard Briers ... ?!?
They DO ...  
Make Me Laugh ... !!!
But They AIN'T Richard Pryor ... !!!!  
Their ... " Devilish Ways " ...
Will Earn Them ... " HELLS' FIRE " ... !!!!
This Thing Has NO COLOUR ... !!!
A Liar's ... A LIAR ... !!!!!
But That ISN'T ME ... !!!
Try ... Tapping My Wire ... !!!
To Think It's One Culture ...
Is Really .... " NOT COOL " .... !!!
DON'T BE  ... " A Fool " ... !!!
You're Lying To ... YOU ... !?!
To Think That ... " Your Creed " ..
Has Always Been ... " True " ...
It's Time To Move On ...
And Give You Some Proof ...  
That ... Loved Ones You Have ...
May Just ... TAINT Your View ... !!!
Those Who You Feel ...  
Would NOT ... Lie To You ...  
Does Your Family ... ?
Have A ... GENUINE Crew ... ?!?
Or Do You Have Relatives ... ?
Being .... UNTRUE ... ?!? ...
Who ... Travel Through Time ...
WITHOUT ... " Doctor Who " ... !!!
Their Ship Is UNStabLE ...  
Their Life Is .... " A Fable " ....
Kind of Like Guys ...
Who Sell ... " DODGY CABLE " ... !!!
Yeah ... Funny I Know ...
But ... Who's At YOUR Table ... ?!?
ROCKING ... Your Cradle ... !?!
I'll ... Give You A Choice ....
These Two ... Cain or Abel ... ???
Marriage Is Something ...
To Give You ... MORE Clues ...  
That ... LOVE Is A Word ...  
That ... GOOD LIARS Use ... !!!!!
DON'T ... Get It Confused ...  
This ... LOVE Thing's ABUSED ...  
By Liars Who ... USE It ...
To Get Some ... NEW Shoes ... !!!
It's Money ... You See ...
That Gives Liars GLEE ... !!!
Emotions Get Played With ...
Right To ... " Pregnancy " ... !!!  
LOVE Is A ... GREAT THING ... !!!!
When Given For FREE ... !!!!!
But MANY Now USE IT ...
To ... Fulfil Their Greed ...  
Just Look At Divorce Rates ...
Or ... Watch Your TV ...
I Really ... DON'T Care ...
If You ... Don't Want To See ... !!!!!
THE TRUTH Is This Simple ...  
It's .... REALITY .... !!!!!
We All May ... Fall Victim ...  
of Those Who Proceed ...
To ..."Hide Who They Are" ...
Behind LIES ... That They Feed ...
They're ... LYING To You ...
And ... LYING To Me ... !!!
Some of These People ...
.... Recite Poetry .... !!!
Some of These People ...
Are Rappers ... BELIEVE ... !!!
They Really Don't Know ... ?
What It Is To ... " Emcee " ... ?
This Is A MASTER ...
of .... " Ceremonies " ....  
These Are TRUE POETS ...
Like ..... " Talib Kweli " .....  
or Maybe THIS NAME ... ?
The Brother ... " Big V " ... ?!?
Or A Guy Called ... BIG VIRGE ... !?!
Okay I Mean .... ME .... !!!!!
A Man Who Speaks TRUTH ...
In This Here .... " Poetry " ....  
I DON'T Want To Be ...
Above ... Humility ... !!!!!!
I Just Want To See ...
More ... TRUE Poetry ...  
That SHUNS Foolish Pride ...  
And Liars Who Feed ...
On ... " Poetic Liars " ...
These ... " Fictional Writers " ...
Just Write For THEMSELVES ...  
To Earn A .... " FAST BUCK " ....  
From .... " Media Wealth " ....
PLEASE OPEN Your Eyes ...  
Let TRUTH Be Your Guide ...
Cos' It Really AIN'T Wise ...  
To Have A ... FAKE Guise ... !!!!!  
REMEMBER This Poem ....
... " Don't Tell Yourself Lies !!! " ...
The path to denial is lying to oneself, it's not good for yours, or, society's health ....
Amoy Feb 2018

The burning sensation of those word were hard to digest
Sorrow, Tear, How **** can I be
Black is Beauty I say…to whom they say

Midnight! Midnight!.. you are as dark as Midnight
I'm haunted by those words, As they stuck to me like fresh sap from a tree..
I’m drowning, I’m drowning, I can’t get free, those words will forever trail me..

They trailed me; they jarred me, Blackie Tutu! Blackie Tutu!
How can kids be so cruel using skin color as a tool
I held my own and stayed cool for I knew has long I was in this school my fate was doom.

Pickey-Pickey head! was the melody of the song
I listened allowing the word to sink into my soul
The beat made me sick and I knew this one would also stick
I Looked up to the sky wondering why
No! No! No! Woman don’t cry
Be an African and hold your pride…

Hands by my side, I held my head up high
I found the fight within me, Stone faced Killer bee
I faced the music and it set me free
On the attack I had them flee…using word to conquer thee
I carried on knowing freedom wasn’t free and then
Like bolt of lightning it occurred me  
To defeat them I had to BELIEVE in ME
Francie Lynch Feb 2018
I have this friend
          (it's really me)
Who has this girlfriend
          (who's really she)
Who has this quirk
          (really several)
Which she'd deny
          (which is another)
She's not anti-***,
Sees right past color, creed and ethnicity;
Sees women for being women,
Men for men,
And any combination thereof,
And vice versa.
No, she can see right past bigotry,
Is blind to prejudice,
But has an innate drive that goes straight for wardrobe.
From the gowns of celebs,
To the color of Alex Trebek's tie.
A sartorist, that's what she is.
          I heard that.
          And I am not.

          (contrary too)
sartor: clothing
Sean Murray Jun 2018
//    There are two types of people.
//    Those who see the world the way I see it.
//    And those who like white supremacy.

I forgive you.
You acted so quickly.
   ... god

i hope you don't go through life like this
the thought breaks my heart

---   sincerely   ---
That is not a sarcastic title. Just wanted to make that clear.
Regan Nov 2018
love is like Pride & Prejudice,
you might believe
someone isn’t the one,
but you may end up
falling in love with them.


and that’s the love i want.
Herb Apr 21
Vampires are a cranky lot
Refuse to die when they are shot
Will drink blood... when it's hot
You reflect...  they do not

They give you reasons to despise
They are evil in your eyes
They will only tell you lies
They enjoy when someone dies

Oh, so human, but not quite
To the world they are a blight
You are frightened by their might
They are darkness...  you are light

But they are people just like you
Tho, with different points of view
Still, they have their rights too
Their own agendas to pursue

So you best be circumspect
Give a Vampire due respect
And in your case he may elect
To praise your soul and intellect

Treat a Vampire with some class
And good will you shall amass
Or things may turn around, alas
To come and bite you in the a...  neck
Nolan Willett Jun 25
In ancient unenlightened days,
There came a man whose triumph would’ve laid
Foundations for a better world,
Our inner compassions unfurled.
For we thought we found a holy seer,
To rid our lives of all our fear,
To tell us what to say and what to think
What to do and what to drink.
He did his best,
I can attest,
To warn us of that one,
Who would see all our progress undone.
Indeed, many in our history have been
Told what constitutes sin,
Left with a hurtful scar,
By one who never wandered very far.
And our true messiah saw
This prophet for a gaping maw,
Another of the tempter’s tricks,
A man whose touch could heal the sick.
For he loved God more than most
But found him in the cosmos,
Our divine provenance,
Rooted in collective consciousness,
Not an oath to take or die
Or a being to mollify,
Nor any kind of credo,
But an universal ego.
Heeding logic over gullibility
He recognized the liability,
One who would see them die for naught,
And stray them from the insight they sought.
But in trying to break the cycle
He heralded its arrival,
Enshrining the sun,
Of the cursed three-in-one.
He made a martyr
And thus followed generational slaughter.
Promising sacred haven,
Causing war and famine.
For deceivers are known to appear as savior,
For them there is no pleasure greater,
In casting down the righteous,
And rendering them mindless.
And so millennia could have been spared
From some cruelty our kind have shared-
So long and so onerous, never ending-
And our pity’s rending.
The earth’s inhabitants coalesced,
No longer their souls oppressed,
Saved from prejudice,
Alas, poor Judas.
Sorry I published this a couple times I had to fix some things and I like it so
Efa Nuryani Jun 17
The room was dim, with a little spark of shady blue
Though she could sense the catastrophe prying, she laid herself down there, dully
Her inclination of the prejudice
Left her, drained
Foreseeing a vast ultimate chaos
To an undeniable disastrous end

The night had been too long.
Julia Supernault Jul 2018
I still love you, you know?
I still wish I can see you and just be in your presence; it comforts me
And although it seems like there is and will always be a million reasons why we shouldn't be together- I look at you and I can't think of anything else but the intensity within your eyes;
Sometimes I wish we met under different circumstances. Like in a store or by mutual friends because maybe things would be better, I wouldn't have held back so much feelings and would've gave you my mind, body and soul.
I know, I know I still can.
But I'm afraid of all the million different reasons we shouldn't be together; I wish you were here.
'Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same'
Dawn Jan 17
My orbs has seen the sky
and you said it was blindness.
That my youth will distort my fate,
I was speechless.

I tried whispering my cries to your ears,
I reached and it was honest.
That once my soul speaked to me,
That she knew who i was.

You were squinting,
more firm, more definite.
You said my mind was like a plain,
and 'twas cloudy.

You told me to wait until its a clear day.
I had to wait until its a clear day.
Jade Aug 5
⚠️Trigger Warning: The following poem contains subject matter pertaining to self-harm, suicide, and involuntary psychiatric hospitalization⚠️

Over the duration of high school,
there is one fear that eclipses
the daily rumination of my thoughts.

Behind sepulchred eyelids,
burn the imaginings

of wasp-needled syringes

straitjackets curling around bodies
with noose-like exactness

a padded room
absorbing brain-curdling screams
into its pink insulation.

At the time,
I was petrified that my newly-discovered
flirtation with self-harm
would land me a permanent stay in an asylum.

The rational part of me knew
that they don't call them
asylums anymore.

The rational part of me knew
there would be no syringes
or straitjackets
or pink, padded rooms.

It was the principle

If it was decided that I was
"an immediate risk to myself"--
a decision that would
incorporate the voices
of the people who barely knew me
but deny me my own voice--
I would be admitted
to a psychiatric ward,
and it would be against my will.

It wouldn't matter
if it was at the Children's Hospital or not--
It wouldn't matter if the walls
were coated with those
sickeningly bright colours
or if there was an Xbox
in the common area.

You can dress up a prison cell
as vibrant as you'd like.
But, by principle,
it's still a prison cell.

When they strip you
of your clothes,
and force you into
their bleak hospital gowns,
they also strip you
of your independence.

(You aren't even allowed
to wear your school cardigan,
the one whose soft, green fabric
you nestle against your fingertips
when you need comforting.

What makes you think
you can leave when you want to?)

doc keeps ya locked up
until he's snuffed the
crazy outta you.

They don't like using
the word
anymore, either.

like the prison cell,
they play dress up
with your "crazy",
draping it in euphemisms like





Once this word is used to label you,
you are never quite able to
abandon its connotation of
a reputation of inferiority.

And everyone believes
that they are only doing what's best for you,
that hospitalization is the only thing
that will save you from yourself,
when, in fact, it's the ultimatums
and the countless visits to the ER
and the way you are treated--
like a poor ***** lying in wait
to be put down--
that destroys you.

The memories still
bleed fresh most nights.

I seethe at
the mistreatment and
the betrayal and
the destruction
like an army of bees
whose hive has been kicked in,
a snow-globe convulsing
between careless hands.

I was kinder
before they stole away
the last moon-slivers of hope
I held between heart and ribs,
between lips and flower petals.

The nectar has been
exorcised from my soul,
leaving only infestation behind.

(and there is no escaping this swarm)
Don't be a stranger--check out my blog!

Desktop Site:

Mobile Site:
AditiBoo Aug 2018
Here is a sinner
Sitting behind a laptop screen

Scrolling down the never-static newsfeed
Trivial scandals now a guilty pleasure
Reading through people's misery, becoming mean
Nasty comments, by restless fingers being keyed

Here is a sinner
Cleansing his wrongdoings with that of another
Becoming a saint by calling out a stranger's error
Finding normalcy in someone else's stripped privacy
Retrieving some sense of belonging in controversy
Becoming nonchalant in the face of his own complacency

Here is a sinner
Judging others on their freedom of expression
Using that same liberty to trigger that prejudice
In this cruel whirlpool of righteousness, everyone is a loser
The issue is not the words we use for this damnation
But the conviction that our words give us a sense of justice

An instilled presumption that we are better
Simply because our crime did not make the paper
A malpractice of opinion only being heard behind a screen
Through the monotonous voice of a mindless machine

Here is a sinner
Writing prose of what gives rise to my anger
Using a keyboard to show my contempt
To those who do the contempt!
Revolutions have taken over the virtual platform
Whilst evolution enters an identity crisis of its reform
Perched upon a corporate throne,

We march into the great unknown

As wasted words of gossip drone

And steel replaces brick and stone.
Soon you find yourself alone

In crowded streets with a global phone,

Doing a random strangers bidding.

A means to an end they say,

As poor men die while rich men play,

When honest work brings modest pay,

And doesn't last 'em through the day

Though profiteers in moral grey 

Flood the airwaves to in turn say,

"Our wealth simply paves  the way,

Tomorrow is your salvation day,

You want peace? Then war is only fitting."

Look and you will see

Money buys democracy,

The Citizens United, see?

If we knew the truth, would we agree?

Those answers are not  going to be

Yes or no but more likely

Maybe, perhaps, or possibly,

Because in reality,

Right and wrong are just kidding.

To those who fret the plagues we face,
Yet believe we can change this place,
Who stifle doubts about the Human Race,
And yearn to be together in this chase,
With subdued pride and envy, in every case,

Seeking common goals to found the base,

May we lay the evil plots to waste,

For evils clients who once stood are now sitting.

The time is now, make a stand
Pull our heads out of the sand

Call their bluff with a hidden hand

Of virtue they don’t quite understand,
Defy procedure’s they have planned
Unite across the lines that brand,

Refuse all prejudice, none may be accepted.

Some know for they already looked

And the flow of money keeps them booked,

Takes but once to have them hooked,

Setting the table with food uncooked

For others whose foundations shook

Are pitted against the small time crook

Hoping only that we be protected


Hark the sounds of rebellious cries

For those that call, they realize

All that lives sure enough dies
But when displeased we close our eyes

To the masters of disguise

Who think their profit justifies

The invisible hand growing in size

While their strings attached go uncorrected

They kept us quiet all the while

Waiting with numbers dialed

To put the innocent to trial

Lining up in single file

To be cast into the same old pile

None willing to lay down their tile,

Casting shadows upon their guile,

The double agent mercantile,

Lobbying candidates to endorse.

All I ask, is to what do we base belief?

Dying children get no relief

Oil poisons the coral reef

Prophecy of the fallen chief

Given a thought but a bit too brief
Together a tree, alone but a leaf
Although it is all who feel the grief

Of our actions consequential course

Corrupted elites discuss our goals

So we continue to dig our holes

To depths that darken souls

Rigging markets to decide our roles

Assumptions made so that greed controls

They draw their graphs till the pencil dulls

Then add a factor, see how that goes

Without even the slightest feeling of remorse

Growth is sacred, but is it moral?

Strengthen reason yet we quarrel

Over falsities of ***** oral

Arrangements like that of floral

Remedies but not doctoral

Blood of fallen lives pastoral

Remind that we’re all mortal

But all thereafter bear the force.

So please tell me at what cost?

In a moments past our objectives lost

Compassion was our hand now tossed

Lines we’ve drawn, lines we’ve crossed

How much dirt can be washed

From our conscience we exhaust

Before shattering glass of fate we sloshed?

Working from the scattered pieces back to the source

It is us who blindly lead the strut

We are the source and nothing but

Whose center point is one giant rut

Where false desires cracked and cut

And the selfish feed an endless gut,

When our culture begins to split and jut,

We might finally ask... It was all for what?
Inspired by the great Bob Dylan. I refer you to the song “It’s Alright Ma’”
Melpomene Sep 2018
He is desperate to settle down.
It's crystal a trick to lure me drown.

He thought
I was speaking with my heart all along,
But I was just singing along the song.

A little truth and lies,
A little tries and prise.
Building up a vivid paradise.

He seems patient,
Patient to get obsession.
Observation to his intention.

Kissing with passion,
Groping with no hesitation.
All nature mating season.

Scene like Adam and Eve,
Having fun in Eden with full incentive.
Both are full of deceptive.

Sharing juice of the forbidden fruit.
He drink without dispute,
Dying to see my attribute.

In his baffling blue eyes.
Reflection of a perfect goddess.
From the pools of lies,
Everything look fresh and nice.

I'm Lilith in disguise,
But he is too drunk to realise.
Drunk from his own pride and prejudice.
And there is where the pleasure dies.
It's about a male player that met a woman which is a player too...But he is too arrogant and over confident that this woman will fall for him like others women.
But what's in this woman mind is really clear for herself. She knows what this player wants and she was seeking a little fun at the moment so she just play along with his scenario.
And also it reminds me about a poem that I read before when I was in middle school "Two Pools of Lies".
S Smoothie Oct 2018
People just don’t  get it do they?

PolitiX -

There are no good:

There is only DISTRACT and TAKE!

If it is bad, fake It good
if its fake, fake it real

if it’s obvious make it someone else’s fault
manipulate details and statistics too
lead the questions,
get the right answers for you
Mass Programmng Media
secret Not Saying Anything service
hide behind our own goods

Freedom these days is all about -


And the illusion you are in


Politics by its very nature can only exist by divide
the greater the divide
the easier to fraction
easier to fraction
eaier to incite aggression and violence
the resulting fear makes us seek peace
we legislate our freedom away putting hope in lies
the greater the distraction,
the easier the take

Peace is an illusion,
a God-like ideal
A frightened little bird hiding in the bough of a tree
barely out for a second
starving to death
and lonely
because the fear of fear is so great

Political Peace is submission and oppression while convincing you
that its in your best interests not to resist or persist.

You are then provided with a guilded cage
distracted by how different the cage is next to you
or the fence that divides you but you are safe?

All policed by consent
the unmerry road to oppression
begins and ends with distraction and take
all selling illusions of peace and happiness
while selling you out

And YOU are too distracted to notice
YOU are killing your family and neighbors
One fear
One prejudice
One judgement
at a time...
Who polices the politix machine?
Who polices you?
Why gave them your unalienable right under *God
to legislate your freedom faith and happiness out of your life,
for you without your consent? Is that why they want to **** God?

Peace has nothing to do with governments
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